2024 Outlook: The Year of EARTH Healing via The Creative HEART

As we cross into 2024, the collective energies shift in to An 8 Universal Year. 2023 as A 7 Universal Year, most certainly prepared us well as it channeled The Year of STILLNESS in the SILENT LISTEN. What is now vibrationally offered to us in our New Year, puts all of what we were asked to consciously adhere to in 2023 to diligent and accountable soul work practice. This connect the planetary dots from numerology to astrology conversation grants us sound and grounded wisdom to carry through the entire 12 months of 2024 for any conscious being to be well aware of.

Humanity not only needs to continue to stay empowered, but remain ultimately responsible to their soul certainty and what it can distinctly create.

It will be quintessential to keep the HEART frequency well attuned to how our EARTH vibrational connection will be a distinct source of strength and practical guidance for 2024’s 8 Universal Year experience. 

Why will 2024 be an extremely “karmically felt” universal year?

As discussed on the podcast, 2024 equates to an 8 Universal Year. The 8 in numerology, is guided by the planet Saturn. Further connecting the consciousness dots, the current transit of Saturn is in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces, where it will be for the entire 12 month duration of 2024. The image above relates the qualities of Saturn in Pisces.

To say humanity will be “feeling it all” is probably an understatement.

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2024, An 8 Universal Year: What You Need to Know

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Taking a Look Back at Our Universal Years past….

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Tapping Into the Power of EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Let’s Learn How to Free Up Your Stagnant and Stuck Feelings! 

It is undeniably a current EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER RIDE in our collective now…. And Humanity needs genuine RELIEF and HELP! 

08 September 2023’s Episode of The Sharita Star Empower Hour covers all the basic need to knows about EFT and the amazing power it has to shift our emotional space as we navigate our human experiences with conscious power at hand.

LISTEN NOW to 08 September’s Episode!

Returning Special Guest, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Katherine O’Neill, guides us through this empowering episode that will open your awareness of what “SUDs” are and how to rate them; working with the EFT tapping points; understanding how relief can be brought to all kinds of situations from anxiety to physical pain; and even how it can be of amazing benefit to our pets!

With further connect the consciousness dots, we also discuss “What’s Really in A Word? Emotional Freedom Technique” concerning the energetic Name Expression of EFT and how its’ Lexigrams backup what it can do in allowing us to return to our grounded beings after we release the overwhelm of our feelings that have been standing in our way. 

Integrating and utilizing EFT for personal soul growth is also an In depth Reading | Creating Your Soul Power Reading Sharita presently offers on her services menu.

Warmly Welcoming Back Our Special Guest!


Katherine O’Neill is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, with specialities in Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrieval and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from the First Hypnotherapy School HCH Institute in LaFayette CA, along with an “Earth Magic” shamanic certification from Dr. Steven Farmer. She recently created a deck with book “Conversations with Max” to help those of us that are suffering the loss of a pet. She currently is creating additional products in the healing realm.


Om to Max, Intuitive Oracle Deck With Book

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Your Soul Animal wants to communicate with YOU!

This intuitive deck with guidebook brings words from the Rainbow Bridge. That special place where our pets reside until we meet them again. Compiled after the lost of my dog Max, and created with Him, each card holds a messages that you are destined to hear and asked to act upon. So from our hearts to yours, start your journey of Recovery and Healing and enter the mystical world of “Conversations with Max.”

Spiritual Material Conflict in America, 04 July 2023-24

Understanding a 9 Personal Year Cycle via The 18

Whether we are forecasting a person, project launch, business or country: any being or entity with a specific point of initiation experiences a changing Personal Year Cycle year to year as another Solar Return annually aligns, marking what we more commonly know as one’s birthday or anniversary .

In a 9 Personal Year, Mars is the primary planetary guidance in charge of the energetic flow and pulse of the current numerological forecast. The need for Courage and a Warrior presence are always required.

For America, 04 July 2023 to 04 July 2024 finds Mars and all transits it makes for the 12 months will be especially critical to follow along for a crystal ball view into the specific areas of life pointing to where courage will be absolutely required. Equally the conscious need to remain well aware of how conflict, penetration, aggressive action and undeniable conclusions/finalizations are foreseen to take up dynamic action within the life’s journey.

As we fuse this current personal year numerology perspective back to the current transits in affect for the natal astrological chart of the person/entity, there is a laser focus forecasting view to gain in further connect these divine planetary dots understanding.

The first place America will need to exercise extreme caution with a Warrior presence as 04 July 2023 aligns: is within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true. (and considering the riveting pulse already in play within our current times, won’t THAT just be a boatload alone to UNITE the UNTIE to unpack and resolve ? )

By 04 July 2024, Mars will have worked its’ way through 7 other natural areas of America’s life to reach the country’s abilities to create, manifest, its’ children, creative pursuits, entertainment, luxuries/pleasures and all that relates to pure heart-centered/heart space matters.

Energetically overall, a 9 Personal Year Cycle and its’ starting focus clears away what is no longer necessary during the 12 months to follow. With adhering to keen law of attraction attention, once the next 1 Personal Year Cycle begins: there is fresh, clean and fertile ground that has been naturally made to once again be ready to plant new seeds.

9 going back to a 1 Personal Year are always extremely pivotal for the 2 years within any life experience. Not resisting what needs to naturally be let go of, allows the fluidity of the 1 Personal Year Cycle to always kick off a brand new 9 year span of time via the mantra “If it is NEW it is for YOU !” which guides the next 12 month forecast of the life’s journey.

For America, this current 9 Personal Year starting back at 1 by 2024 timing coincides as well with the 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024 it has ever experienced as a nation. This transformational death to rebirth wake up call is presently revamping its’ entire value system, money, establishments and material possessions. It will be extremely critical to be prepared for the timeframe of 25 January to 15 March as Mars will have entered via transit by then within this same area communicating with Pluto: promising riveting moments to endure, with the most intense clearance time in dynamic motion as it does so over 06 to 13 February.

The Full Forecasting Details of America’s 18/9 Personal Year 2023-24 are available now on Soul Certainty Community.

Why is it a ‘Spiritual Material Conflict’ Year for America?

As the above calculation computes America’s 11 constant of 04 July when added to our Current Universal Year of 2023: we arrive at the value of 18. As historically discussed on 23 June’s The Sharita Star Empower Hour, there are different higher vibrational energies to take into keen forecasting insight consideration of any 1 to 9 root number concerning whatever Chaldean Karmic Mystery they specifically relate.

The 18 represents ‘Spiritual Material Conflict.’ Whenever the 18 is present, this is part of what its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery wishes for the person/entity to unlock:

18 Spiritual Material Conflict
~Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

“Of all Compound numbers, 18 has the most difficult symbolism to translate. (the Jesus complex) The ancients describe the 18 with the following image: A rayed moon, from which drops of blood are falling. A wolf and a hungry dog are seen below, catching the falling drops of blood in their opened mouths, while still lower, a crab is seen hastening to join them.

18 symbolizes materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It often associates the person or entity represented by it with bitter quarrels within the family circle- with wars, social upheaval, and revolution.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

As noted in the timeline below, this is only the 3rd time in America’s entire history it will cycle through an 18 vibration Personal Year within the 9. The only other years this has ever happened was during 2005-06 and 2014-15.

Full Analysis Available Now on SOUL CERTAINTY COMMUNITY!


Looking Back, How Did We Get Here?

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2014-15: The Cultivation of Courage in a 18/9 Personal Year USA’s LAST 9 Personal Year in the 18, began within all matters concerning its’ leadership, power, recognition, respect, authority and public life.

Grand Cardinal Cross & The USA

Realigning Your Leadership: The Calling for Regeneration – Change

2013-14: Rising Responsibility in an 8 Personal Year

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All prior 9 Personal Year Cycles since 1776 for America

36 or 27 The Sceptre
~Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

Of great importance to understand, is how America reigned supreme prior to the turn of the century, no matter what incredible changes it has endured and overcome with resilience. As the patterns show below of all the recurring 9 Personal Years, they always equated to a 27 or 36 higher vibration of the 9. The 27 or 36’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery is QUITE different from the 18.

27/36 represents The Sceptre: “This is an excellent, harmonious and fortunate number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the person or entity it represents with a promise of authority and command. It guarantees that great rewards will come from the productive labors, the intellect, and the imagination. All of these creative faculties have sown good seeds which are to reap a rich harvest. People or entities represented by the 27 should always carry out their own original plans and ideas, and not be intimidated or influenced by the diverse opinions or opposition of others. 27 is a number of karmic reward, earned in more than one previous incarnation.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

SOUND LIKE THE AMERICA OF OLD? Or the one that used to honestly stand in the precise meaning of the 27/36? Be sure to connect with more concerning America & the 27 energy that deeply explains its’ current 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024.

2005-06, under the 18 starting within its’ homeland, nurturing abilities, food, family and environments. This is the FIRST 18 Personal Year Cycle the nation ever experienced within its’ lifetime.

1996-97, under the 36 starting within its’ legalities, partnerships, alliances and all personal/business relationships/contracts.

1987-88, under the 36 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

1978-79, under the 36 starting within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true.

1969-70, under the 36 with Mars Retrograde starting within its’ inner world, secrets, healing, karmic clearing, hidden matters, abilities to process the past, and work with solitude.

1960-61, under the 27 starting within its’ abilities to create, manifest, its’ children, creative pursuits, entertainment, luxuries/pleasures and all that relates to pure heart-centered/heart space matters.

1951-52, under the 27 starting within its’ legalities, partnerships, alliances and all personal/business relationships/contracts.

1942-43, under the 27 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

1933-34, under the 27 starting within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true.

1924-25, under the 27 starting within its’ communications, ideas, mindset, thinking, mentality, information/media, short trips transportation.

1915-16, under the 27 starting within its’ abilities to serve itself and others, workforce, lifestyle, habits, routines, and physical healthcare.

1906-07, under the 27 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

1897-98, under the 36 starting within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true.

1888-89, under the 36 starting within its’ leadership, power, recognition, respect, authority and public life.

1879-80, under the 36 starting within its’ homeland, nurturing abilities, food, family and environments.

1870-71, under the 27 starting within its’ legalities, partnerships, alliances and all personal/business relationships/contracts.

1861-62, under the 27 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

1852-53, under the 27 starting within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true.

1843-44, under the 27 starting within its’ inner world, secrets, healing, karmic clearing, hidden matters, abilities to process the past, and work with solitude.

1834-35, under the 27 starting within its’ abilities to create, manifest, its’ children, creative pursuits, entertainment, luxuries/pleasures and all that relates to pure heart-centered/heart space matters.

1825-26, under the 27 starting within its’ legalities, partnerships, alliances and all personal/business relationships/contracts.

1816-17, under the 27 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

1807-08, under the 27 starting within its’ foreign affairs/relations, belief systems, willingness to be educated, long journeys and what it holds/knows to be true.

1798-99, under the 36 starting within its’ communications, ideas, mindset, thinking, mentality, information/media, short trips transportation.

1789-90, under the 36 starting within its’ abilities to serve itself and others, workforce, lifestyle, habits, routines, and physical healthcare.

1780-81, under the 27 starting within its’ wealth, investments, debt, scope of life, and abilities to regenerate/transform from core source energy.

04 July 1776 = 32 | America is born to The 32 Lifepath of ‘Communication’ Mercury, The Messenger Guided by 5

32 Communication
~Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

Chaldean Karmic Mystery to Unlock: “This Compound Number has the same magical power to sway masses of people as the 14, the same help from those in high positions as the 23. Add all this to the natural ability to charm others with magnetic speech, and it’s clear why 32 is some-times known, by modernizing the symbolism of the ancients as the politicians vibration. The complexities of advertising, writing, publishing, radio, television are not always, but usually are an open book to the 32 person, who tends to work well under pressure. But there’s a warning note sounded within this seemingly happy melody. 32 is a very fortunate number if the person it represents holds inflexibly to his or her own opinions and judgment in both artistic or intangible and material matters. If not, the plans are liable to be wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Via The 5’s Movement, Change, Versatility, Circulation This Lifepath influence is the “ground beneath America’s feet” its’ “yellow brick road of life” in essence. The pulse of change and remaining adaptable has always been the guiding light of the nation, yet as the 32 wisely councils, it is the political realms that must never be abused. Resolve your politics America if your free will actually can Never Compromise Living Consciously.


2023’s All Planets Direct Motion & Retrogrades

We are ALL READY for some forward motion in our lives at long last aren’t we? 

FINALLY 2023 opens up to All Planets Direct Motion upon 22 January until 21 April.

Everything you need to know about making the very most of this more than auspicious astrological passage is available now on Soul Certainty Community. 

What is ALSO of great importance, is to proactively prepare under APDM, for the remainder of the year under all Retrograde cycles past 21 April. 

Learn about the most favored times between 22 January & 21 April to mindfully set your intentions, plant and reap the best this APDM passage for 2023 will have to offer us to enhance our manifestation empowerment.

The ultimate guide for 2023’s All Planets Direct Motion, while equally having the complete heads up for all the year’s cycles of reflection. Detailed PDFs and MP3 Recording walk you through all YOU NEED TO KNOW. 


Mastering Mercury Retrograde in 2023

2023 Mercury Retrograde Cycles of Reflection

As we look to our regular Mercury Retrograde (MRx) passages (which always occur about three times during any given year) we have additional timeframes to be acutely aware of due to other inner planet cycles of reflection that will intertwine along with them.

We entered 2023 under Mercury Retrograde that began 29 December 2022 at 24 degrees Capricorn, equally under MARS RETROGRADE, 30 October 2022 to 12 January 2023.

Understanding Mercury Retrograde and what it actually is meant to positively do for anyone is wise timing is everything wisdom to always take into consideration for our planning and scheduling needs. These recurring astrological cycles are mistakenly overly associated with fear and frustration, which absolutely is not the reaction we are ever meant to have with them.

Mercury Retrograde is always first & foremost: A Cycle of Reflection.

~Sharita Star

Read that last statement again.

The only reasons Mercury Retrogrades “trip up” anyone is that:

ONE: most people are unaware it is in affect because they have never been introduced to the value of astrology, and naively choose to make initiations for intended long term success during them. 

TWO: those who are aware of it are fooled into believing they should fear it every time is comes back around because they are simply misinformed.

If you know what not to do, and most importantly, what you absolutely can do under these reflective, recharging, reassessment and ultimate “time out” periods: you will always be in the energetic flow of Mastering Mercury Retrograde.

Before we get into when all of 2023’s cycle of reflection periods will urgently ask us to have the heads up in our calendars, let’s give you some astrological tips and tools to implement during any of them.

Why Are We Not Favored To Move Forward Under MRx? 

Mercury is our Messenger planet from above that guides all communications, thinking, mentality, movement, electronics, transportation, travel, changes, perceptions, adaptability and all exchanges of information that occur down here below.

When in Retrograde -due to the backtracking energy that is cast off from Mercury- all of the matters it watches over do not function nor move forward optimally. Precisely why, anyone is well advised to utilize these periods of time for pause, redoing, and only focus upon reworking what already exists.

Human error is always highest under Mercury Retrograde than any other time of the year. Naturally, forward thinking and planting for future success under this time is equally not well supported. 

Therefore, hold off on important decisions such as: starting a business, signing contracts, launching a product, getting married, buying a new car, engaging in any kind of new relationship, purchasing new technology, or buying a new home. None of these initiating actions will turn out well for the long-term, and if implemented under MRx, it is an astrological guarantee they are energetically tied up in faulty foundations that never have the genuine ability to sustain themselves for success.

What Are We Favored To Do With Success Under MRx?

Taking the first rule of thumb that Mercury Retrograde is a cycle of reflection, we are promised to flow with this reassessment time when we honor staying in this exact frame of mind. By only placing our attention upon what already exists, and choosing to wait and see about the future, our personal mastery of this cycle absolutely unfolds.

Getting out our “RE” vocabulary is one of the best ways we can discover ease and peace of mind.

Rerouting, reconnecting, reconsidering, recharging, resting, relaxing, reorganizing, researching, retreating, remembering, replanning, reframing, rescheduling, rekindling, repairing and replacing are all wonderful ways to reap the rewards of what this cycle of reflection is absolutely all about.

Mercury Retrograde is a marvelous time to work with: unfinished projects, revisiting existing creative outlets, reconnecting with old friends/former associates, reassessing existing business plans, practicing the pause, expecting rescheduling of plans, anticipating delays and set backs, having backup plans ready to go, replacing objects in need of repair (yet make sure these are done correctly), doing research, retreating away from the world, and above all, remembering to take a silent listen for oneself (extra meditation, journaling and yoga time please!).

Mercury Retrogrades & YOU! 

For anyone’s individual experience, taking a look at your Personal Forecast is always extremely favored to know the precise and specific areas of your life that each one will be seeking your reflective focus within.

As everyone collectively experiences any and all MRx cycles, each one is energetically different from the last, making no two MRxs exactly alike. While the same rules of thumb will always apply, the pulse will always cast off unique affects being Mercury is in another zodiac sign each time. Equally, the other positioning of the planets above any MRx also will relate to, also are never in the same configurations.

So, where is change and necessary reflection asking for your conscious focus and attention during any given year, and especially this one?

  • Is it your income/financial matters, lifestyle or vocation?
  • Or your home/family life, wealth, or inner healing?
  • Or how you approach your life/appear to the world, heart space/abilities yo manifest/create or perception of truth/belief systems?
  • What about your communication skills, personal/business relationships or the shaping of your future goals? 

Wherever Mercury Retrograde lands in your life or business, know this: it is always time to sharpen the saw within it. The value of astrology is, you always have a precise map and blueprint to help personally guide you through any of them.

Take the 21 Day Journaling under MRx Challenge!

How to Prepare for & Move Forward After “MRx”

Each Mercury Retrograde lasts for approximately 21 days (3 weeks).

All have an Approach period, (date when Mercury crosses over the degree point it will fully Retrograde back to) and a Shadow period, (date when Mercury moving forward crosses back over the degree point it began to Retrograde upon). The APPROACH alerts us to what MRx reflections and matters are on the way to be resolved, while the SHADOW allows us to tie up the loose ends and recorrect any natural errors that occur during the Retrograde itself.

Latest Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshop in 2023 AVAILABLE ONLY on Soul Certainty Community 

29 December to 18 January 2023 in Capricorn, 24 to 08 degrees 

Approach begins 12 December; Shadow completes 06 February 2023 This Mercury Rx will be directly alongside Mars Retrograde, 30 October 2022 to 12 January in Gemini, 25 to 08 degrees

21 April to 14 May in Taurus, 15 to 05 degrees

Approach begins 06 April; Shadow completes 31 May This Mercury Rx will be directly alongside Eclipse Season, 20 April in Aries Solar Eclipse & 05 May in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.

23 August to 15 September in Virgo, 21 to 08 degrees

Approach begins 03 August; Shadow completes 29 September This Mercury Rx will be directly alongside Venus Retrograde, 22 July to 03 September in Leo, 28 to 12 degrees

13 December to 01 January 2024 in Capricorn, 08 degrees to Sagittarius, 22 degrees 

Approach begins 25 November; Shadow completes 20 January 2024

Let’s Spell Out the Truth

Tapping into the mysteries of Lexigrams, we can also clearly spell out the truth here: BATHE THE HEART RATE, BEAT THE HATE and ever wisely from that grounded state, BE THE EARTH EAR. 

Take a look as well, for more energetic tips as we Spell Out the Truth for this cycle of reflection: What’s Really in a Word? MERCURY RETROGRADE

Remember, reflection and reassessment success always can be absolutely ours, but one must choose to consciously slow down. Pause. Take those deeper breaths. Stop forcing matters, and quit the grinding, societal falsified illusion of maintaining the incessant and constant busy bubble rush.

Mercury Retrograde passages come back around in our lives in their appropriate timing is everything cycles, to be our perfect opportunities to restore, recharge and reboot. Without this necessary timeout and downtime, humanity is a mere stone that gathers no moss.

To Your Continual Attainment of Soul Certainty in Our Uncertain Times.

LunarOScopes, 27 Aug Virgo New Moon, Let’s Begin

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

2022’s NINTH New Moon, 04 degrees VIRGO

4:17amEDT/1:17amPDT, 27 August, Let’s Begin & Initiate

With any New Moon, our Sun and Moon are in exact alignment as they are positioned within the Zodiac sky above. Energetically, emotions and feelings of humanity naturally rise up just like the oceans’ tides will equally reflect down here below. Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases on a personal level throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie alongside the collective request to do the same.

This month, our initiation request begins as our Sun and Moon meet at 04 degrees Virgo. Then our Moon waxes through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces until Summer’s last and 2022’s ninth Full Moon arrives 10 September in Pisces, 17 degrees: under Mercury Retrograde and The Approach to Mars Retrograde.

We continue to be advised to work with caution concerning what’s new within our lives as Finding Focus For Our Feelings requires our distinct soul attention to allow our personal experiences to be in certainty versus frustrations.

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Where is Your Sun Sign specifically meant to initiate Perfecting Self-Dedication, Dear Star?

CONCERNING AMERICA: What Every American Needs to Know. Find out how this Virgo Moon deeply affects the nation ONLY on Soul Certainty Community.

Never Compromise Living Consciously.


NEW ON Soul Certainty Community REfreshing every Sunday! Follow Sharita for making your valuable timing decisions all week long. Each week she provides the specific details, energetic pulse and what you always need to know! Always be aware when our frequent Moon Void of Course “time outs are in play when scheduling all and any matters of importance.

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

Don’t Blame Mercury Retrograde

Are you one of those people who think you already know all about Mercury Retrograde and how it works? Have you and do you continue to blame all your problems on our Messenger planet during these times of the year versus stand up and become reachable and teachable concerning this cycle of reflection?

Yes that “tricky time” otherwise known as “MRx” is coming up to seek your deepest reflection yet of our year of 2021’s Changing Global Truth Dear Stars. Mercury will Retrograde for the second round in 2021 from 29 May to 22 June, in the synthesis seeking and duality associated sign of communications and establishment of relationships, Gemini.

You would be correct about one thing. There is absolutely no question that Mercury Retrograde is well know to cause plenty of energetic upsets, delays, confusion, errors concerning communications and movement of all kinds. Thus, the requirement is extremely critical to practice the pause as well as our patience, and rerouting of any good plan you might have otherwise have intended to flawlessly and seamlessly experience.

However, trying to place the BLAME on Mercury Retrograde at any time it is in affect is only hurting yourself to ABLE A LAME ME and BE A LAME ME as our English language via Lexigrams allows us to spell out the truth.

As a professional astrologer for over 2 decades, I have watched people constantly get their panties in a bunch and cast their frustration in a fury to Mercury like he is the evil demon spirit that must be abolished. Or I endlessly watched people who are clueless it even is “MRx” at all, which is like watching dominos quickly fall. For me, from my planetary perspective, it really got painful watching people struggle and falter when I know when anyone is informed, things most certainly can be completely avoided. These repeated observations are what prompted me to develop my Mastering Mercury Retrograde programs.

THE FACT IS: Mercury Retrograde should never be “blamed.”

This recurring cycle is ultimately only meant to be respected and honored for what it absolutely is able to do for you. If your free will chooses to do so, the rewards can only become yours. The first and foremost point to understand whenever “MRx” reoccurs:


If you try to force any kind of matter for future success during this approximate 3 week time frame, I do wish you good luck. However, you undeniably set up your supposed new foundation upon the sandiest ground you can find if initiating under a Mercury Retrograde time frame.

Yet, if you intend upon taking a look at your life on a personal level and look back at what already exists and for this passage, where 24 to 16 degrees of Gemini affects your natal chart and sun sign timing is everything scope, I commend and salute you. Undoubtedly, you will find the honoring of reflection, correction, reassessment and recharge to work to your fullest benefit. You have all the time you need to properly prepare as the Approach started, 14 May 2021.

Astrology has a wise saying, “The stars compel, they do not incline.” Being aware and armed with advanced Mercury Retrograde insight only allows you to be able to have fun, remain flexible, and know that all the stirs of changes are meant to be happening whenever it is in affect. Hence another valid astrological mantra, “As above, so below.”

Resisting the fact that another Mercury Retrograde period is in planetary “play” is probably one of the most futile things any person could do. Did you know that if you add up the hours we experience all Mercury Retrogrades for an entire calendar year, (anywhere from 3 to 4 times), these hours are equivalent to the amount of time we actually sleep during the course of a years’ time?

So if you are not blaming Mercury for what you didn’t properly prepare for in the first place, you can stop and recognize that his Retrograde cycles are as essential as getting a goodnight’s rest. Timing is everything in our lives, and when the timing is Mercury Retrograde, we are meant to slow down, rest, relax, and be willing to reflect accordingly.

Each and every Mercury Retrograde cycle is different, and this is absolutely critical to understand. Being it never cycles through the same zodiac signs twice within the other planetary transits in play, each one energetically has a distinct message and theme we are meant to integrate into our personal pictures.

What’s your upcoming Mercury Retrograde reflection story for May, June & July 2021? How will you be Mastering Mercury Retrograde?

Are you prepared to reexamine what specific area of your life this May, June and moving forward under the Shadow until 07 July- asks for you to take accountability and become responsible to reflect, dive deep into transforming the truth and make your necessary adjustments accordingly?

Or are you one of those people? “Let’s just BLAME Mercury Retrograde!” Not so cool to BE A LAME ME, is it?

The free will choice is always yours, Dear Stars.
Let’s get you ready to be only proclaiming you are Mastering Mercury Retrograde, 29 May to 22 June.

What’s Really in a Word? Consciousness

CONSCIOUSNESSlexigrams“Cosmic Consciousness lies within and behind the layers of matter, physical energy, astral energy, and thought of consciousness.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda

If you are a regular follower of our monthly Word Ponder, you’ll have innately grasped from July how meditation is truly an act of uniting in intuition, allowing you to enjoy the affirmations that you have plenty to celebrate in the realms of concentration during August. So now we wonder as we think about where to ponder next, perhaps you just might already be one of those people that deeply understand –as you now maintain your peace of mind- that you may be experiencing the realms of CONSCIOUSNESS as you become more aligned within our higher planes of existence.

Consciousness is defined as: “the state of being awake and aware of what is going on around you; the part of the human mind that is aware of feelings, thoughts, and surroundings.” We decided to ponder this word because the very question, what’s really in a word? will clarify that indeed, the energy within and surrounding us of what it takes to perceive consciousness can reward us in a multitude of ways. If you acknowledge when you are experiencing meditation, allowing the space of concentration, there is something rather “cosmic” that begins to enter your consciousness. As the wonders, mysteries and changes of everyday life come to you in your now, what happens when you find yourself understanding this concept of consciousness?

To recognize how meditation is a path that only assists in developing our concentration, we see the end result allow a deepening of our spiritual experiences, as our understanding of consciousness opens further. Most modern day spiritual leaders in our new age world openly discuss their perspective on deepening the awareness of consciousness. Aside from what exploration continues within spiritual communities- more and more people are unveiling the benefits of connecting their physical and astral worlds. Equally, it is interesting to discover how Chaldean Numerology and Lexigrams view consciousness.

What does it take to know you are experiencing consciousness? It takes a rhythm that is attuned to a vibration. Every sound we utter contains an unseen channel of energy, and thus, when we speak our names and engage within the action of our words, there is an underlying current, this guided force that connects that vibration into it’s own individual expression.

When we examine the Name Expression of CONSCIOUSNESS -which is the numerological energy that is always behind it through the values of the letters that compose it- we find it has, as numbers always will provide, the very key points to know what exactly to do within the action of it. One should not be surprised it is guided by the Chaldean’s understanding of the 54, which is one of the compound numbers they considered to be extremely associated with universal concepts and accumulation of energy. Adding 5 + 4 together, we find the 9, whose singular energy is ruled by pioneering Mars- who governs over our courage, aggressive action, conflict, and conclusions in life. Ask anyone who knows they have experienced the realms of consciousness, and they will probably share with you that with courage, they have a stronger realization of the universe as a whole, bringing their beliefs to a higher state of awareness.

Being there is no Chaldean Karmic Mystery associated with the 54, this number simply reduces to the singular 9, carrying plenty of karmic and universal energy along with it. When we take the 5 and 4 -and look at them individually- there is even more numerological evidence why this particular word carries this vibration. As Mercury guides the 5, we find the channel of movement, versatility, communications, and ability to reach the masses within information across the board. Coupled with the 4, guided by Uranus, and we find the focus of humanity being guided by the channel of originality, brotherhood and sisterhood, individualism and breakthroughs. Both Mercury and Uranus in this combination bring within consciousness the ability to receive the messages that the masses are all one, but each make up a different and unique part of the whole.

As we engage in recognizing the rewards within our awareness of consciousness, another point to note is what the singular 9’s guidance does here for anyone through the motivation of Mars. 9 is known as The Finalizer, in where conclusions and endings mark the actions that this number brings. 9 is the energy that never alters the outcome when it is added to anything, it only makes more and intensifies what already is. Par eg: 9 + 4 = 13, 1 +3 =4; 9 + 6 = 15, 1 + 5 =6. This is why the 9 is known as the universal number, and another remarkable point to note is how it is equally is the root of the sum of all the singular digits that precede it. Adding 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 36, we arrive right back the root of 3 + 6 = 9. Within consciousness, we are meant to see all of life as universal energy as we unite both our physical and astral planes of existence.

The mysteries of Lexigrams have more evidence to support the meaning within CONSCIOUSNESS, and what it is simply able to do for any of us. By taking the anagrams we can derive from this word, and spiral them into poetic phrases, the Lexigram process brings one more piece of the puzzle to place into our mastery of life about what’s really hiding within it in truth. The reality that relates to how to best reap the rewards this word wishes for us all to assimilate into our human experiences, is as always, ready to be spelled out from the very letters that compose it.








What other ways do you see you can spell out the truth from CONSCIOUSNESS?
Feel free to comment below what are your Lexigram “spirals!”
Namaste, Dear Stars.