Tapping Into the Power of EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Let’s Learn How to Free Up Your Stagnant and Stuck Feelings! 

It is undeniably a current EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER RIDE in our collective now…. And Humanity needs genuine RELIEF and HELP! 

08 September 2023’s Episode of The Sharita Star Empower Hour covers all the basic need to knows about EFT and the amazing power it has to shift our emotional space as we navigate our human experiences with conscious power at hand.

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Returning Special Guest, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Katherine O’Neill, guides us through this empowering episode that will open your awareness of what “SUDs” are and how to rate them; working with the EFT tapping points; understanding how relief can be brought to all kinds of situations from anxiety to physical pain; and even how it can be of amazing benefit to our pets!

With further connect the consciousness dots, we also discuss “What’s Really in A Word? Emotional Freedom Technique” concerning the energetic Name Expression of EFT and how its’ Lexigrams backup what it can do in allowing us to return to our grounded beings after we release the overwhelm of our feelings that have been standing in our way. 

Integrating and utilizing EFT for personal soul growth is also an In depth Reading | Creating Your Soul Power Reading Sharita presently offers on her services menu.

Warmly Welcoming Back Our Special Guest!


Katherine O’Neill is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, with specialities in Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrieval and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from the First Hypnotherapy School HCH Institute in LaFayette CA, along with an “Earth Magic” shamanic certification from Dr. Steven Farmer. She recently created a deck with book “Conversations with Max” to help those of us that are suffering the loss of a pet. She currently is creating additional products in the healing realm.


Om to Max, Intuitive Oracle Deck With Book

Have You suffered a Pet Loss? Are you yearning to hear from your departed? Perhaps an answer to a question?

Your Soul Animal wants to communicate with YOU!

This intuitive deck with guidebook brings words from the Rainbow Bridge. That special place where our pets reside until we meet them again. Compiled after the lost of my dog Max, and created with Him, each card holds a messages that you are destined to hear and asked to act upon. So from our hearts to yours, start your journey of Recovery and Healing and enter the mystical world of “Conversations with Max.”

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