Timing Your Success & Moon Void of Course

MoonVOC“Every couple of days there comes a time which is best used to subjective, spiritual non-material concerns, like prayer, yoga, play, psychotherapy, or passive experience, sleep or meditation.”
~ Al H. Morrison

Our Lunar Lady is the fastest vessel to travel through the Zodiac, one that cycles in completion every 28 and 1/4 days. Tapping into the awareness of when she becomes Void of Course is not only an easy way to observe her celestial sensations, but is a true tip from astrology you’ll recognize, over time, you simply cannot live without.

Moon Void of Course (MVOC) is, what astronomically occurs as she makes her last major aspect to another planet before she enters the next sign. Thus, this timeframe of her not “talking” with any more planets before moving her sensitivities to be felt within the next sign- is a blackout passage of sorts. Because our Lunar Lady only spends approximately two and a half days in any of the given twelve signs, this happens at varying times every couple days ranging from a few minutes to a day or more. Yes, this even happens some times when life asks us to be doing important things within a typical Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 workweek.

Simply put, what Moon Void of Course practically means in astrological honoring of time, is anything that is started during this blackout passage, doesn’t pan out. These are a few examples of what one’s free will should not choose to do, ideally avoiding at these times. Unless, you would prefer that “nothing will become of it,” and see the outcome of your actions reach failure after long and costly effort.

1. Officially starting a new business, project or enterprise.
2. Engaging in forward motion for long-term success.
3. Signing documents or sending out important e-mails.
4. Holding important meetings or making critical decisions of any kind.
5. Purchases- from food to all objects. (you end up discovering they are spoiled, or you never fully use them, if at all.)

Why is this such a strong “warning” to pause almost annoyingly, every couple days, especially in the middle of a productive and extremely busy work week when demands are all around us? Well, astrology does not honor the way man chooses to operate within and measure time. In the ancient awareness of ‘As Above, So Below,’ this little astro tip can save you plenty when it comes to that precious commodity of time and probably even more essential to everyone in this day and age: money.

The Moon Void of Course -similar to the energy cast off from a Mercury Retrograde transit- produces a particular cloudiness that then spins and mixes energetically into what is initiated under it to only progress further and diverge into unplanned directions, improvisations, false starts, and inevitable errors. Like Mercury Rx as well, human error is also the highest under this period of time. Think of a foundation built upon the sand, and you get the picture here.

So what can be done? We can -as we know we can do under Mercury Retrogrades’ “tricks” of flux and changes- optimally work with Moon Void of Course instead of inviting delay and frustration into our lives.

1. Engage in any routine, but expect adjustments within any MVOC action to be required later.
2. Review and reflect as much as possible.
3. Relax and take the time off.
4. Reconnect with what has already past.
5. Remember the rewards in sharpening the inner saw.

As Moon Void of Course discoverer Al H. Morrison once said, “There is much more to selecting a ‘good’ time to act or decide material issues. Skipping the Void of Course Moon is just staying out of avoidable difficulties. Go out of business when the Moon makes it’s last aspect. Feed your soul until the time the Moon enters the next sign. Then, go back into business! Only observation can demonstrate what the Void of Course Moon indicates in your daily living. The scientific approach is to check it out. Design your own experiment.”

Can the effects of Moon Void of Course be simply ignored? Perhaps, but one should then best be in complete expectation to have to double your efforts coupled by a lot of hoping and praying. While things in life some times have to move along in our hustle bustle of life, even under a Moon Void of Course passage, this doesn’t always mean they are headed for complete failure. But if you would rather take this rule of thumb and apply it -instead of having to backtrack and redo- in can be the matter of an hour or a day that makes all the difference between planting success or having “nothing becoming of it” when it comes to the timing of new projects and initiations in our lives.

If you are the type of person that prefers to avoid hang-ups and disappointments, this is one valuable astrological law to adhere to. Equally for the most precise way to see time’s magical patterns unfold around you, it is always best to consult the individual current astrological transits and numerological cycles.

Other mindful timing tips to be aware of alongside Moon Void of Course -remember, which happens every couple days, all calendar year long- is the combination of it within our natural Moon phases and when any Mercury Retrograde passage occurs.

Waxing Moons
A natural time each month for two weeks to begin, start and initiate.
Any Moon VOC here is still forewarned to not move forward for optimal results.

Waning Moons
A natural time each month for two weeks to reflect, review, and reassess.
Any Moon VOC here is especially forewarned to not move forward for optimal results, as a “double layer cake of reflection” is being requested of us.

Mercury Retrograde
A natural three-week passage that occurs three to four times per year to reflect, review, and reassess. As a Waning Moon phase accompanies it, a “triple layer cake of reflection” is in play. One can be practically astrologically guaranteed, starting any important venture under a Moon VOC when the Moon is Waning and it is Mercury Retrograde, is truly setting up the outcome for doomed failure that simply, could have otherwise been completely avoided. This equally applies under any Venus Retrograde or Mars Retrograde passage, both of which occur in 2020.

Join Sharita and always be Mastering Mercury Retrograde!

To Timing Your Success!
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