Think Astrology is complicated? It’s simpler than you think!
To understand how the science of astrology deeply affects our lives, one must be open to see that it extends beyond the daily or monthly horoscope in a newspaper or a magazine. Astrology is a science that depicts the patterns of our behavior and evolution, according to the alignment of the planets on the day we were born. These planets govern our astrological signs and determines our psychological make-up.

The vibration and energy of the planets create a resistance or an attraction through our astrological chart like a radio or telecommunication wave. Astrological analysis is derived from the measurement and relationships of the mathematical degrees of the planets in their orbits at the time of an individual or entity’s birth. The birth chart interprets what sign the planets are placed in and how every area of our life is affected. They are our personal roadmaps, or blue print for the future. This gives us the choice to change our natures and the cycles we can expect.

A Bit of History…
Some historians claim astrology originated over 5000 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Historical evidence indicates ancient Egyptian cultures depended on the knowledge of astronomy, astrology, and numerology in their every day lives over 10,000 years ago. Scientific data exists that links the building of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids to the stars and planets above. Then the era of mathematics began, and astrology was recognized as the scientific interpretation of the planets mathematical and geometrical relationships at the time of our birth.

The first formalized teachings of astrological and numerical studies came from the Chaldean society of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia dating between 2800-1700 B.C. The Chaldeans saw achievements in various scientific fields such as algebra, geometry, and astronomy. The first measurement of time was created by the Chaldeans. They concluded that the earth, moon, and the five planets known to man at that time and the sun are all part of one system.

As time went on astrology and other metaphysical subjects became regarded as valuable guidance in analyzing patterns, personalities and the potential path a soul could take. The Phoenicians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Incas, Mayans, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Hindus, Celtics, and Christians all incorporated numerical systems in order to better understand their lives and the Universe. Each system has a unique and different insight to teach us.

How Does Astrology Work?
The Western astrological system utilized by Sharita’s Star Secrets interprets twelve different signs. Each sign occupies 30-degrees, thus composing the 360-degree zodiac wheel. The twelve signs create distinct characteristics that mark a person influenced by it. Their relationships to one another on the wheel are called aspects, and show how the twelve signs relate to and cooperate with one another.

Western astrology measures the timing of the sun and the other planets in orbit, as they transit through each sign.Glyphs are used to represent the signs and planets. These symbols were designed by the ancient astronomers from the zodiac’s image in the night sky.

The twelve signs are divided into four elements: fire, earth, air and water.Elements indicate how we approach life. They are then further divided into tasks: cardinal leader, fixed organizer or mutable communicator. Tasks are the roles we best function in throughout our career. With one of the four elements in each of the three task categories, we begin to see the diversifications of personas in life.

The Birth Chart
Birth charts provide us with our potential map for success, and how to avoid the road to failure. The analysis it provides can be used to determine our personality, desires, patterns, timing, health, relationships, and career. The stars compel, they do not incline. The outcomes we see are only determined by the personal choices and individual actions we take.

When Do I Use Astrology?
From the moment we are born the planets above affect and influences our daily lives. Understanding our birth chart helps us gain clarity in areas such as career, money, home, health, emotions, and relationships. By looking at current planetary transits, more insight is gained to better understand our present trends and patterns. Astrology is a valuable tool when picking important dates, from businesses to marriages. Any event with a time of birth and place can be analyzed through this mathematical science.

What Can Astrology Do For Me?
Astrology is a science that shows us how interconnected we are and helps us recognize that timing truly is everything. As we come to understand the knowledge it contains, our lives become clarified. If negative connotations are discovered, there are ways to introduce astrological harmony. Balance is brought when we make beneficial changes. Discover the direction of your roadmap.