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‘The Star of the Magi’ 17’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery

To gain a better understanding of how the science of numerology affects our lives upon earth, one must open their mind to the possibility of vibration and the polarities of energy in numbers. Numbers make up different facets and cycles of our lives. The digits and letters composing our birthdays and names provides the data that is needed for numerical analysis. We are surrounded by numbers that influence our lives such as those in our addresses and telephone numbers that seem meaningless at first glance. Numerology is a science that depicts the patterns of our behavior and evolution.

The vibration and energy of the planets create a resistance or an attraction through our numerical vibrations like a radio or telecommunication wave throughout our entire lives. Numerical analysis is derived from the calculations of the numbers composing our full birth date along with the values the letters of our names contain. Numerical charts interpret every area of a life. They are our personal roadmaps, or blue print for the future. This gives us the choice to change of our natures and cycles we can expect.

A Bit of History…
Some historians claim numerology originated over 5000 years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Historical evidence indicates ancient Egyptian cultures depended on the knowledge of astronomy, numerology, and astrology in their every day lives over 10,000 years ago. Scientific data exists that links the building of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids to the stars and planets above.

As the era of mathematics and geometry began, numerology was given equal regard as a detailed science. The formulas used for interpretation of the full birth date came were developed when the Gregorian calendar became the worlds standard measurement of time. Ancient societies understood how our alphabet is guided by the energy of numbers generations before.

The first formalized teachings of numerical and astrological studies came from the Chaldean society of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia between 2800-1700 B.C. The Chaldeans saw achievements in various scientific fields such as algebra, geometry, and astronomy. The first measurement of time was created by the Chaldeans. They concluded that the earth, moon, and the five planets known to man at that time and the sun are all part of one system.

As time went on numerology and other metaphysical subjects became regarded as valuable guidance in analyzing patterns, personalities and the potential path a soul could take. The Phoenicians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Incas, Mayans, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Hindus, Celtics, and Christians all incorporated numerical systems in order to better understand their lives and the Universe. Each system has a unique and different insight to teach us.

How Does It Work?
The basic way numerology works is the simple mathematics of adding the digits making up a compound (double digit) number together resulting in a single number from 1-9. These singular number vibrations, including the 0 cipher have particular meanings with a planet that governs it. Like astrology, each numbers planetary influence indicates patterns and behavioral characteristics. To find any singular number influence, simply add the digits of any compound number together. (i.e. the singular influence of 12 is: 1 + 2 = 3) The affect of the singular and compound numbers in a numerical chart hold equal importance. Singular number vibrations tell us through the planetary energy governing different areas of our life. Compound number energies explore the intricate relationship of how our soul came to be and lessons we are meant to learn.

Date of Birth
The numbers making up the day, month and year of a birthday provides the data needed to reveal the secrets of a persons life. Lifepath, challenges, karmic path, period, pinnacle, personal year, month and day cycles are all calculated from adding particular combinations of the digits of a birth date. Each calculation is ready and able to tell what one is drawn to in life. They provide us with the ability to forecast, by indicating patterns and influences from year to year.

Names & Titles
There is a number that vibrates to every letter in the alphabet. Birth names are another source of gaining self-knowledge and insight into ones expression. Our expression indicates our mental state as well as how the world sees us. Numerical name analysis extends itself into revealing career path, desires, urges, as well as physical, mental and spiritual planes. Many times in life, names change due to different circumstances (e.g. marriage) and therefore the expression that person experiences will change. Name numerology allows us to gain awareness of the planetary energy guiding the names we use. We can then determine whether or not they are favorable, and in turn make any necessary changes.

Sharita’s Star Secrets chooses the Chaldean Numerical System as the most accurate and telling of the true essence of a soul’s life lessons and karma. Other modern day numerologists may adhere to the Pythagorean school of thought.  The ancients insightfully developed a Chaldean Karmic Mystery for compound numbers, which are extremely telling in the life lessons a soul is here to learn. Wisdom and balance are attained when we adhere to these karmic mysteries in our charts.

Chaldean Numerology stands apart from Pythagorean Numerology in that they did not believe you can attach the value of 9 to a letter of the alphabet when calculating a Name Expression. They innately knew there are only 8 natural notes on a musical scale. The sounds as letters which are composed within our names, can also only be of 1 to 8 different variations. While a particular Name Expression may add up to a 9 vibration, the letters calculated will only hold values from 1 to 8.  Therefore, a Chaldean Numerology analysis of your name alone will grand you a very different answer about the mysteries of life you came here to unfold.

When Do I Use Numerology?
Numbers affect us from the moment we are born and begin to influence us each and every day we live. They influence our personality, health, expression, relationships, and allow us to see the forecast of our lives. Name numerology is valuable insight when picking a name from businesses to newborns.

What Can Numerology Do For Me?
Numerology is a science with the ability to tell us about our behavior and evolution. As we come to understand the knowledge it contains, our lives become clarified. If negative connotations are discovered, there are ways to introduce numerical harmony. Balance is brought when we make beneficial changes. Discover the direction of your roadmap. Go to Services to see our extensive menu of numerological readings and analysis.