LunarOScopes, Lunar Horoscopes for Conscious Forecasting

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

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One of the most important forecasting tools we have from astrology is understanding the distinct value of how our current lunar cycles affect us in our now.

Whenever we are in a Waxing Phase from our recent New Moon: we meant to be working with initiations, new beginnings and setting our intentions as we direct our feelings.

Whenever we are in a Waning Phase from our recent Full Moon: we meant to be working with reflection, release, and reviewing our experiences as we heal our feelings.

New Moons and Full Moons happen from one particular area of our life that changes month to month in their specific timing requests. Any lunar/moon energy is guiding what we FEEL via our emotional bank accounts.

Understanding Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Typically twice a year, we naturally experience Eclipse Seasons. These are the pairings of a Solar and Lunar Eclipse as we experience a New and Full Moon respectively. Depending whether partial or total, we will have an extra “boost” of initiation or reflection that will last for an additional 6 month up to a years time from the area of life they specifically occur within.

Currently, we are at work through Autumn 2024 & Spring 2025 from Spring 2024’s Eclipse Season.

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Want more efficiency & complete productivity?

Our natural Lunar Rhythms can be quite out of sync with our natural Gregorian calendar time measuring standards that most business and scheduling demands adhere to.

Lunar Cycles are the perfect place to start implementing Conscious Forecasting into your life.

Let’s deepen and level up your Law of Attraction practice and TIME IT with the equal understanding of honoring whenever it is MOON VOID OF COURSE!

2023 to 2024 Annual Holding Pattern

Every year, both our New Moons and Full Moons “lock up” or hold at a specific degree point as they align or oppose for a period of months. In connecting the consciousness dots from astrology to numerology, the collective has ever-rich insight to take into consideration.

Aside from the channeling these patterns will always depict humanity will energetically see at work upon our planet’s life experience: it is equally your personal one that matters most. Depending upon how your natal planets are positioned, these Annual Holding Patterns will make distinct contact with our astrological charts, asking for our individual soul work to be strongly adhered to.

Explore Current Forecasting Specials that specifically guide the focus of your Emotional Intelligence in this year’s ever powerful awakening and intensely healing opportunities to allow you to fully embrace personalized Law of Attraction results.

Conscious Forecasting. LunarOScopes. NOW ONLY ON Soul Certainty Community.

LunarOScopes have been part of Sharita Star Forecasting must have timing knowledge with her impeccable astrology and numerology fusion since their inception in 2010.

Explore all the archives published for well over the past decade >>> HERE.

Your LunarOScopes are bone chilling. On emotions and how they resonate with us and the Universe.” ~Breno Miranda

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

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