Mars Retrograde in Gemini, 2022 to 2023

As we experience mid Autumn 2022 moving into early Winter 2023, it will be another critical time that completely casts us in the ultimate request to honor reflection like humanity has never quite experienced up til now.

Unlike his close neighbor Mercury, it’s been awhile since The Pioneer planet took some necessary “time off.” The last Mars Retrograde cycled in reflection was from 06 September to 13 November 2020 within the sign of Aries when we were absolutely asked to honor the soul homework of Staying in Our Own Lane.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini, 30 October 2022 to 12 January 2023
25 degrees ‘Discrimination – Analysis’ to 08 degrees ‘The Karmic Adjustor’

Upon 30 October stationed at 25 degrees Gemini, the next cycle of reflection, review and redo commenced for Mars until 12 January 2023, stationed by then at 08 degrees Gemini.

Since its’ Approach began 03 September at 08 degrees Gemini it will take until 12 January 2023 to move back to this very same 08 degrees point in Gemini once again once it starts to Retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini 30 October. These intense reflective forces will be engaged within the mutable communication sign of duality and all thinking, mentality, mindsets, movement, travel and all exchanges of information energies that are favored by The Twins.

If you are familiar with Mercury Retrograde, you already understand all too well the kinds of “out of sorts things” that naturally tend to happen under an inner planet retrograde cycle.

What makes a Mars Retrograde different from a Mercury Retrograde?

Let’s just clue you in a little bit: it takes what Mercury Rx does and amplifies it tenfold.


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Meanwhile…… So much else requires the SILENT LISTEN in America NOW to OWN or there will be no WON. Extremely intense and incredulous cycles any American needs complete conscious awareness of, are all happening simultaneously as Mars Retrograde will be engaged for the nation.

Pluto Return 2021-24: Direct Hit 3 09 Dec to 11 Jan; Exact 28/29 Dec 2022

Mars Return 3 Direct Hits: 04 Oct 2022 under The Approach; 23 Nov 2022 under Retrograde; 07 Mar 2023 under The Shadow

Neptune Opposition 2022-23: 28 Oct to 07 Jan 2023: Exact 27 Nov to 10 Dec; Rx Station Direct 03 Dec

Karmic Consequences Current 8 Personal Year: Accepting Accountability in America 2022-23

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 25 Oct

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 08 Nov on Election Day 2022 (conjunct Uranus Retrograde in Taurus)

Mercury Retrograde 29 Dec to 18 Jan 2023 (reflecting where the Pluto Return, Direct Hit 3 & Current 8 Personal Year are affecting America’s money, values, security and established systems.)

Full Moons for 7 months October 2022 thru April 2023 requiring further collective consciousness via Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Preparedness.

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Accepting Accountability in America: Understanding an 8 Personal Year Cycle

Welcome to the nations’ 17/8 Personal Year, that now spans 04 July 2022 to 04 July 2023.

The forecasting that this entailed to deeply explain in explicit details for the country holds plenty of value, which is why it is available only through Soul Certainty Community. It includes a timing is everything forecasting pdf from month to month in all there is to know, that is guided by an mp3 recording to walk you through it every single timing step of the way.

This is the culmination point of many things unfolding for the nation in simultaneous cycles that are all intensely overlapping. As we not only experience this year of Accepting Accountability as a nation moving forward from our Healing from Within recent 16/7 Personal Year, the very first Pluto Return 2021-2024, is another heavy portion of the complete timing is everything story.

This is the complete heads up to become fully and absolutely prepared for what is promised to be a severe Autumn as well as what the Winter months moving into Spring 2023 will undeniably entail as so many intense cycles interweave and play out together.

This 17/8 Personal Year Cycle for America begins with its’ ruling planet and guide for the entire year, Saturn being Retrograde at 24 degrees Aquarius, just on the edge the same area of life the Pluto Return at 27 degrees Capricorn is already engaged in. Everything concerning Capricorn and Aquarius always feels all the more deeply karmic in experience. America will certainly be feeling this level of heaviness all the more in dual influences when it comes to the value of everything across the board concerning what “I Have” from its’ money, material possessions, established systems, securities and worth overall.

As the close of 2022 comes into play that crosses us over into January 2023, there is one more layer of intensity adding in for the nation in this very same area of the country’s life. All while the ongoing gripping reflection from Mars Retrograde will be disrupting the nations’ lifestyle, healthcare system, abilities to serve and all matters of habits and routines.

Are you honestly, honestly and truly ready for this intense ride Dear Star?

“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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LunarOScopes, 14 August 2015, Let’s Begin (Carefully)

SharitaStar.LunaroscopesNew Moon in Leo, 14 August Where Will You Feel Initiations & Fresh Starts?

What Are Your Feelings? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises that our feelings guide our thinking as we create our lives. Lunar energy is astrologically in charge of how our human emotions play out down here below. Each month, a New Moon marks a waxing cycle promoting start up energy while a Full Moon unfolds a waning cycle allowing completion, reflection and release. LunarOScopes capture this natural rhythm with specific forecasting advice, timing when your Sun Sign naturally benefits from initiation or letting go.

Being our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, so too do our feelings down here below mirror these precise patterns that ultimately change our moods and sensations. Keeping our emotions healthy allows us to properly manifest our individual lives, as these cycles flavor us all uniquely.

New Moons start Waxing Phases, Let’s Begin
This two-week cycle normally favors actions involving anything new, as increasing energy moves forward throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie until the next Full Moon in Pisces 29 August.

Moon Void of Courses (Moon VOC) Time Out Periods
Even under a Waxing Phase, you will not wish to plan, plant, purchase, or initiate anything of importance when the Moon is Void of Course. This astrological passage occurs every couple days during our business and workweek, marking the critical request to take up in more reflective acts in solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in weekly with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for the calendar’s most current Moon Void of Course times.

In Progress: Venus Retrograde in Virgo/Leo 25 July to 06 September
The request to review, reflect and redo concerning values, money, beauty & relationships.
Venus Retrograde passages specifically favor to carefully plan ahead for its’ 6 week passage. Venus is our planet who guides over our values, money, securities, beauty and relationships of any kind. During a Retrograde cycle, her backtracking through the Zodiac asks for us to not make important moves for the future concerning these areas of our lives. Reconsidering values across the board within our relationships, holding off on any beauty enhancement (personal or material), reviewing our financial securities through research, looking out for bargains, and remembering to seek to understand make for great practices during this cycle of reflection.
Approach Began:  21 June | Shadow Ends:  08 October

What’s Your Sun Sign?
The simplicity of your natal sun sign is a marvelous focal point to align peace of mind about what is naturally beginning with feeling within your life this lunar month.

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Create.
Your creative nature still shines in the spotlight, as more curtains are raised with children or brain-children on your feeling radar. Excitement surrounds projects already in motion, as plenty of understanding is on your side to help you take on an entirely different approach to your entire life.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with how I Nurture.
Vivid and dynamic energy now freely cultivates new flows for your home and family life. Déjà vu is apt to channel some important messages for you to receive. Your dream state is completely active as these messages are also keys that are able to help you nurture all the more within your waking world.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Communicate.
Your mindset streams with imagination as new light now shines to stimulate your brainstorms, welcoming a fiery and fresh energy to your thinking. Writing things down equally assists helping you know more about your future goals, hopes and wishes. Accept any unexpected invites to socialize.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Have.
Giving gratitude only allows room for more, and when you honor this practice, vibrant and valuable doors open to rely on for an increase in your earning power. Remember to honor reflection concerning these offers, as they hold promise to enhance your career, especially those that reinvent it the most.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon the new with who I Am.
Your approaches to life are eager in a new flavor and feeling, and the world absolutely looks at you differently, liking what it sees. The new mask you have built to create a refreshed appearance is ready to create with recycled ideas, which should involve your most original and renewed spiritual beliefs.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Process.
The time in the silent listen now unfolds rewards as you continue to find a happy routine for your solitude, as new inner healings emerge. Dreams are stunning with messages for your waking life, and have plenty to channel about how much you have transformed, as more rebirth finds you smiling.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Socialize.
Inspiration is here to ignite future goals to kick up their energy to enrich your hopes and wishes, with new friends, organizations and groups stirring into the mix of what you are equally reflecting upon. Your partnerships -romantic or business- are part of this consideration, so seek to understand them.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Structure.
As initiations energetically seek to move your career and public life forward, it’s time for action, recognition and reward. Reflection persists for existing projects as change strongly focuses upon equally involving the reinvention of your habits, health and routines to serve you and others better.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Believe.
Your philosophies simply inspire growth, seeking to spiritually educate and connect with you, especially through any kind of long journey. Learning processes to reassess your truth cannot be ignored. Pay close attention to the intuitive channels sparking more unique flavors where you create.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Transform.
One of the most regenerative new moons of your year, embrace the genuine presence of a fiery rebirth energy concerning your wealth and core source energy of your being. Sexuality is also on your new feelings radar, asking for ways to nurture it better that you hadn’t been able to access until now.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Relate.
Fresh and vibrant energy surrounds matters relating to what’s new in your business or personal partnerships, where you have been weighing all the pros and cons of recently. What you are sensing inspires tremendous ways for you to think with a refreshed mindset, speaking well to those you love.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Serve.
Changes bring in new life concerning your abilities to serve others, your health, habits and routines- all of which have been under the value of the review microscope as of late. See now how this soul homework connects the dots to assist you with better ways to earn, and embrace your power here.

Other Need To Knows About What August’s New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Leo How Our Feelings Find Confidence
12 August, 4:52pm EDT to 15 August, 3:46am EDT
Element: Fire | Moon transits in fire signs attract inspiration, spiritedness, creativity & aggression
Engage: generosity, dignity, loyalty, leadership, enjoyment, warmth, heart-center, faith
Avoid: conceitedness, self-indulgence, being territorial, opinionated, drama, vanity, indolence

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
14 August, 9:24pm EDT, 21 degrees Leo
Consciously Aim For: Creative Self-Expression
Waxing Phase: 21 degrees Leo to 06 degrees Pisces
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 29 August.
Moon Void of Course: 12:36am EDT to 3:46am EDT 15 August, Moon enters Virgo

21 degree point lunation’s are always ones that bring in the flavor of change, protected energy and karmic rewards concerning the new beginnings within our life. This month absolutely requires our brings us the blessings of The Crown of the Magi of the 21’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery which proclaims:

“21 is pictured as The Universe, and also is called The Crown of the Magi. It promises general success, and guarantees advancement, honors, awards, and general elevation in the life and career. It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the Crown of the Magi is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. However, the person or entity blessed with the number 21 may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition. Its a most fortunate vibration- a number of karmic reward.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

This Leo New Moon is completely enthusiastic to allow us to explore our new feelings in heartfelt ways, as faith is equally part of this lunation’s gifts. Albeit Venus Retrograde will be reflecting her values in a close conjunction at 23 degrees Leo, these too, have plenty of worth to add to what undeniably will gather up in fresh emotions that are surrounded in understanding if ego is not standing in our way throughout 29 August.

What also becomes reactivated from the recent request to Create Our Now & Own Our Truth is the trine that this Leo New Moon also makes to Uranus Retrograde over at 20 degrees Aries. The latter part of June and early July saw both Venus and Jupiter making this same splendid conversation to Uranus as it was still moving forward. Now, all that already exists from what was created over that period has the perfect opportunities to be revisited, reconsidered and ultimately improved upon as our intuition is completely activated to energetically explore what further freedom and experimentation can be implemented.

Star Meditations for 14 August’s 21 degree Leo New Moon:

Affirmation for 21:
Notoriety | “The wreath and crown ensure deserved fame.” ~Nostradamus

Divination for 21:
Wear your bejeweled crown with honor, for it is well deserved.  As you wear it, acknowledge the weight of the lessons learned and allow them to always be a reminder of your conquests on your road to victory. No longer doubt your ability to accomplish great tasks, for through your courage, you have liberated yourself from further disappointments. Now you can look forward to substantial worldly gains and peace in your heart.

Reflection for 21:
Should you face the challenge of this vibration, be prepared to brave the rough seas ahead, for the wave of challenge is upon you. Remember that life can be a stern teacher, but education is necessary for you to appreciate the blessings in store for you. It is a time of much soul testing so make sure your vessel is sea worthy. Brave the elements and steer your boat to the shores of Heaven, where you will eventually drop anchor.

Divination & Reflections: Crystal Bush, Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
~Consult a professional astrologer to receive an accurate analysis of your natal chart.
~Your natal chart points to where more intimate conclusions unfold this month.
~Look to your natal planetary placements: do any aspect this lunation’s degree point?
~Your natal chart’s view always works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScopes read.

Wishing You Aligned Emotions and Happy Attracting Dear Stars! Namaste.

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The 1 Personal Year: What It Means for America



The time has come to welcome all Americans to the country’s new 1 Personal Year Cycle. We’ve been asked over the past year within the 9 Personal Year of 2014-15 to honor release, letting go, and by rising up in our courage, ultimately clearing the space as our nation concluded a 9 year span of time which began in 2006.

The Cultivation of Courage during 2014-15
Mars’s calling and guidance over the 9 Personal Year brought the nation to a certain sense of feeling conflict for whatever may have been resisted to about the country’s requirement to release. While many may not feel change is necessary, it became inevitable – and a courageous warrior presence is what truly conquered the battles needing to be fought over the past year. Those who have listened carefully to this call, will find what comes into USA play over 2015-16’s cycle within the next 1 Personal Year, is able to be responded to all the easier on a cleaner slate. There is a specific formula to follow now in the months ahead, which undeniably requires that the USA must apply what it has learned through the experiences that the 9 Personal Year unfolded.

Welcoming A Brand New Era
2015 to 2016’s 1 Personal Year Cycle is a significant part of all the groundwork that will begin to weave into the fabric of life that will become the USA’s 9 year span of time that concludes by its’ next 9 Personal Year Cycle in 2023-2024. For the USA, what’s ahead in this year of progress from 2015 to 2016, has everything to do with the recognition of “if it is NEW it is for the USA,” as the Universe hands over a new package of seeds to be planted for the next twelve months. As it is always said for any human soul in a 1 Personal Year, “Plant well in your now, these new seeds and intentions to reap and own a rich harvest further on down the road so you will see you have won.” ~Sharita Star

As we explore the true request of the entire 19 energy governing over 7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5  = 19/1, we find the Chaldean’s ancient understandings still amazingly apply in this modern day world. If the free will of the USA chooses to adapt to embracing change, stepping into the heart space, exercising benevolence and opening new mindsets to recognize protection is possible, the country will soar through the 19/1 Personal Year’s lessons ahead with flying colors.

19printThe Chaldeans’ perceived the 19 as ‘The Prince of Heaven,’ that brings along with it exceptional numerological advice. “19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and it is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the Compound number 10, without the danger and abuse inherent in the 10.  This number promises happiness and fulfillment- success in all ventures as well as in the personal life. The 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full numerological analysis.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The Plus and Minuses of the 1 Personal Year
As a 1 Personal Year Cycle, the energy of the 19 presents both positive and negative energy to choose from, depending upon what the free will’s actions wish to make. Visualizing the USA with the Sun shining brightly upon it is a marvelous place to start. Proper focus in this numerological cycle promotes enterprising opportunities, innovations, generosity and plenty of self-reliance for making the necessary changes the nation is poised to do. Energetic leadership strengthens the year ahead, to bring genuine inspiration to be able to take up in new directions as these fresh seeds are planted.

The flip side of a 1 Personal Year under the influence of the higher vibration of the 19, forewarns of being fully aware and in true understanding to avoid aggressive, selfish, resentful, over-bearing, dictatorial, fickle and bullish potential outcomes to occur. The Sun, who is The Life Force, is the planet that expresses original and initiating action, and it is he who is in charge during this 1 Personal Year cycle. A planet that certainly does love to shine it’s light, there is a tendency for too much heat through it’s fire element that can scald and burn from the energy that is cast off. So a pace of relaxed intensity about what is new is also extremely required. Having faith is key, but not the foolishness of what blind faith results in.

Connecting the Numerological Forecasting Dots to Astrology’s Timing
The true advice of how a Current Personal Year Cycle via numerology coincides and works with the natal chart via astrology is understood though their connecting force of the planets. It is where the guiding planet of the Current Personal Year currently transits within the natal birth chart that lends more powerful insight as to how to see a bird’s eye view of timing. For the USA, the current transit of The Sun in Cancer begins it’s 1 Personal Year within the natal 7th house where I Relate, which governs legalities, partnerships, one on one relationships of all kinds, including marriage.

As the most recent events upon 26 June already unfolded, one huge step for the nation was the Supreme Court passing of equal rights to gay marriage in all 50 states. Quite the new beginning indeed as the business agreement that is the legality of marriage sees a new light of day.  Simultaneously, the country’s 9 Personal Year was coming to a close as Mars also currently transited the USA’s natal 7th house. There was an equal conclusion here that ended the previous judgment, discrimination and conflict that surrounded gay marriage. What an amazing feat and achievement in a 9 Personal Year to have rose up in courage, where standing up for what was right was absolutely adhered to. So much collective fear was released for our nation, and what a gracious gift that is!
Diving into the Details of A Personal Year Cycle
Within any given Current Personal Year, there is a specific month-to-month breakdown that offers deeper guidance of how the requests of the year ideally will be seen to unravel. Just like our recurring 9 year cycles, the personal months within any given year also follow in the same pattern of 1-9. Cross-referencing back to astrology, as The Sun is the planetary focus via astrology’s current transits, these areas of life will equally be highlighted, working side by side with the personal months as the entire 1 Personal Year plays out. These areas of the life will be the timeline of how this year’s cycle of endings and conclusions will naturally unfold for the nation as a whole through 04 July 2016.

July 2015 | 8 Personal Month
authoritative and financial issues, recognizing achievements, making connections, promotional focus

Sun 7th House I Relate  Partnerships, Legalities, Negotiations to 08 July 2015
Sun 8th House I Transform Wealth, Death/Rebirth, Sexuality, Regeneration/Change to 17 August

August 2015 | 9 Personal Month
conclusions, finalizations/endings, universal/philanthropic concerns, victory, charismatic climaxes

Sun  9th House I Believe Philosophies, Higher Learning, Foreign & World Affairs to 24 September

September 2015 | 1 Personal Month
new beginnings, initiations, seed planting, long term thinking, self-sufficiency, assertions

Sun  9th House I Believe Philosophies, Higher Learning, Foreign & World Affairs to 24 September
Sun 10th House I Structure Career & Public Life to 22 October

October 2015 | 2 Personal Month
nurturing, reflection, cleaning, equalizing emotions, togetherness, family

Sun 10th House I Structure Career & Public Life to 22 October
Sun 11th House I Socialize Groups, Friends, Hopes & Wishes to 14 Nov

November 2015 | 3 Personal Month
creativity, higher education, foreign affairs, joyous communication, attention to health, social activities

Sun 11th House I Socialize Groups, Friends, Hopes & Wishes to 14 Nov
Sun 12th House I Process Inner Work, Subconscious, Solitude to 04 Dec

December 2015 | 4 Personal Month
invention for positive change to create structure, humanitarian concerns, foundations, commitments

Sun 12th House I Process Inner Work, Subconscious, Solitude to 04 Dec
Sun 1st House I Am New Approaches to Life/Mask to the World to 06 Jan 2016

January 2016 | 2 Personal Month  A preview of 2016’s 2 Personal Years “coming attractions”
nurturing, reflection, cleaning, equalizing emotions, togetherness, family

Sun 1st House I Am New Approaches to Life/Mask to the World to 06 Jan 2016
Sun 2nd House I Have Possessions, Values, Earning Power to 13 Feb 2016

February 2016 | 3 Personal Month
creativity, higher education, foreign affairs, joyous communication, attention to health, social activities

Sun 2nd House I Have Possessions, Values, Earning Power to 13 Feb 2016
Sun 3rd House I Communicate Thinking & Mentality to 21 March 2016

March 2016 | 4 Personal Month
invention for positive change to create structure, humanitarian concerns, foundations, commitments

Sun 3rd House I Communicate Thinking & Mentality to 21 March 2016
Sun 4th House I Nurture  Home, Family, Environments to 18 April 2016

April 2016 | 5 Personal Month
permanent change and movement, travel, blossoming, multi-tasking, risk-taking, affecting the masses

Sun 4th House I Nurture  Home, Family, Environments to 18 April 2016
Sun 5th House I Create  Children/Creativity to 12 May 2016

May 2016 | 6 Personal Month
nurturing fortunate legalities, entertaining in the home, creating harmony, loving acts, negotiations

Sun 5th House I Create  Children/Creativity to 12 May 2016
Sun 6th House I Serve Health, Habits, Routines, Service to Self & Others to 02 June 2016

June 2016 | 7 Personal Month
self-renewal, inward focus, meditation, clear-thinking, research, sympathy, spiritual experience

Sun 6th House I Serve Health, Habits, Routines, Service to Self & Others to 02 June 2016
Sun 7th House I Relate  Partnerships, Legalities, Negotiations to 07 July 2016

So Fellow Americans, are you ready for all the “if it is NEW it is for YOU” in the next twelve months? We offer one final piece of star secrets wisdom for our country’s New Year in 2015 as a whole new 9 year span of time has now begun. Via Lexigrams -the poetic phrasing of the anagrams that can be derived from any word, name or title to spell out its’ truth- it will be ever so important to honor the request of the VISUALIZATION as the perfect guide for this 1 Personal Year. May all Americans find the time to anoint their soul to the vision they want to see by planting positive intentions now in order to receive this cycle’s rewards. As Neil Diamond once sang, “Turn on your heart light.” It’s time for America’s Best.

Happy Independence Day Dear American Stars.