Being the Warrior for Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde in Libra 01 March to 19 May 2014

The inner planet retrograde train continues on in 2014, as we move out to Mars, now currently in Libra for a reflective passage. It’s time to appropriately pace and apply extreme patience to the dynamic action unfolding from the where The Scales live in our lives. How will you be mindful under this cycle that will demand to rebalance your life?

Aries: Partnerships where I Relate
Taurus: Habits/Routines/Health where I Serve
Gemini: Creativity/Children/Love Affairs where I Create
Cancer: Home/Family/Environments where I Nurture
Leo: Thinking/Mentalities where I Communicate
Virgo: Earning Power/Values with what I Have
Libra: Approaches/First Impressions with who I Am
Scorpio: Inner Work/Subconscious Study where I Process
Sagittarius: Hopes, Dreams, Wishes/Friends/Groups where I Socialize
Capricorn: Career/Public Life where I Structure
Aquarius:  Higher Learning/Travel/Growth where I Believe
Pisces: Regeneration/Change where I Transform

While a Mars Retrograde does not have a do and don’t list like a Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde or our Moon Void of Course time frames have about action oriented for the future, we still are very warned to take courageous care to not allow the natural energies unfolding in this area of our lives to get out of hand.

Check in with Your Natal Birth Chart, 27 to 09 degrees Libra
Approach began: 26 December 2013 while at 09 degrees Libra (where he will station and turn around again upon 19 May).
Shadow concludes: 21 July 2014 when back at 27 degrees Libra (where he is stationed 01 March and begins the Retrograde upon)

Aside from the collective sun sign perspective, more intimate advice is available.  Any planets you have placed at 09 to 27 degrees within your natal birth chart, will see an active conversation from the current transit of Mars over this time frame more than once. Here is where the true in-depth look at what your personal map for life can help you with in bringing in understanding as to why and how this current energy affects you accordingly.

Becoming aware of how to properly navigate through this cycle will allow you to experience it for the value of the reflection it offers. Undoubtedly, you have already received the clues about what now asks to be reassessed, as you are experiencing a surge of a dynamic energy unfolding from the Libra area of your life.

Making the Most of Mars Retrograde
What happens now is -due to Mars being a planet of aggressive action, penetration, drive, motivation, desire and yes, the more negative side of tension and anger- under Retrograde it will be more than wise to really no longer avoid what needs to be properly addressed to calm and smooth out what is naturally presenting itself to handle harmoniously. You simply cannot ignore a planet like Mars. The more you may try, the more tensions, anger and rage you will more than likely see unfold. Choosing to find resolve will keep calm energy right by your side.

Now is the time to truly step into the space of courage to be able to manage the reflective energy that will now carry itself through 19 May wherever Libra affects your life. Being the Warrior will grant you the very keys to handle it with ease and flow. Remember, a Warrior does not choose to literally fight, but he will stand up strongly in his courage and defend the courses of action that are happening here within our now with integrity and poise.

Since 07 December, your motivation and drive has been thriving on some level within the Libra area of life. The offering to energize our lives continues with Mars’s very long stay within The Scales, where he journeys until 25 July 2014. When we take on the mindset of addressing this cycle with pure refinement of our desires and current activity, this will stimulate our powers of response and compromise relating to them. The very key here, as for all retrograde times, is to practice patience, and allow for our understanding and courage to prevail. Mars’s natural energy in Libra is relaxed and well regulated, stirring us to all kinds of sensual perceptions, yet under this passage, naturally, these tendencies are a slightly thwarted.

Empowering Tips
Mars Retrograde asks us all to collectively monitor the following, 01 March to 19 May:

Our speed. Take a much slower pace with everything you do. Being in a hurry under Mars Rx will attract the potential for accidents and the unexpected to occur. Equally watch using sharp objects of all kinds, as extra care is definitely needed for this passage.

Our anger. It will be very “easy” to fall to this choice of the free will. But fuel the fires of rage, conflict and impatience under Mars Rx, and you’ll be ever sorry that you did.

Our patience. Choosing this practice will greatly improve your results. This virtue is the most valuable one we can utilize at all times in life, but especially what is currently moving within the Libra.

Our ability to let go. Mars is equally, aside from this motivation and drive, the planet that promotes conclusions, finalization and endings. Know that these will be showing up in powerful ways from the Libra area of your life. Choose to resist them, and you can expect a struggle that you will look back upon and wish you had made a different decision.

As always, Retrograde passages for any planet are nothing to “fear.” The more we ever choose to get caught up in frustration, is like a pure domino affect in what courses of action will continue to attract themselves towards us. As we all evolve in time through Mars’s request for a necessary review passage, it’s time to stand up and become the Warrior. You have all the abilities from within to respond to what is unfolding with courage, patience and a mindfulness that empowers you, and absolutely reduces your stress.

To your contagious courage, Dear Stars.