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“Sharita Star is the voice of an expert.” ~Chris Flisher

“Sharita Star is a teacher of exceptional clarity, comprehensive knowledge, and contagious enthusiasm.” ~Suzanne Gould



Dear Star, IT IS A GUARANTEE to expect your SPRING 2022 to be completely energetically offset concerning your intended plans.

Spring 2022 promises humanity it will need to up the ante of Mastering the Value of Compassion as we collectively experience the years’ 2nd Mercury Retrograde passage of reflection in both Gemini and Taurus (10 May to 03 June), coupled by our first Eclipse Season that upsurges energies within Taurus and Scorpio, 30 April & 16 May.

Our Soul Preparedness is Quintessential.


A need to know preparedness online workshop, NOW AVAILABLE AS Elearning.

Astrologer & Numerologist Sharita Star and Medium Adam Bernstein are teaming up once again as you have come to strongly rely upon to help you sort through and be ultimately prepared for these uncertain times in the soul certainty of attaining the ability to thrive.

Arm your Empowerment for the Mastering Spring story of 2022 with important need to know astrology and numerology timing is everything tale granting in-depth insight into the collective energy conversation, along with a powerful healing attunement energy transmission to assist in allowing us grace through it all this May and June within this not to miss intensive workshop.

REMEMBER! IF you cannot make the LIVE Workshop, it will be available as Elearning afterwards. 

“Impressive… sooo much info!! Thank You!”

“Sharita, you deserve “flattering.” Never expected such an education. Keep leading the way.”

“Sooo many great details Sharita. You are an encyclopedia of info… Thank You!”

If you missed the Livestream “HEADS UP” for what’s coming next, please visit Medium Adam Bernstein’s The Medium Channel on YouTube and watch at your leisure, the latest Spring update giving you all the heads up for our upcoming Eclipse Season & 2nd Mercury Retrograde for 2022.

JOIN the LIVE CLASS 12 MAY or Enjoy as ELEARNING at Your Leisure.

Growing our own food and chi boosting flowers is more important than ever before as our current times pursue. This energy class will get you rooted into how to make all of your green thumbing work to your ultimate advantage.

Dear Star, you’ll take away:

~The most optimal times of the month to plant within for thriving success.

~When to utilize cycles to focus upon weeding and overall maintenance for your garden.

~How utilizing crystals can assist with all kinds of healing and natural repellent alternatives versus chemical treatments.

~Honoring setting your intentions and using gardening as a form of powerful meditation for aligning soul balance, getting grounded via earthing and attaining peace within your life.

RSVP/BUY NOW $33 sign up through Venmo @heathereystara or at www.adambetweentheworldsDOTcom/events

Healer Heather Eystara and Timing Specialist Sharita Star are super excited and look forward to sharing all from above so below timing tips, energetic healing and manifestation tools and so much more to allow you to not only work and harvest within your life as naturally as possible, but have absolute fun and manifest your magic in the process of doing so!


Join Patreon with the Soul Certainty Community! 

Sharita originally intended to be joining the Patreon community in early 2021, yet life had other plans for her when her soulmate and life partner was struck by a serious illness in late 2020, that he valiantly fought until 28 July 2021. Sharita thanks you for your patience at this time of deeply processing grief, and she is looking forward to fully open her Elearning doors fully in the late winter now of 2022. 

The Patreon Soul Certainty Community is now available, and will be adding additional tiers in February 2022.

Embracing the Stars Topics & Lectures

The ABC’s of Astrology: The Zodiac’s Fundamentals via Signs, Elements & Energetic Relationships

The ABC’s of Numerology: The Mathematical Fundamentals via Singular & Compound Numbers

Relating Astrology to Numerology: The Planets Connective Channels to Our Signs & Numbers

Chaldean Numerology: Thriving in Our Soul’s Purpose via Unlocking Our Ancient Karmic Mysteries

Manifesting by the Moon: Conscious Lunar Living in Balance, Harmony & Intention

Captivating Your Soul’s Essence: Working with Your Colors & Gemstones

Mastering Mercury Retrograde: Creating Success During Cycles of Reflection

Forecasting for Focus: The Timing of Astrology Alongside Numerology

What’s Really in Your Name? Let’s Spell Out the Truth with Lexigrams

As Above, So Below: Choose Your Customized Topic!
60 to 120min workshops | Call or email for quotes

Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshops

How Can Your Business THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde “MRx”?

Whether you run a small to large business or are in charge of a group/organization, being aware of what Mercury Retrograde is, will make a remarkable different in your direct results.

Over 1/3rd of our business year is spent in Mercury Retrograde!  

Honoring this recurring cycle of reflection allows the reaping of success verses failure and frustration as it naturally creates errors, changes and plenty of upset in anyone’s workplace. Bear witness and have your entire team…

• Maximize their time, communications and cooperation.
• Experience efficiency instead of aggravation.
• Recognize their co-workers with greater respect.
• Cultivate mindfulness & success during a cycle of reflection.
• Understand the best places to focus their productivity upon for results.
• Receive peace of mind.
• Yield to reflection, rejuvenation and recharge for their keys to success.

120min Workshops | Call or Email for quotes


Book Me as Your Event Speaker 

• As a seasoned writer & author, I provide insightful and valuable content for any event. As Above, So Below: What’s Your Topic? Astrology, Numerology & Lexigrams WILL back it up.
• My extensive knowledge of the ancient practices of Astrology, Numerology, & Lexigrams engages and is thought provoking for any audience.
• Your Guests learn about the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe and how their ability to tune-in can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life

I make every effort to accommodate and work within your speaker budget. I book engagements 3-24 months in advance. My book, It’s All in the Name, is also available at a volume discount, which may be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration. Receive Your Price Quote Today!

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker 

Sharita Star

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