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A Universal Year To Always Be Mentally Prepared Within.


Mastering Mercury Retrograde in Libra


ONLY $33!

Medium Adam Bernstein, Between The Worlds, Healer Heather Eystara, Eystara Healing & Astrologer/Numerologist Sharita Star were honored to be able to provide this more than affordable and extremely informative workshop for you once again, to have you armed in the proper tools to make the most of Mercury Retrograde that is heavily associated with the rewards of reflection.

This energy powered up in awareness workshop is an Elearning Opportunity to properly prepared and guide you through Mercury Retrograde in Libra, 27 Sept to 18 Oct.

FEEDBACK from the Live Class:

“I have found these to be so helpful during all the major transits over the last year and a half. I leave these workshops armed with the tools needed to excel during these challenging tines!!! Highly recommend!! ~Jenny Brooklane

“Thank you Sharita! That just feels SPOT ON to everything I have been feeling. This is the first time I have felt safe in awhile this info is so critical. Thank You!~Jennifer Samuels

“Sharita, Heather, and Adam, WOW! Such great information to prepare us and help us through this time. Thank You!” ~Susan M. Ald

What can humanity expect to naturally experience as Mercury reflects within Libra during this 3rd and final offering in 2021 under Retrograde? LEARN, PREPARE and ARM YOURSELF! 

Mercury is “in charge” of our current 5 Universal Year, Changing Global Truth in 2021. His Retrogrades have significantly be all the more important to understand “energetically” when it comes to our reflection, changes, timing, communications, movement and any and all exchanges of information across the board.

Our Messenger’s time now in Libra 30 August to 05 November in our sign of justice, balance, fairness, legal agreements, understanding, the intellect, relationships/partnerships and harmony: the collective’s mental plane will be heightened like never before and the natural attributes of Libra will be tested for anyone’s personal resilience to be able to attain them.

Sharita arms you with the emotional intelligence necessary to successfully work with energetic understanding, attaining harmony amongst collective turmoil for your soul certainty and all the timing is everything tips you will need during this sensitive time. As this particular Mercury Retrograde is extremely, extremely “hard hitting” for America’s own forecast: she equally clearly lays out intimate timing details to be very much in the mental preparedness for during this time.

Adam has equally foreseen tapping into this timeframe as collectively being “cascading.” To ease and calm that pulse, he channels his potent energy transmission to arm you with the spiritual tools to call in protection, healing, our guides and all the more heighten awareness necessary for navigating it and remaining grounded.

Heather guides her powerhouse of meditative and energy healing as well to layer in all the more boost and buffer to allow you to always be working with the MRx cycle from a space of balance, versus the cycle tipping your personal scales in the wrong directions.

If you joined the previous energy workshops we did in 2020 & 2021, you are already familiar with how the 3 of us join our forces together to combine the power of energy work, meditation, healing and astrology/numerology which will allow you to be all the more empowered in our more turbulent times: AND this Mercury Retrograde in Libra energetically absolutely promises it is one to be well prepared for over any other during 2021.

What is absolutely certain is: this final MRx in 2021 will be another AMAZING time for soul growth, healing relationships, resolving the divide, standing in our truth and uniting together with discernment for anyone willing to work with the reflective emotional energy and not fight against it in frustration.

What’s included:

$33pp includes Astrology & Numerology Guidance, Energy Transmission, Healing & Meditation, Bonus Mercury Retrograde in Libra Horoscope & Astrology/Numerology Resources PDFs.


Mastering Mercury Retrograde in Libra


ONLY $33!

 Empowering You to continue to OWN Your NOW

in Twenty Twenty WON!

2020 absolutely promised Awakening times.  2021’s Changing Global Truth arrives now at a pivotal point. 2022 will be ANOTHER year like never before to Prepare You & Your HOME’s CHI!

2021 Finale into 2022 Astrology & Feng Shui Elearning 

To arm you in spotless and impeccable preparation for 2021’s Finale as we cross over into 2022, Sharita is once again teamed up with Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Amanda Gates. This for the absolutely serious student to commit and invest in more than powerful Elearning monthly workshops and resources to guide anyone reachable and teachable in soul certainty.

The Autumn of 2021’s Changing Global Truth cascades disturbing energies across the entire world as Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse Season, and Venus Retrograde all follow one another together starting in September 2021 to take us through into February 2022. 

The Key Knowing: REFLECTION is the energetic core of all as the world will powerfully RESET.

Amanda and Sharita are honored to offer this exciting, potent and impeccably detailed monthly empowerment opportunity arming you in ultimate Awareness, Empowerment and oh yes…. totally boosting up that CHI at HOME and for your own energy to be able to discern and navigate Autumn 2021 and walk into 2022 owning and absolutely attaining your soul certainty in our uncertain times.

Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Amanda Gates & Sharita Star have been teaming up since 2014, to provide you with energetic insight, tips and tools for you to rise in the thrive in our undeniable uncertain times, versus become victimized in the non serving “survive.”

Life is -even amongst the most potent global awakening of our entire lifetime, and perhaps, for the entire history of mankind itself- mean to be lived to the fullest. As we are all all working with adaptation despite uncertain times in our now: finding joy, appreciating simplicity, and honoring our authentic selves are just some of the practices we capture in this new and exciting monthly workshops.

IF YOU ARE READY to serve your highest good as you work through turning your personal pages this Autumn 2021 and the promise of 2022 opening’s doors under some of the most intense reflection the world has ever seen, this is absolutely for YOU & YOUR CHI!

Our inner knowing, neutrality, sovereignty, and following our own rhythm -no matter what the world outside of us is going to be doing otherwise- MUST BE in complete check to amicably experience the intense energetic pulse absolutely promised in 2021: Changing Global Truth, and rings the reflection bell all the louder as 2022 begins.

The mental anxiety on the negative side of polarity and the contrast that already has delivered complete shock factor and alarmingly changed the script of our entire 2021, will continue to precisely be what you absolutely need to avoid in order to thrive versus be energetically stuck in the survive.

We as a collective, have never, EVER experienced the mental plane of energy like this in a Universal Year. 2021 has undeniably been a Universal Year to ALWAYS be extremely, extremely well prepared for. 2022 will not back down on the need to remain aware, grounded and centered as it will seek to pick up the pieces of 2021’s undeniable mess.

Amanda & I are so honored and pleased to be continuing to work together to be the way showers to allow you to have your soul certainty in complete check within your home and your personal resilience. If you are ready to OWN your NOW to see how much you will have WON for the remainder of 2021, and what is on the way as we provide powerful empowerment tips and tools to help you navigate what’s ahead in 2022: We are thrilled to welcome you aboard our Elearning Community.

Feedback from Previous Elearning Experiences:

“I purchased your Mars Retrograde Course with Sharita and it was an eye opener. I’ve been working on our home ever since getting it together for fall! Sooooo, a huge thanks to you as I’m already seeing emotions get CRAZY.  I’m glad I am prepared…” ~Leigh Little

“First off, thank you so much for your wisdom and advice, everything has been spot on! I’ve taken both courses with you and Amanda Gates did together to prepare us for this year of Retrogrades. I loved both courses and have just finished your live video on Facebook. I am preparing like a squirrel gathering nuts while trying not to go there! I’m working on the anger zone currently. I noticed you heavily emphasized it and god knows I’ve been dealing with plenty. Thanks again to you both for all you do! With Loving Kindness.” ~Molly King

“I just have to say everything you warned about w/ Amanda I have been seeing and we’re only 2 days in – between waking up to no sun due to fires on 9/9 to an employee randomly being super aggressive towards me at the grocery store for literally nothing to things breaking in our house (garage decided to stop opening today, thermostat just broke), I am definitely ready to just hunker down til 2021! It has very much given me peace though to expect the unexpected & chaos – so, thank you!” ~Brett Dapler


Coming SOON to Patreon with Sharita Star! 

Sharita originally intended to be joining the Patreon community in early 2021, yet life had other plans for her when her soulmate and life partner was struck by a serious illness in late 2020, that he valiantly fought until 28 July 2021. Sharita thanks you for your patience at this time of deeply processing grief, and she is looking forward to opening her Elearning doors fully in the late winter now of 2022. 

Embracing the Stars Topics & Lectures

The ABC’s of Astrology: The Zodiac’s Fundamentals via Signs, Elements & Energetic Relationships

The ABC’s of Numerology: The Mathematical Fundamentals via Singular & Compound Numbers

Relating Astrology to Numerology: The Planets Connective Channels to Our Signs & Numbers

Chaldean Numerology: Thriving in Our Soul’s Purpose via Unlocking Our Ancient Karmic Mysteries

Manifesting by the Moon: Conscious Lunar Living in Balance, Harmony & Intention

Captivating Your Soul’s Essence: Working with Your Colors & Gemstones

Mastering Mercury Retrograde: Creating Success During Cycles of Reflection

Forecasting for Focus: The Timing of Astrology Alongside Numerology

What’s Really in Your Name? Let’s Spell Out the Truth with Lexigrams

As Above, So Below: Choose Your Customized Topic!
60 to 120min workshops | Call or email for quotes

Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshops

How Can Your Business THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde “MRx”?

Whether you run a small to large business or are in charge of a group/organization, being aware of what Mercury Retrograde is, will make a remarkable different in your direct results.

Over 1/3rd of our business year is spent in Mercury Retrograde!  

Honoring this recurring cycle of reflection allows the reaping of success verses failure and frustration as it naturally creates errors, changes and plenty of upset in anyone’s workplace. Bear witness and have your entire team…

• Maximize their time, communications and cooperation.
• Experience efficiency instead of aggravation.
• Recognize their co-workers with greater respect.
• Cultivate mindfulness & success during a cycle of reflection.
• Understand the best places to focus their productivity upon for results.
• Receive peace of mind.
• Yield to reflection, rejuvenation and recharge for their keys to success.

120min Workshops | Call or Email for quotes


Book Me as Your Event Speaker 

• As a seasoned writer & author, I provide insightful and valuable content for any event. As Above, So Below: What’s Your Topic? Astrology, Numerology & Lexigrams WILL back it up.
• My extensive knowledge of the ancient practices of Astrology, Numerology, & Lexigrams engages and is thought provoking for any audience.
• Your Guests learn about the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe and how their ability to tune-in can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life

I make every effort to accommodate and work within your speaker budget. I book engagements 3-24 months in advance. My book, It’s All in the Name, is also available at a volume discount, which may be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration. Receive Your Price Quote Today!

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker 

Sharita Star

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