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“Sharita Star is the voice of an expert.” ~Chris Flisher

“Sharita Star is a teacher of exceptional clarity, comprehensive knowledge, and contagious enthusiasm.” ~Suzanne Gould



2021. A Universal Year to be Mentally Prepared for.

2020 absolutely promised Awakening times. All the more are on the way as we cross the threshold into 2021. To arm you in absolute preparation, Sharita once again joined energy forces with Feng Shui Master Amanda Gates for another powerful Elearning workshop to guide you and align you in soul certainty for the “what’s next” in 2021’s Changing Global Truth  promise of more than uncertain times that will cascade across the entire world. 

A potent and arming you in ultimate Awareness, Empowerment and oh yes…. totally boosting up that CHI at home and for your own energy to be able to discern and navigate our upcoming 2021 in your soul certainty.

Feng Shui Master Amanda Gates & Sharita Star have teamed up once again -as we have been successfully doing during 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected Experience- to provide you with energetic insight, tips and tools for you to still thrive in our undeniable uncertain times, versus become victimized in the non serving “survive.”

Life is -even amongst the most potent global awakening of our entire lifetime, and perhaps, for the entire history of mankind itself- mean to be lived to the fullest. As we are all all working with adaptation despite uncertain times in our now: finding joy, appreciating simplicity, and honoring our authentic selves are just some of the practices we capture in this upcoming workshop that will serve your highest good as you turn your personal page into 2021.

Our inner knowing, neutrality, sovereignty, and following our own rhythm -no matter what the world outside of us is going to be doing otherwise- MUST BE in complete check to amicably experience the intense energetic pulse absolutely promised in 2021: Changing Global Truth.

The mental anxiety on the negative side of polarity and the contrast that will be shown in completely shock factor and alarmingly changing ways in the upcoming New Year, will be what you absolutely need to avoid in order to thrive versus be energetically stuck in the survive.

We as a collective, have never, EVER experienced the mental plane of energy like this in a Universal Year. 2021 is undeniably a New Year to be extremely, extremely well prepared for.

Amanda & I are so honored and pleased to have worked together again to be the way showers to allow you to have your soul certainty in check within your home and your personal resilience to be able to OWN your NOW to see how much you will have WON all throughout 2021.

Feedback from 2020’s Elearning Experiences:

“I purchased your Mars Retrograde Course with Sharita and it was an eye opener. I’ve been working on our home ever since getting it together for fall! Sooooo, a huge thanks to you as I’m already seeing emotions get CRAZY.  I’m glad I am prepared…” ~Leigh Little

“First off, thank you so much for your wisdom and advice, everything has been spot on! I’ve taken both courses with you and Amanda Gates did together to prepare us for this year of Retrogrades. I loved both courses and have just finished your live video on Facebook. I am preparing like a squirrel gathering nuts while trying not to go there! I’m working on the anger zone currently. I noticed you heavily emphasized it and god knows I’ve been dealing with plenty. Thanks again to you both for all you do! With Loving Kindness.” ~Molly King

“I just have to say everything you warned about w/ Amanda I have been seeing and we’re only 2 days in – between waking up to no sun due to fires on 9/9 to an employee randomly being super aggressive towards me at the grocery store for literally nothing to things breaking in our house (garage decided to stop opening today, thermostat just broke), I am definitely ready to just hunker down til 2021! It has very much given me peace though to expect the unexpected & chaos – so, thank you!” ~Brett Dapler

Shield Safety for Teachers, Parents & Children | Grounding with Art & Meditation
• Take in a SILENT LISTEN to connect with your Imagination & Creativity
• Participate in a Guided Meditation to call in Powerful Visualization, Calming Energy & Affirm Inner Knowing
• Create Personal Shields to ground and manifest safety intentions  
90min workshops | $33pp E: to BOOK YOUR SESSION


Embracing the Stars Topics & Lectures

The ABC’s of Astrology: The Zodiac’s Fundamentals via Signs, Elements & Energetic Relationships

The ABC’s of Numerology: The Mathematical Fundamentals via Singular & Compound Numbers

Relating Astrology to Numerology: The Planets Connective Channels to Our Signs & Numbers

Chaldean Numerology: Thriving in Our Soul’s Purpose via Unlocking Our Ancient Karmic Mysteries

Manifesting by the Moon: Conscious Lunar Living in Balance, Harmony & Intention

Captivating Your Soul’s Essence: Working with Your Colors & Gemstones

Mastering Mercury Retrograde: Creating Success During Cycles of Reflection

Forecasting for Focus: The Timing of Astrology Alongside Numerology

What’s Really in Your Name? Let’s Spell Out the Truth with Lexigrams

As Above, So Below: Choose Your Customized Topic!
60 to 120min workshops | Call or email for quotes

Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshops

How Can Your Business THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde “MRx”?

Whether you run a small to large business or are in charge of a group/organization, being aware of what Mercury Retrograde is, will make a remarkable different in your direct results.

Over 1/3rd of our business year is spent in Mercury Retrograde!  

Honoring this recurring cycle of reflection allows the reaping of success verses failure and frustration as it naturally creates errors, changes and plenty of upset in anyone’s workplace. Bear witness and have your entire team…

• Maximize their time, communications and cooperation.
• Experience efficiency instead of aggravation.
• Recognize their co-workers with greater respect.
• Cultivate mindfulness & success during a cycle of reflection.
• Understand the best places to focus their productivity upon for results.
• Receive peace of mind.
• Yield to reflection, rejuvenation and recharge for their keys to success.

120min Workshops | Call or Email for quotes


Book Me as Your Event Speaker 

• As a seasoned writer & author, I provide insightful and valuable content for any event. As Above, So Below: What’s Your Topic? Astrology, Numerology & Lexigrams WILL back it up.
• My extensive knowledge of the ancient practices of Astrology, Numerology, & Lexigrams engages and is thought provoking for any audience.
• Your Guests learn about the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe and how their ability to tune-in can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life

I make every effort to accommodate and work within your speaker budget. I book engagements 3-24 months in advance. My book, It’s All in the Name, is also available at a volume discount, which may be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration. Receive Your Price Quote Today!

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker 

Sharita Star

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