Business Success Packages

Create a successful image | Name Analysis & Business Branding
• Attract success and abundance to your career, public life or business.
• Recognize how the power of words & names spell out the truth through Lexigrams.
• Receive in depth analysis of personal and business names.
Prices Vary per Individual Inquiries| Recorded Session Email for Quotes

Increase Business Performance | Timing is Everything Reading
• Gain perspective on the astrological retrograde cycles of the planets and how they affect your business alongside your personal numerological forecasts.
• Observe planet retrogrades as critical decision making & ultimate planning guides.
• Implement the power of lunar cycles equally affecting your chart & your business.
• Know your ideal timing to properly initiate new business projects, agreements as well as observe valued times for reflection as astrology has practiced for centuries.
• Know when to anticipate change, plan ahead and schedule accordingly for success.
Monthly Recorded Sessions $250

Planning and Scheduling | Mastering Mercury Retrograde
• Discover where and when to TAKE ACTION and when absolutely NOT TO.
• Your business must ALWAYS be WELL PREPARED for Mercury Retrograde! • This recurring inner planet cycle of reflection can make or break your customer relationships, productivity in the workplace environment, determine product success, ands much more.  This is one of the most important cycles to understand when conducting business through the calendar year, of which Mercury Retrograde occurs 3 to 4 times within it.

1 Year View | 3 Company Workshop Sessions Email for Quotes



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