Lexigrams & It’s All in the Name featured on PBS’s WMHT: Learn how titles are able to spell out the truth.

Once one has the understanding of how planetary vibrations affect the signs, numbers, and letters of our lives, one must continue to open their mind to the potential of what a lexigram can determine. This  allows us to see what has always been right in front us. There are hidden messages within our names that indicate the life we are to lead.

A lexigram is merely the intuitive phrasing of anagrams, which are words found within other names, words or titles. It takes those anagrams and creates phrases or sentences that tell a potential truth about that name, word, or title. A lexigram is one of the most amazing tools we can utilize to discover their story.

 A Bit of History…
It is not precisely known when one specific person or culture discovered lexigrams. Linda Goodman, a famous poet and astrologer, was the first to coin the term “lexigram.” She credits the word to the Druids with their mysticism of laying hidden meanings within the English language. We have determined through analysis that any life story is able to be told from the birth name. It is quite uncanny that even if the name is changed albeit by choice or through marriage, the story of that life is also changed. This allows us to be the author and editor of our own “biography.”

How To Lexigram
As far as anyone has discovered, lexigramming a name or title can only be derived from characters within the English alphabet. Here are a few examples: If we want to achieve HEALTH, we must learn to HEAL THE HATE. Typically the MOTHER is THE HOME. Our BROTHER more often than not is THE HERO. Ever wonder if LAUGHTER really can HEAL THE HEART?

When Do I Lexigram?
Lexigrams can be used whenever one wants to find out the simple truth about any name or title. Our analysis thus far has shown how a poorly chosen name can bring unintentional negativity to the person or business. This is why we should use this process when choosing a name for a new business or in naming a child, so we may give them the most positive future.

What Can Lexigrams Do For Me?
Lexigrams indicate our potential and what we may need to avoid to smooth our path to success. Alongside astrology and numerology, lexigrams are a significant and unique star secret that brings us clarity and understanding.

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