Always OWN Your NOW to see You have WON.

Attaining Soul Certainty in Uncertain Times

Unlocking Your Keys To Success
If you are looking for me to “predict” your future, I will not be the reader that resonates with you. If you are seeking to go within, and look to yourself for answers, I always say timing is everything: even for us to be meeting right now.

As your trusted reader and guide, I am honored to utilize my detailed knowledge of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams to give you a deeper understanding of your life’s trajectory. Employing these divination tools, I reveal truths about your past, present and future possibilities so you may use your own empowerment to create personal and professional success. Your free will is my greatest concern.

Aligning Peace of Mind in Changing Times
Each journey is unique. Whether you’re searching for clarity regarding relationships, health, personal and professional goals or finding true purpose, I offer a variety of individually tailored consultations. I am like no other reader you have been to before!
• All sessions are recorded by phone. Working with me allows you to embrace the gift of the SILENT LISTEN in our overly stimulated visual world.
• Payment options via Paypal, or check. Deposits are required to start reading preparations.


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The ULTIMATE Elearning Workshop for this Venus Retrograde under Eclipse Season! Please Join Sharita Star, Heather Eystara and Adam Bernstein as they lead you through the change of the year. Predictions, the Stars, Eclipses, Healing and Channeling will all treat you to a SMOOTH and SEAMLESS TRANSITION from 2021 into 2022. Stay ahead of the curve! End the year and begin anew with peace and empowerment.

If You Missed the Live 10 January Class, Stay Empowered with ELEARNING for Purchase Later!

Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker – Sharita Star
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      Yes, we take extreme care and time to properly access your numerological analysis, and if you like have a look at that side by side your astrology and lexigram wisdom too!

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