2017: Being the Light



“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~Plato

Welcoming a One Universal New Year. A Completely New 9 Year Cycle.
2016 leaves it’s distinctive mark on many across the globe as everyone witnessed more than their fair share of conclusions, finalizations and closure within our human experiences that dynamically changed our perspectives during the past 12 months as we were asked to be Choosing Our Courage.

Our human experiences now shift during 2017, into a new cycle that collectively co-exists with our spiritual beings.

No matter what the energy of the world at large is, remember your life is always your individual as well as unique human experience, via your own personal forecast.

2017’s Global Forecast
It’s time to activate benevolence, creation and protection into our practices. In the 12 months of 2017, these are our preferred choices to make sure our motivations, desires, and abilities are responsive verses reactive- even when situations and circumstances beyond our personal control arise. Our unique goals and aspirations still belong to us amongst all that will attempt to distract us, which always needs to be carefully filtered.

The last time the world saw powerful initiations and beginnings was in 2008, and now is amidst once again, in an intense cycle of rebirth to allow to our proper evolution once again as 2017 unfolds. Overall, this years’ cycle now calls for our loyalty, heartfelt intentions and focus to inspire anew.

Equally requested is the deeper understanding of not allowing the worlds’ problems and fears to interfere with what we are meant to focus upon within our personal experiences. This is quintessential to comprehend during 2017, as the year shifts into a new course the world witnesses overall.

Individually Aligning with 2017
You do not need to be in an actual 1 Personal Year within your own forecast to see 2017’s collective energy unfold within your human experience. By following the timing is everything guidance that your personal forecast precisely provides, 2017’s Universal energy seeks to compliment your own changing cycles.

The year ahead is ever powerful to align us in a renewed sense of understanding our personal power and ways we are meant to shine our warmth and light wherever we are within our own personal forecast. To make the most of the collective energy that we co-exist within and are individually a part of as we evolve, remembering who we uniquely are and what our creative purpose is, is essential.

Let’s Look Back to Look Ahead
Over the past 9 years, on a collective level, we are all -while still honoring our own light- part of the larger whole that witnesses the bigger picture now powerfully plant new seeds in 2017 (1), the source of creation, beginnings and initiations amongst humanity, as we equally did in 2008.

Since then….

2009 (2) nurtured those seeds within it’s emotional and sensitive energy.
The home, family & sense of co-operation called across the board.

2010 (3) burst open those seeds, aligning in new knowledge and education.
Beliefs, philosophies & growth were stimulated on a global level.

2011 (4) formulated roots that secured the initiations of 2008 within a foundation.
The unexpected, breakthroughs & over coming obstacles called to all.

2012 (5) brought forth blossoming, new information, rapid movement and permanent changes.
Communications, mass changes & no going back unfolded for humanity.

2013 (6) called for understanding, compassion, adjustment, and balance.
Justice, judgment & harmony asked to be aligned and embraced.

2014 (7) asked for the “soul homework” the inner work and required reflection in order to heal.
Solitude, listening & remaining in the eye of the apparent storms called to be heard.

2015 (8) asked us to reap the harvest, find the recognition & accept the reward.
Only practicing responsibility, patience & honor allowed this stabilizing energy to flourish.

2016 (9) motivated us to draw upon conclusions, dramatic endings and release.
Penetration as well as aggressive action persisted, but a warriors’ courage was our cure.

2017’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery: 10, The Wheel of Fortune
While the singular energy of the 1 guides our Universal New Year, 2017 equally arrives (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 =10) at a compound number which brings further insight into navigating the months ahead overall. In Chaldean Numerology, compound number vibrations cast ancient wisdom that is still amazingly profound to take into consideration within our modern day.

10print10 The Wheel of Fortune
“10 is symbolized by Isis and Osiris. A number of rise and fall, according to personal desire. It will be known for good or evil, depending on the action chosen. 10 is capable of arousing the extreme responses of love or hate – respect or fear. There is no middle ground between honor or dishonor. Every event is self-determined. 10 is the symbol of LOve and LIght, which create all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Imagine  10  Ordain. Imagine it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize. The power for manifesting creative concepts into reality is inherent, but must be used with wisdom, since the power for absolute creation contains the polarity power for absolute destruction. Self-discipline and infinite compassion must accompany the gift of the former to avoid the tragedy of the latter. Discipline must precede Dominion. Unfortunately, 10 energy can fail to realize their power potential, and consequently harbor deep-seated feelings of frustration, causing them to feel unfulfilled, and to occasionally behave in a somewhat proud and arrogant manner to cover such unnecessary feelings of inferiority.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The Planetary Channel for 2017’s Cycle: The Sun
Numerology, like astrology, is directly guided by the archetypes of our planets from above. As we translate what planetary movement means for us down here below, energetic patterns are always seen to cycle amongst us. It is now time to shift into the understanding of The Sun from the conflicting, angry, righteous and conclusive space that Mars’s archetype indicated would be symbolized within 2016 during our 9 Universal Year that required our courage overall.

The Sun as it influences the 1 energy symbolically translates the messages to be open to what is new, find inspiration, find our heart space, and decide what is going to make us feel good about change to make the next 8 years ultimately move forward with success. Especially so for 2017, the honorable practice of focusing upon heartfelt new intentions will become anyone’s friend.

More keys to unlock our success are seen as we look at the astrological signs The Sun will journey in during 2017 as they cast off their energetic affects. Equally, where The Sun transits within one’s natal birth chart grants a valuable forecast of how this energy creates personal changes for the individual.

Initiating Integrity: Sun in Capricorn to 19 January
Cultivating sociability and buoyancy opens our abilities to conserve, persevere and organize.

Planting Knowledge for Truth: Sun in Aquarius 19 January to 18 February
Cultivating warmth and human touch opens our abilities to investigate, co-ordinate and reform.

Understanding Sympathy: Sun in Pisces 18 February to 20 March
Cultivating determination and concentration opens our abilities to believe, permeate and receive impressions.

Pisces Solar Eclipse 26 February
New beginnings asking for practicality allow for equilibrium to cast off for 6 months up to a years time.

Engaging Leadership: Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries 20 March to 19 April
Cultivating patience and humility opens our abilities to inspire, crusade and grasp essentials.

Securing Vision: Sun in Taurus 19 April to 20 May
Cultivating adaptability and enterprise opens our abilities to build, sustain and endure.

Establishing Relationships: Sun in Gemini 20 May to 21 June
Cultivating concentration and power to listen opens our abilities to communicate, invent and reason.

Aligning Emotional Stability: Summer Solstice,  Sun in Cancer 21 June to 22 July
Cultivating logic and a healthy imagination opens our abilities to nurture, protect and economize.

Captivating Self-Expression: Sun in Leo 22 July to 22 August
Cultivating altruism and attention to detail opens our abilities to radiate, enjoy and inspire faith.

Leo Solar Eclipse 21 August | The Great American Eclipse
New beginnings asking for our practice of patience to see them through cast off for 6 months up to a years time.

Providing Perfection: Sun in Virgo 22 August to 22 September
Cultivating optimism and breadth of vision opens our abilities to analyze, assimilate and adapt.

Honoring Harmony: Autumn Equinox , Sun in Libra 22 September to 23 October
Cultivating decisiveness and consistency opens our abilities to negotiate, adjust and compare.

Ordaining Power: Sun in Scorpio 23 October to 21 November
Cultivating forgiveness and right direction of energy opens our abilities to probe, re-generate and eliminate.

Willing Wisdom: Sun in Sagittarius 21 November to 21 December
Cultivating restraint and sincerity opens our abilities to explore, converse and propagate.

Utilizing Perseverance: Winter Solstice, Sun in Capricorn 21 Dec to 19 Jan 2018
Cultivating effective self-expression opens our abilities to climb, concentrate and come together.

Forget False Pride, Lose the Ego & Choose the Heart
Those choosing to arrogantly serve the self in belief they are the best without genuine regard for others will not be well supported in 2017. Those exercising moves made in selfishness and egotistical actions will be standing upon their stage without an attentive audience.

It will be wise to become self-disciplined and be the quiet observer of what is circulating around us, rather than expect the world to be praising and applauding us. Seeing where our light is needed the most throughout 2017, allows us to properly plant our heartfelt seeds into places that will reap a rich harvest within our lives by 2024.

Being uncomfortable at first with what’s new, feeling uncertainty, and moving beyond fear to begin again will be felt across the board in 2017. The positive or negative of whatever humanity wishes to sow in deepest connections to what will conclude by 2025, it now shall commence.

Being the Light and Love
Choosing to stand in our brightest light as we imagine and ordain will be an amicable choice to make in 2017 to be able to move throughout the year with ultimate success. The guidance of love backing up our initiations equally promises long term fulfillment to unfold.

“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.” ~Og Mandino

No matter what the world at large will choose to do to bring forward its’ new beginnings, remembering who we personally are and exhibiting our benevolence and self-discipline allows anyone in 2017 to be in their personal win-win.

Focusing upon work backed by heartfelt action will be all the more rewarded and supported by the year’s 10/1 energy by adhering to the power of absolute creation that it also symbolizes. Adapting to change through the eyes of honorable intentions can reflect amazing personal rewards to anyone throughout 2017. As when we activate the mindful choice of utilizing infinite compassion as we begin again, it is through imagining well that we will be able to ordain our goals- eliminating preventable frustration, unfulfilled desires and absolute destruction.

Wishing You the Best to Activate 2017’s Cycle of Being the Light allowing you to love in all your individual human experiences, Dear Star. Happy New Year. Namaste.

Star Meditation for the 10/1 Universal 2017 Year


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