Healing The Heart of America, 04 July 2024-25

Understanding a 1 Personal Year Cycle via The 19

Whether we are forecasting a person, project launch, business or country: any soul being or entity with a specific point of initiation experiences a changing Personal Year Cycle year to year as another Solar Return annually aligns, marking what we more commonly know as one’s birthday or anniversary.

In a 1 Personal Year, The Sun is the primary planetary guidance in charge of the energetic flow and pulse of the current numerological forecast. The need for remaining in the heart space to best place all new intentions and initiations in place is always required when the 1 is present. Most important to deeply understand is what is set into motion now, distinctly affects the next 8 years outcome to follow.

For America, 04 July 2024 to 04 July 2025 finds The Sun and all transits it makes within its’ natal birth chart for the 12 months will be especially critical to follow along for a crystal ball view into the specific areas of life which point to where focusing upon the heart of the matter will be absolutely required. Equally the consciousness necessary to remain well aware of the grave importance of starting over and beginning again in the theme of “if it is new it is for America” are foreseen to be the direct experiences within the life’s present journey.

As we fuse this current personal year numerology perspective back to the current transits in affect for the natal astrological chart of the person/entity, there is a laser focus forecasting view to gain in further connect these divine planetary dots understanding.

The first place America will need to exercise listening to the heart as 04 July 2024 precisely aligns: is where “WE RELATE” within its’ one on one partnerships, legalities and all personal relationships. (and considering the riveting pulse already in play within our current times, won’t THAT just be a boatload alone to UNITE the UNTIE to unpack and resolve?)

By 04 July 2025, The Sun will have worked its’ way through the entire natal birth chart of the nation, touching upon all 12 areas of America’s life. As Mars hands over the planetary baton from being in charge since 04 July 2023, it is dong so as it sits at 18 degrees Taurus within “WE CREATE” concerning the country’s abilities to create, manifest, its’ children, creative pursuits, entertainment, luxuries/pleasures and all that connects to pure heart-centered/heart space matters.

Energetically overall, the 9 Personal Year Cycle that spanned from 04 July 2023 to 04 July 2024 has ideally (or at least in the highest of conscious intentions was favored to do so) cleared away what is no longer necessary to now begin again with the cleanest slate as possible. With adhering to keen law of attraction attention, ideally as any 1 Personal Year Cycle begins: there should be the purest and fertile ground that has been naturally made to once more be ready to plant new seeds.

9 going back to a 1 Personal Year is always extremely pivotal for these 2 years within any life experience. Not resisting what needs to naturally be let go of, allows the fluidity of the 1 Personal Year Cycle to always kick off a brand new 9 year span of time via the mantra “If it is NEW it is for YOU!” which undeniably will guide the next 12 month forecast of America’s soul journey throughout 04 July 2025.

27 “Spin in Time in 9” passages since 1781….  

28th: 04 July 2024 to 2032, 29th begins 04 July 2033
This will be the 28th time in the country’s history it starts another 9 year chapter of “spin in time in 9.” Taking a look back, our prior 9 to 1 Personal Years pivotal shifts occurred: 

27/9, 1780 to 1781, 28/1.  36/9, 1789 to 1790 28/1.   36/9, 1798 to 1799 to 37/1.      

27/9, 1807 to 1808, 28/1.   27/9, 1816 to 1817, 28/1.  27/9, 1825 to 1826, 28/1.   

27/9, 1834 to 1835, 28/1.   27/9, 1843 to 1844, 28/1.  27/9, 1852 to 1853, 28/1.    

27/9, 1861 to 1862, 28/1.   27/9, 1870 to 1871, 28/1.   27/9, 1879 to 1880, 28/1.   

36/9, 1888 to 1889, 37/1.   36/9, 1897 to 1898, 37/1.   27/9, 1906 to 1907, 28/1.

27/9, 1915 to 1916, 28/1.   27/9, 1924 to 1925, 28/1.    27/9, 1933 to 1934, 28/1.

27/9, 1942 to 1943, 28/1.   27/9, 1951 to 1952, 28/1.   27/9, 1960 to 1961, 28/1.

36/9, 1969 to 1970, 28/1.   36/9, 1978 to 1979, 37/1.   36/9, 1987 to 1988, 37/1.

36/9, 1996 to 1997, 37/1.   18/9, 2005 to 2006, 19/1.    18/9, 2014 to 2015, 19/1.

2024-25’s Seed Planting affects next 9 years Ahead Chapter:

2025, 20/2 Nurturing/Nourishing/Emotional Healing

2026, 21/3 Growth/Learning

2027, 22/4 Foundation/Root Structure

2028, 23/5 Blossoming/Levergaing/Permanent Changes

2029, 24/6 Compassion/Understanding

2030, 16/7 Inner Work/Intense Healing

2031, 17/8 Harvest/Recognition/Rewards

2032, 18/9 Conclusions/Clearance/Warrior Courage 

2033, 19/1 New Beginnings/Initiations

For America, this current 1 Personal Year 2024 to 2025 starting the country back at 1 timing coincides as well with the 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024 it has ever experienced as a nation. This transformational death to rebirth wake up call is presently revamping its’ entire understanding of what “WE HAVE” connecting to our value systems, money, security, establishments and material possessions. It will be extremely critical to be prepared for the timeframe of 02 September to 19 November as Pluto will be in the finale months of the Return affects, not to cycle back in this way to the nation’s natal Pluto point for another 240 years.

The Full Forecasting Details of America’s 19/1 Personal Year 2024-25 are available 21 June on Soul Certainty Community. Learn All about how all Eclipses and Inner Planet Retrograde Cycles will affect the nation as well as the Personal Month to Month flow of the entire year. 

Why is it a ‘Healing The Heart’ Year for America?

As the above calculation computes America’s 11 constant of 04 July when added to our Current Universal Year of 2024: we arrive at the value of 19. As historically discussed on 21 June’s The Sharita Star Empower Hour, there are different higher vibrational energies to take into keen forecasting insight consideration of any 1 to 9 root number concerning whatever Chaldean Karmic Mystery they specifically relate.

19, The Prince of Heaven and 1, The Sun ~Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

The 19 represents ‘The Prince of Heaven.’ Whenever the 19 is present, this is part of what its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery wishes for the person or entity to consciously unlock:

“19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and it is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the Compound number 10, without the danger and abuse inherent in the 10. This number promises happiness and fulfillment- success in all ventures as well as in the personal life. The 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full numerological analysis.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The root of 19 reduces to 1, energetically guided by The Sun. The Sun rules the heart space. As equally discussed concerning 08 April’s Total Solar Eclipse, this energy as well connects to the profound ways the nation is being asked to heal. 

Full America 19/1 Personal Year Forecast Available 21 June on SOUL CERTAINTY COMMUNITY!

As any 1 Personal Year focuses not only on the Solar Forecast, it equally is very significant to note all New Moons as they unfold through the year. Especially with Solar Eclipse activity, which marks an all the more intense longer term passages of initiation from specific areas of the life to remain well aware of.

This is only the 3rd time in America’s entire history it will cycle through a 19 vibration Personal Year within the 1. The only other years this has ever happened was during 2006-07 and 2015-16. All 1 Personal Years the nation has ever experiences prior to 2000 otherwise always computed to a 37 or 28 on their higher 1 compound number vibrations, and allowed for a different Chaldean Karmic Mystery to be consciously understood for that specific conscious timing.


Looking Back, How Did We Get Here?

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USA’s LAST 1 Personal Year in the 19, saw the same “WE RELATE” beginnings concerning all legalities and partnerships, with intense focus via Solar Eclipse energies triggering from “WE COMMUNICATE” and “WE BELIEVE” which marked significant mindset/thinking/spreading of information changes as well as ones that worked within the truth of the nation, its’ foreign affairs/policy, and all belief systems and philosophies.

2014-15: The Cultivation of Courage in a 18/9 Personal Year 

Grand Cardinal Cross & The USA

Realigning Your Leadership: The Calling for Regeneration – Change

2013-14: Rising Responsibility in an 8 Personal Year

2012-13: Listening from Within in a 7 Personal Year

Be sure to connect with more concerning America’s Current Forecast energy that deeply explains its’ current 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024.


2024 Outlook: The Year of EARTH Healing via The Creative HEART

As we cross into 2024, the collective energies shift in to An 8 Universal Year. 2023 as A 7 Universal Year, most certainly prepared us well as it channeled The Year of STILLNESS in the SILENT LISTEN. What is now vibrationally offered to us in our New Year, puts all of what we were asked to consciously adhere to in 2023 to diligent and accountable soul work practice. This connect the planetary dots from numerology to astrology conversation grants us sound and grounded wisdom to carry through the entire 12 months of 2024 for any conscious being to be well aware of.

Humanity not only needs to continue to stay empowered, but remain ultimately responsible to their soul certainty and what it can distinctly create.

It will be quintessential to keep the HEART frequency well attuned to how our EARTH vibrational connection will be a distinct source of strength and practical guidance for 2024’s 8 Universal Year experience. 

Why will 2024 be an extremely “karmically felt” universal year?

As discussed on the podcast, 2024 equates to an 8 Universal Year. The 8 in numerology, is guided by the planet Saturn. Further connecting the consciousness dots, the current transit of Saturn is in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces, where it will be for the entire 12 month duration of 2024. The image above relates the qualities of Saturn in Pisces.

To say humanity will be “feeling it all” is probably an understatement.

Learn More About Conscious Forecasting with Soul Certainty Community. After digesting the podcast, take in the very first of 2024’s Empowerment posts!

2024, An 8 Universal Year: What You Need to Know

2024’s Planetary Play by Play, 2024’s Retrograde Guide & All Planets Direct Motion posts are all Coming SOON!

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Taking a Look Back at Our Universal Years past….

7 Universal Year 2023, The Year of STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN

6 Universal Year 2022, Mastering The Value of Compassion

5 Universal Year 2021, Changing Global Truth

4 Universal Year 2020, Awakening The Unexpected

3 Universal Year 2019, Being Reachable and Teachable

2 Universal Year 2018, Feeling The Feminine

1 Universal Year 2017, Being The Light

9 Universal Year 2016, Choosing Our Courage

Why Your Personal Forecast is Your Best Resolution

Looking to Stay Empowered in 2024’s New Year?

Why Your Personal Forecast is Your Best Resolution for Staying Empowered in 2024’s New Year

How many times have you crossed into the New Year with all the best intentions for your resolutions to actually stick to empower and improve your life?

Why have most of us, by the time late January and February arrive, only discover these resolutions have already been broken?

This episode dives deep into how the natural energy of resolutions is another misunderstood collective programming that merely sets us up to experience human disappointment 9 times out of 10.

Learn why our personal forecast is a much better self-empowerment tool to walk into any Universal New Year with to visualize what we want to experience. As we properly work with honoring our individual timing via current cycles by staying in tune with what our best points of focus are for seeing genuine results: we make the most of our own frequency and vibration as a new yearly cycle starts off for the collective.

Let’s consciously choose to stand in our own empowered truth as we welcome our Universal New Year 2024.

Chaldean Numerology: The Name Expression of Resolutions
No matter what name, title or word we are looking at, numerological energy is always able to assist us through calculating the combined values of the letters that compose it. Name expressions in their mathematical wisdom, always provide the keys to know what points of attraction of our names, titles and words contain. Herein lies priceless guidance, of appropriate choices our conscious actions can take, as we focus and deliberately create our lives.

Chaldean Karmic Mysteries: Ancient Meaning for our Modern Day
The Chaldean practice of numerology utilizes the profound understanding of karmic mysteries with compound numbers. One should not be surprised ‘resolutions’ carries the Chaldean’s understanding of the 46/10, The Wheel of Fortune which is one of the compound numbers they considered to have extreme responsibility associated with it. Within the 46/10’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery, we find accurate concepts to consider when we are in the space of honoring our resolutions.


10 The Wheel of Fortune

Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

“10 is symbolized by Isis and Osiris. A number of rise and fall, according to personal desire. Every event is self-determined. 10 is the symbol of LOve and LIght, which creates all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Imagine. 10 Ordain. Imagine it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize. The power for manifesting creative concepts into reality is inherent, but must be used with wisdom, since the power for absolute creation contains the polarity power for absolute destruction. Self-discipline and infinite compassion must accompany the gift of the former to avoid the tragedy of the latter. Discipline must proceed Dominion.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

How many times have we all discovered within the initial excitement of our resolutions- that they don’t have lasting power much past February? Here is where the advice of the 46/10’s The Wheel of Fortune is a wonderful reminder of what our characters must honor. Hold ourselves accountable to our commitments, imagine the possibilities, and execute discipline with them. We must do this, to allow dominion and what will then ordain, to properly unfold from our resolutions.

The Roots of Chaldean Numerology: Planetary Guidance
The Chaldean practice of numerology also, like astrology, attaches a planet to each of the singular numbers that specifies the channel of energy coming through it. Adding 4 + 6 together, we find the 10, and then 1 + 0 = 1, whose singular energy is ruled by the Sun- governing over our initiations, creativity, protection, and our abilities to allow our benevolence to shine within our lives.

As we already know, anytime we take up with resolutions, we are indeed in the space of initiation, which is precisely what the 1 wishes to create through its’ energy of new beginnings. 1 energy also favors loyalty and heart felt intentions, so too, if our heart is behind the changes we wish to see, these also tend to stick better for the long term.

So, as you seek to make your resolutions for 2024 actually manifest into new routines this year, take some time to sit with the self and truly IMAGINE the possibilities! For then, your most certainly will be the one saying later on, I AM IN A MAGI GAIN. Then when you ORDAIN these into your now, you’ll happily know you are IN AN ADORN ON A ROAD IN NO RAIN by February.

Lexigrams and RESOLUTIONS: Let’s Spell Out The Truth
The mysteries of Lexigrams support further meaning within RESOLUTIONS. By taking the anagrams we can derive from words, and spiral them into poetic phrases, the Lexigram process brings in one more piece of the puzzle to place into our mastery of life about what’s really hiding within any of them in truth. How can we also reap the rewards from RESOLUTIONS? The reality we can assimilate into our human experiences, is as always, ready to be spelled out from the very letters that compose it.














Adding on the “New Year” to “Resolutions,” takes our Lexigram wisdom to one more level:




What do you see? Put your Lexigram thinking cap on and take on the rest…. As we say when composing Lexigrams, Spiral away!

To Your Creative HEART Universal 8 New Year Healing EARTH 2024 Dear Stars! Imagine and Ordain well in a new 8 Universal year where if you have already truly listened to the calling of 2023’s The Year of STILLNESS in The SILENT LISTEN, your visualizations in 2024 will naturally allow you to manifest all the right resolutions you are personally meant to that promise to ensure your long term success. Namaste.

Tapping Into the Power of EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Let’s Learn How to Free Up Your Stagnant and Stuck Feelings! 

It is undeniably a current EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER RIDE in our collective now…. And Humanity needs genuine RELIEF and HELP! 

08 September 2023’s Episode of The Sharita Star Empower Hour covers all the basic need to knows about EFT and the amazing power it has to shift our emotional space as we navigate our human experiences with conscious power at hand.

LISTEN NOW to 08 September’s Episode!

Returning Special Guest, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Katherine O’Neill, guides us through this empowering episode that will open your awareness of what “SUDs” are and how to rate them; working with the EFT tapping points; understanding how relief can be brought to all kinds of situations from anxiety to physical pain; and even how it can be of amazing benefit to our pets!

With further connect the consciousness dots, we also discuss “What’s Really in A Word? Emotional Freedom Technique” concerning the energetic Name Expression of EFT and how its’ Lexigrams backup what it can do in allowing us to return to our grounded beings after we release the overwhelm of our feelings that have been standing in our way. 

Integrating and utilizing EFT for personal soul growth is also an In depth Reading | Creating Your Soul Power Reading Sharita presently offers on her services menu.

Warmly Welcoming Back Our Special Guest!


Katherine O’Neill is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, with specialities in Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrieval and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from the First Hypnotherapy School HCH Institute in LaFayette CA, along with an “Earth Magic” shamanic certification from Dr. Steven Farmer. She recently created a deck with book “Conversations with Max” to help those of us that are suffering the loss of a pet. She currently is creating additional products in the healing realm.


Om to Max, Intuitive Oracle Deck With Book

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Your Soul Animal wants to communicate with YOU!

This intuitive deck with guidebook brings words from the Rainbow Bridge. That special place where our pets reside until we meet them again. Compiled after the lost of my dog Max, and created with Him, each card holds a messages that you are destined to hear and asked to act upon. So from our hearts to yours, start your journey of Recovery and Healing and enter the mystical world of “Conversations with Max.”

Remembering The Soul of a Nation: A Star Meditation Reading of America

An Astrology & Chaldean Numerology Comprehensive Analysis for Consciousness Insight

In the genuine aim to raise consciousness for a nation that undeniably needs it, welcome to the fusion of how Chaldean Numerology is able to dive super, super deep into the realms of the natal birth chart. This detailed and in-depth analysis focuses upon the key numerological guidance concerning the very numbers of the natal planetary degree points within the natal astrological birthchart. As a meditative approach is taken to understand the numerological soul energy makeup of America, may it begin to embrace its’ inner knowing and keenly remember who it is on a spiritual level to heal and move forward in resolve.

07 July’s Episode Walks You Through This Star Meditation Reading of America

Below you will find for each Star Meditative Point of Numerological Reference relating to America’s 4 Karmic Path, 32 Life Path and all specific planetary degree points within America’s natal astrological birthchart:

  • Chaldean Numerology Imagery from Linda Goodman’s Star Cards coupled with the Natal Planet and its’ specific guidance.
  • The Area of the Astrological Chart each planet placement uniquely affects, and the Zodiac Sign its’ specific degree point was at at America’s birth 04 July 1776.
  • Chaldean Karmic Mysteries as they apply to the compound numbers from Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. They were honored by the ancients as key concepts to energetically unlock for conscious soul growth, awareness and to be taken as keen advice to be heeded throughout the lifetime.
  • Judgments as related from Nostradamus in red text connecting further insight to each number.

This reading format is meant to bring in-depth understanding for America to accept who it is, work with its’ natural energies so that it can rightfully stand in its’ soul power. Meditating on the imagery as it connects to the specific area of life it affects deepens the healing process. As we further embrace the ancient wisdom the Chaldean Karmic Mysteries relate as well as Nostradamus’s Judgments: they all still undeniably hold the self-knowledge keys to allow freedom of America to shine in our modern day world.

The only way now, in 2023, is to raise consciousness if America is truly going to heal its’ soul.

Let’s Take the SILENT LISTEN of Your Star Meditation Journey, America

4 Karmic Path, The Innovator

Naturally fuses and works with the Natal Sun Sign (See 13 degrees Cancer Sun below) throughout the life to uniquely express key talents, character, purpose and health.

No Chaldean Karmic Mystery as a single digit number. Pure “old soul” channeling.

4 Judgment, POWER: “Middle Age is the age of reason when everything is possible.”

32 Life Path, Communication

The ground beneath our feet, the energetic path of life that is witnessed. In essence, the whole of the individual/entity walks down this “yellow brick road” all throughout the lifetime, with changing experiences as the current forecast and natal numerological chart will always dictate. This is the specific channel (for America, circulating in the root of 5, 3 + 2 = 5) that must be honored in order to work successfully along the continuing evolution of the soul within the entire life’s journey.

32 Communication

This Compound Number has the same magical power to sway masses of people as the 14, the same help from those in high positions as the 23. Add all this to the natural ability to charm others with magnetic speech, and it’s clear why 32 is sometimes known, by modernizing the symbolism of the ancients as “the politicians vibration.” The complexities of advertising, writing, publishing, radio, television are not always, but usually are an open book to the 32 person, who tends to work well under pressure. But there’s a warning note sounded within this seemingly happy melody. 32 is a very fortunate number if the person it represents holds inflexibility to his or her own opinions and judgment in both artistic or intangible and material matters. If not, the plans are liable to be wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others.

32 Judgment, CONVERSATION: “As among the interwoven myrtle branches, may there be union between our fellow creatures.”

America’s Natal Astrological Chart

The left image represents the 12 houses key (or “rooms of life” as it can be more easily related) to understand what each of the 12 areas of any astrological natal chart mean for the subject at hand. America’s natal chart is on the right, with the tenses of “I” indicated as “WE” being it is a collective country. Any natal chart whether a person, event, and in this case, the country: starts at the left center Rising Sign/Ascendant mark via “I AM/WE ARE” Area 1 and then works counter clockwise to read around it to reach “I PROCESS/WE PROCESS” of Area 12.

While the left is the key, the uniqueness of how America is energetically composed at birth is seen on the right. Any natal chart grants a very specialized map to begin to understand the self. Equally via Forecasting, as the present moments of collective cycles are experienced, the different ways they personally affect us is highly individualized, thus becoming the personal story of the soul’s journey.

>>> Learn more about America’s Current 18/9 Personal Year, 2023-2024.

12 degrees Rising/Ascendant in Sagittarius, WE ARE

12 The Sacrifice ~ The Victim, Chaldean Karmic Mystery

One will periodically be sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others. The number 12 warns of the necessity to be alert to every situation, to beware of false flattery from those who use it to gain their own ends. Be suspicious of those who offer a high position, and carefully analyze the motive. Although duplicity is not always present, forewarned is forearmed. There is a degree of mental anxiety, caused by the need to sacrifice personal goals to the ambition of others. A secondary meaning of this number should be considered. The figure 1 is the teacher (whether it be a person or Life itself.) The figure 2 is the kneeling, submissive student. Sometimes, the result of severe emotional stress and mental anguish creates amnesia, forgetfulness of lessons previously learned. 12 represents the educational process on all levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifices necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom, on both the spiritual and the intellectual levels. When the intellect is sacrificed to the feelings, the mind will be illuminated with the answers it seeks. Look within for the solution. Attention paid to the requirements of education will end suffering and bring success.

12 Judgment, KNOWLEDGE: “Hardship sharpens awareness.”

27 degrees PLUTO RETROGRADE in Capricorn, WE HAVE

Power Center/Scope of Life/Regenerative Force for Income Potential, Material Worlds & Value Systems

27 The Sceptre, Chaldean Karmic Mystery

This is an excellent, harmonious and fortunate number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the person or entity it represents with a promise of authority and command. It guarantees that great rewards will come from the productive labors, the intellect, and the imagination. All of these creative faculties have sown good seeds which are to reap a rich harvest. People or entities represented by the 27 should always carry out their own original plans and ideas, and not be intimidated or influenced by the diverse opinions or opposition of others. 27 is a number of karmic reward, earned in more than one previous incarnation.

27 Judgment, FRIENDSHIP: “May solidarity last through prosperity and need.”

>>> Learn More About America’s Current Pluto Return 2021-24

27 degrees MOON in Aquarius, WE COMMUNICATE

Feelings/Emotions within Mentality, Thinking, Mindset, Communications

27 (see Pluto references above)

08 degrees URANUS in Gemini, WE SERVE

Originality/Invention/Individuality within Service To Nation & Others/LifeStyle/Workforce/Physical Health

No Chaldean Karmic Mystery as a single digit number. Pure “old soul” channeling.

8 Judgment, EQUILIBRIUM: “A discrete man never strays from the law.”

21 degrees MARS in Gemini, WE RELATE

Drives/Motivation/Courage/Taking Action within Legalities/Partnerships

21 The Crown of The Magi, Chaldean Karmic Mystery

21 is pictured as The Universe, and also is called The Crown of the Magi. It promises general success, and guarantees advancement, honors, awards, and general elevation in the life and career. It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the Crown of the Magi is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. However, the person or entity blessed with the number 21 may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition. Its a most fortunate vibration- a number of karmic reward.

21 Judgment, NOTORIETY: “The wreath and crown ensure deserved fame.”

03 degrees VENUS in Cancer, WE RELATE

Values/Affections/Abilities to Relate within Legalities/Partnerships

No Chaldean Karmic Mystery as a single digit number. Pure “old soul” channeling.

3 Judgment, WILL: “Pursue at all costs, the goal that has been set.”

05 degrees JUPITER in Cancer, WE RELATE

Truth/Wisdom/Beliefs that Educate within Legalities/Partnerships

No Chaldean Karmic Mystery as a single digit number. Pure “old soul” channeling.

5 Judgment, TRADITION: “Every action should be compared with the action of others.”

13 degrees SUN in Cancer, WE RELATE

Identity/Character Expressing Innate Talents within Legalities/Partnerships

13 Regeneration ~ Change Chaldean Karmic Mystery

13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion. The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for he negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds. 4/8 advice as well.

13 Judgment, METAMORPHOSIS: “The inevitable passing of time transforms all things.”


Communication/Mentality/Abilities to Change within Wealth, Core Source Energy/Death & Rebirth Matters

24 Love Money Creativity Chaldean Karmic Mystery

One of the fortunate and karmic reward compound numbers; justly earned in past incarnations, particularly when itʼs the birth number. It promises the assistance of those with power and indicates a close association with the people of high rank and position. It greatly indicates financial success, and the ability to achieve happiness in love. It denotes gain through romance, the law, or the arts, and a magnetism which is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. The only warning related to the 24 is self-indulgence and a certain arrogance in love, financial, and career matters because everything comes so effortlessly. Itʼs wise to remember that if the 24 is abused in the present life, it could revert back to an 18 or some other extremely difficult birth number in the next. So one is warned not to fail to appreciate the benefits of this compound number, and not allow such good fortune to cause selfishness or a careless attitude toward spiritual values. The temptation to indulge in promiscuity must be avoided; likewise a tendency to overindulgence of all kinds.

24 Judgment, TIES: “The viper will trample every worthless thing that damages unions.”

22 degrees NEPTUNE in Virgo, WE BELIEVE

Intuition/Illusion/Instinctive Perceptions within Foreign Affairs & Matters/The Truth/Belief Systems

22 Submission ~ Caution, Chaldean Karmic Mystery

22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.” In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. If 22 is the birth number, the person it represents should exercise caution and watchfulness (since the birth number cannot be altered) in both career and personal matters. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized.

22 Judgment, TRUTH: “May the spur prick away bad habits and the bellows blow forth virtue.”

14 degrees SATURN in Libra, WE STRUCTURE

Self-Reliance/Accountability within Public Life/Recognition/Leadership/Power/Authority

14 Movement ~ Challenge, Chaldean Karmic Mystery

Magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing and all media-related matters is associated with the 14. Periodic changes in business and partnerships of all kinds are usually beneficial. Dealing with speculative matters brings luck, likewise movement and travel associated with combinations of people and nations can be fortunate. However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever present. 14 warns of danger from accidents related to natural elements, i.e.: fire, flood, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tempests, and so forth. (This is not an absolute, merely a warning to be cautious.) There is a risk involved in depending on the word of those who misrepresent a situation. It’s a mistake to rely on others. Rely on the intuition, the self, the voice within. The luck of the 14 includes money dealings and speculative projects, or betting, but there’s always danger of loss due to wrong advice from others, or over confidence.

14 Judgment, REBIRTH: “Like a snake loses it’s old skin, heal yourself.”

Why DO WE NEED A Spiritual Conscious Approach TO NOW HEAL America?

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LunarOScopes, Lunar Horoscopes for Conscious Forecasting

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2023’s All Planets Direct Motion & Retrogrades

We are ALL READY for some forward motion in our lives at long last aren’t we? 

FINALLY 2023 opens up to All Planets Direct Motion upon 22 January until 21 April.

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What is ALSO of great importance, is to proactively prepare under APDM, for the remainder of the year under all Retrograde cycles past 21 April. 

Learn about the most favored times between 22 January & 21 April to mindfully set your intentions, plant and reap the best this APDM passage for 2023 will have to offer us to enhance our manifestation empowerment.

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LunarOScopes, 08 Nov Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon: Another TOTAL Game Changer

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


TOTAL Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in TAURUS, 16 degs

6:02amEST, 3:02amPST; 08 November, Let’s REALLY Release & Reflect

With any Full Moon, our Sun & Moon have reached opposition within the Zodiac sky above. Naturally, the emotions and feelings of humanity energetically rise up just like the oceans’ tides equally reflect down here below. Taurus now calls to heal and feel with a persistent imagination and deep-rooted instinct.

Our Moon wanes past 16 degrees Taurus through Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio until 2022’s 12th New Moon at 01 degrees Sagittarius, arrives 23 November. This natural passage at this monthly exact opposition moment favors to let go, review, honor and heal on a personal level within our individual experiences throughout one half of our natal charts alongside the collective’s.

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE channels Healing & Release until Autumn 2023

We continue to be advised to work with concern surrounding what’s arriving at conclusions within our lives as Honoring Healing For Our Feelings requires our distinct soul attention to allow our personal experiences to be in certainty versus frustrations.

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Where is Your Sun Sign specifically meant to embrace riveting reflection via PRACTICAL LISTENING, Dear Star?

THE STORM BREWS UP FOR THE COLLECTIVE. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN FOR HUMANITY & AMERICA? Find out how this 2nd of 7 INTENSE Full Moons coupled with a “Full of Surprises” TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, deeply affects the nation ONLY on Soul Certainty Community.

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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

LunarOScopes, 25 Oct Solar Eclipse & New Moon: A Game Changer!

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

2022’s ELEVENTH New Moon, 02 degrees SCORPIO & Game Changing SOLAR ECLIPSE

6:49amEDT/3:49amPDT, 25 October, Let’s Carefully Begin & Initiate

With any New Moon, our Sun and Moon are in exact alignment as they are positioned within the Zodiac sky above. Energetically, emotions and feelings of humanity naturally rise up just like the oceans’ tides will equally reflect down here below. Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases on a personal level throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie alongside the collective request to do the same.

This month, our initiation request begins under the Station time of our Approach to Mars Retrograde as our Sun and Moon meet at 02 degrees Scorpio along with Venus. Then our Moon waxes through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries until Autumn’s second and 2022’s eleventh Full Moon arrives 08 November in Taurus, 16 degrees accompanied by the Lunar Eclipse that will also conjunct Uranus Retrograde in Taurus precisely at 16 degrees.

We continue to be advised to work with caution concerning what’s new within our lives as Finding Focus For Our Feelings requires our distinct soul attention to allow our personal experiences to be in certainty versus frustrations.

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Where is Your Sun Sign specifically meant to initiate Nurturing The Value of Rebirth, Dear Star?

CONCERNING AMERICA: What Every American Needs to Know. Find out how this Scorpio Game Changing Solar Eclipse & New Moon deeply affects the nation ONLY on Soul Certainty Community.

Never Compromise Living Consciously.


NEW ON Soul Certainty Community REfreshing every Sunday! Follow Sharita for making your valuable timing decisions all week long. Each week she provides the specific details, energetic pulse and what you always need to know! Always be aware when our frequent Moon Void of Course “time outs are in play when scheduling all and any matters of importance.

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

LunarOScopes, 09 Oct Aries Full Moon, Let’s Release

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


Full Moon in ARIES, 16 degrees

4:55pmEDT, 1:55pmPDT; 09 October, Let’s Release & Reflect

With any Full Moon, our Sun & Moon have reached opposition within the Zodiac sky above. Naturally, the emotions and feelings of humanity energetically rise up just like the oceans’ tides equally reflect down here below. Aries now calls to heal and feel with a powerfully keen imagination and active instinct.

Our Moon wanes past 16 degs Aries through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra until 2022’s 11th New Moon at 02 degrees Scorpio, arrives 25 October, accompanied by a Solar Eclipse. This natural passage at this monthly exact opposition moment favors to let go, review, honor and heal on a personal level within our individual experiences throughout one half of our natal charts alongside the collective’s.

We continue to be advised to work with concern surrounding what’s arriving at conclusions within our lives as Honoring Healing For Our Feelings requires our distinct soul attention to allow our personal experiences to be in certainty versus frustrations.

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Where is Your Sun Sign specifically meant to embrace reflection via COURAGEOUS LISTENING, Dear Star?

THE STORM IS NOW UPON THE COLLECTIVE. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN FOR HUMANITY & AMERICA? Find out how this 1st of 7 INTENSE Full Moons deeply affects the nation ONLY on Soul Certainty Community.

Never Compromise Living Consciously.


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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi