Healing America from Within, Understanding a 7 Personal Year Cycle

For America and all the world who is closely watching it from a distance, it is time to be well prepared to OWN our NOW for the remainder of the Twenty Twenty WON Changing Global Truth ride ahead. The first half that absolutely has called in neutrality, sovereignty and personal resilience- is not going to slow down for its’ remainder whatsoever, as it now will only accelerate the collective changes to shake up energies at an even more than alarming rate.

The mental strength and ultimate awareness it is going to genuinely take to get through the next years’ energy, as well as those that will immediately follow it concluding this current 9 year span of time for the nation -as the intense grieving, healing and inner work has not even begun to truly arrive yet- is not to be underestimated as the nation’s 16/7 Personal Year engages upon 04 July 2021.

With the layering in of America’s first ever Pluto Return starting to begin now that will last through 2024 -which has also not reached its’ fullest “near death experiences” quite yet- the true collapse of established values and security including any and all systems across the board that have only abused the power and influence they were given to do good with otherwise: will indeed die and allow rebirth to unfold. Everything previously built upon an illusionary house cards in lies and deceit: it is an energetic promise they will cease to exist as we have been accustomed to, in due time.

We have only just begun, the healing journey for America which will ripple out to all of humanity across the globe. If one wants to be ultimately prepared and understand how to still thrive during this immediate time over the next year versus become a victim in survival, getting familiar with what the energy means of the 16’s ‘The Shattered Citadel’ under an inner work flavored 7 Personal Year, is a great place to start.

As depicted in the images below, there is a tower being struck by lightening, causing for what was at the top of the tower, to fall. All is swirling in the sea that Neptune guides as he is the planet “in charge” of all 7 vibrations, where the depths of mysteries and hidden things lie. In order to not become part of the impending storm, one must choose to remain distinctly in the eye of it.

16 The Shattered Citadel & 7 Neptune The Seeker | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

As we examine the 16’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery, we are granted sound advice about why America needs to remain in the “eye of the storm” for this critical 16/7 Personal Year Cycle as a nation.

“16 is pictured by the ancient Chaldeans as a Tower struck by Lightning, from which a man is falling, with a crown on his head. It warns of a strange fatality, also of danger of accidents and the defeat of one’s plans. If the name equals the Compound number 16, it would obviously be wise to change the spelling of the name to avoid this vibration. If the birth date is the 16th day of any month, the challenge of the 16 must be carefully met, so that its effect maybe diluted to a milder vibration. To avoid the fatalistic tendency of the 16 as a birth number, one must endeavor to make all plans in advance, making certain that any possible of failure is anticipated and circumvented by careful attention to detail. The 16 brings with it the Single 7’s obligation and responsibility to listen to the voice within, which will always warn of danger through dreams or the intuition in time to avoid it. The inner voice must not be ignored. Abraham Lincoln name was a 16 and was warned repeatedly of his potential assassination by his dreams-and also by several psychics and mediums who were brought to the White House by Mary Todd Lincoln. He did not heed these many clear warnings, and refused to take the necessary precautions, therefore, was unable to avoid his fate. But it could have been avoided, and this is important for the person whose birth number is 16 to remember. To find happiness in ways other than leadership at the top (the Tower and the Crown) to renounce fame and celebrity- is another way of decreasing the negative aspect of the 16. Lincoln did not choose to do so, feeling it was more important to attempt to keep the nation united than enjoy the fulfillment of a private life, although he accepted the Presidency with much reluctance and a profound sadness.” ~Linda Goodmans Star Signs

The USA has a huge collective potential to unleash depression over it during this current 16/7 Personal Year,  if its’ citizens choose to approach it remaining unaware, and decide taking a SILENT LISTEN is simply not for them. 

Neptune once again, is the planet in charge of any vibration of 7 Personal Year. As we connect this current transit of Neptune to where it is playing out in the country’s natal birth chart, we see it is completely focused in our 3rd house of thinking/mentality/communications for the entire year.

Those avoiding consciousness to slow down otherwise in their rush to “get back to normal,” will absolutely find they will be highly fooled and only attract the energy of depression and become part of the mental storm, as communications become all the more delusional and further cast in illusions. This is why being discerning and stepping away from all narratives with ultimate neutrality and detachment is the way to thrive, but all is super easier said than actually done.

Embracing meditation, healing modalities, taking a SILENT LISTEN, avoiding addictive substances, learning to trust intuition, understanding how to calm anxiety, remaining grounded and being able to transmute energy to stay calm and peaceful as possible in the very eye of the storm: is completely critical to navigate the American collective mindset during the next 12 months. 

Mental Health Awareness will take center stage from 04 July 2021 to 04 July 2022. Suicide awareness will equally be important to deeply understand and hold the light to help others avoid, like we have never quite done before. This personal year ahead for America, is going to utterly astound those not willing to listen. 

It will not only be for America, but the world at large equally will severely watch the domino affects of what the pandemic overall will still unfold. These sadder outcomes will cause more depression for those who remain unhealed from any paranoia, hysteria, and pure utter mental chaos. We have many other timelines of 2021’s Changing Global Truth that will continue to shock and dismay, despite the push that is being told, “life is going back to normal.”

People need to deeply accept, it is not. There is never any “going back again” to what once was. This grave understanding is further explained by also placing attention upon the nations’ Pluto Return that is starting to form and will span until it is complete by 2024.

Like we followed Venus in Understanding a 6 Personal Year Forecast: Realigning & Reuniting America from 04 July 2020 to 04 July 2021, now we are distinctly keeping our eyes on Neptune for how to gain full perspective on where to hold our discernment and extreme awareness. Overall, a 7 Personal Year is about inner work. Soulful attention. Being an observer. Healing from the inside. Clearing up and cleaning out any past or lingering pains, in order to be ready for the anticipated harvest year in the 8 Personal Year that will immediately follow.

America only will be doing this healing work as triggered by the 7 Personal Year in the area of the country’s life that guides its’ thinking, mentality, communications including any of their outlets and skillsets, thoughts, ideas, as well as also connecting to all abilities to take short trips, our neighbors, and connections to brothers and sisters.


7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7, Neptune: Connecting the Dots to America’s Natal Chart

7 Personal Year Neptune Transit: I COMMUNICATE 

Unlike Venus who made it all the way around America’s natal chart last year, Neptune will never leave this area of the country’s life for the entire year ahead. There will still be, plenty of ways it is activated by other planetary visitors passing through the course of the 7 Personal Year, as well as speak to other natal points in the country’s birth chart.

Neptune Retrogrades: 

25 June – 01 December 2021; 28 June – 03 December 2022

Neptune is Retrograde as the year officially kicks off 04 July and will be once again next 04 July in 2022. These months from July 2021 until 01 December 2021 have plenty of reflective, healing and all the more attention to within to be very aware of. The abilities for the collective mentality of the nation to truly begin to witness the rewards of awareness, becoming still, and being that observer will be more easy to access once Neptune is Direct from 01 December until 28 June 2022. Most certainly they can be received under the Retrograde, yet without awareness, resistance is often the outcome that is experienced otherwise.

Neptune in Pisces opposition to Natal Neptune in Virgo, 22 degrees

22 April 2020 – 26 December 2023 (5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Personal Years)

This is an extremely important and critical aspect -which beyond what the nation’s 7 Personal Year itself and the additional Pluto Return energies in play- that layers in deep insight as to why the country is equally in such a state of unrest at this time in history, once again. This long term affect spacing a few years, is where a many things are in an extremely involved healing process to begin to sort them out. Highlighted here are the exact “hits” as this opposition keeps occurring. 

Exact 22 degrees Opposition Dates: 

17 April – 28 May 2021

Under Rx: 23 July – 06 September 2021

17 Feb – 16 March 2022

Under Rx: 29 October – 02 December 2022

02 December 2022- 08 January 2023

What cause and affects will be in play for this challenged opposition -that any person ever experiences only once in the lifetime, typically by the age of 84 to 86- occurs during the majority of country’s entire 7 Personal Year, completing 3 hit points of doing so due to the Retrograde of Neptune. Humans never are able to experience a “Neptune Return” due to the length of a natural lifespan.  Let’s think back into history and connect your own dots to these previous time frames:

America had its’ first and last Neptune opposition intensely in play from March 1857 to March 1859. (4, 5 & 6 Personal Years) 

It’s first Neptune Return occurred with the most intensity, late October 1937 to mid September 1940. (4, 5, 6 & 7 Personal Years)

America’s natal 22 degrees Neptune in Virgo, is placed in the area of the country’s life which denotes establishment of belief systems, foreign travel and all foreign affairs, the ability to be reachable and teachable, spirituality, religion, standing in the truth, holding faith and all matters connected to trusting in higher learning processes.

When a Neptune current transit is in opposition to the natal Neptune, there is an energetic pull from the opposing area of life, and as we know from reading above: where this is currently in play for America is seeking to heal communications, mentalities, mindsets, all forms of travel involving short trips, neighbors and siblings. 

There is undeniably in our current scope, another tug of war for America between what they ultimately believe, and how communications circulate overall. Who is not witnessing the differences of what anyone chooses to believe; knowing what the truth exactly is; how things are really panning out in foreign affairs; the obvious foreign travel restrictions; battles and controversy over religions; and who is being reachable and teachable? 

On the other side of the belief systems coin, where all the ideas and thoughts are formed via the ability to circulate and communicate: we currently have people’s minds all over the place not feeling settled, tamed nor grounded; communications are completely misconstrued; censorship matters are on the rise; and state to state travel regulations and limitations are increasing. The myriad of confusion of information overall that is being presented to us most of the time at lightening speed, is absolutely alarming to be able to try to discern all at the same time.

Neptune is at war with its’ natal self in America, and it wants to dismantle all illusions at this time, in order to clear up, clean out and reset the mindset and communications of the nation, as it will then bring balance back to belief systems and what the truth actually is. 

Yet, as you see the long time line noted above….. this is not some fast nor easy process. We have plenty of more time to sort this out, and the addition of the country’s first Pluto Return happening simultaneously, is just icing on the near death experiences cake in play that will eventually herald America into compelling and completed rebirth by 2024. It will equally be then upon 04 July 2024, entering a brand new “if it is NEW it is for YOU” 1 Personal Year, America is back at the starting gates of another 9 year span of time to experience.

Monthly Pisces Moons meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE 

Once a month, there will be all the stronger emotions and feelings activated upon the mental plane that will need appropriate response versus chaotic reaction: every time the Moon passes through and touches upon Neptune in current transit here. Depending whether it is waxing or waning, it will denote these specific days to be bringing in some new to reset and refresh, or seeking to release old patterns.

Releasing Energies: 

26-27 July 2021 Waning Pisces Moon;  22-24 Aug 2021 Waning Pisces Moon

Initiating Energies:

18-20 Sept 2021 Waxing Moon to FULL Pisces Moon 20 Sept, 7:55pmEDT 

16-18 Oct 2021 Waxing Pisces Moon;  12-14 Nov 2021 Waxing PiscesMoon 

09-11 Dec 2021 Waxing Pisces Moon; 05-07 Jan 2022 Waxing Pisces Moon

 02-04 Feb 2022 Waxing Pisces Moon

Releasing Energies:

01-03 March 2022 Waning to Pisces NEW Moon Waxing 02 Mar, 12:35pmEST 

29-31 March 2022 Waning Pisces Moon; 25-27 April 2022 Waning Pisces Moon 

22-24 May 2022 Waning Pisces Moon; 18-20 June 2022 Waning Pisces Moon

Jupiter meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE

Our planet of philosophy, beliefs, the TRUTH that may HURT, being reachable and teachable, and all forms of faith and optimism, will be having plenty to add to what Neptune will seek to do for America’s inner mental work. Jupiter Retrograde sits on the very edge of Pisces as this 7 Personal Year begins, and will backtrack into Aquarius for the majority of its’ 2021 Retrograde period. Jupiter Retrogrades in 2021 from 20 June to 18 October from 02 degrees Pisces to 22 degrees Aquarius.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct Natal 27 deg Aquarius Moon: 

Forming 28 July to 06 Sept | Exact: 14 – 21 Aug 

Within the country’s “I Communicate” area of life as well, the nations’ natal Moon was at 27 degrees Aquarius upon 04 July 1776. Jupiter recently passed over this natal point under the 6 Personal Year starting in mid April which lasted until early May.

Under Retrograde, it will do so once again come late July and ease off again early September, with the exact alignment over Mid August. This time promises to reveal a many more truths that will absolutely kick up the mindset of America to choose to either react or respond to it accordingly. 

Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Natal 27 deg Aquarius Moon: 

Forming 27 November to 29 December 2021 | Exact: 12 – 18 Dec

Moving forward, this conjunct America’s natal Moon aspect occurs one more time, and will shed further truth upon what needs to be emotionally responded to versus engaging in reaction upon.

April 2022: Jupiter conjunct Neptune 

Forming 30 March to 26 April  Exact: 06 – 17 April 

This will be another all the more revealing time that promises to dismantle any former truths that have remain hidden otherwise. As long as anyone chooses to be reachable and teachable, even the most shocking truths will be able to be digested if healing and working with changing one’s perspective is fully adhered to. When we say “eye opening,” this passage will be all the more leveling up in clearing up illusions and what has ever remained a secret, as plenty of exposure is promised to lift the veils of deception all the more. 

Sun meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE

Sun in Pisces 18 February – 20 March; exact 12-14 March

The Sun is our life force and always wishes to shine positivity wherever it goes, so this time frame allows for some formidable light to be cast as official winter time draws to a close. 

Mercury meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE

Mercury in Pisces 09-27 March; exact 22-24 March

We can be thankful that Mercury does not Retrograde in this area of the nations’ life on top if it all during this 7 Personal Year. What we will be seeing in close conjunction to the Sun being close by for this time as well, is whatever moving information and changes are circulating, they are in complete support of allowing these to not only be necessary: but work seamlessly for those willing to step further into their healing and awareness soul work.

Venus meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE

Venus in Pisces 05 April – 02 May; exact 26-28 April

Early Springtime is favoring for balance and harmony to come into play to help assist in the aftermath of recent changes that will sweep in during March. Whilst America did not get the greater Venus memo during her 6 Personal Year when Realigning and Reuniting was favored, and accepted to be divided and conquered instead- we have the same channel coming here during this early April to early May time. Compassion and understanding are rewarded. Drama, the divide and vanity will only attract chaos and further delusions.

Mars meeting Neptune in Pisces Transits: I COMMUNICATE

Mars in Pisces 14 April to 24 May; exact 18-20 May

Here is the transit that will test the true courage of the mindset of America, and how far it may have come in the healing from within that it will always be requesting. This time will go one of two ways: people will rise up in all the more anger and aggression by not remaining in the eye of the storms around- or they will choose a Warrior presence to work with continuing to Face Everything And Rise versus absorbing anymore False Evidence Appearing Real.

Other Key Inner Planet Retrogrades, Eclipses & Pluto Return “Hits” to Deeply Understand During America’s 16/7 Personal Year

Mercury Retrogrades 

27 September to 18 October 2021: I STRUCTURE 

This will be another important Mercury Retrograde to be EXTREMELY well prepared for in 2021, whilst they already have been harrowing rides. Everything will be under review and redo for the nation’s view upon authority, its’ public figures, how it is recognized by the world, and the professional ways it conducts itself. This will deeply touch upon the country’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra, which is the responsibility and accountability it has to learn from the experience within its’ own public life. This is the true reset time, where if there is a chance of turning any power over to other means or reflecting upon all points mentioned: it will be quite the fight in order to do so. Mars will also be in Libra for this passage which will charge up this MRx with plenty of aggression behind it.

14 January to 03 February 2022: I HAVE 

Just as the Venus Retrograde (see below) moves out of this same area, 2022’s first Mercury Retrograde will then hammer all the more reflection concerning the nation’s values, securities, money and sources of income. As stated, this will be a complete overhaul for the country’s understanding of what needs repair and resolving concerning the financial structure it has been depending upon. This Mercury Retrograde will also “light up” the matters connecting to the heavier moments soon to come of the Pluto Return fully forming. This Mercury Retrograde will conjunct the current transit of Pluto, as well as the natal Pluto of the country, so be well prepared for financial uncertainty, changes and all things of value to be in a state of disarray, furthering the reflective work already done by the Venus Retrograde since late December.

10 May to 03 June 2022: I SERVE 

By this point in the country’s 7 Personal Year, this Mercury Retrograde directs reflection upon the physical health of the nation, as well as how is serves its’ health care system and lifestyle overall. We may see quite the disruptive changes beginning to unravel as it begins, as the station is close to the country’s natal Uranus. Overall, the very lifestyle of the nation, as well as all of it’s regular habits and routines will be called to be reviewed and reconsidered, and if people haven’t deeply understood there is never any going back again, this Retrograde pass will seal the deal. On the positive note, as Mercury moves forward under the Shadow, as it concludes by 26 June 2022, the week that follows is highly favored for the real beginnings of healthcare reform to begin to happen, as this system is one of the many that will change during the Pluto Return years overall. 

Venus Retrograde 19 Dec 2021 to 29 Jan 2022: I HAVE >>> 12 Jan I AM

Tightly wound into the Pluto Return story for America, is how this cycle of reflection involving money, values,  beauty, luxuries, relationships and the true worth of anything, will come into play to conclude 2021 and span until the close of January 2022.

With the Approach beginning 17 November clueing us all into the upcoming review and redo attractions, Venus starts to station to turn Retrograde by 10 December, right upon the country’s natal Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn, and will also be conjunct at this time to the current transit of Pluto, all at 26 & 25 degrees Capricorn. Once under Retrograde, she will move off the station by 27 December to fully engage in what will be her first reflective calling to America’s income streams, securities, possessions, and all relationships it has to value of anything across the board

By 12 January 2022, she moves back into the country’s approaches to life and how the world see the very emerging self and face of America, stationing by 22 January to turn Direct by the 29th. At this time, Venus is in opposition to the country’s natal 13 degrees Cancer Sun, where plenty of legal matters, relationship turmoils and the very value of any partnership we have as a nation will be completely upsurged and brought to the surface to reflect upon accordingly. 

Pluto Return Hits: I HAVE

03 Feb – 09 March 2022 & 22 June – 04 Aug 2022

Fuller details are all explained of all the passes of Pluto Return: Near Death Experience to Rebirth of America, yet these two above are the ones which will “hit” during the country’s 16/7 Personal Year Cycle. In knowing Pluto is the most outer planet there is with its’ elliptical orbit, it’s time in moving through any sign takes years to complete. Therefore the movement through any sign it is presently in, is at the slowest pace of any planet we observe from above. 

As Pluto is returning to the natal point with the nation’s birth chart, these are the more intense times we will notice the heavy and absolutely transformative energies it promises and will pull into the country’s experiences. Just as soon as Venus and Mercury Retrograde conclude, the current Pluto in Capricorn begins to engage directly at 27 degrees Capricorn: the precise natal point of it for America. This lasts until 09 March, then returns again by Summer Solstice time as Pluto will be Retrograde since 29 April, and crosses back over this same exact point. 

Intense doesn’t quite cover the forecast for what American’s will deeply need to understand -which will have already been falling out from Venus and Mercury Retrogrades- of the surrender that will be necessary to navigate what will be unfolding. Being prepared to simplify, allowing the past value of all to diminish, is the only way a powerful rebirth can begin to start the work it will wish to do. Always remember the fact as well: this will take the next immediate years through 2024 as well, to fully complete the process.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 05 degrees 26 May 2021: I PROCESS 

Layering in to America’s healing from within storyline, is how 26 May’s Lunar Eclipse theme of Permanently Dismantling Global Beliefs for Humanity’s Truth cast off this same request, which peels away all the karmic dust and past wounds that have remain hidden away from public knowledge that the nation is attempting to clean up. The need here is to recognize how much there is to process about what is happening, which only comes from the practice of a SILENT LISTEN. The inner work and soul searching for America is full on, and will continue well into Spring 2022 from this Total Lunar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse in Gemini, 19 degrees 10 June 2021: I RELATE

Even though America was still in its’ 6 Personal Year as this Solar Eclipse occurred casting off its’ theme of Awakening Purifying Truth for Humanity’s Consciousness upon 10 June, its’ affects equally still carry well into the energy of the 7 Personal Year. New ways to relate is the focus of this strong initiation, yet there is plenty of aggression associated with it as this Solar Eclipse conjunct the country’s natal Mars in Gemini as it aligned, under the reflective tow of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, simultaneously. Motivations are kicked up to a whole other notch as not only are new legalities being formed, but how much anger, conflict and legal battles are more “alive and well” than ever before. 

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, 27 degrees 19 Nov 2021: I SERVE 

This Lunar Eclipse completely stirs up the emotions, mentality and communications of the nation as it will directly square it’s 27 degree Aquarius moon, as how it serves the healthcare system and lifestyle overall, will be asked to take a serious look at what needs reflection and long term review into the Spring of 2022. There will be strong shifts of correction for the workforce and how it takes on its’ regular habits and routines. Equally it will trine the country’s natal 27 degrees Pluto in Capricorn story, offering another layer of insight of what will need to be done to make viable changes of how service with integrity is connecting to value systems, income streams, and security. Again, these planetary “hits” all mark extremely intense times to bear witness to- and they must be properly prepared for.

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 12 degrees 04 Dec 2021: ASCENDANT/I AM

Just when one might think there will be any breath of fresh air as 2021 is winding down, in comes a Solar Eclipse that will conjunct the nations 12 degrees Sagittarius Ascendant. This deeply asks America to look forward for the next year, to being absolutely reachable and teachable to take on life very differently, and emerge with a new face to the world at large. Old appearances are no longer supported, and lessons will be learned if they are still attempted after this time. The mask that America wears to face the world itself, is getting a brand new lift.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus, 10 degrees 30 April 2022: I CREATE 

This first Solar Eclipse of 2022 will be at work with bringing in new avenues of manifestation, creativity and connections concerning all children for America. It will be seen that radical changes are in tow along with them, as this Eclipse will be in a close conjunction to the current transit of Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus, who is the planet of originality and reform. This is also the heart space and where loyalties lie area of life for the nation, and at this time a new trigger of restarting them for the better, will absolutely be seen. 

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 25 degrees 16 May 2022: I PROCESS

Like the Lunar Eclipse from 26 May 2021, this one will also hit in the very same area of America’s ability to heal the karmic past, yet this time, it is in Scorpio: who promises all the more transformation to arrive along with it. Once again, this works into the Pluto Return energies in play, as it makes a sextile to the country’s natal Pluto in Capricorn, and allowing and letting go of all the worn out ways to value anything in life, will be asked to be surrendered thereof to the SILENT LISTEN once again to work from within, in order to successfully do so. 

In closing Dear Stars in America and all of those watching from the World at Large:

The country’s 7 Personal Year ahead for and those immediately following- are nothing short of watching healing, grieving, allowing, surrendering, remaining reachable and teachable and understanding how very much, working from within, is how this collective consciousness time will shift in thriving ways in soul certainty. Those not choosing to honor this deep and extremely grave message, will find, they are simply unprepared, and will merely survive during these uncertain times.

To All Faith in America to rightfully step up to Heal from Within. 

Never Compromise Living Consciously.

May All Americans & Humanity Honor These 7 Remembrances to Heal, Grieve, and Work from Within 04 July 2021 to 04 July 2022.

1. Courage- Courage does not mean being fearless. It means being able to face your fear.

2. Forgiveness- Forgiveness releases the past. It heals the pain so that you are free to dance and love again.

3. Inner Silence- When we listen to the inner silence, all sounds become beautiful.

4. Open-Mindedness- When we release our prejudices and judgments, we enter a deep, abiding peace.

5. Compassion- Compassion is the provision that arises from the wish that all beings be free from suffering.

6. Patience- A beautiful flower does not grow overnight. Your patience will encourage many flowers to blossom.

7. Truth- We do not have to search for the truth, but simply let go of our opinions and judgments.

“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”~Benjamin Franklin

For those who wish to go back down memory lane during this current 9 year span of time for America to further connect the dots:

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