Near Death Experience to Rebirth of America: Understanding a Pluto Return, 2021-2024

The Sharita Star Empower Hour, America’s Pluto Return, 2021 to 2024: Near Death Experience to Rebirth

America experiences its’ first ever Pluto Return as a nation, which began forming in 2021, but will not come into the first of a few passes of exacting energy until early 2022, and will not conclude its’ deep transformational process until early 2024.

Why is a Pluto REturn so important?

While a human can never actually experience a Pluto Return -unlike a Saturn Return or Uranus Return that do happen in a person’s natural lifespan- an entity such as a country, absolutely can. Now being America is an extremely young country compared to the rest of the world only becoming born in 1776; this is the very first time America is in the turbulence of this important cycle. Its’ mark of time is critical to fully understand in these uncertain times, for it completely indicates there is near death, regeneration, transformation, and ultimate rebirth for America to experience.

Who is Pluto anyway?

Pluto is our most outer planet that transits from above, that we distinctly watch down here below. Due to its’ elliptical orbit, it can spend anywhere from 14 to 25 years in one zodiac sign alone. Hence why it takes, as America is now beginning to understand, 245 years for it to get back to the very same natal point it was exactly at when the country was birthed 04 July 1776.

Pluto is known as The Transformer. It’s channel of energy does the following: distinguishes generations; controls all power plays concerning world events upon the planet; governs over sexuality, literal death and rebirth; determines the ability to acquire wealth through the utilization of other people’s money; works with large scale resources; guides cultural changes, and is the force that sees the entire scope upon life itself.

In Astrology, Pluto has ownership over the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio, The Eagle- who is ever so keen at observing the entire scope of life. In Numerology, Pluto rules the singular digit of Zero/0 the very number connecting us to infinity. Both channel the distinct energy of The Transformer, as this intense water sign and powerful number are always seen to be at work with the Pluto qualities wherever one may look.

Via Current Transit, Pluto is presently in Capricorn, where he has been visiting in the zodiac skies above since 2008. Pluto is not fully done with transforming the zodiac energies of The Goat until early 2024.

What does Pluto in Capricorn mean?

Pluto’s time in Capricorn always denotes times in history where the responsibility, accountability, and integrity to learn from our experiences must be carefully met: especially concerning governments, power positions, economic matters, any issues of control or misuse of authority and power. With Capricorn being the very sign of ambition, hard work, seriousness, and being extremely disciplined- if these qualities are being abused in anyway in greed or deceit, it often appears rather karmic concerning the lessons of consequence that will need to then be experienced.

America’s Natal Chart was instilled 04 July 1776 when Pluto was Retrograde at 27 degrees Capricorn. We see this down in Area 2 bottom right side of the wheel- where the 27 deg Capricorn glyph at 33 minutes, is next to the glyph of Pluto.

This “Area 2” piece of the natal chart is the “I Have” of America: concerning its’ natural abilities and talents to earn money, establish values, feel security and comfort, gain luxuries, maintain stability, and pull in all matters of material means into the life via owning or possessing them.

It is well known, where one’s Pluto is natally placed, is where their true power and core energy channels from within the life. Equally, it can also become the area of life where a source of jealousy from others can be seen. It is also where deep and dark secrets can lie, as well as where the individual may or may witness the very process of death and rebirth in other ways, depending as well upon other planetary placements and how current transits in the natal chart will be at work throughout the lifetime.

When an entity such as a country, experiences a Pluto Return, as the current energy has completed an entire cycle around the natal zodiac wheel since it was established: it is a guarantee, it allows the sense of a near death experience to unfold. Transformation is undeniably compelled to occur, allowing rebirth to justly and naturally begin within the area of life it is natally placed within, as well as connect to other possible areas of the life scope that the natal Pluto may have in conversation to other natal planets via understanding aspects.

America is presently working with near death to become reborn in due time from 2021 to 2024.

DIRECT HIT 1: 03 Feb – 09 March 2022 Pluto 27 degrees Capricorn, Exact: 20-22nd Feb 

Over the time of February through March of 2022 we find Pluto is, via current transit, precisely back at this 27 degrees starting point mark from 04 July 1776. The Exact point of contact is the days listed. Nevertheless, Pluto sits on 1 degree point, for over a month’s time.

As Pluto continues return more than once to the natal point with the nation’s birth chart, these are the extremely intense times we will notice the heavy and absolutely transformative energies they promise and will pull into the country’s experiences. Just as soon as Venus and Mercury Retrograde conclude in early 2022, the current Pluto in Capricorn begins to engage directly at 27 degrees Capricorn: the precise natal point of it for America. This lasts until 09 March, then returns again by Summer Solstice time as Pluto will be Retrograde since 29 April, and crosses back over this same exact point. 

Intensifying things all the more are this Pluto “hits” during the country’s 16/7 Personal Year Cycle: Healing America from Within, which has a whole other numerology forecast angle about many things coming to dramatic changes, involving anther outer planet: Neptune, which is anther slow, and ever patience process as well. In knowing Pluto is the most outer planet there is with its’ elliptical orbit, it’s time in moving through any sign takes years to complete, as very close by Neptune is the very same. Therefore the movement through any sign either is presently in, all is at the slower pace from any inner planet we observe from above. 

Intense doesn’t quite cover the forecast for what Americans and anyone watching from afar will deeply need to understand -which will have already been falling out from Venus and Mercury Retrogrades that open up 2022 in complete inner planet reflection mode- of the surrender that will be necessary to navigate what will be unfolding. Being prepared to simplify, allowing the past value of all to diminish, is the only way a powerful rebirth can begin to start the work it will wish to do. Always remember the fact as well: this will take the next immediate years through 2024 as well, to fully complete the process.

These current changes no matter how we slice it: for America are extremely slow, requiring ultimate preparation, observation, discernment and patience. For those unwilling to heed the warning, all that is truly about to unfold will seemingly appear rather painful.

DIRECT HIT 2: 22 June – 04 Aug 2022 Pluto 27 degrees Capricorn Retrograde, Exact: 09-11 Jul

Pluto comes back to the exact natal point of Pluto in America’s chart under Retrograde just as Summer 2022 begins. This will be an extremely intense time that befalls the nation. While February 2022 moving into March 2022 began the dominos that had been set up to fall, this “Hit 2” of the ongoing Pluto Return will be felt much, much differently.

Upon 04 July, Accepting Accountability in America: Understanding an 8 Personal Year Cycle, will transfer focus from Neptune as the 7 Personal Year concludes, to spotlight Saturn’s current transit for what the nation needs to be extremely well aware of during the 12 months that follow through 04 July 2023. 

This 17/8 Personal Year Cycle for America begins with Saturn being Retrograde at 24 degrees Aquarius, just on the edge the same area of life the Pluto Return at 27 degrees Capricorn is already engaged in. Everything concerning Capricorn and Aquarius always feels all the more deeply karmic in experience. America will certainly be feeling this level of heaviness all the more in dual influences when it comes to the value of everything across the board concerning what “I Have” from its’ money, material possessions, established systems, securities and worth overall. 

America’s 16/7 Personal Year Cycle absolutely begged for the inner work to be done from a mentality, communications and healing mindset standpoint from 04 July 2021 to 2022. What will shift as it enters the 17/8 Personal Year Cycle, is bearing the responsibility of what needs to be learned from these experiences through July 2023: also within the country’s area of the life that guides what “I Have,” as stated above.

Saturn Retrogrades until 23 October 2022, back to 18 degrees Aquarius, the very energy of ‘Spiritual Material Conflict.’ By this point, it will be evident the collapses of value, costs that are out of control, lack and complete restrictions and limitations that are befalling the supply chains, and the extreme lessons America is learning from these experiences.

Such energies as a Pluto Return and an influential Saturn guided 8 Personal Year- with both planets Retrograde within the same area of America’s life, promise to turn out moments of surrender, accepting what must be witnessed in near death so the rising in responsibility to accountably change will be the only way through to valuable rebirth. 

Saturn moving forward from 23 October 2022, will shift by 28 January 2023, into the nation’s mentality, communications and mindset. The country by this point in time, will know what being a part of a Great Depression truly is. The severity of mental health awareness alone will cascade especially as Saturn exactly conjuncts the nation’s natal 27 degrees Aquarius Moon from 10 to 19 February 2023; expect emotional breakdowns, anxieties and utter chaos in communications like we have equally never experienced. The grave reality of what must be now mentally healed, will be no longer able to be denied.

DIRECT HIT 3: 10 Dec 2022 – 11 Jan 2023, Pluto 27 degrees Capricorn, Exact: 27-29 Dec

Aside from Direct Hit #3. ALL ELSE in Planetary Play going on….

As you can listen to via the imbedded link for 2022’s Finale Forecast on The Sharita Star Empower Hour, Direct Hit 3 of America’s Pluto Return will be just one of many things in planetary play for the nation. Intense time befall not on the nation, but the entire global scope from the overlapping affects of equal need to know cycles in simultaneous play.


DIRECT HIT 4: 19 Sept – 01 Nov 2023 (Rx to 10 Oct)

21 Jan 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius

01 Sept – 19 Nov 2024 Close conjunction 29 deg Cap.

01 Sept Pluto Rx enters Capricorn

11 Oct 2024 Pluto Direct

19 Nov Pluto enters Aquarius

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