Healing The Heart of America, 04 July 2024-25

Understanding a 1 Personal Year Cycle via The 19

Whether we are forecasting a person, project launch, business or country: any soul being or entity with a specific point of initiation experiences a changing Personal Year Cycle year to year as another Solar Return annually aligns, marking what we more commonly know as one’s birthday or anniversary.

In a 1 Personal Year, The Sun is the primary planetary guidance in charge of the energetic flow and pulse of the current numerological forecast. The need for remaining in the heart space to best place all new intentions and initiations in place is always required when the 1 is present. Most important to deeply understand is what is set into motion now, distinctly affects the next 8 years outcome to follow.

For America, 04 July 2024 to 04 July 2025 finds The Sun and all transits it makes within its’ natal birth chart for the 12 months will be especially critical to follow along for a crystal ball view into the specific areas of life which point to where focusing upon the heart of the matter will be absolutely required. Equally the consciousness necessary to remain well aware of the grave importance of starting over and beginning again in the theme of “if it is new it is for America” are foreseen to be the direct experiences within the life’s present journey.

As we fuse this current personal year numerology perspective back to the current transits in affect for the natal astrological chart of the person/entity, there is a laser focus forecasting view to gain in further connect these divine planetary dots understanding.

The first place America will need to exercise listening to the heart as 04 July 2024 precisely aligns: is where “WE RELATE” within its’ one on one partnerships, legalities and all personal relationships. (and considering the riveting pulse already in play within our current times, won’t THAT just be a boatload alone to UNITE the UNTIE to unpack and resolve?)

By 04 July 2025, The Sun will have worked its’ way through the entire natal birth chart of the nation, touching upon all 12 areas of America’s life. As Mars hands over the planetary baton from being in charge since 04 July 2023, it is dong so as it sits at 18 degrees Taurus within “WE CREATE” concerning the country’s abilities to create, manifest, its’ children, creative pursuits, entertainment, luxuries/pleasures and all that connects to pure heart-centered/heart space matters.

Energetically overall, the 9 Personal Year Cycle that spanned from 04 July 2023 to 04 July 2024 has ideally (or at least in the highest of conscious intentions was favored to do so) cleared away what is no longer necessary to now begin again with the cleanest slate as possible. With adhering to keen law of attraction attention, ideally as any 1 Personal Year Cycle begins: there should be the purest and fertile ground that has been naturally made to once more be ready to plant new seeds.

9 going back to a 1 Personal Year is always extremely pivotal for these 2 years within any life experience. Not resisting what needs to naturally be let go of, allows the fluidity of the 1 Personal Year Cycle to always kick off a brand new 9 year span of time via the mantra “If it is NEW it is for YOU!” which undeniably will guide the next 12 month forecast of America’s soul journey throughout 04 July 2025.

27 “Spin in Time in 9” passages since 1781….  

28th: 04 July 2024 to 2032, 29th begins 04 July 2033
This will be the 28th time in the country’s history it starts another 9 year chapter of “spin in time in 9.” Taking a look back, our prior 9 to 1 Personal Years pivotal shifts occurred: 

27/9, 1780 to 1781, 28/1.  36/9, 1789 to 1790 28/1.   36/9, 1798 to 1799 to 37/1.      

27/9, 1807 to 1808, 28/1.   27/9, 1816 to 1817, 28/1.  27/9, 1825 to 1826, 28/1.   

27/9, 1834 to 1835, 28/1.   27/9, 1843 to 1844, 28/1.  27/9, 1852 to 1853, 28/1.    

27/9, 1861 to 1862, 28/1.   27/9, 1870 to 1871, 28/1.   27/9, 1879 to 1880, 28/1.   

36/9, 1888 to 1889, 37/1.   36/9, 1897 to 1898, 37/1.   27/9, 1906 to 1907, 28/1.

27/9, 1915 to 1916, 28/1.   27/9, 1924 to 1925, 28/1.    27/9, 1933 to 1934, 28/1.

27/9, 1942 to 1943, 28/1.   27/9, 1951 to 1952, 28/1.   27/9, 1960 to 1961, 28/1.

36/9, 1969 to 1970, 28/1.   36/9, 1978 to 1979, 37/1.   36/9, 1987 to 1988, 37/1.

36/9, 1996 to 1997, 37/1.   18/9, 2005 to 2006, 19/1.    18/9, 2014 to 2015, 19/1.

2024-25’s Seed Planting affects next 9 years Ahead Chapter:

2025, 20/2 Nurturing/Nourishing/Emotional Healing

2026, 21/3 Growth/Learning

2027, 22/4 Foundation/Root Structure

2028, 23/5 Blossoming/Levergaing/Permanent Changes

2029, 24/6 Compassion/Understanding

2030, 16/7 Inner Work/Intense Healing

2031, 17/8 Harvest/Recognition/Rewards

2032, 18/9 Conclusions/Clearance/Warrior Courage 

2033, 19/1 New Beginnings/Initiations

For America, this current 1 Personal Year 2024 to 2025 starting the country back at 1 timing coincides as well with the 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024 it has ever experienced as a nation. This transformational death to rebirth wake up call is presently revamping its’ entire understanding of what “WE HAVE” connecting to our value systems, money, security, establishments and material possessions. It will be extremely critical to be prepared for the timeframe of 02 September to 19 November as Pluto will be in the finale months of the Return affects, not to cycle back in this way to the nation’s natal Pluto point for another 240 years.

The Full Forecasting Details of America’s 19/1 Personal Year 2024-25 are available 21 June on Soul Certainty Community. Learn All about how all Eclipses and Inner Planet Retrograde Cycles will affect the nation as well as the Personal Month to Month flow of the entire year. 

Why is it a ‘Healing The Heart’ Year for America?

As the above calculation computes America’s 11 constant of 04 July when added to our Current Universal Year of 2024: we arrive at the value of 19. As historically discussed on 21 June’s The Sharita Star Empower Hour, there are different higher vibrational energies to take into keen forecasting insight consideration of any 1 to 9 root number concerning whatever Chaldean Karmic Mystery they specifically relate.

19, The Prince of Heaven and 1, The Sun ~Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

The 19 represents ‘The Prince of Heaven.’ Whenever the 19 is present, this is part of what its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery wishes for the person or entity to consciously unlock:

“19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and it is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the Compound number 10, without the danger and abuse inherent in the 10. This number promises happiness and fulfillment- success in all ventures as well as in the personal life. The 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full numerological analysis.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The root of 19 reduces to 1, energetically guided by The Sun. The Sun rules the heart space. As equally discussed concerning 08 April’s Total Solar Eclipse, this energy as well connects to the profound ways the nation is being asked to heal. 

Full America 19/1 Personal Year Forecast Available 21 June on SOUL CERTAINTY COMMUNITY!

As any 1 Personal Year focuses not only on the Solar Forecast, it equally is very significant to note all New Moons as they unfold through the year. Especially with Solar Eclipse activity, which marks an all the more intense longer term passages of initiation from specific areas of the life to remain well aware of.

This is only the 3rd time in America’s entire history it will cycle through a 19 vibration Personal Year within the 1. The only other years this has ever happened was during 2006-07 and 2015-16. All 1 Personal Years the nation has ever experiences prior to 2000 otherwise always computed to a 37 or 28 on their higher 1 compound number vibrations, and allowed for a different Chaldean Karmic Mystery to be consciously understood for that specific conscious timing.


After the Podcast, Further Take In the CRITICAL Need to Know Forecasting Details for America, 04 July 2024 to 2025.

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USA’s LAST 1 Personal Year in the 19, saw the same “WE RELATE” beginnings concerning all legalities and partnerships, with intense focus via Solar Eclipse energies triggering from “WE COMMUNICATE” and “WE BELIEVE” which marked significant mindset/thinking/spreading of information changes as well as ones that worked within the truth of the nation, its’ foreign affairs/policy, and all belief systems and philosophies.

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Be sure to connect with more concerning America’s Current Forecast energy that deeply explains its’ current 1st Pluto Return, 2021-2024.


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