Accepting Accountability in America: Understanding an 8 Personal Year Cycle

Welcome to the nations’ 17/8 Personal Year, that now spans 04 July 2022 to 04 July 2023.

The forecasting that this entailed to deeply explain in explicit details for the country holds plenty of value, which is why it is available only through Soul Certainty Community. It includes a timing is everything forecasting pdf from month to month in all there is to know, that is guided by an mp3 recording to walk you through it every single timing step of the way.

This is the culmination point of many things unfolding for the nation in simultaneous cycles that are all intensely overlapping. As we not only experience this year of Accepting Accountability as a nation moving forward from our Healing from Within recent 16/7 Personal Year, the very first Pluto Return 2021-2024, is another heavy portion of the complete timing is everything story.

This is the complete heads up to become fully and absolutely prepared for what is promised to be a severe Autumn as well as what the Winter months moving into Spring 2023 will undeniably entail as so many intense cycles interweave and play out together.

This 17/8 Personal Year Cycle for America begins with its’ ruling planet and guide for the entire year, Saturn being Retrograde at 24 degrees Aquarius, just on the edge the same area of life the Pluto Return at 27 degrees Capricorn is already engaged in. Everything concerning Capricorn and Aquarius always feels all the more deeply karmic in experience. America will certainly be feeling this level of heaviness all the more in dual influences when it comes to the value of everything across the board concerning what “I Have” from its’ money, material possessions, established systems, securities and worth overall.

As the close of 2022 comes into play that crosses us over into January 2023, there is one more layer of intensity adding in for the nation in this very same area of the country’s life. All while the ongoing gripping reflection from Mars Retrograde will be disrupting the nations’ lifestyle, healthcare system, abilities to serve and all matters of habits and routines.

Are you honestly, honestly and truly ready for this intense ride Dear Star?

“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Please join me at Soul Certainty Community Today.

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