LunarOScopes, Lunar Horoscopes for Conscious Forecasting

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

One of the most important forecasting tools we have from astrology is understanding the distinct value of how our current lunar cycles affect us in our now.

Whenever we are in a Waxing Phase from our recent New Moon: we meant to be working with initiations, new beginnings and setting our intentions as we direct our feelings.

Whenever we are in a Waning Phase from our recent Full Moon: we meant to be working with reflection, release, and reviewing our experiences as we heal our feelings.

New Moons and Full Moons happen from one particular area of our life that changes month to month in their specific timing requests. Any lunar/moon energy is guiding what we FEEL via our emotional bank accounts.

Our natural Lunar Rhythms can be quite out of sync with our natural Gregorian calendar time measuring standards that most business and scheduling demands adhere to. Looking for more efficiency and complete productivity? Honoring Lunar Cycles are the perfect place to start implementing Conscious Forecasting into your life as well as deepen your Law of Attraction practice.

LunarOScopes have been part of Sharita Star Forecasting must have timing knowledge with her impeccable astrology and numerology fusion since their inception in 2010. Tap into all the archives published for well over the past decade.

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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

LunarOScopes, 08 Nov Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon: Another TOTAL Game Changer

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


TOTAL Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in TAURUS, 16 degs

6:02amEST, 3:02amPST; 08 November, Let’s REALLY Release & Reflect

With any Full Moon, our Sun & Moon have reached opposition within the Zodiac sky above. Naturally, the emotions and feelings of humanity energetically rise up just like the oceans’ tides equally reflect down here below. Taurus now calls to heal and feel with a persistent imagination and deep-rooted instinct.

Our Moon wanes past 16 degrees Taurus through Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio until 2022’s 12th New Moon at 01 degrees Sagittarius, arrives 23 November. This natural passage at this monthly exact opposition moment favors to let go, review, honor and heal on a personal level within our individual experiences throughout one half of our natal charts alongside the collective’s.

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE channels Healing & Release until Autumn 2023

We continue to be advised to work with concern surrounding what’s arriving at conclusions within our lives as Honoring Healing For Our Feelings requires our distinct soul attention to allow our personal experiences to be in certainty versus frustrations.

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Where is Your Sun Sign specifically meant to embrace riveting reflection via PRACTICAL LISTENING, Dear Star?

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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

LunarOScopes, 16 April Libra Full Moon, Let’s Release

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


The Patient Rebirth for the Power of Leadership

Full Moon in Libra

2:55pmEDT, 11:55amPDT; 16 April, Let’s Release & Reflect

The 4th Full Moon for 2022 and first of Spring, casts off extremely potent reflecting energies that place all the more transformation experiences surrounding the healing Humanity has intensely witnessed since the beginning of this 2022’s Mastering the Value of Compassion universal year. As we are cast into emotionally charged changes now requiring impeccable patience surrounding the leadership, power and authority concerning our collective healing from justice and harmony Libra: this full moon arrives and moves us to take in the 26th degree point energy: finally unlocking us from the 27 degrees holding pattern that has been with all our Full Moons since 20 October 2021.

Concerning America 
This Full Moon makes a potent hit from the area of the nation’s chart that guides its’ very structure, leadership, authority and abilities to be recognized, to the country’s natal Pluto -which is the hot topic these days concerning the nation’s first ever America Pluto Return 2021-2024 unfolding simultaneously as it is in a close square to the nations’ abilities to earn money, acquire possessions, feel stable, and work with establishing securities.  

Our focus upon feeling now pulls out a pay extremely close attention at 26 degrees from where The Scales seek for friendly, fair-judging, idealistic and balanced energies to flow within our lives. 

What Are You Letting Go of involving The Patient Rebirth for the Power of Leadership, Dear Star?

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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

Mastering Mercury Retrograde in 2022

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2022 Mercury Retrograde Cycles of Reflection

As we look to our regular Mercury Retrograde (MRx) passages (which always occur about three times during any given year) we have additional timeframes to be acutely aware of due to other inner planet cycles of reflection that will intertwine along with them.

Understanding Mercury Retrograde and what it actually is meant to positively do for anyone is wise timing is everything wisdom to always take into consideration for our planning and scheduling needs. These recurring astrological cycles are mistakenly overly associated with fear and frustration, which absolutely is not the reaction we are ever meant to have with them.

Mercury Retrograde is always first & foremost: A Cycle of Reflection.

~Sharita Star

Read that last statement again.

The only reasons Mercury Retrogrades “trip up” anyone is that:

One: most people are unaware it is in affect because they have never been introduced to the value of astrology, and naively choose to make initiations for intended long term success during them. 

Two: those who are aware of it are fooled into believing they should fear it every time is comes back around because they are simply misinformed.

If you know what not to do, and most importantly, what you absolutely can do under these reflective, recharging, reassessment and ultimate “time out” periods: you will always be in the energetic flow of Mastering Mercury Retrograde.

Before we get into when all of 2022’s cycle of reflection periods will urgently ask us to have the heads up in our calendars, let’s give you some astrological tips and tools to implement during any of them.

Why Are We Not Favored To Move Forward Under MRx? 

Mercury is our Messenger planet from above that guides all communications, thinking, mentality, movement, electronics, transportation, travel, changes, perceptions, adaptability and all exchanges of information that occur down here below.

When in Retrograde -due to the backtracking energy that is cast off from Mercury- all of the matters it watches over do not function nor move forward optimally. Precisely why, anyone is well advised to utilize these periods of time for pause, redoing, and only focus upon reworking what already exists.

Human error is always highest under Mercury Retrograde than any other time of the year. Naturally, forward thinking and planting for future success under this time is equally not well supported. 

Therefore, hold off on important decisions such as: starting a business, signing contracts, launching a product, getting married, buying a new car, engaging in any kind of new relationship, purchasing new technology, or buying a new home. None of these initiating actions will turn out well for the long-term, and if implemented under MRx, it is an astrological guarantee they are energetically tied up in faulty foundations that never have the genuine ability to sustain themselves for success.

What Are We Favored To Do With Success Under MRx?

Taking the first rule of thumb that Mercury Retrograde is a cycle of reflection, we are promised to flow with this reassessment time when we honor staying in this exact frame of mind. By only placing our attention upon what already exists, and choosing to wait and see about the future, our personal mastery of this cycle absolutely unfolds.

Getting out our “RE” vocabulary is one of the best ways we can discover ease and peace of mind.

Rerouting, reconnecting, reconsidering, recharging, resting, relaxing, reorganizing, researching, retreating, remembering, replanning, reframing, rescheduling, rekindling, repairing and replacing are all wonderful ways to reap the rewards of what this cycle of reflection is absolutely all about.

Mercury Retrograde is a marvelous time to work with: unfinished projects, revisiting existing creative outlets, reconnecting with old friends/former associates, reassessing existing business plans, practicing the pause, expecting rescheduling of plans, anticipating delays and set backs, having backup plans ready to go, replacing objects in need of repair (yet make sure these are done correctly), doing research, retreating away from the world, and above all, remembering to take a silent listen for oneself (extra meditation, journaling and yoga time please!).

Mercury Retrogrades & YOU! 

For anyone’s individual experience, taking a look at your Personal Forecast is always extremely favored to know the precise and specific areas of your life that each one will be seeking your reflective focus within.

As everyone collectively experiences any and all MRx cycles, each one is energetically different from the last, making no two MRxs exactly alike. While the same rules of thumb will always apply, the pulse will always cast off unique affects being Mercury is in another zodiac sign each time. Equally, the other positioning of the planets above any MRx also will relate to, also are never in the same configurations.

So, where is change and necessary reflection asking for your attention during any given year, and especially this one? Is it your income, lifestyle and vocation? Or your home/family life, wealth, and inner healing? Or how you approach your life, heart space and beliefs? What about your communication skills, relationships and hopes for the future? 

Take the 21 Day Journaling under MRx Challenge!

2022 Mercury Retrogrades 

Wherever Mercury Retrograde lands in your life or business, know this: it is always time to sharpen the saw within it. The value of astrology is, you always have a precise map and blueprint to help personally guide you through any of them.

Each Mercury Retrograde lasts for approximately 21 days (3 weeks). All have an Approach period, (date when Mercury crosses over the degree point it will fully Retrograde back to) and a Shadow period, (date when Mercury moving forward crosses back over the degree point it began to Retrograde upon). The Approach alerts us to what MRx reflections and matters are on the way to be resolved, while the Shadow allows us to tie up the loose ends and recorrect any natural errors that occur during the Retrograde itself.

14 January to 03 February in Aquarius & Capricorn

Approach begins 29 December 2021; Shadow completes 23 February

Mercury Retrograde under Eclipse Season, Spring 2022: Watch What You Need to Know

10 May to 03 June in Gemini & Taurus

Approach begins 26 April; Shadow completes 18 June

09 Sept to 02 October in Libra & Virgo

Approach begins 20 August; Shadow completes 16 October

29 December to 18 January 2023 in Capricorn

Approach begins 12 December; Shadow completes 06 February 2023

LISTEN NOW to this COMPLIMENTARY WORKSHOP EPISODE & Start MASTERING Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 2022-23.

Let’s Spell Out the Truth

Tapping into the mysteries of Lexigrams, we can also clearly spell out the truth here: BATHE THE HEART RATE, BEAT THE HATE and ever wisely from that grounded state, BE THE EARTH EAR. 

Take a look as well, for more energetic tips as we Spell Out the Truth for this cycle of reflection: What’s Really in a Word? MERCURY RETROGRADE

Remember, reflection and reassessment success always can be absolutely ours, but one must choose to consciously slow down. Pause. Take those deeper breaths. Stop forcing matters, and quit the grinding, societal falsified illusion of maintaining the incessant and constant busy bubble rush.

Mercury Retrograde passages come back around in our lives in their appropriate timing is everything cycles, to be our perfect opportunities to restore, recharge and reboot. Without this necessary timeout and downtime, humanity is a mere stone that gathers no moss.

To Your Continual Attainment of Soul Certainty in Our Uncertain Times.

5 Questions & More To Ask Under Mercury Retrograde, 04 to 25 Oct 2014

We know you’ve been already feeling the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde (MRx) coming since the Approach began 14 September, certainly calling loud and clear that all bets for forward motion are off, even a few days before it officially begins. Being in awareness about Mercury’s Approach & The 5 Things You Need To Know, are you now ready for some necessary retreat and yes, by all means relax time to officially begin?
Continue reading

Being the Warrior for Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde in Libra 01 March to 19 May 2014

The inner planet retrograde train continues on in 2014, as we move out to Mars, now currently in Libra for a reflective passage. It’s time to appropriately pace and apply extreme patience to the dynamic action unfolding from the where The Scales live in our lives. How will you be mindful under this cycle that will demand to rebalance your life?

Aries: Partnerships where I Relate
Taurus: Habits/Routines/Health where I Serve
Gemini: Creativity/Children/Love Affairs where I Create
Cancer: Home/Family/Environments where I Nurture
Leo: Thinking/Mentalities where I Communicate
Virgo: Earning Power/Values with what I Have
Libra: Approaches/First Impressions with who I Am
Scorpio: Inner Work/Subconscious Study where I Process
Sagittarius: Hopes, Dreams, Wishes/Friends/Groups where I Socialize
Capricorn: Career/Public Life where I Structure
Aquarius:  Higher Learning/Travel/Growth where I Believe
Pisces: Regeneration/Change where I Transform

While a Mars Retrograde does not have a do and don’t list like a Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde or our Moon Void of Course time frames have about action oriented for the future, we still are very warned to take courageous care to not allow the natural energies unfolding in this area of our lives to get out of hand.

Check in with Your Natal Birth Chart, 27 to 09 degrees Libra
Approach began: 26 December 2013 while at 09 degrees Libra (where he will station and turn around again upon 19 May).
Shadow concludes: 21 July 2014 when back at 27 degrees Libra (where he is stationed 01 March and begins the Retrograde upon)

Aside from the collective sun sign perspective, more intimate advice is available.  Any planets you have placed at 09 to 27 degrees within your natal birth chart, will see an active conversation from the current transit of Mars over this time frame more than once. Here is where the true in-depth look at what your personal map for life can help you with in bringing in understanding as to why and how this current energy affects you accordingly.

Becoming aware of how to properly navigate through this cycle will allow you to experience it for the value of the reflection it offers. Undoubtedly, you have already received the clues about what now asks to be reassessed, as you are experiencing a surge of a dynamic energy unfolding from the Libra area of your life.

Making the Most of Mars Retrograde
What happens now is -due to Mars being a planet of aggressive action, penetration, drive, motivation, desire and yes, the more negative side of tension and anger- under Retrograde it will be more than wise to really no longer avoid what needs to be properly addressed to calm and smooth out what is naturally presenting itself to handle harmoniously. You simply cannot ignore a planet like Mars. The more you may try, the more tensions, anger and rage you will more than likely see unfold. Choosing to find resolve will keep calm energy right by your side.

Now is the time to truly step into the space of courage to be able to manage the reflective energy that will now carry itself through 19 May wherever Libra affects your life. Being the Warrior will grant you the very keys to handle it with ease and flow. Remember, a Warrior does not choose to literally fight, but he will stand up strongly in his courage and defend the courses of action that are happening here within our now with integrity and poise.

Since 07 December, your motivation and drive has been thriving on some level within the Libra area of life. The offering to energize our lives continues with Mars’s very long stay within The Scales, where he journeys until 25 July 2014. When we take on the mindset of addressing this cycle with pure refinement of our desires and current activity, this will stimulate our powers of response and compromise relating to them. The very key here, as for all retrograde times, is to practice patience, and allow for our understanding and courage to prevail. Mars’s natural energy in Libra is relaxed and well regulated, stirring us to all kinds of sensual perceptions, yet under this passage, naturally, these tendencies are a slightly thwarted.

Empowering Tips
Mars Retrograde asks us all to collectively monitor the following, 01 March to 19 May:

Our speed. Take a much slower pace with everything you do. Being in a hurry under Mars Rx will attract the potential for accidents and the unexpected to occur. Equally watch using sharp objects of all kinds, as extra care is definitely needed for this passage.

Our anger. It will be very “easy” to fall to this choice of the free will. But fuel the fires of rage, conflict and impatience under Mars Rx, and you’ll be ever sorry that you did.

Our patience. Choosing this practice will greatly improve your results. This virtue is the most valuable one we can utilize at all times in life, but especially what is currently moving within the Libra.

Our ability to let go. Mars is equally, aside from this motivation and drive, the planet that promotes conclusions, finalization and endings. Know that these will be showing up in powerful ways from the Libra area of your life. Choose to resist them, and you can expect a struggle that you will look back upon and wish you had made a different decision.

As always, Retrograde passages for any planet are nothing to “fear.” The more we ever choose to get caught up in frustration, is like a pure domino affect in what courses of action will continue to attract themselves towards us. As we all evolve in time through Mars’s request for a necessary review passage, it’s time to stand up and become the Warrior. You have all the abilities from within to respond to what is unfolding with courage, patience and a mindfulness that empowers you, and absolutely reduces your stress.

To your contagious courage, Dear Stars.