5 Questions & More To Ask Under Mercury Retrograde, 04 to 25 Oct 2014

Returning to Transforming Our Understanding
Mercury’s Reflection in Scorpio/Libra

Mercury’s Reflection in Scorpio & Libra, 04 to 25 October 2014
We know you’ve already been feeling the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde (MRx) coming since the Approach began 14 September, certainly calling loud and clear that all bets for forward motion are off, even a few days before it officially begins. Being in awareness about Mercury’s Approach & The 5 Things You Need To Know, are you now ready for some necessary review, renew and release?

1. Where Am I Requested to Return to Transform My Understanding?
Mercury affects two separate areas of our lives as he backtracks through Scorpio until 10 November, and then finishes off his review and redo passage in Libra until 25 October. Follow our weekly Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for your individual forecast where reflection wishes to personally find you. Tune-in every Sunday, as each and every sign receives a weekly breakdown and personal focus as this transit plays out from above in our lives down here below. Our goals are to ultimately assist anyone with the proper awareness tools to align, and in this case realign your peace of mind during changing times!

2. Where Is Review, Rerouting and Retreat Favored For Me?
While Mercury Retrograde affects just about anything that moves in life, looking at the simplicity of your Sun Sign points to the specific area of life you’ll be personally asked to honor our Messenger’s requests. Every Mercury Retrograde recommends taking a look at both cycles of your sun sign and your natal chart (calculated from your precise hour of birth determining your Rising Sign). The fusion of these perspectives provides you with the intimate details of where reflection is ideally favored, and where change can be anticipated to unfold the most.

3. How Can I Reap those “RE” Rewards?
Remember, this is the true time to get our dictionaries out and revel in the “re” action words, for Mercury’s backwards motion from 02 degrees Scorpio back to 17 degrees Libra will only cause resistance if we do not heed this mighty call. As we start off this necessary rest period, Mercury once again like he did in June’s Retrograde, communicates with a trine to Neptune Retrograde at 05 degrees Pisces, asking for us to be discerning with what we perceive within our thought banks, being Neptune is a planet that can engage deception along with masking the reality of things.

While trine relationships cast off a sense of ease and flow, we are advised to not allow our imaginations to “run wild” as these two sensitive water signs make contact between Mercury and Neptune. Unlike June’s conversation, Neptune now is also Retrograde, which will advise to carefully watch that imagination getting the best of you- especially now that Mercury is blindfolded now journeying in the sign of secrets, and the energy that brings intense transformations. However, this connection can allow a positive channel to speak strongly between our conscious and subconscious realms in the most intuitive of ways. As always, it is the value of taking pause within the SILENT LISTEN that ultimately assists in avoiding any dreaminess and spiraling off into a lack of focus.

As Mercury re-enters Libra on 10 October, expect the typical Mercury “upsets” and “tricks” to increase and be a natural part of the movement you will encounter until 25 October. Many will sense a lack of understanding, justice, balance, and agreement wherever the latter degrees of Libra lives within their personal natal chart under Retrograde. The demands to master taking extra pause within our moments to respond in calm to the changes that will be displaying themselves around us will be requested. As our Messenger backtracks within The Scales -the sign of relationships guided by the cardinal leadership of air- it will be the true test of recognizing the stirs of information circulating around that may trick us into being highly indecisive, easily swayed, and simply relating to what is right in front of us.

Double Layer Cake of Reflection Begins 08 October
It will be equally wise to check in with your LunarOScope 08 October  for the Full Moon in Aries, coupled by a Lunar Eclipse, which will also ask we pioneer in further reflection in unusual ways where The Ram will cast off completion and release, as another waning phase begins. As this normal and natural time of the month for reassessment decreases our lunar light once more, under Mercury Retrograde, and a Lunar Eclipse, the calling for review and release becomes extremely intense. Further responsibility to slow down, re-work, and recognize our current independence will have us all notice re-inventive feelings around, unexpectedly changing how we experience our direction in life. The Moon Void of Course periods over 08 October to 25 October equally cast off a “triple layer cake” of reflective request.
4. Do I Foolishly Think Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Affect Me?
Those wishing to react and remain in resistance to the normal flux of changes that Mercury’s “vacation mode” causes involving our schedules, routines, communications, information exchanges and any mechanism that moves -deciding instead to go forward with long term plans- will find themselves with intense lessons to learn as all will end up being riddled with errors. Anyone’s fee will choosing otherwise certainly will experience the definition of insanity- as the time spent later on naturally having to redo things could have simply been avoided. If we choose to deny this necessary request of review and reflection, we completely ignore the opportunity to learn from this valuable reassessment experience. Beneficial time is wisely spent getting all unfinished business within these areas of our lives reviewed and resolved.

Bonus Soul Homework! Ask Yourself: 

1. What old projects are not done where Scorpio and Libra affect my life?
2. Where can I recreate in these areas of my life?

3. How can research benefit me?

4. Who haven’t I spoken to from this area of my life in a while?

5. What responsibilities here have I forgotten about?

Revisiting what has already been placed in motion -especially what has occurred since the last Mercury Rx in June- the past now asks to be cleared up, opening the doors to make way for new beginnings that will be much safer to embark upon once the passage concludes.

5. What Will I Do and Not Do for Success Under Mercury Retrograde?
Remain in the eye of any possible storm around you, as the genuine request for listening and a patience pace is all the more required for another Mercury Rx round of review. These handy tips can help bring ease over this upcoming period to allow personal success to be reaped!

*Expect CHANGE: in travel, routines, communications & schedules to occur suddenly
*Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
*Back-up information, replace or upgrade technology already in place
*Spend time in the RE’s:
Relax, Rest, Reread, Rewrite, Revisit, Reconnect, Reflect, Redo, Repair, Recharge!
*Have Plan B (and Plan C, D or even E if necessary) always ready to go
*Gravitate to Responding vs. Reacting!

*“Freak out” when changes come up
*Rush: speaking, driving, whatever involves movement in your life
A great practice is to take pause & count to 10 before doing anything!
*Sign important documents
*Initiate or buy anything new that you wish to have long-term success with.
ie: Get married, start just about anything- especially a relationship, business, adventure.

When to Slowly Move Forward Under The Shadow
As the Approach began 14 September, when Mercury was last at the 17 degree Libra point he will return to by 25 October, we started to see what we will be called to truly reflect and reassess under the Retrograde passage itself. Until 10 November, we are under the Shadow period, where it will take Mercury this much time to retrace his backwards steps until he is back at 02 degrees Scorpio where he officially began his request for review 04 October. Et Viola! We’ll be complete for another review session where our Messenger is concerned until Winter 2015. Know, under the Shadow, it is safe to move forward once more, but do be sure to still take on an air of caution and make sure the details involved are correct and double-checked.

READY for more pondering about our Messenger when he becomes the ‘The Trickster?
What’s Really in a Word?  Mercury Retrograde
We are taking a “detour” from our normal chain of monthly word pondering to place our attention upon the request of astrology’s current cycle of MERCURY RETROGRADE. Let’s see how this title affirms how much we really can spell out the truth and learn more about the request to step into regeneration within our lives.
>>>

To Your Success within Mercury’s final offering in 2014 for finding reward in reflection!
Namaste, Dear Stars.

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3 thoughts on “5 Questions & More To Ask Under Mercury Retrograde, 04 to 25 Oct 2014

  1. Hey sweets ,have a question for you, I know by my expericene hear that retrograde has play a big part in our meds ,alot with heart meds. I know that our energy is ruled by mother earth,our Heart is the life force in us but as it is I have notice that the last three retrogrades my hubby an my heart meds have become unbalance, donse this sound right to you? I tried to ask you on facebook but I think it must have gotten lost in cyber land, Let me know what your rhoughts on this is ! thanks Sharita

    • Absolutely Awesome Question Sharon! You bet yes, the HEART is equal to the EARTH via our Lexigram knowledge… and Yes, under Mercury Rx, our natural energy via both does change and can feel unbalanced. While all 3 retrogrades have not been in the same sign, (which i would consider looking at how each sign affects your natal chart and 6th house of health for each pass) but you may have an outer planet influence that is equally in the mix of causing change as MRx is on. Also, what does your numerology forecast say for this year? In the case of a 5 Personal Year par eg, Mercury guided, Mercury Retrograde passages should be very carefully monitored for what intense changes will appear to show up even more so than “normal.” As always, best answer comes from the pure personal view for accuracy.

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