Don’t Blame Mercury Retrograde This November

Yes that “tricky time” otherwise known as “MRx” is coming up to seek your deepest reflection yet of our year of Being Reachable and Teachable Dear Stars. Mercury will Retrograde for the final Round 3 of 2019 from 31 October to 20 November, in the intensely regenerative sign of rebirth, Scorpio.

Are you one of those people who think you already know all about Mercury Retrograde and how it works? Have you and do you continue to blame all your problems on our Messenger planet during these times of the year versus stand up and become reachable and teachable concerning this cycle of reflection?

You would be correct about one thing. There is absolutely no question that Mercury Retrograde is well know to cause plenty of energetic upsets, delays, confusion, errors concerning communications and movement of all kinds. Thus, the requirement is extremely critical to practice the pause as well as our patience, and rerouting of any good plan you might have otherwise have intended to flawlessly and seamlessly experience.

However, trying to place the BLAME on Mercury Retrograde at any time it is in affect is only hurting yourself to ABLE A LAME ME and BE A LAME ME as our English language via Lexigrams allows us to spell out the truth.

As a professional astrologer for over 2 decades, I have watched people constantly get their panties in a bunch and cast their frustration in a fury to Mercury like he is the evil demon spirit that must be abolished. Or I endlessly watched people who are clueless it even is “MRx” at all, which is like watching dominos quickly fall. For me, from my planetary perspective, it really got painful watching people struggle and falter when I know when anyone is informed, things most certainly can be completely avoided. These repeated observations are what prompted me to develop my Mastering Mercury Retrograde programs.

THE FACT IS: Mercury Retrograde should never be “blamed.”

This recurring cycle is ultimately only meant to be respected and honored for what it absolutely is able to do for you. If your free will chooses to do so, the rewards can only become yours. The first and foremost point to understand whenever “MRx” reoccurs:


If you try to force any kind of matter for future success during this approximate 3 week time frame, I do wish you good luck. However, you undeniably set up your supposed new foundation upon the sandiest ground you can find if initiating under a Mercury Retrograde time frame.

Yet, if you intend upon taking a look at your life on a personal level and look back at what already exists and for this passage, where 27 to 11 degrees of Scorpio affects your natal chart and sun sign timing is everything scope, I commend and salute you. Undoubtedly, you will find the honoring of reflection, correction, reassessment and recharge to work to your fullest benefit. You have all the time you need to properly prepare as the Approach starts, 11 October.

Astrology has a wise saying, “The stars compel, they do not incline.” Being aware and armed with advanced Mercury Retrograde insight only allows you to be able to have fun, remain flexible, and know that all the stirs of changes are meant to be happening whenever it is in affect. Hence another valid astrological mantra, “As above, so below.”

Resisting the fact that another Mercury Retrograde period is in planetary “play” is probably one of the most futile things any person could do. Did you know that if you add up the hours we experience all Mercury Retrogrades for an entire calendar year, (anywhere from 3 to 4 times), these hours are equivalent to the amount of time we actually sleep during the course of a years’ time?

So if you are not blaming Mercury for what you didn’t properly prepare for in the first place, you can stop and recognize that his Retrograde cycles are as essential as getting a goodnight’s rest. Timing is everything in our lives, and when the timing is Mercury Retrograde, we are meant to slow down, rest, relax, and be willing to reflect accordingly.

Each and every Mercury Retrograde cycle is different, and this is absolutely critical to understand. Being it never cycles through the same zodiac signs twice within the other planetary transits in play, each one energetically has a distinct message and theme we are meant to integrate into our personal pictures.

What’s your upcoming Mercury Retrograde reflection story for November 2019? How will you be Deepening Your Transformation for Truth?

Are you prepared to reexamine what specific area of your life this November asks for you to take accountability and become responsible to reflect, dive deep into transforming the truth and make your necessary adjustments accordingly?

Or are you one of those people? “Let’s just BLAME Mercury Retrograde!” Not so cool to BE A LAME ME, is it?

The free will choice is always yours, Dear Stars.
Let’s get you ready to be only proclaiming you are Mastering Mercury Retrograde, 31 October to 20 November.

5 Questions & More To Ask Under Mercury Retrograde, 04 to 25 Oct 2014

We know you’ve been already feeling the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde (MRx) coming since the Approach began 14 September, certainly calling loud and clear that all bets for forward motion are off, even a few days before it officially begins. Being in awareness about Mercury’s Approach & The 5 Things You Need To Know, are you now ready for some necessary retreat and yes, by all means relax time to officially begin?
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Approaching Mercury Retrograde: 5 Things You Need To Know

SharitaStarPsychicofthePlanetsYou’ll be so happy you have now gotten the heads up into this awareness so that you too can reap the very rewards of it over the next few weeks, so we advise it best you keep on reading. If you have already signed up under that purple button to the right of your screen, you already know that the approach to another “infamous” Mercury Retrograde is upon us! Even if you are just joining our keeping our eyes on the stars tribe here, you needn’t worry if you think you don’t know anything about Astrology.

Whether you are a believer or not, your HEART and soul walks, breathes, and lives upon this very EARTH. If you consider yourself a human being, then you will not be excused from the infamous “as above, so below” that will accompany Mercury’s time for review as he naturally brings forward situations asking for us all to change to over the next few weeks. So exactly what does this “Mercury Retrograde” mean?

Mercury Retrogrades (in a nutshell, he is going to start retracing the measured degrees within his current zodiac transit from above. Think of a person, or in this case a mass of a planet in our Universal energy field, placing a blindfold on. See how things then become ultimately disarrayed as a result down here below?) officially at 4:43pm EST/1:43pm PST, Thursday 06 February. This planet also is well known as The Messenger –who guides our communications, thinking, mentality, movement, transportation, electricity, and any transference of information down here below- will be up close and personal creating all sorts of “fun” interruptions and flux for us to handle within our normal routines of everyday life until 9am EST/6am PST, Friday 28 February.

The Approach begins 22 January, as Mercury up there above -still moving forward- crosses over the Zodiac degree point that he will return back to by 28 February at 18 degrees Aquarius. He will start his Retrograde at 03 degrees Pisces upon 06 February. While still safe to put some initiations out there, you are going to personally start to see from the Pisces/Aquarius areas of the life, things that will ask for your demanding attention for review and redo during the Retrograde passage itself starting 06 February; along with all the normal communication and movement breakdowns per the “MRx norm.”

We soon be covering all the real deal and intimate astrological details on this passage within the very theme of it, Returning to Humanity’s Requests, Mercury’s Reflection in Pisces/Aquarius. So again, it is best if you haven’t yet, go over there to your right and click on that purple sign up button so you’ll be ensured to receive even more specific and important information very personal to your soul shortly.

In the meantime…

5 Things You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

1.    We are being asked now to prepare under the Approach, from above, to take up in reflection mode for a few weeks. We haven’t had a period like this since 21 October – 10 November, when it was our last Mercury Rx in Scorpio.  Look as well to 26 June to 20 July 2013, Mercury Rx in Cancer. Think back for a moment. Do you remember now what kinds of interruptions, changes and seemingly “interesting” energies where going on in your life at these times?

2.    Mercury Retrogrades in one years time about as often as we sleep. This passage is here once more to ask us, down here below, to slow down, take a pause, and rest up. Our favorite rule of Mercury Retrograde is to take up in action with any word that begins with RE. Such as…

Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Rework, Revise, Revisit, Reset, Reboot, Rewire, Replace, Repair, Relate, Reaffirm, Redo, Retreat, Reassess, Relax, Relocate, Relive, Redirect, Regroup, Remind, Remember, Release….. and our favorite RESPOND.

Backing up, upgrading and updating what you already have placed in motion previously is completely safe to do under this passage. So, if you need a new computer, phone or haven’t saved your files in a long while, these are perfect activities to take advantage of doing for success.

3.    While our actions under the Approach are meant to be carefully dealt with, it is the during Retrograde passage itself that is not a favored time to move forward in life, surrounding any initiation you truly wish to have successful long-term results with. So, if you are about to get married, sign important legal documents, buy a car, start a business, purchase a house, partner-up, or put anything out there you want fabulous and fantastic success with for a long time to come- you might want to REthink those choices of your free will. Whatever is put into initiation and motion under Mercury Rx, typically doesn’t have the longevity for the future, for it is riddled upon it’s birth with a shaky ground of unstable communications and mistakes intertwining it’s being.

4.    Human error is highest under this passage. Therefore, this is the very key to deeply understand how not to get wrapped up in those “tricks” that do find themselves right at your doorstep. We have to take the extra time to make sure we catch the mistakes we tend to make. The carpenter rule of thumb here will save you every time if you “measure twice, and cut once.” We’ll even add, you might want to measure three or 4 times- just to be safe. You’ll want to apply this to your communications -i.e. emails, speaking, writing- repairs, cooking, and anything involving movement that you are doing.

5.    The practice of PATIENCE, so you CAN TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE, is how you ride through the MRx passage with victory. Leave another ten to fifteen minutes every day to get where you are going. Stop the normal rushing that’s become society’s norm to get places. When those changes show up in your plans, don’t REact, REspond. Have back-up plans ready to go you can enjoy the response from. Otherwise the result of reaction will create a domino affect you’d rather avoid under this transit, so be sure your free will chooses cautiously here.

Being flexible and adaptable will allow you to have such REward as the next few weeks ask for our pause within our lives. And for heaven’s sake, it is the safest thing really to just RElax and REst without guilt! Try on those RE’s and dive in to what you know already needs REviewing and you’ll sail through this passage all the more.

We’ll begin the first Mercury Retrograde of 2014 in a waxing phase from the New Moon in Aquarius on 30 January -which will also be under the Shadow of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and the Approach to Mars Retrograde in Libra- asking us to take extreme caution within the normal initiation time of our lunar month until 14 February. This “criss-cross” of inner planet retrograde action, shadows and approaches, will be a sight to behold.  Check in now where Pisces/Aquarius lives in your Zodiac Pie. Here’s where the specific calling for re-examination awaits for your review in the particular area of life it affects, from both your collective and natal birth chart perspectives. Remember with all the renewal being requested, you also more than likely are more than deserving of the downtime on the way.

As we all look back now to our lives to what has happened since 10 November, see what progress you’ve made, what needs reworking, and have fun with your RE’s of life. Your soul under Retrograde will be all the happier, and much more at peace for it.

Happy Returning to Humanity’s Requests My Dear Stars! Namaste.
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Activating Compassion in the Midnight Hour

A Monumental Mercury Retrograde

The Messenger Rx

06 November
6:04pm EST
26 November
5:48pm EST

04 degrees Sagittarius to 18 degrees Scorpio

Approach began: 18 October
When Mercury was last at 18 degrees Scorpio in Direct Motion.
Shadow ends: 13 December 

When Mercury is back at 04 degrees Sagittarius in Direct Motion.

Most people right now cannot even believe that we haven’t already been in a Mercury Retrograde passage, especially for those experiencing first hand the obvious changes surrounding the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in late October from Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, the USA’s East Coast, and all the way into Canada. Look up a few other world events since 18 October, and all of these actions did fall under the approach of this last backwards transit of our Messenger for 2012.  We know, as all doled out in a huge cry for humanity to deal with- we will continue right on through the Retrograde itself and as the shadow completes, we certainly can expect to experience the journey of change loud and clear.

Upon us now, is one of the most complicated Mercury Retrograde passages in quite some time in our Zodiac history. As our other planetary transits mix, mingle and communicate with our Messenger, we are truly receiving some intense lines of energy from above down here below to assimilate into our spiritual beings. Truly, there could not be a more pertinent time to be on your astrological toes, and know precisely how this passage is directly affecting your natal and collective charts.

Mystical Messages?
As soon as Mercury entered Sagittarius upon 29 October, he made a Direct Square to Neptune, (who has already been in reflection mode in Pisces since early June). This is one aspect that is making quite a force for the collective mentality to handle, as especially when it streams from mutable signs, much distress is seemingly created within our communications. With no grounded energies for our mentality and inner realms to grab on to, the tendency to gravitate to pure anxiety is all too easy to get lost within. These chaotic swirls will continue to cast sensitive, changeable, and more than the fair share of unpractical realities. It is highly advisable to remain in common sense practices, for the tendencies for nervous exhaustion and slander is immensely huge under this particular aspect between Mercury and Neptune.

As Mercury only reaches 04 degrees Sagittarius where he will station before going Retrograde, the direct square to Neptune will have softened, but then will start to intensify the potential for restless activities again as he moves backwards. By the upcoming Solar Eclipse 13 November, he is right back again on that 0 degrees of Sagittarius, wherein a couple hours after our lunar kick-off, he will directly square Neptune currently over at 0 degree Pisces, who will be moving forward at least. Looking ahead to December, they’ll have one more meet up upon the 11th, when Mercury, will be totally back to forward motion. Ideally, the beauty of a Mercury/Neptune connection is the way it can open a genius gateway to the artistic and metaphysical perceptions, but under a square, this must be done in silent practices far removed from chaotic environments to be able to properly achieve the best results.

Next. A Solar Eclipse. 13 November
While Saturn, who entered Scorpio for the next couple of years in early October, is wasting no time in getting those lessons out there that are allowing the truth to transform the collective; we have another massive energy coming forth from Scorpio just as our Messenger will renter it. Solar Eclipses bring surges of new energies to unfold from the sign they go off within that can last for up to a years’ time. This one will be sending out a regenerative energy that is one of the most powerful plays of truth at the 21 degree of Scorpio. Mercury retraces his steps back over this Solar Eclipse degree point by 20 November, and will cross over it again moving forward by 03 December. Loads of changes wishing to reveal themselves will be strongly speaking as Mercury sorts himself out at this time as you’ll see the forward motion of what the Solar Eclipse will wish to bestow upon you, kick itself into high gear. (Check in with 13 Nov Lunar-O-Scope on Bellesprit!)

A Sunny Day clouded by Noodling Nodes. 16 November  
On a Universal 16 Day that says take in a true SILENT LISTEN, Mercury Retrograde reaches back to 26 degrees Scorpio forming a close conjunction to the Sun at 25 degrees Scorpio; an exact to the North Node at 26 degrees Scorpio while opposing the South Node at 26 degrees Taurus. What kinds of energies will this Zodiac conversation bring into being? Collective communications are sure to see at least a bit of optimism and a “sun-shiny” feeling over them- and the ability to adapt to whatever changes will toss themselves around can be easily reached. However, when you involve the heavier responsibility of attention to the North Node (where emotional grace and learning must be currently placed within the life to be able to receive the karmic opportunity to grow and improve), something emotional is bound to burst wide open. Especially at the 26 degree mark, which tell us of Partnerships– and how to take our ultimate patience with any kind of one on one relating within our lives. Avoiding the argument and walking away is highly advised, and tuning in further to what is meant to be learning from the experience beckons to be heard. Meanwhile, over in Capricorn on this date, you’ll have the Moon waxing right over Pluto creating more emotional turbulence and requirements of fortitude just as Mars sits on 29 degrees Sagittarius about to enter The Goat -where in on this tipping point degree- brings in more feeling-oriented distractions to handle with grace and courage.

Conclusions under The Shadow. A Lunar Eclipse. 28 November
The Shadow passage of this Mercury Retrograde passage will be just as telling as its’ Approach was, in where you may just feel, like things have not really returned to normal even though the Rx is over. And therein lies the truth of the matter. What we know, or thought we knew to be the truth, is not going to return to the comfort zones we once understood. Transformation for our world is officially 110% on.  As we release from the Lunar Eclipse at 06 degrees Gemini, who will be in a very weak conjunction to Retrograding Jupiter- the finalizations coming forth will increase our need for compassion upon this planet.  Another interesting conjunction from 08 degrees Capricorn also meets up upon this day between Mars and Pluto. This delicate formation intensifies energies to the potential of combative, impulsive, strict, and relentless forms of expression; wherein unscrupulous, fanatical, berserk and brutalities can be the outcomes if a thinking before you act practice is not adhered to. Under Lunar release of an Eclipse, it will be more than wise to carefully proceed.

Have we overloaded those astrological brain cells yet? This passage of Mercury Retrograde is one that will go down in our history books. The do’s and don’ts will be more than ever, completely and utterly necessary to listen to for this passage. What to do or not to do throughout 26 November? 

TO DO or NOT TO DO under Mercury REtrograde…
REmain in the eye of any possible storm around you… These handy tips can help bring ease over this upcoming period to allow personal success to be reaped!

*Expect CHANGE: in travel, routines, communications & schedules to occur suddenly
*Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
*Spend time in the RE’s: Relax, Revisit, Reflect, Redo, REcharge!
*Have Plan B (and Plan C, D or E if necessary) ready to go
*Gravitate to REsponding vs. REacting!

*“Freak out” when changes come up
*Rush: speaking, driving, doing anything!
*Sign important documents
*Initiate or buy anything new that you wish to have long-term success with.

Keep in Mind…
Try not to question everything at this time. And if you do, REflect in the actions and thoughts leading up to your DOUBT, and tell it please DO BUT OUT BUD. REmaining in the REsponse vs. the REaction will always manifest the positive energy to attract back to your free-will at any time. The more we can be flexible, the better results we see. Sometimes, it is taking that pause for a SILENT LISTEN that saves us.

With that all said, REmember too that it is your inner strength which must prevail through the free-will…. by remaining flexible and recognizing that change is nothing we should fear, you’ll REjoice.  The times to recognize simplicity are in full force of regenerating us, no matter what, we always can look around for something to be grateful for.

One of the great Lexigrams from MERCURY RETROGRADE says to YOU! GOT TO GO DO YOGA- and when a planet such as Mercury chooses to begin reflecting within Sagittarius, this practice couldn’t be more apropos to help ground any kind of mental energies wishing to spin out of control. This is the Mercurial calling in the here and now to remain the student, be willing to be educated and you’ll find victory, wherein your lfe, 04 degrees Sagittarius to 18 degrees Scorpio DARE YOU TO RETREAT, DARE YOU TO GO TRY OUT A GREAT COURAGE, and RECORD A MERCY DREAM TO CURE OUR RAGE.

REDO well, Dear Stars.


A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Mercury enters Scorpio

6:35am EDT

05 October

Our Messenger is right in time with our Karmic Adjustor Saturn as they both enter Scorpio upon 05 October. As our communications Guru spends time with The Eagle, it will be smart to make sure you are not engaging in any kinds of ruthless or skeptical mentalities. This choice of free-will only results in the lower energy of how Scorpio can operate within the deadly sting of The Scorpion.

Check in where Scorpio sits in your Zodiac Pie to know what area of life you can anticipate some movement and resourceful ideas coupled by penetrating and acute perceptions for this pass. The lack of detachment and variety along with a limited adaptability are to be avoided. Bitter, trenchant and intolerant methods of expressions will not bring out the truth. Rather, diplomacy is always The Eagles’ preferred way to soar into the mysteries and catch all the scope that wishes to be captured.

Mercury starts preparations for his upcoming Retrograde as his shadow begins 18 October. Communications and movement will be alive and well in this area of the life, and should unresolved issues be lingering here, probing and secretive mentalities are prominent for this pass. Not much will remain in the darkness that is meant come into awareness. Couple The Messengers’ presence with that of Saturn, and if you restrict your compliance to being responsible to what is being said within this area of the life, be prepared for sharp and piercing reactions to reign. Lessons needing to be learned will not be avoided.

Mercury moves ahead into Sagittarius 29 October before Retrograding upon the USA’s Election day 06 November, and returns to Scorpio once again upon 14 November, where he will remain in review until the 26 November. More to come on Mercury Retrograde, and what this last reflection offering in 2012 from our communications planet will have us wrapped up in redos and all those RE’s a bit later. Our Messenger, once in forward motion, will conclude his journey in Scorpio by 10 December.

Stay tuned Dear Stars. Life as we know it is really about to get extremely interesting….

Mercury enters Scorpio, 13 October

a quick word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Scorpio
6:52am EDT 13 October through 02 November

It’s time for secrets to be revealed and the truth to be told where The Eagle soars within your Zodiac Pie. Expect plenty of activity, communication, and even the sense of a dual force that has you doing more than one thing at a time in this area of the life. Whatever may be latent here, now sees some real movement to enliven it.

While journeying through Scorpio, Mercury is apt to stir up the depths of the unknown and profound events for us all to find some fascination with. Just in time for the tail end of the USA’s election season, if there are any lingering skeletons in those political closets, they’ll definitely be revealed now.

If jealousy, suspicion or obsession fuels mentalities, expect some Scorpion sting repercussions to unfold. Leave the brooding behind, and take on a passionate attitude towards getting to the bottom of any mystery in your life. Investigation and digging for the ultimate truth is highly favored for this transit.

What may save this passage from digging up too much trouble, is the energy of Venus, who always is just within a few degrees -or Zodiac steps if you will- of The Messenger the entire time, til they both enter Sagittarius upon 02 November. So, while Mercury will stir up changes within this area of the life, rest assured: Venus is paving the path of warmth and harmony if you choose to take up with her gifts of pleasantry. Being she tends to enjoy some financial gains, these very well may speak to you here now.

As always, a few words to the Lexigram wise on the intense energy of:



WHAT hidden power with these words do YOU SEE?
Spiral on, My Dear Stars!