A Monumental Mercury Retrograde

The Messenger Rx

06 November
6:04pm EST
26 November
5:48pm EST

04 degrees Sagittarius to 18 degrees Scorpio

Approach began: 18 October
When Mercury was last at 18 degrees Scorpio in Direct Motion.
Shadow ends: 13 December 

When Mercury is back at 04 degrees Sagittarius in Direct Motion.

Most people right now cannot even believe that we haven’t already been in a Mercury Retrograde passage, especially for those experiencing first hand the obvious changes surrounding the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in late October from Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, the USA’s East Coast, and all the way into Canada. Look up a few other world events since 18 October, and all of these actions did fall under the approach of this last backwards transit of our Messenger for 2012.  We know, as all doled out in a huge cry for humanity to deal with- we will continue right on through the Retrograde itself and as the shadow completes, we certainly can expect to experience the journey of change loud and clear.

Upon us now, is one of the most complicated Mercury Retrograde passages in quite some time in our Zodiac history. As our other planetary transits mix, mingle and communicate with our Messenger, we are truly receiving some intense lines of energy from above down here below to assimilate into our spiritual beings. Truly, there could not be a more pertinent time to be on your astrological toes, and know precisely how this passage is directly affecting your natal and collective charts.

Mystical Messages?
As soon as Mercury entered Sagittarius upon 29 October, he made a Direct Square to Neptune, (who has already been in reflection mode in Pisces since early June). This is one aspect that is making quite a force for the collective mentality to handle, as especially when it streams from mutable signs, much distress is seemingly created within our communications. With no grounded energies for our mentality and inner realms to grab on to, the tendency to gravitate to pure anxiety is all too easy to get lost within. These chaotic swirls will continue to cast sensitive, changeable, and more than the fair share of unpractical realities. It is highly advisable to remain in common sense practices, for the tendencies for nervous exhaustion and slander is immensely huge under this particular aspect between Mercury and Neptune.

As Mercury only reaches 04 degrees Sagittarius where he will station before going Retrograde, the direct square to Neptune will have softened, but then will start to intensify the potential for restless activities again as he moves backwards. By the upcoming Solar Eclipse 13 November, he is right back again on that 0 degrees of Sagittarius, wherein a couple hours after our lunar kick-off, he will directly square Neptune currently over at 0 degree Pisces, who will be moving forward at least. Looking ahead to December, they’ll have one more meet up upon the 11th, when Mercury, will be totally back to forward motion. Ideally, the beauty of a Mercury/Neptune connection is the way it can open a genius gateway to the artistic and metaphysical perceptions, but under a square, this must be done in silent practices far removed from chaotic environments to be able to properly achieve the best results.

Next. A Solar Eclipse. 13 November
While Saturn, who entered Scorpio for the next couple of years in early October, is wasting no time in getting those lessons out there that are allowing the truth to transform the collective; we have another massive energy coming forth from Scorpio just as our Messenger will renter it. Solar Eclipses bring surges of new energies to unfold from the sign they go off within that can last for up to a years’ time. This one will be sending out a regenerative energy that is one of the most powerful plays of truth at the 21 degree of Scorpio. Mercury retraces his steps back over this Solar Eclipse degree point by 20 November, and will cross over it again moving forward by 03 December. Loads of changes wishing to reveal themselves will be strongly speaking as Mercury sorts himself out at this time as you’ll see the forward motion of what the Solar Eclipse will wish to bestow upon you, kick itself into high gear. (Check in with 13 Nov Lunar-O-Scope on Bellesprit!)

A Sunny Day clouded by Noodling Nodes. 16 November  
On a Universal 16 Day that says take in a true SILENT LISTEN, Mercury Retrograde reaches back to 26 degrees Scorpio forming a close conjunction to the Sun at 25 degrees Scorpio; an exact to the North Node at 26 degrees Scorpio while opposing the South Node at 26 degrees Taurus. What kinds of energies will this Zodiac conversation bring into being? Collective communications are sure to see at least a bit of optimism and a “sun-shiny” feeling over them- and the ability to adapt to whatever changes will toss themselves around can be easily reached. However, when you involve the heavier responsibility of attention to the North Node (where emotional grace and learning must be currently placed within the life to be able to receive the karmic opportunity to grow and improve), something emotional is bound to burst wide open. Especially at the 26 degree mark, which tell us of Partnerships– and how to take our ultimate patience with any kind of one on one relating within our lives. Avoiding the argument and walking away is highly advised, and tuning in further to what is meant to be learning from the experience beckons to be heard. Meanwhile, over in Capricorn on this date, you’ll have the Moon waxing right over Pluto creating more emotional turbulence and requirements of fortitude just as Mars sits on 29 degrees Sagittarius about to enter The Goat -where in on this tipping point degree- brings in more feeling-oriented distractions to handle with grace and courage.

Conclusions under The Shadow. A Lunar Eclipse. 28 November
The Shadow passage of this Mercury Retrograde passage will be just as telling as its’ Approach was, in where you may just feel, like things have not really returned to normal even though the Rx is over. And therein lies the truth of the matter. What we know, or thought we knew to be the truth, is not going to return to the comfort zones we once understood. Transformation for our world is officially 110% on.  As we release from the Lunar Eclipse at 06 degrees Gemini, who will be in a very weak conjunction to Retrograding Jupiter- the finalizations coming forth will increase our need for compassion upon this planet.  Another interesting conjunction from 08 degrees Capricorn also meets up upon this day between Mars and Pluto. This delicate formation intensifies energies to the potential of combative, impulsive, strict, and relentless forms of expression; wherein unscrupulous, fanatical, berserk and brutalities can be the outcomes if a thinking before you act practice is not adhered to. Under Lunar release of an Eclipse, it will be more than wise to carefully proceed.

Have we overloaded those astrological brain cells yet? This passage of Mercury Retrograde is one that will go down in our history books. The do’s and don’ts will be more than ever, completely and utterly necessary to listen to for this passage. What to do or not to do throughout 26 November? 

TO DO or NOT TO DO under Mercury REtrograde…
REmain in the eye of any possible storm around you… These handy tips can help bring ease over this upcoming period to allow personal success to be reaped!

*Expect CHANGE: in travel, routines, communications & schedules to occur suddenly
*Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
*Spend time in the RE’s: Relax, Revisit, Reflect, Redo, REcharge!
*Have Plan B (and Plan C, D or E if necessary) ready to go
*Gravitate to REsponding vs. REacting!

*“Freak out” when changes come up
*Rush: speaking, driving, doing anything!
*Sign important documents
*Initiate or buy anything new that you wish to have long-term success with.

Keep in Mind…
Try not to question everything at this time. And if you do, REflect in the actions and thoughts leading up to your DOUBT, and tell it please DO BUT OUT BUD. REmaining in the REsponse vs. the REaction will always manifest the positive energy to attract back to your free-will at any time. The more we can be flexible, the better results we see. Sometimes, it is taking that pause for a SILENT LISTEN that saves us.

With that all said, REmember too that it is your inner strength which must prevail through the free-will…. by remaining flexible and recognizing that change is nothing we should fear, you’ll REjoice.  The times to recognize simplicity are in full force of regenerating us, no matter what, we always can look around for something to be grateful for.

One of the great Lexigrams from MERCURY RETROGRADE says to YOU! GOT TO GO DO YOGA- and when a planet such as Mercury chooses to begin reflecting within Sagittarius, this practice couldn’t be more apropos to help ground any kind of mental energies wishing to spin out of control. This is the Mercurial calling in the here and now to remain the student, be willing to be educated and you’ll find victory, wherein your lfe, 04 degrees Sagittarius to 18 degrees Scorpio DARE YOU TO RETREAT, DARE YOU TO GO TRY OUT A GREAT COURAGE, and RECORD A MERCY DREAM TO CURE OUR RAGE.

REDO well, Dear Stars.


A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Explore the Wheel!

Mercury enters Sagittarius

29 October
2:18am EDT

As the approach to Mercury Retrograde began 18 October, the level in Scorpio continued to rise as Saturn’s presence within this sign calls forth responsibility for a long passage when it comes to understanding transformation within our lives.
For those in the Northeastern Unites States, Mercury’s present movement over the tipping point (crossing point of 29 degree of last sign to 0 degree of the next) from Scorpio to Sagittarius comes as precisely as Hurricane Sandy is making history. As always when dealing with the 29th degree, you have quite volatile energies at play, and with an ever changing planet like Mercury, it will cause some of them to seem highly out of control. (and let us not leave out the Full Moon that will be peaking later in the day).  Between the 29th degree and the actual calendar date of 29 October, the know of the emotional 29 here through the Chaldeans title of ‘Grace Under Pressure’ is ringing through loud and clear as the response necessary in the here and now. Respond with grace to whatever comes your way, or be ready to reel in the seas of emotions spinning out of control.
Our Messenger only starts his journey for a short passage within The Archer upon 29 October, where in swirls of independent, roving, aspiring and ever-aiming mentalities surface on the collective. What also is striking is the direct square to Neptune at 0deg Pisces, which undoubtedly is causing much of the chaotic swirls that are casting sensitive, changeable, and more than the fair share of unpractical realities. It is highly advisable to remain in common sense practices, for the tendencies for depression and nervous exhaustion is immensely huge under this particular aspect between Mercury and Neptune.

Even as he slows down and stations a couple of days before 06 Nov at the 04 degree of Sagittarius, this square energy to Neptune will be in full affect until after Mercury reenters Scorpio 14 November. When the act of thinking before you speak is the habit, Mercury is better able to seek pause and target superficial transitory, and inspired perceptions to come out to play verses dreamy, cunning, and absented minded foolishness.

The first portion of the Retrograde passage throughout 14 November will focus upon developing reflection, continuity and judgment; all of which the Messengers’ energy in The Archer naturally lacks. Mentalities may very well struggle for focus, as when one is not looking where they are going in a mutable fire sign, you can bet minds will run to the restless and scattered. Blunt and tactless conversations will be a plentiful.

One of the great Lexigrams from MERCURY RETROGRADE says to YOU! GOT TO GO DO YOGA- and when a planet such as Mercury chooses to begin reflecting within Sagittarius, this practice couldn’t be more apropos to help ground mental energies that will get too great of an urge to simply be out of control. Stay the student, be willing to be educated, and you’ll find genuine and honest victory here.

More to come soon on the dos and don’ts for our final Mercury reflective pass for 2012 that begins 06 November.

Minding Mercury REtrograde in The Archer’s Aims

“As one, one, always one.
So what do I have to do to get you
to admit who is speaking?

Admit it and change everything!
This is your own voice echoing off the walls of God.”

Rx Begins: 2:19am EST 24 November @ 20 degrees Sag
Direct: 8:43pm EST 13 December @ 03 degrees Sag
Approach: Began 04 November-
The last day Mercury was at 03 deg Sagittarius

Shadow: Ends 01 January 2012-
The next time Mercury reaches 20 deg Sagittarius going Direct

First things first. It’s time for us all to remove our “fears” that are typically associated with this planetary transit. When approached with the right attitude, the very REwards from a Mercury REtrograde are ones that we are not meant to miss.

“Remember that planets do not “cause” anything. If instead we go back to the idea of “as above, so below” and think once more of a stage on which the planets are moving, then the times that Mercury, the master communicator and trickster, walks backward are simply extra tricky times. After all, the image of the jester walking backwards is suspicious, to say the least. What is he up to now? What is he backing away from? The already slippery nature of Mercury is even trickier to pin down during his retrograde days. During such days, he demands that we pay extra special attention to mercurial things. We can ignore this and be tricked and bamboozled. Mercury takes great pleasure in the fact that either way we are dealing with Mercury, voluntarily, or involuntarily.” ~Laurence Hillman, ‘Planets in Play’

Like sleep, this passage offers the proper time within our planetary cycles to recharge ourselves. Without these needed times the Universe schedules for redoing, reorganizing, and reflection- the collective would not move forward optimally. Being Mercury is the keeper of our thinking, mentality, communications and movement of all kinds, it is this part of ourselves that deserves a “tune-up.” (aside from any your car may request a repair for over this time 😉

By choosing to resist the changes that a transit like Mercury Retrograde presents for us, then that “scary” energy of The Messenger undoubtedly will happily find us toying with the tricks he plays. Your free will decides upon this “fate.” The key to achieving success under any Mercury Retrograde Period is to expect change, and embrace it. Knowing like attracts like, those that choose to become aggravated and frustrated by The Trickster over this passage, willingly jump on their own chaos train. Mercury doesn’t “do this” to anyone.

This time Mercury has picked Sagittarius to bring forth the necessary RE’s of REtrograde that are well advised to follow as we weather The Messengers’ final backwards journey of 2011. The IDEAS that come to you under your reflective time are meant to be a huge part of the REwards that aim in your life as AIDES.

With Sagittarius being the sign of perspective, honesty, optimism, and expansion- these are the virtues we are meant to adhere to the most as we gravitate to the actions of: REdoing, REpairing, REassessing, REading, REvisiting, REjoicing, REaligning, REsting, REviewing, and by all means RElaxing!

As we accept Mercury’s request for reflection, REsponding vs. REacting is the key to finding REward during this passage. There will be buzzes of changes that will undoubtedly occur while this Retrograde plays out. Especially while The Messenger is backtracking in the mutable fire sign that Sagittarius is, the potential for energy to spin out of control is high to occur. While we are wise to avoid important decisions and initiations for future success at this time, our activity and behavior while in REassessment is imperative.

Look to the 03 deg to 20 degree Sagittarius piece of your personal Zodiac Pie to see where reflection urges to find you under this upcoming passage. Remember as well…

The DO’s & DON’TS of Mercury REtrograde…

REmain Calm!
Expect CHANGE: in your plans, travel, routines, & schedules to occur suddenly
Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
REvisit unfinished projects and our past
Have Plan B, C, and possibly D REady at all times
Spend time in the RE’s: RElax, REvisit, REflect, REdo, REcharge!
Gravitate to REsponding vs. REacting!

“Freak out” when changes come up
Rush: speaking, driving, doing anything involving movement!
Sign important documents
Initiate anything new

Keep in mind, those events and situations that have occurred since 04 November- fall under the approach of this Retrograde. We tend to start to see the things that will undergo reassessment emerge over these couple weeks, in the specific areas of your life noted above. Equally before the shadow completes upon 01 January 2012, you will see further opportunities for final adjustments that need to be made from all action occurring within the retrograde period.

Another star secrets “tid-bit” from Numerology is able help us handle our understanding of Mercury Retrograde through its’ Name Expression, which calculates to a 13, that of ‘REgeneration – Change.’ Said the Chaldeans of this number that equally tells us to expect the unexpected: “13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion. The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds.”

As always the uncanny power of Lexigrams is also here to REmind you how to best find ease under this passage. There is an important tale for every sign to hear that is told as we poetically phrase the anagrams found within the very title of Mercury Retrograde:



Even though we are now amidst the merry buzz of another Holiday Season, there is priceless value in just simply going along with the course that change can naturally takes us. What area of the life will you witness these RE’s to occur? Here is a handy guide from the collective perspective to guide you in making the most of this Universal gift of REflection. Taking time to ponder REview in this area of the life will be time well spent and unwrap the true blessings that can be found. Should you know your Rising Sign/Ascendant, especially check-in with your natal chart to see the area of life 03 to 20 deg Sagittarius equally REquires your attention.

Aries: How I Believe in Higher Education/Philosophy/Wisdom
Taurus: How I Transform Wealth/Death & Rebirth/Sexuality
Gemini: How I Relate to Partnerships/Marriage
Cancer: How I Serve Health/Service to Others
Leo: How I Create my Creativity/Children/Love Affairs
Virgo: How I Nurture the Home/Family/Environments
Libra: How I Communicate my Thinking/Mentality
Scorpio: How I Have Values/Earning Power
Sagittarius: How I Am with First Impressions/Approaches/Mask to the World
Capricorn: How I Process my Inner World/Subconscious
Aquarius: How I Socialize in Groups/Friendships/Hopes & Dreams
Pisces: How I Structure my Career/Public Life

So, My Dear Stars, it’s time to RElease your fears and become friends with Mercury Retrograde. REmember to be in PATIENCE with yourself with a little I TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE, which will ideally manifest as you choose a Sagittarian true honest LISTEN: I SIT IN SILENT TIES IN TEN- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 TEN, I ENLIST IT.

Happy REflective Mercury REtrograde trails to you! More to come on how your Lunar-O-Scope for the upcoming New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius all tie into The Messengers energies, so stay tuned!

Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius 02 November

A quick word on The Idealist
and The Messenger….

02 NOV
Venus enters Sagittarius 4:51am EDT

Mercury enters Sagittarius 12:54pm EDT

The Lover of Harmony and Mr. Messenger are now hand in hand where The Archer aims in your Zodiac Pie! After all the recent stirring up to achieve balance where Scorpio intensifies within our lives, it’s time to allow some movement and value-oriented energies to visit where all the mutability of jovial Sagittarius brings optimism and good fortune to your life.

Collectively, Sagittarius is gearing up for a Solar Eclipse that kicks off the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, 25 November. Looking back to the last Lunar Eclipse here upon the 15 June 2011, the opportunity to release over these past months to make way for space to be reopened here has been unfolding ever since. What will be a little tricky about the new beginnings to come in Sagittarius, is that The Messenger will have just entered its’ final Retrograde Passage of 2011 upon Thanksgiving Day. Knowing Solar Eclipses trigger a long-term period of fresh starts, once Mercury’s Shadow officially concludes upon 01 Jan 2012, this is when you’ll really start to see them optimally move forward, right in time for ringing in the Universal New Year.

While Venus and Mercury stay close together to grow where The Archer flourishes philosophy and belief within our lives, much freedom and exploration is seen to communicate with us. As Venus places our affections in impulsive, sincere and adventurous scenarios; guarding against superficiality, precocious or fickle reactions is highly recommended. Mercury engages our mentalities to try on independent, aspiring, and versatile ways of thinking; while equally avoiding opportunist, garrulous or argumentative methods of expression are wise choices to make.

Be cautious as well to sense the possible lack of reflection, continuity, or judgment in this area of the life, as the mutable fire nature of Sagittarius is well know to burn itself out of control. Harmony can be found by adhering to honesty, tapping into generosity, and remaining in the mindset that you glass is half full in this area of the life.

Till Mercury goes Retrograde, enjoy what springs up anew within the aims of The Archer. Be aware after the Approach begins 04 November, what transpires over this time will see it’s fair share of reflection, change and review from 24 November throughout 13 December.