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Mercury enters Sagittarius

29 October
2:18am EDT

As the approach to Mercury Retrograde began 18 October, the level in Scorpio continued to rise as Saturn’s presence within this sign calls forth responsibility for a long passage when it comes to understanding transformation within our lives.
For those in the Northeastern Unites States, Mercury’s present movement over the tipping point (crossing point of 29 degree of last sign to 0 degree of the next) from Scorpio to Sagittarius comes as precisely as Hurricane Sandy is making history. As always when dealing with the 29th degree, you have quite volatile energies at play, and with an ever changing planet like Mercury, it will cause some of them to seem highly out of control. (and let us not leave out the Full Moon that will be peaking later in the day).  Between the 29th degree and the actual calendar date of 29 October, the know of the emotional 29 here through the Chaldeans title of ‘Grace Under Pressure’ is ringing through loud and clear as the response necessary in the here and now. Respond with grace to whatever comes your way, or be ready to reel in the seas of emotions spinning out of control.
Our Messenger only starts his journey for a short passage within The Archer upon 29 October, where in swirls of independent, roving, aspiring and ever-aiming mentalities surface on the collective. What also is striking is the direct square to Neptune at 0deg Pisces, which undoubtedly is causing much of the chaotic swirls that are casting sensitive, changeable, and more than the fair share of unpractical realities. It is highly advisable to remain in common sense practices, for the tendencies for depression and nervous exhaustion is immensely huge under this particular aspect between Mercury and Neptune.

Even as he slows down and stations a couple of days before 06 Nov at the 04 degree of Sagittarius, this square energy to Neptune will be in full affect until after Mercury reenters Scorpio 14 November. When the act of thinking before you speak is the habit, Mercury is better able to seek pause and target superficial transitory, and inspired perceptions to come out to play verses dreamy, cunning, and absented minded foolishness.

The first portion of the Retrograde passage throughout 14 November will focus upon developing reflection, continuity and judgment; all of which the Messengers’ energy in The Archer naturally lacks. Mentalities may very well struggle for focus, as when one is not looking where they are going in a mutable fire sign, you can bet minds will run to the restless and scattered. Blunt and tactless conversations will be a plentiful.

One of the great Lexigrams from MERCURY RETROGRADE says to YOU! GOT TO GO DO YOGA- and when a planet such as Mercury chooses to begin reflecting within Sagittarius, this practice couldn’t be more apropos to help ground mental energies that will get too great of an urge to simply be out of control. Stay the student, be willing to be educated, and you’ll find genuine and honest victory here.

More to come soon on the dos and don’ts for our final Mercury reflective pass for 2012 that begins 06 November.

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