Don’t Blame Mercury Retrograde This November

Yes that “tricky time” otherwise known as “MRx” is coming up to seek your deepest reflection yet of our year of Being Reachable and Teachable Dear Stars. Mercury will Retrograde for the final Round 3 of 2019 from 31 October to 20 November, in the intensely regenerative sign of rebirth, Scorpio.

Are you one of those people who think you already know all about Mercury Retrograde and how it works? Have you and do you continue to blame all your problems on our Messenger planet during these times of the year versus stand up and become reachable and teachable concerning this cycle of reflection?

You would be correct about one thing. There is absolutely no question that Mercury Retrograde is well know to cause plenty of energetic upsets, delays, confusion, errors concerning communications and movement of all kinds. Thus, the requirement is extremely critical to practice the pause as well as our patience, and rerouting of any good plan you might have otherwise have intended to flawlessly and seamlessly experience.

However, trying to place the BLAME on Mercury Retrograde at any time it is in affect is only hurting yourself to ABLE A LAME ME and BE A LAME ME as our English language via Lexigrams allows us to spell out the truth.

As a professional astrologer for over 2 decades, I have watched people constantly get their panties in a bunch and cast their frustration in a fury to Mercury like he is the evil demon spirit that must be abolished. Or I endlessly watched people who are clueless it even is “MRx” at all, which is like watching dominos quickly fall. For me, from my planetary perspective, it really got painful watching people struggle and falter when I know when anyone is informed, things most certainly can be completely avoided. These repeated observations are what prompted me to develop my Mastering Mercury Retrograde programs.

THE FACT IS: Mercury Retrograde should never be “blamed.”

This recurring cycle is ultimately only meant to be respected and honored for what it absolutely is able to do for you. If your free will chooses to do so, the rewards can only become yours. The first and foremost point to understand whenever “MRx” reoccurs:


If you try to force any kind of matter for future success during this approximate 3 week time frame, I do wish you good luck. However, you undeniably set up your supposed new foundation upon the sandiest ground you can find if initiating under a Mercury Retrograde time frame.

Yet, if you intend upon taking a look at your life on a personal level and look back at what already exists and for this passage, where 27 to 11 degrees of Scorpio affects your natal chart and sun sign timing is everything scope, I commend and salute you. Undoubtedly, you will find the honoring of reflection, correction, reassessment and recharge to work to your fullest benefit. You have all the time you need to properly prepare as the Approach starts, 11 October.

Astrology has a wise saying, “The stars compel, they do not incline.” Being aware and armed with advanced Mercury Retrograde insight only allows you to be able to have fun, remain flexible, and know that all the stirs of changes are meant to be happening whenever it is in affect. Hence another valid astrological mantra, “As above, so below.”

Resisting the fact that another Mercury Retrograde period is in planetary “play” is probably one of the most futile things any person could do. Did you know that if you add up the hours we experience all Mercury Retrogrades for an entire calendar year, (anywhere from 3 to 4 times), these hours are equivalent to the amount of time we actually sleep during the course of a years’ time?

So if you are not blaming Mercury for what you didn’t properly prepare for in the first place, you can stop and recognize that his Retrograde cycles are as essential as getting a goodnight’s rest. Timing is everything in our lives, and when the timing is Mercury Retrograde, we are meant to slow down, rest, relax, and be willing to reflect accordingly.

Each and every Mercury Retrograde cycle is different, and this is absolutely critical to understand. Being it never cycles through the same zodiac signs twice within the other planetary transits in play, each one energetically has a distinct message and theme we are meant to integrate into our personal pictures.

What’s your upcoming Mercury Retrograde reflection story for November 2019? How will you be Deepening Your Transformation for Truth?

Are you prepared to reexamine what specific area of your life this November asks for you to take accountability and become responsible to reflect, dive deep into transforming the truth and make your necessary adjustments accordingly?

Or are you one of those people? “Let’s just BLAME Mercury Retrograde!” Not so cool to BE A LAME ME, is it?

The free will choice is always yours, Dear Stars.
Let’s get you ready to be only proclaiming you are Mastering Mercury Retrograde, 31 October to 20 November.

Mercury Retrograde & Your Timing in 2016: 5 Things You Need To Know

MRXlexigramsSStar“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of cycles. You’d better try to understand them, because all of your timing and often your luck is tied up in them.” ~Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca

There are regular periodic cycles that astrology always promises will change our times, so aligning peace of mind is absolutely necessary to better understand the benefits that can be brought to our lives. One such cycle is Mercury Retrograde, the astrological offering for review, reflection, redo and release.

Who is Mercury anyway and what does “Retrograde” mean?

Mercury -also known as The Messenger as our closest inner planet from above- is in charge of our movement, electricity, communications, thinking, mentality, along with any and all exchanges of information down here below.

Approximately 3 times each year, he retraces his measured degrees within his current zodiac transit for about 3 weeks.

Think of a person -or in this case a mass of a planet in our Universal energy field- placing a blindfold on and then walking backwards. Now you get the basic gist of “retrograde” and it’s effects. Is it starting to make sense our actions and events just might become ultimately disarrayed as a result of this cycle?

2016’s Mercury Retrogrades (MRx) Cycles
05 to 25 January in Aquarius/Capricorn | Approach begins: 19 Dec 2015

28 April to 22 May in Taurus | Approach begins: 14 April

30 August to 22 September in Virgo | Approach begins: 09 Aug

19 December to 08 Jan 2017 in Capricorn/Sagittarius | Approach begins: 02 Dec

5 Things You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde
1.   You are meant to embrace change & reflection.

2.   Total Hours of MRx in 1 Year = The Hours We Sleep in 1 Year.

3.   Each MRx cycle is different in it’s requests, no two are alike.

4.   Human error is highest under this passage.

5.   Being friends with PATIENCE  allows victory for any MRx cycle.

Added Bonus Cycle of Reflection | Mars Retrograde 17 April to 29 June
2016’s second Mercury Retrograde 28 April to 22 May will be “extra turbulent” as it will run simultaneously during a Mars Retrograde cycle. Mars dynamically guides our actions, desires, motivations, drive, conclusions and endings in life.

Like Mercury, when he isn’t looking where he is going, the energetic affects of Mars can be ten times what Mercury rolls out to navigate through with success with anything you are planning. Being properly prepared for May 2016 will be a wise move by any soul.  Learn more about Mars and 2016: Choosing Our Courage.

Let’s Master Mercury Retrograde for You or Your Business in 2016!
Looking back within our lives under these offerings for review, redo and release allows us to naturally see what progress we’ve made, what needs reworking, and most importantly, to remember to have fun with our RE’s of life. Our soul under Mercury Retrograde will be all the happier, and operate from a complete peace of mind as the changing times of MRx will be upon us.

Business Solutions Workshops
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Returning to Nurturing Our Perceptions, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini

MRXlexigramsSStarMercury’s Reflection in Cancer & Gemini, 07 June to 01 July 2014
We know you’ve been already feeling the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde (MRx) coming since the Approach began 22 May, certainly calling loud and clear that all bets for forward motion are off, even a few days before it officially begins. Being in awareness about Mercury’s Approach & The 5 Things You Need To Know, are you now ready for some necessary retreat and yes, by all means relax time to officially begin?

Where Will You Find A Request Returning You to Nurture Your Perceptions?
Mercury will affect two separate areas of our lives as he backtracks through Cancer until 17 June, and then finishes off his review and redo passage in Gemini until 01 July. Follow our weekly Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for your individual forecast where reflection wishes to personally find you. Tune-in every Sunday, as each and every sign receives a weekly breakdown and personal focus as this transit plays out from above in our lives down here below. Our goals are to ultimately assist anyone with the proper awareness tools to align, and in this case realign your peace of mind during changing times!

Where Review, Rerouting and Retreat Are Favored For You
While Mercury Retrograde affects just about anything that moves in life, looking at the simplicity of your Sun Sign points to one specific area of life you’ll be personally asked to honor our Messenger’s requests. A closer look at your natal chart (calculated from your precise hour of birth determining your Rising Sign) provides even more intimate details as to where reflection is ideally favored.

Aries: I Nurture Home/Family/Environments through 17 June
I Communicate Thinking/Mentality/Communications until 01 July

Taurus: I Communicate Thinking/Mentality/Communications through 17 June
I Have Values/Earning Power/Possessions until 01 July

Gemini: I Have Values/Earning Power/Possessions through 17 June
I Am Approaches/Mask to the World/First Impressions until 01 July

Cancer: I Am Approaches/Mask to the World/First Impressions through 17 June
I Process Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past until 01 July

Leo: I Process Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past through 17 June
I Socialize Friendships/Organizations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes until 01 July

Virgo: I Socialize Friendships/Organizations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes through 17 June
I Structure Career/Public Life/Authority until 01 July

Libra: I Structure Career/Public Life/Authority through 17 June
I Believe Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education until 01 July

Scorpio: I Believe Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education through 17 June
I Transform Death & Rebirth/Sexuality/Wealth until 01 July

Sagittarius: I Transform Death & Rebirth/Sexuality/Wealth through 17 June
I Relate Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others until 01 July

Capricorn: I Relate Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others through 17 June
I Serve Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets until 01 July

Aquarius: I Serve Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets through 17 June
I Create Creativity/Children/Love Affairs until 01 July

Pisces: I Create Creativity/Children/Love Affairs through 17 June
I Nurture Home/Family/Environments until 01 July

Reaping the “RE” Reward Under Mercury Retrograde
Remember, this is the true time to get our dictionaries out and revel in the “re” action words, for Mercury’s backwards motion from 03 degrees Cancer back to 24 degrees Gemini will only cause resistance if we do not heed this mighty call. As we start off this necessary rest period, Mercury communicates with a weak trine to Neptune at 07 degrees Pisces, asking for us to be discerning with what we perceive within our thought banks, being Neptune is a planet that can engage deception along with hiding the reality of things. While trine relationships do cast off a sense of ease and flow, we are advised to not allow our imaginations to “run wild” as these two sensitive water signs make contact. This connection can allow a positive channel to speak strongly between our conscious and subconscious realms, wherein, as always, it is the value of taking pause within the SILENT LISTEN that ultimately assists in avoiding any dreaminess and spiraling off into a lack of focus.

As Mercury re-enters Gemini on 17 June, expect the typical Mercury “upsets” and “tricks” to increase and be a natural part of the movement you will encounter until 01 July. Many will sense a lack of persistence, passions and instinct wherever the latter degrees of Gemini lives within their personal natal chart under Retrograde. The demands to master taking extra pause within our moments to respond in calm to the changes that will be displaying themselves around us will be requested. As our Messenger backtracks within The Twins -the sign of duality guided by the mutability of air- it will be the true test of recognizing the stirs of information circulating around us that may be highly inaccurate, superficial, and simply not worth reacting to.

Double Layer Cake of Reflection Begins 13 June
It will be equally wise to be on the look out for  your upcoming LunarOScope 13 June for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which will also ask we aim in further reflection where The Archer will cast off completion and release, as another waning phase begins. As this normal and natural time of the month for reassessment decreases our lunar light once more, under Mercury Retrograde, the calling for review becomes extremely intense. Further responsibility to slow down, re-work, and recognize our current limitations will have us all notice spontaneous feelings around, redefining how we experience our freedoms and disseminate knowledge. The Moon Void of Course periods over 13 June to 27 June equally cast off a “triple layer cake” of reflective request.

Think Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Affect You?
Those wishing to react and remain in resistance to the normal flux of changes that Mercury’s “vacation mode” causes involving our schedules, routines, communications, information exchanges and any mechanism that moves -deciding instead to go forward with long term plans- will find themselves with intense lessons to learn as all will end up being riddled with errors. Anyone’s fee will choosing otherwise certainly will experience the definition of insanity- and the time spent later on having to redo things could have simply been avoided. If we deny this necessary request of review and reflection, we completely ignore what we are meant to be learning from the valuable reassessment experiences that this passage truly does present to us.

Beneficial time is wisely spent getting all unfinished business within these areas of our lives reassessed, reviewed, and rehashed. What old projects are not done where Cancer and Gemini affect your life? What can you research? What have you forgotten about? Who haven’t you spoken to from connected to this area in a while? Revisiting what has already been placed in motion -especially what has occurred since the last Mercury Rx in February- the past now asks to be cleared up, opening the doors to make way for new beginnings that will be much safer to embark upon once the passage concludes.

To Do and Not To Do Under Mercury Retrograde
Remain in the eye of any possible storm around you, as the genuine request for listening and a patience pace is all the more required for another Mercury Rx round of review. These handy tips can help bring ease over this upcoming period to allow personal success to be reaped!

*Expect CHANGE: in travel, routines, communications & schedules to occur suddenly
*Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
*Back-up information, replace or upgrade technology already in place
*Spend time in the RE’s:
Relax, Rest, Reread, Rewrite, Revisit, Reconnect, Reflect, Redo, Recharge!
*Have Plan B (and Plan C, D or even E if necessary) always ready to go
*Gravitate to Responding vs. Reacting!

*“Freak out” when changes come up
*Rush: speaking, driving, whatever involves movement in your life
A great practice is to take pause & count to 10 before doing anything!
*Sign important documents
*Initiate or buy anything new that you wish to have long-term success with.
ie: Get married, start just about anything- especially a relationship, business, adventure.

When to Slowly Move Forward Under The Shadow
As the Approach began 22 May, when Mercury was last at the 24 degree Gemini point he will return to by 01 July, we started to see what we will be called to truly reflect and reassess under the Retrograde passage itself. Until 16 July, we are under the Shadow period, where it will take Mercury this much time to retrace his backwards steps until he is back at 03 degrees Cancer where he officially began his request for review 07 June. Et Viola! We’ll be complete for another review session where our Messenger is concerned until Autumn 2014. Know, under the Shadow, it is safe to move forward once more, but do be sure to still take on an air of caution and make sure the details involved are correct and double-checked.

Lexigrams and Mercury Retrograde
One last piece of star secret advice comes from the wisdom of Lexigrams, what’s really in a name. As we poetically phrase the anagrams we can derive from any word, name, or in this case, title: we can spell out the truth that leads us to also discover what we are best to do under this passage called Mercury Retrograde to find our resolve within it.



Remember, to truly CURE OUR EGO, GO MEET and GREET the RETREAT!

To Your Success within Mercury’s second offering in 2014 for finding reward in reflection!
Namaste, Dear Stars.

21 Days of Journal Exercises | Making the Most of MRx’s Requests

21DaysMRxJournalingMercury Retrograde (MRx) 
A planetary cycle from above that asks us to respect the actions of change, rest, reflection and review anywhere you may live on earth.

All matters concerning communications, movement, traveling, mechanics, electronics, and circulation of energy anywhere on the earth are all affected under this “backtracking cycle.”

The key to navigating Mercury Retrograde is allowing all changes to occur and respond to them without resistance nor reacting in frustration. How can we find outlets and tools to help us align our peace of mind in these changing times?

Get Ready. Set. Let’s Journal!

Mercury Retrograde takes us all to the power of the “RE” vocabulary. Engaging in the REconnect, REWork, REvise, REroute, REdo, REnew, REtreat and especially RElax are all great to do whenever it is MRx.

With REflection being our key “RE” action word throughout this cycle, if you do not already journal, now is the perfect time to start receiving your benefits with this mindful grounding tool.

1. Each morning, meditate within your own practice sprinkling in this intention:

“Whatever changes may show up in my day today, I easily embrace and accept them inthando my now.”

2. Take note of what you have planned for the day in your calendar planner.

3. Each evening or following morning, record how your original plans may have changed or altered.

4. As the close of Mercury Retrograde arrives, you will more than likely have very interesting evidence about the power of unexpected changes that show up under this cycle more so than any other time of the year.

5. REmember: The Approach (approximate 2 week period preceding MRx) to Mercury Retrograde allows us to receive the “preview of coming MRx attractions.” Starting to journal under The Approach is also highly favored!

The Shadow (approximate 2 week period that follows after MRx) connects the dots the all the recent Retrograde changes. This time frame is great to profoundly notice the ironing out and rewards that finally being able to move forward will then bring as we review our journaling journey.

GO DEEPER BONUS. Always check in with your Sun Sign’s reflection requests for any given MRx. What specific areas of life are you being ask to “dive deep” and return to the space of silence in retreat and get busy with healing, clearing and cleansing? See how you resonate with the reflective changes. Any Mercury Rx round profoundly asks you to reflect and do the necessary soul work from wherever it channels next in your natal chart.

Remember Mercury Retrograde supports returning to what already exists and is established, not making any kind of initiation intended for future success.

Start diving into YOUR reflection rewards….

13 December 2023 to 01 January 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn/Sagittarius 

01 to 25 April 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Aries (alongside March/April’s Eclipse Season)

05 to 28 August 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo/Leo 

25 November to 15 December 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (alongside Mars Retrograde, 06 December 2024 to 23 February 2025)

BE TOTALLY REACHABLE! The benefits of a Personal Forecast translated from your natal chart via your full birth date, place the entire MRx reflective icing on your timing is everything cake. Also Explore Powerful Empowerment Elearning.

Enjoy the Healing Magic that Mercury Retrograde can bring you! The more you rush doing ANYTHING, the more those “MRx tricks” find you. Mercury has a nickname in Astrology and it’s “The Trickster.” When your free will chooses to work with The Trickster you’ll be able to “play” extremely well during his “RE” game. That is where anyone can find tremendous reward as well as peace of mind in changing times!

Happy Rising UP to embrace reflection, review & retreat! 
Namaste Dear Stars.

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