Mastering Mercury Retrograde in 2020

While 2020 promises to be more than an innovative and shock factor year, we have plenty of Awakening the Unexpected that accompanies how we will witness this amplified and surprising time in our history unfold as the further promise of Becoming Friends With Simplification calls. As we look to our regular Mercury Retrograde (MRx) passages (which always occur about three times during any given year) we have additional timeframes to be acutely aware of due to other inner planet cycles of reflection that will intertwine along with them.

Understanding Mercury Retrograde and what it actually is meant to positively do for anyone is wise timing is everything wisdom to always take into consideration for our planning and scheduling needs. These recurring astrological cycles are mistakenly overly associated with fear and frustration, which absolutely is not the reaction we are ever meant to have with them.

Mercury Retrograde is always first and foremost: A Cycle of Reflection.

~Sharita Star

Read that last statement again.

The only reasons Mercury Retrogrades “trip up” anyone is that one: most people are unaware it is in affect because they have never been introduced to the value of astrology, and naively choose to make initiations for intended long term success during them. Two: those who are aware of it are fooled into believing they should fear it every time is comes back around because they are simply misinformed.

If you know what not to do, and most importantly, what you absolutely can do under these reflective, recharging, reassessment and ultimate “time out” periods: you will always be in the energetic flow of Mastering Mercury Retrograde.

Before we get into when all of 2020’s cycle of reflection periods will urgently ask us to have the heads up in our calendars, let’s give you some astrological tips and tools to implement during any of them.

Why Are We Not Favored To Move Forward Under MRx? 

Mercury is our Messenger planet from above that guides all communications, thinking, mentality, movement, electronics, transportation, travel, changes, perceptions, adaptability and all exchanges of information that occur down here below.

When in Retrograde -due to the backtracking energy that is cast off from Mercury- all of the matters it watches over do not function nor move forward optimally. Precisely why, anyone is well advised to utilize these periods of time for pause, redoing, and only focus upon reworking what already exists.

Human error is always highest under Mercury Retrograde than any other time of the year. Naturally, forward thinking and planting for future success under this time is equally not well supported. 

Therefore, hold off on important decisions such as: starting a business, signing contracts, launching a product, getting married, buying a new car, engaging in any kind of new relationship, purchasing new technology, or buying a new home. None of these will turn out well for the long-term, and if implemented under MRx, it is an astrological guarantee they are energetically tied up in faulty foundations that never have the genuine ability to sustain themselves for success.

What Are We Favored To Do With Success Under MRx?

Taking the first rule of thumb that Mercury Retrograde is a cycle of reflection, we are promised to flow with this reassessment time when we honor staying in this exact frame of mind. By only placing our attention upon what already exists, and choosing to wait and see about the future, our personal mastery of this cycle absolutely unfolds.

Getting out our “RE” vocabulary is one of the best ways we can discover ease and peace of mind.

Rerouting, reconnecting, reconsidering, recharging, resting, relaxing, reorganizing, researching, retreating, remembering, replanning, reframing, rescheduling, rekindling, repairing and replacing are all wonderful ways to reap the rewards of what this cycle of reflection is absolutely all about.

Mercury Retrograde is a marvelous time to work with: unfinished projects, revisiting existing creative outlets, reconnecting with old friends/former associates, reassessing existing business plans, practicing the pause, expecting rescheduling of plans, anticipating delays and set backs, having backup plans ready to go, replacing objects in need of repair (yet make sure these are done correctly), doing research, retreating away from the world, and above all, remembering to take a silent listen for oneself (extra meditation, journaling and yoga time please!).

Mercury Retrogrades & YOU! 

As everyone collectively experiences any and all MRx cycles, each one is energetically different from the last, making no two MRxs exactly alike. While the same rules of thumb will always apply, the pulse will always cast off unique affects being Mercury is in another zodiac sign each time. Equally, the other positioning of the planets above any MRx also will relate to, also are never in the same configurations.

For anyone’s individual experience, taking a look at your Personal Forecast is always extremely favored to know the precise and specific areas of your life that each one will be seeking your reflective focus within. Equally, holding a Mastering Mercury Retrograde Workshop for your business or personal team is an excellent investment to map out how these cycles distinctly affect the calendar year.

So, where is change and necessary reflection asking for your attention during any given year, and especially this one? Is it your income, lifestyle and vocation? Or your home/family life, wealth, and inner healing? Or how you approach your life, heart space and beliefs? What about your communication skills, relationships and hopes for the future? 

Wherever Mercury Retrograde lands in your life or business, know this: it is always time to sharpen the saw within it. The value of astrology is, you always have a precise map and blueprint to help personally guide you through any of them.

2020 Mercury Retrogrades 

Each Mercury Retrograde lasts for approximately 21 days (3 weeks). All have an Approach period, (date when Mercury crosses over the degree point it will fully Retrograde back to) and a Shadow period, (date when Mercury moving forward crosses back over the degree point it began to Retrograde upon). The Approach alerts us to what MRx reflections and matters are on the way to be resolved, while the Shadow allows us to tie up the loose ends and recorrect any natural errors that occur during the Retrograde itself.

16 February to 09 March | Learning to Trust Simplification

  • Mercury Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius
  • Approach Begins: 02 February
  • Shadow Ends: 29 March

18 June to 11 July | Nurturing Rebirth for Simplification

  • Mercury Retrograde in Cancer
  • Approach Begins: 02 June
  • Shadow Ends: 26 July
  • (alongside Venus Retrograde, 13 May to 25 June under Eclipse Season: 05 June, 21 June, 05 July)

13 October to 03 November | Uniting the Divide for Simplification

  • Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio & Libra 
  • Approach Begins: 24 September
  • Shadow Ends: 19 November
  • (alongside Mars Retrograde, 09 September to 13 November)

The Intensity of 2020: Other Overlapping Inner Planet Retrogrades & Eclipse Season

When we look to other influential and periods of time in 2020 that will equally be asking for our pause, patience as well as reflection from other angles- we find there are only 4 months in the entire year that are “inner planet retrograde free.” 

ONLY one-third of 2020 favors planting and initiating for future success. 

Otherwise, as we look to how Venus and Mars Retrogrades will also undeniably color 2020, we have a huge healing, recharging, regrouping and releasing year on our hands as we navigate the universal year pulse of Awakening the Unexpected in equal and more than intense tow.

13 May to 25 June: Venus Retrograde in Gemini 

Venus Retrograde will ask for all the “RE” rules like MRx, yet shift the reflective focus to our values, money, securities, relationships, affections, beauty, and luxuries. All of these matters will not favor forward motion during Venus’s backtracking, as they witness dramas, corrections, and the need for understanding surrounding them.

05 June, 21 June, 05 July: Eclipse Season

Late Spring and Early Summer finds us experiencing three intense eclipses, which will work further with our healing and emotional bank accounts. 05 June and 05 July Lunar Eclipses trigger long term passages of release and cleansing from Sagittarius and Capricorn; while 21 June’s Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse favors a strong channel of new beginnings from Cancer to emerge for up to a year’s time.

09 September to 13 November: Mars Retrograde in Aries  

Mars Retrograde will ask for all the “RE” rules like MRx, yet shift the reflective focus to our motivations, desires, passions, ability to take action, energy and vitality. All of these matters will not favor forward motion during Mars’s backtracking, as they witness conflicts, aggressions, penetrations, anger, with the complete need for courage in response to any of them.

Mastering 2020: Remain Alert, Aware and Practice Self-Care

In closing, there is no question we have a huge responsibility on our human hands to remain accountable to this year in full awareness to be more than mindful of our timing is everything scope. 

Success can be absolutely ours, yet it is the deeper understanding that in such a reflective year overall as well as one that wishes to strongly bring simplification to the surface for us all to embrace, our greatest ones will be seen by placing attention upon what already exists.

To Your Aligned Peace of Mind in Changing Times.


LunarOScopes, 20 January 2015, Let’s Begin (carefully)


New Moon in Aquarius 20 January 2015
Where Will You Feel Initiations & Fresh Starts?

What You Are Feeling? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises if you are not feeling good, you won’t think all too well either to be able to manifest the life you wish to see through belief.  Our Lunar Lady is astrologically in charge from up above of the possibilities our human emotions and feelings will channel down here below, providing us with the perfect advice to follow.

Being our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, so too do our feelings down here below reflect these precise patterns from above. We are able to find proper emotional focus to manifest from, depending upon where these cycles unfold within our individual lives.

New Moons start Waxing Phases, Let’s Begin
This two-week cycle favors actions involving anything new, as increasing energy moves forward in one half of your Zodiac Pie until the next Full Moon in Leo.

Moon Void of Courses (Moon VOC) Time Out Periods
Even under a Waxing Phase, you will not wish to plan, plant, purchase, or initiate anything of importance is when the Moon is Void of Course. This astrological passage occurs every couple days during our business and workweek, marking the critical request to take up in more reflective acts in solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in weekly with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times.

Reminder: Mercury Retrograde 21 January to 11 February
Approach Started: 05 January
Mercury, our planet of communications, thinking, movement, mindset & mentality takes his first reflective passage of 2015 in Aquarius. 20 January’s New Moon well advises to carefully monitor courses of action taken for long-term success under the normal waxing phase that typically favors all things anew. As the Approach began 05 January, what will need required review, redo and reworking will begin to speak until the retrograde officially begins 21 January, pointing to the expected changes that will naturally unfold under the retrograde cycle.

What’s Your Sun Sign?
The simplicity of your natal sun sign is a marvelous starting point to align peace of mind about what is naturally attracting and releasing within your life lunar month to lunar month.

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Socialize.
You are already on alert to changes with your groups, organizations as well as your hopes and wishes. While the call for fresh starts is here, you’ll equally find energy asking for your careful consideration. Look to what educates your beliefs to find the wisdom necessary for decisions you will carefully make.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Structure.
Recognition asks for you to shine in it within your career and public life, if you have done the legwork to receive it. Remember to find time to reflect upon what can be improved upon here. You’ll find, the answers for both connect to what responsibility is saying from your wealth and depths of your core.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Believe.
New educational processes seek for you to unite with them to inspire newfound beliefs, as another calling for review here says look at philosophies you no longer need to achieve. You’ll find, when you search your partnerships, the ones who offer you patience are the ones that can assist you the most.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Transform.
Matters of your wealth, other people’s money and all the ways to make what you have greater are on your intuitive radar. Core regenerative changes ask for your reflective energy to focus upon them. Much connects to the ways your habits, health and routines seek your responsible service to them.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Relate.
Plenty of fresh energy surrounds old relationships that come back into your picture, and all ask for your discernment of who stays or goes for the future. Whoever willingly wishes to work with you to properly guide and direct your creativity to the spotlight of recognition, are the ones to hold on to.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Serve.
Service to yourself, others, along with your health, habits and routines is thrilled to show you new ways to align in purity, which includes reviewing what you no longer need here. Connect the dots to what you are doing to be more diligent where you nurture your home and family life, and follow them.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Create.
What is it that is ready to step into the spotlight on your creative stage? While some innovative ideas are available, you’ll also find unfinished creative projects will be enjoyed as you now revisit them. Look for ones that involve your communicative means, pondering responsibility about how your think.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Nurture.
Initiating energy is emerging in your home and family life, but déjà vu might just also call, so be sure to listen closely to it. Find time to ponder ways to clean up all around on the home front. This may involve taking a true look at your possessions, and realizing what you no longer need for comfort.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Communicate.
Innovative ideas shoot now from that ever-aiming mind of yours, as you rediscover arrows that targeted old ideas and thinking to review and reflect upon. While it is the very beginning of a long cycle to change up your appearance and approaches to life, holding patience’s hand guides you well.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Have.
You’ll want to exercise your innate scrutiny and learning from experience with any stability that new streams of income may offer you. While new values are ready for you, be cautious with signing anything. The responsibility to your private time will come in handy for decisions needing to be made.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with who I Am.
While life calls you to take on new approaches to it, something still sits with you on those first impressions to stay in the space of review before placing a new mask upon your face. The world will see you anew soon enough, but speak with your friends, groups, hopes and dreams before doing so.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Process.
This is a necessary cycle that has you swimming in your inner world between what must heal from your past and making equally improvements to your solitary time. Listen carefully to what emerges when you are alone, for many answers speak of how to work better with your career and public life.

Other Need To Knows About What January’s New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Aquarius How Our Feelings Become Humane
20 January, 7:59am EST to 22 January, 7:48am EST
Engage: sincerity, logic, independence, genius, progress, friendliness, altruism
Avoid: reservation, obstinacy, inefficiency, erratic behavior, indifference, detachment

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
20 January, 8:14am EST, 00 degrees Aquarius
Consciously Aim For: Truth & Knowledge
Waxing Phase: 00 degrees Aquarius to 14 degrees Leo
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 03 February.

0 degree point lunation’s are amazingly powerful for regeneration and change within our lives. As we experience this 1st New Moon of 2015, it is flavored with more of a reflective feel on the station to Mercury turning Retrograde the following day, equally as it easily speaks with responsible tones to Saturn in Sagittarius. Whatever it is that our individual lives are meant to initiate, it will be wise to cross our t’s, dot our I’s and make sure what is coming forth anew, is practical and absolutely necessary within our lives.

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
~Consult a professional astrologer to receive an accurate analysis of your natal chart.
~Your natal chart points to where more intimate conclusions unfold this month.
~Look to your natal planetary placements: do any aspect this lunation’s degree point?
~Your natal chart’s view always works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScopes read.

Wishing You Aligned Emotions and Happy Attracting Dear Stars! Namaste.

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For those who enjoy the charts of astrology, our “Photograph of Time” upon 29 January’s New Moon in Aquarius, as it relates to all our other celestial bodies.20JanNewMoonSharitaStar

5 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Personal Forecast


“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of cycles. You’d better try to understand them, because all of your timing and often your luck is tied up in them.” ~Former Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca

Ah… it’s that merry time of the year again when most people who plan ahead -eagerly amongst their holiday hustle and bustle- are completely curious to know what’s coming up in the approaching New Year. Aside from forming New Year’s Resolutions, many want a bird’s eye view of what they can expect once the clock turns into 2015 at midnight, 31 December 2014.

While some can enjoy hearing their “predictions” from any given psychic,  for those who are open to understanding that the Universe already has a precise forecast for you -that is custom made and extremely personalized due to the very day you were born upon- you’ll want to keep reading.

Astrology and Numerology are two amazing tools we have here on earth for self-knowledge and guidance that can crack your timing codes and align your peace of mind like few others can. There are precise patterns of energy that constantly surround you called cycles. Cycles are depicted from both our astrological and numerological guidance.

Here are 5 reasons to help open your mind as to why astrology and numerology are able to provide you with a more than accurate forecast directly relating to your cycles, which, always still allow your free will the ability to optimally choose your experiences from at any given time.

1. Know Your “GPS” aka, Current Personal Year Cycle
Via numerology, you always are flowing in time in 9 year spans, that naturally circulate from 1 to 9 as you celebrate another birthday each year.  Each cycle provides us with powerful guidance directing us to a precise focus, that when applied, unfolds timely results we want to see verses living by default.

Wherever we may presently be in the 1 to 9 Personal Year Cycles- we are able to tap into our precise timing which will properly indicate our most favored moments of when to begin, when to reflect, when to learn, when to be patient, when to change and why we should expect it, when to seek to understand, when to be alone, when to expect recognition, and when to let go and release. What other joys that numbers can do for us is break down our forecast even deeper, as we equally “spin in time” in 1 to 9 month to month and day to day cycles.

2. Know When You Are Best to Begin or Reflect Every Month
Via astrology, one of the simplest forecasting tools comes from the very Moon we can see each night. From the natural beginnings of a New Moon, initiating a monthly waxing phase, increasing back in the light offering us time to begin- there is equally a right time to release upon a Full Moon as it kicks-off a monthly waning phase, favoring reflection and renewal. Within any natal astrological birthchart, the New and Full Moon every month is another precise timing tool indicating when and what area of life you can expect to be starting or finishing things up within.

3. Know When There Are Regular Workweek “Timeouts”
Via astrology, another complete time and money saver is knowing when a passage called Moon Void of Course occurs. This marvelous astrological timing tool precisely points to favored periodic “timeouts” in life that occur throughout any given workweek. All Moon VOC passages specifically advise against scheduling any initiations, important meetings or even making purchases of any kind for long-term success, for “nothing becomes of it.” Following this critical astrological “rule” as it also directly applies to you, prevents you from wasting valuable time and money!

4. Know When You Are Requested to Sharpen the Inner Saw
Via astrology, another cycle that people aimlessly go through life foolishly struggling through is Mercury Retrograde. When we have the “heads up” in advance about when our Messenger planet Mercury is going to do his “backwards” dance from above, we can also be completely forewarned and prepared to expect and embrace the natural communication and movement changes this reoccurring cycle brings. When Mercury is Retrograde, the passage asks for review and redo in your life, and this will occur in 3 different areas of it over one given year’s time. This is an inner planet cycle that truly is one that irritates most more than it is ever life threatening, so advanced awareness and preparation for it aligns amazing peace of mind.

5. Know How Your Astrology & Numerology Forecasts Relate
Via astrology and numerology, the cross-referencing of what is happening from the numbers side of your life can be examined right alongside the cycles that your natal astrology birthchart clearly sees is currently happening around you, from the Moon all the way out to Pluto. These directly relate due to the simple fact of how both subjects are guided by the same planets. When you know the planet behind your Current Personal Year, and see what area of life this is currently transiting in your astrology chart, you have a very precise and accurate place to understand those whys going on in life, ultimately pointing where it is absolutely best to focus to make more of that of aligning your peace of mind in your now.

There are many, many more than just 5 reasons why you should know your current Personal Forecast. Valuable, reassuring and incredible details unfold from your forecast about properly timing important decisions in your life, and the other whens, wheres, hows and why is life happening as it is around you. These are just the very beginning of the insightful benefits that understanding the cycles of astrology and numerology can provide for anyone.

So, what’s been stopping you? Isn’t it time to align peace of mind in your changing times?

LunarOScope, 13 June 2014


Full Moon in Sagittarius, 13 June, 12:11am EDT

Where Will You Feel Release and Conclusions?

Full Moons & Waning Phases Time To Reflect and Relax

Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you can expect something to release in this area of your life. Remember with all Full Moons as they start another Waning Phase, this two-week time frame until our next New Moon 27 June favors review and redo. As we arrive at a New Moon in the same sign within 6 months, what is concluding now will make the ultimate space for new seeds to be planted in this area of the life later on.

Do you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant)?
This will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective. Do consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 22 degrees Sagittarius is placed in your personal zodiac pie, pointing precisely to where finalizations are unfolding.

Check in with Your Birthchart.
What natal planets are placed near any 22 degree points?
These areas of the life will equally receive a direct line of communication from our 22 degrees 
Sagittarius Full Moon, asking to connect more clues as to how your reflections and releases will call loud and clear as we continue our journey into 2014.

Reminder of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini
The second calling from our Messenger Mercury of 2014 is on in full along with our lunar requests. What is important to note under a waning moon that is in sync with a Mercury Retrograde (MRx) passage is to be highly aware of what we are intending to birth into being. The number one rule of thumb under MRx is to carefully monitor beginnings, and as a waning moon passage rides along with it, the request to remain in review of our lives is even more heightened, as a “double layer cake” of reflection is favored. Equally being mindful of when the Moon goes Void of Course every couple days during our business and work week for this period- as these times mark a “triple layer cake” of taking up in our solitude and quieter soul activities. (Check in weekly with your Empowerscope on EmpowerRadio for all Moon Void of Course times)

Embrace the Regeneration – Change of Friday the 13th!
Check out this link and learn why this is not a day to fear nor resist!

Aries: Worn-out philosophies await release for what is meant to be a part of your future where I Believe. Reflect upon traveling. However you may venture under Mercury Retrograde, pursue something that heads your pioneering spirit towards higher education, and anticipate change. Take what you are learning and submit this channel to how you nurture the home and family life.

Taurus: Revitalizing your securities and financial situations asks for you to review other people’s money, investments, and resources, all where I Transform. Aim your roots deeper into intimacy, to completely illuminate and regenerate from your core, for rebirth is speaking. Taking time to balance your thoughts and be cautious where you communicate brings forth the peace you need.

Gemini: People are your pleasure Mini Gem, and now it’s time to tap into which ones fit or don’t where I Relate. Whatever partnerships need repair- this is a fabulous time to weigh the pros and cons. Lingering legal agreements find conclusions. Concerns associated with how you earn, what you have and value, ask to surrender to accepting your approaches to life must be reinvented.

Cancer: Intuition is spot on in telling you to improve your routine, personal habits, or health where I Serve. Changes now alter your abilities to be of service to the world, offering renewal in your routine, health and habits. Your pets may need your attention. If you feel a divide as new approaches are calling you to action, time spend in solitude will show you which wave to ride.

Leo: You have conclusions arriving where I Create. Your latest adventure here now finishes, and it is wise to release any tired inspirations. Children or “brain-children” require your loyalty as will love affairs. Pay close attention to what dreams may tell you about your waking world, these answers are able to provide support to future hopes and wishes, to master your social scene.

Virgo: Conclusions pertaining to your home and family life, where I Nurture come into light. Don’t react to any dramas: respond! Listen to the instinct you hear from any déjà vu, you are not to doubt it for a second- its’ message holds karmic mystery to solve. More evening the score surfaces from your groups and friends, as you acknowledge the ones that bring you solidarity.

Libra: Worn out ways of thinking where I Communicate ask for you to allow intellectual desires to release, as you refresh your mentality and ideas. Siblings may call your attention now, as well as neighbors. There are clues that pertain to bringing in that balanced tone you adore so much that will to speak to your career and public life, but it will take your patience to weigh them out.

Scorpio: Necessary changes to find conclusions within your values and understanding of what I Have are now on in full, equally readjusting your earning power. Your possessions also request transformation, as it is the perfect time to let things go that you no longer need. As you connect it all to what is streaming from your beliefs, you’ll find the united answers you seek for simplicity.

Sagittarius: The lunar spotlight shines upon the I Am of you Dear Archer, which means slow down just a little bit to catch the benefit of these reflective energies. Old approaches and impressions to life leave you, allowing the world to see you renewed. It all feels intense as you are in the midst of an amazing rebirth from your core, but you feel wealthier than ever before.

Capricorn: Strong emotions stir within the inner layers of your psyche and the unknown, where I Process. Your subconscious urges to shift your focus to toil with the most hidden parts of yourself, where your innate patience helps you to listen. Plenty of reflection will speak to what is going on in to balance your relationships, which may also visit you within nighttime dreams.

Aquarius: Energy now releases from your friendships and organizations, where I Socialize, as roles and wishes seek change here. Accept that spontaneous invitation- it reveals an adventure that connects the past to the future. The toying you have done about how to serve the world, your habits, routines and health better, can equally hear the answers to find the union you seek.

Pisces: Your career and public life calls for reflection as conclusions are necessary where I Structure. Your purpose, mission, and reputation ask for soul-searching, and it is in stillness that you hear your intuitive gifts. A simultaneous call wishes to unite it all to what you create, for there is a masterful creation in the works when you swim in calm waters to take in the learning.

Other Need To Knows About What The Full Moon Means For You

Moon enters Sagittarius How Our Feelings Become Enthusiastic
11 June, 11:23am EDT to 13 June, 1:04pm EDT
Engage: exploration, education, philosophy, inquiry, honesty, independence, joy
Avoid: restlessness, outspokenness, argumentativeness, superficiality, tactlessness

Full Moon When Our Feelings Find Release
13 June, 12:11am EDT, 22 degrees Sagittarius
Consciously Aim For: Wisdom
Waning Phase: 22 degrees Sagittarius to 05 degrees Cancer
Energy completes and releases within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 27 June.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
13 June, 12:11am to 1:04pm EDT
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. As we welcome our second waning moon of Spring, as our Full Sagittarius Moon opposes our Sun at 22 degrees Gemini we will be asked to hold off and remain in pure reflection and review until it enters Capricorn.

22 Submission – Caution A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our energy properly, this Full Moon request at the 22nd degree point indicates we are wise to discern the duality at our midst and find a cooperative solution. The 22 is a master number, of which the Chaldeans saw these warnings to be well aware of: “22 is symbolized by the ancients as ‘a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.’  In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

While any Full Moon casts the energy off for a completely reflective feel, at this degree point, we are called towards the realms of really standing in full awareness, so we can hear both sides of what needs to be mastered within this area of our life to release it fully and avoid becoming the fool. This lunation makes very complicated aspects to Jupiter in Cancer, who also just so happens to be at the 22nd degree. Our Philosopher planet is caught in quite the “canumdrum” as one might say. Jupiter simply doesn’t relate elementally nor via duty in life to neither our Full Moon nor Sun, although it is matched up mathematically with them both.

With a fire/Sagittarius Full Moon & Air/Gemini Sun, the water/Cancer sign channel from Jupiter cannot “speak easy” at this “odd” alignment at the 22nd degree; technically defined as the aspects of inconjunct (150deg apart) and semi-sextile (30deg apart). Equally, with Gemini and Sagittarius being Mutable Communicators, Jupiter in the Cardinal Leadership sign of Cancer just might try to steal the spotlight of this lunation show and blow a many things out of proportion if the responsibility to this master number vibration is not carefully met. The real key to managing this Full Moon is to make sure whatever you so, you do not over do it, or have such unrealistic faith, you become the 22’s “good man, blinded by the folly of others.”

Returning to Nurturing Our Perceptions, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini

MRXlexigramsSStarMercury’s Reflection in Cancer & Gemini, 07 June to 01 July 2014
We know you’ve been already feeling the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde (MRx) coming since the Approach began 22 May, certainly calling loud and clear that all bets for forward motion are off, even a few days before it officially begins. Being in awareness about Mercury’s Approach & The 5 Things You Need To Know, are you now ready for some necessary retreat and yes, by all means relax time to officially begin?

Where Will You Find A Request Returning You to Nurture Your Perceptions?
Mercury will affect two separate areas of our lives as he backtracks through Cancer until 17 June, and then finishes off his review and redo passage in Gemini until 01 July. Follow our weekly Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for your individual forecast where reflection wishes to personally find you. Tune-in every Sunday, as each and every sign receives a weekly breakdown and personal focus as this transit plays out from above in our lives down here below. Our goals are to ultimately assist anyone with the proper awareness tools to align, and in this case realign your peace of mind during changing times!

Where Review, Rerouting and Retreat Are Favored For You
While Mercury Retrograde affects just about anything that moves in life, looking at the simplicity of your Sun Sign points to one specific area of life you’ll be personally asked to honor our Messenger’s requests. A closer look at your natal chart (calculated from your precise hour of birth determining your Rising Sign) provides even more intimate details as to where reflection is ideally favored.

Aries: I Nurture Home/Family/Environments through 17 June
I Communicate Thinking/Mentality/Communications until 01 July

Taurus: I Communicate Thinking/Mentality/Communications through 17 June
I Have Values/Earning Power/Possessions until 01 July

Gemini: I Have Values/Earning Power/Possessions through 17 June
I Am Approaches/Mask to the World/First Impressions until 01 July

Cancer: I Am Approaches/Mask to the World/First Impressions through 17 June
I Process Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past until 01 July

Leo: I Process Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past through 17 June
I Socialize Friendships/Organizations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes until 01 July

Virgo: I Socialize Friendships/Organizations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes through 17 June
I Structure Career/Public Life/Authority until 01 July

Libra: I Structure Career/Public Life/Authority through 17 June
I Believe Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education until 01 July

Scorpio: I Believe Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education through 17 June
I Transform Death & Rebirth/Sexuality/Wealth until 01 July

Sagittarius: I Transform Death & Rebirth/Sexuality/Wealth through 17 June
I Relate Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others until 01 July

Capricorn: I Relate Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others through 17 June
I Serve Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets until 01 July

Aquarius: I Serve Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets through 17 June
I Create Creativity/Children/Love Affairs until 01 July

Pisces: I Create Creativity/Children/Love Affairs through 17 June
I Nurture Home/Family/Environments until 01 July

Reaping the “RE” Reward Under Mercury Retrograde
Remember, this is the true time to get our dictionaries out and revel in the “re” action words, for Mercury’s backwards motion from 03 degrees Cancer back to 24 degrees Gemini will only cause resistance if we do not heed this mighty call. As we start off this necessary rest period, Mercury communicates with a weak trine to Neptune at 07 degrees Pisces, asking for us to be discerning with what we perceive within our thought banks, being Neptune is a planet that can engage deception along with hiding the reality of things. While trine relationships do cast off a sense of ease and flow, we are advised to not allow our imaginations to “run wild” as these two sensitive water signs make contact. This connection can allow a positive channel to speak strongly between our conscious and subconscious realms, wherein, as always, it is the value of taking pause within the SILENT LISTEN that ultimately assists in avoiding any dreaminess and spiraling off into a lack of focus.

As Mercury re-enters Gemini on 17 June, expect the typical Mercury “upsets” and “tricks” to increase and be a natural part of the movement you will encounter until 01 July. Many will sense a lack of persistence, passions and instinct wherever the latter degrees of Gemini lives within their personal natal chart under Retrograde. The demands to master taking extra pause within our moments to respond in calm to the changes that will be displaying themselves around us will be requested. As our Messenger backtracks within The Twins -the sign of duality guided by the mutability of air- it will be the true test of recognizing the stirs of information circulating around us that may be highly inaccurate, superficial, and simply not worth reacting to.

Double Layer Cake of Reflection Begins 13 June
It will be equally wise to be on the look out for  your upcoming LunarOScope 13 June for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which will also ask we aim in further reflection where The Archer will cast off completion and release, as another waning phase begins. As this normal and natural time of the month for reassessment decreases our lunar light once more, under Mercury Retrograde, the calling for review becomes extremely intense. Further responsibility to slow down, re-work, and recognize our current limitations will have us all notice spontaneous feelings around, redefining how we experience our freedoms and disseminate knowledge. The Moon Void of Course periods over 13 June to 27 June equally cast off a “triple layer cake” of reflective request.

Think Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Affect You?
Those wishing to react and remain in resistance to the normal flux of changes that Mercury’s “vacation mode” causes involving our schedules, routines, communications, information exchanges and any mechanism that moves -deciding instead to go forward with long term plans- will find themselves with intense lessons to learn as all will end up being riddled with errors. Anyone’s fee will choosing otherwise certainly will experience the definition of insanity- and the time spent later on having to redo things could have simply been avoided. If we deny this necessary request of review and reflection, we completely ignore what we are meant to be learning from the valuable reassessment experiences that this passage truly does present to us.

Beneficial time is wisely spent getting all unfinished business within these areas of our lives reassessed, reviewed, and rehashed. What old projects are not done where Cancer and Gemini affect your life? What can you research? What have you forgotten about? Who haven’t you spoken to from connected to this area in a while? Revisiting what has already been placed in motion -especially what has occurred since the last Mercury Rx in February- the past now asks to be cleared up, opening the doors to make way for new beginnings that will be much safer to embark upon once the passage concludes.

To Do and Not To Do Under Mercury Retrograde
Remain in the eye of any possible storm around you, as the genuine request for listening and a patience pace is all the more required for another Mercury Rx round of review. These handy tips can help bring ease over this upcoming period to allow personal success to be reaped!

*Expect CHANGE: in travel, routines, communications & schedules to occur suddenly
*Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
*Back-up information, replace or upgrade technology already in place
*Spend time in the RE’s:
Relax, Rest, Reread, Rewrite, Revisit, Reconnect, Reflect, Redo, Recharge!
*Have Plan B (and Plan C, D or even E if necessary) always ready to go
*Gravitate to Responding vs. Reacting!

*“Freak out” when changes come up
*Rush: speaking, driving, whatever involves movement in your life
A great practice is to take pause & count to 10 before doing anything!
*Sign important documents
*Initiate or buy anything new that you wish to have long-term success with.
ie: Get married, start just about anything- especially a relationship, business, adventure.

When to Slowly Move Forward Under The Shadow
As the Approach began 22 May, when Mercury was last at the 24 degree Gemini point he will return to by 01 July, we started to see what we will be called to truly reflect and reassess under the Retrograde passage itself. Until 16 July, we are under the Shadow period, where it will take Mercury this much time to retrace his backwards steps until he is back at 03 degrees Cancer where he officially began his request for review 07 June. Et Viola! We’ll be complete for another review session where our Messenger is concerned until Autumn 2014. Know, under the Shadow, it is safe to move forward once more, but do be sure to still take on an air of caution and make sure the details involved are correct and double-checked.

Lexigrams and Mercury Retrograde
One last piece of star secret advice comes from the wisdom of Lexigrams, what’s really in a name. As we poetically phrase the anagrams we can derive from any word, name, or in this case, title: we can spell out the truth that leads us to also discover what we are best to do under this passage called Mercury Retrograde to find our resolve within it.



Remember, to truly CURE OUR EGO, GO MEET and GREET the RETREAT!

To Your Success within Mercury’s second offering in 2014 for finding reward in reflection!
Namaste, Dear Stars.

Approaching Mercury Retrograde June 2014: 5 Things You Need To Know

MRXlexigramsSStarYou’ll be so happy you have now gotten the heads up into this awareness so that you too can reap the very rewards of it over the next few weeks, so we advise it is best that you keep on reading. If you have already signed up under that purple button to the right of your screen, you already know that the approach to another “infamous” Mercury Retrograde is upon us! Even if you are just joining our keeping our eyes on the stars tribe here, you needn’t worry if you think you don’t know anything about Astrology.

Whether you are a believer or not, your HEART and soul walks, breathes, and lives upon this very EARTH. If you consider yourself a human being, then you will not be excused from the infamous “as above, so below” that will accompany Mercury’s time for review as he naturally brings forward situations asking for us all to change to over the next few weeks. So exactly what does this “Mercury Retrograde” mean?

In a nutshell, he is going to start retracing the measured degrees within his current zodiac transit from above. Think of a person, or in this case a mass of a planet in our Universal energy field, placing a blindfold on. See how things then become ultimately disarrayed as a result down here below?

Mercury Retrograde begins officially at 7:56am EDT/4:56am PDT, Saturday 07 June. This planet also is well known as The Messenger –who guides our communications, thinking, mentality, movement, transportation, electricity, and any transference of information down here below- will be up close and personal creating all sorts of “fun” interruptions and flux for us to handle within our normal routines of everyday life until he stations and goes Direct at 8:50am EDT/5:50am PDT, Tuesday 01 July.

The Approach begins 22 May, as Mercury up there above -still moving forward- crosses over the Zodiac degree point that he will return back to by 01 July at 24 degrees Gemini. He will start his Retrograde at 03 degrees Cancer upon 07 June. While still safe to put some initiations out there, you are going to personally start to see from the Cancer/Gemini areas of the life, things that will ask for your demanding attention for review and redo during the Retrograde passage itself starting 07 June; along with all the normal communication and movement breakdowns per the “MRx norm.”

We cover all the real deal and intimate astrological details on this passage within the very theme of it, Returning to Nurturing Our Perceptions, Mercury’s Reflection in Cancer/Gemini. So again, it is best if you haven’t yet, go over there to your upper right and click on that purple sign up button so you’ll be ensured to always receive even more specific and important information very personal to your soul shortly.

In the meantime…

5 Things You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

1.    We are being asked now to prepare under the Approach, from above, to take up in reflection mode for a few weeks. We haven’t had a period like this since 06 to 28 February, when it was our last Mercury Rx in Pisces/Aquarius.  Look as well to 21 October to 10 November 2013, Mercury Rx in Scorpio. Think back for a moment. Do you remember now what kinds of interruptions, changes and seemingly “interesting” energies where going on in your life at these times?

2.    Mercury Retrogrades in one years time about as often as we sleep. This passage is here once more to ask us, down here below, to slow down, take a pause, and rest up. Our favorite rule of Mercury Retrograde is to take up in action with any word that begins with RE. Such as…

Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Rework, Revise, Revisit, Reset, Reboot, Rewire, Replace, Repair, Relate, Reaffirm, Redo, Retreat, Reassess, Relax, Relocate, Relive, Redirect, Regroup, Remind, Remember, Release….. and our favorite RESPOND.

Backing up, upgrading and updating what you already have placed in motion previously is completely safe to do under this passage. So, if you need a new computer, phone or haven’t saved your files in a long while, these are perfect activities to take advantage of doing for success.

3.    While our actions under the Approach are meant to be carefully dealt with, it is the during Retrograde passage itself that is not a favored time to move forward in life, surrounding any initiation you truly wish to have successful long-term results with. So, if you are about to get married, sign important legal documents, buy a car, start a business, purchase a house, partner-up, or put anything out there you want fabulous and fantastic success with for a long time to come- you might want to REthink those choices of your free will. Whatever is put into initiation and motion under Mercury Rx, typically doesn’t have the longevity for the future, for it is riddled upon it’s birth with a shaky ground of unstable communications and mistakes intertwining it’s being.

4.    Human error is highest under this passage. Therefore, this is the very key to deeply understand how not to get wrapped up in those “tricks” that do find themselves right at your doorstep. We have to take the extra time to make sure we catch the mistakes we tend to make. The carpenter rule of thumb here will save you every time if you “measure twice, and cut once.” We’ll even add, you might want to measure three or four times- just to be safe. You’ll want to apply this to your communications -i.e. emails, speaking, writing- repairs, cooking, and anything involving movement that you are doing.

5.    The practice of PATIENCE, so you CAN TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE, is how you ride through the MRx passage with victory. Leave another ten to fifteen minutes every day to get where you are going. Stop the normal rushing that’s become society’s norm to get places. When those changes show up in your plans, don’t REact, REspond. Have back-up plans ready to go you can enjoy the response from. Otherwise the result of reaction will create a domino affect you’d rather avoid under this transit, so be sure your free will chooses cautiously here.

Being flexible and adaptable will allow you to have such REward as the next few weeks ask for our pause within our lives. And for heaven’s sake, it is the safest thing really to just RElax and REst without guilt! Try on those RE’s and dive in to what you know already needs REviewing and you’ll sail through this passage all the more.

We’ll begin the second Mercury Retrograde of 2014 under a waxing phase from the New Moon in Gemini on 28 May -which will also be under the Shadow of Mars Retrograde in Libra- asking us to take extreme caution within the normal initiation time of our lunar month until 13 June. This “criss-cross” of inner planet retrograde action, continues the long “retrograde train” of inner planet activity since the beginning of 2014. We’ve said it from the beginning, with 2014=7, numerologically this calendar year asks us to go within like we haven’t in quite sometime due to Neptune’s presence here. Astrology is right alongside this request in full agreement for the entire first half of 2014.

Check in now where Cancer/Gemini lives in your Zodiac Pie. Here’s where the most current and specific calling for re-examination awaits for your review in the particular area of life it affects, from both your collective and natal birth chart perspectives. Remember with all the renewal being requested, you also more than likely are more than deserving of the downtime on the way.

As we all look back now to our lives to what has happened since 28 February, see what progress you’ve made, what needs reworking, and most importantly, REmember to have fun with your RE’s of life. Your soul under Retrograde will be all the happier, and much more at peace for it.

Happy Returning to Nurturing Your Perceptions Dear Stars! Namaste.

Charts for the Approach, Retrograde, Direct and Shadow conclusion of this passage.



LunarOScope, 01 March 2014


New Moon in Pisces, 01 March 2014, 3am EST

Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?

New Moons & Waxing Phases Time To Plant and Begin
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you can expect something to initiate from this area of your life. Remember with all New Moons as they start another Waxing Phase, this two-week time frame until our next Full Moon 16 March favors actions involving anything new. As we arrive at a Full Moon in the same sign within 6 months, what starts now will have grown, developed and manifested accordingly in direct result to our intentions and efforts behind it.

Do you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant)?
This typically will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective. Do consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 10 degrees Pisces affects your personal zodiac pie.

Check in with Your Birthchart.
What natal planets are placed near any 10 degree points?
These areas of the life will equally receive a direct line of communication from our 10 degrees Pisces New Moon, and depending upon the harmony or tension it can bring, connect you to more clues as to how your new beginnings will call loud and clear.

Reminder of Mercury Retrograde Shadow, Mars Retrograde
While we are favored for the new, it is still highly advised to carefully monitor the seeds we are planting due to our first Mercury Retrograde of 2014 just coming off the Station and will remain under the Shadow until 20 March. Just over 8 hours after our waxing phase begins upon the New Moon, Mars goes Retrograde in Libra. While we are not incredibly warned as we are under a Mercury or Venus Retrograde to remain in reflection and review mode with a heavy list of what not to do – Mars still casts an affect of watching the energy circulating around our movements and ability to summon up our desires and motivations. Handling Mars Retrograde requires patience, so be sure to check-in where Libra affects your life personally to obtain a better perspective of where caution and accountability are most required throughout 19 May.

Aries: Dive deep where I Process calling you to the spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life now take the lead. You’ll need time alone to listen carefully to all that will speak, especially during your night-time dreams. Couple this time in retreat to work marvelously with how you are currently under the review of nurturing your home and family life.

Taurus: Imagine well where I Socialize. New friends, groups and causes are coming your way and seek out your attention, as you ponder your place within any organization. Accept that unexpected invitation, for it brings inspiration to your hopes, dreams and wishes. All in all, as you have been realigning your entire way of thinking, you now know the review has been worth it.

Gemini: Fresh starts are poised where I Structure in your career and public life. It’s a fantastic time to initiate new business, and allow recognition to find you. Your relationship to authority can change- be responsible to it. As you see how this relates to the redoing you have already been actively pursuing within your earning power, the dots connect the strongest now for success.

Cancer: Imagination inspires your feelings to aim in new philosophies where I Believe. Plan a trip, or take one- any new channel for your learning is favored. Sensitivity and intuition mark your path of growth, as instinct calls to listen carefully to educational pursuits freshening up your spiritual desires. All makes sense as you make the moves to find different approaches to life.

Leo: Securities and investments ask for wise and inherent choices where I Transform. A core process of rebirth within you has regenerated, as the old you is now laid to rest. If you’re feeling sexy Lion, know any deception here is over. If you have listened carefully to your inner voice and subconscious realms in the past few months, you are beyond ready to be back in the game.

Virgo: Logic only serves you some of the time Virgin, and it has no place now to instinctively bring in the new where I Relate. From romantic ties to business contacts, new energy comes into your partnership space. When they seem familiar, use your deepest intuition to know you should pay close attention. Undoubtedly, it is your ability to socialize that makes these connections soar.

Libra: Opportunities for balancing out improvements to your health and all the ways you find peace helping others in this world where I Serve now initiate. Fresh routines allow for better habits to now form, and the pets are also a great focus. As your review session soon finishes within your career, these changes can now move forward, as the public also sees a new you.

Scorpio: Where I Create is where powerful initiations are birthing, and what a force to ordain anything if you truly imagine well! New projects have amazing potential for complete success. You feel playful, as well as with children. You’ve had quite a round as of late releasing your old beliefs, and now, as you realize how much you’ve learned, your creativity is ready to soar.

Sagittarius: Your environments where I Nurture, seek new light and energy to emerge within your home and family life, so be sure to imagine the truth of what you really wish the future to hold here. Yes, the déjà vu is real and asks you to listen to these important messages. Remember, you’ve been rebirthing from the core, and now it’s time to open up to the new you.

Capricorn: You are feeling fresh and colorful where I Communicate. Plan short trip, or simply take one in your mind. Your thinking has been working hard to feel different, and allow inspiring thoughts to imagine well, because you can ordain anything!  Time now to return to the normal pace your partnerships across the board wish to see, so be ready to enjoy new things here too.

Aquarius: New personal possessions arrive into what I Have, which also looks to your earning power if there is something to imagine can become improved here. Understanding feels different to you about what value truly means. Positive vibes channel from your gut that know how your habits and routine are looking different- you are right on time to serve the world in a new way.

Pisces: Focus and light shines anew upon who I Am! Fresh approaches, first impressions and put on the better mask you are meant to wear to the world. While your sympathetic concern runs deep for others- be more intuitive with you, giving yourself gentle care and concern. Inspiration finds you the most when you step into your creative space and imagine all you can ordain.

Other Need To Knows About What The New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Pisces How Our Feelings Find Powerful Instinct
28 February, 9:53am EST to 02 March, 10:40am EST
Engage: inspiration, clairvoyance, mystery, spirituality, sentimentality, sympathy, dream study
Avoid: deceptions, weak-wills, over-indulgences, discouragement, aloofness

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
01 March, 3am EST, 10 degrees Pisces
Consciously Aim For: Understanding
Waning Phase: 10 degrees Pisces to 26 degrees Virgo
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 16 March.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
6:04am EST to 10:40am EST 02 March
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. Remember, these are extremely important to note all month long. Whatever transpires under any Moon VOC, even from the simple items we may purchase, is well known to have “nothing become of it.” As we welcome our third & final waxing moon of Winter and 2014, as our New Pisces Moon sextiles Venus in Capricorn at 27 degrees, we will be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Aries later that same day. Moon Void of Courses always favor inner work.

10 The Wheel of Fortune A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
This Waxing Moon is the fourth calling than began upon the last New Moon in Sagittarius in 2013 to really tap into your talent to imagine and then ordain what it is that you truly want within your new beginnings. As this theme has continued month to month -from where The Archer aims, to where The Fishes swim within your Zodiac Pie- now all the potential is able to emerge from the Pisces slice of life. However, as the Chaldeans so profoundly understood about the energy of the 10, if discipline is not part of the picture here, then dominion simply cannot occur. As our ancient ones saw the very symbols of this combination of numbers, to be that “of LOve and LIght, which create all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Image 10 Ordain. Image it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize.”  Wisdom must accompany the plans that are envisioned at this time, because otherwise, the wheels of fortune just might pass you by.

There is an amazing ability with this lunar energy to manifest incredibly powerful things through diving deep into the waters of our healthy channels of the imagination, as Jupiter Retrograde presents a perfect trine communicating from over at 10 degrees Cancer. This New Moon certainly is marked with some dreamy flavors that will be accompanying the energies for the new, as does allow a wonderful flow to open between the sensitivities of the water signs of Cancer. This equally opens up a powerful intuition to be able to be embraced- so as always, if you only slow down within your life and take in a SILENT LISTEN, you’ll hear the messages speak right to your gut about what it is you can begin to create with powerful intentions. Across the board, humanity will find there are a plenty of new beginnings to assimilate into our collective experiences that require our understanding to process the intensities they will bring.