Approaching Mercury Retrograde October 2014: 5 Things You Need To Know


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There is a cycle coming up this Autumn that will be changing our times, so make sure you keep on reading to align your peace of mind. Even if you are just joining our keeping our eyes on the stars tribe here, you needn’t worry if you think you don’t know anything about Astrology.

So exactly what does “Mercury Retrograde” mean?
Mercury is going to start retracing the measured degrees within his current zodiac transit from above. Think of a person, or in this case a mass of a planet in our Universal energy field, placing a blindfold on, and then walking backwards, thus “retrograde.” Does it make any sense from the understanding of “as above, so below” that actions and events might become ultimately disarrayed as a result down here below?

2014’s final Mercury Retrograde (MRx) runs 04 to 25 October, beginning officially at 1:02pm EDT/10:02am PDT, Saturday 04 October. This inner planet -second to the Moon in proximity to the earth, also is well known as “The Messenger”– who is in charge of assisting our communications, thinking, mentality, movement, transportation, electricity, and any transference of information down here below. As he Retrogrades, these natural areas he has influence over see all sorts of “fun” interruptions and flux for us to handle within our normal routines of everyday life until he goes Direct at 3:17pm EDT/12:17pm PDT, Saturday 25 October.

The Approach begins 14 September
As Mercury up there above -still moving forward- crosses over the Zodiac degree point that he will return back to by 25 October at 17 degrees Libra, this begins was is considered the “approach” to the MRx passage. Our Messenger starts Retrograding at 02 degrees Scorpio upon 04 October. While the rules of MRx do not apply to the Approach passage, you do start to see from the Scorpio/Libra areas of the life, things that will demand your attention for review and redo during 04 to 25 October. The Approach period is much like a “preview of coming attractions” concerning all the normal communication and movement breakdowns, changes and interruptions that we can anticipate once MRx officially begins.

We’ll cover all the intimate astrological details on 2014’s last Mercury Retrograde and what does it mean for your sun sign within the very theme of it, Returning to Transforming Our Understanding Mercury’s Reflection in Scorpio/Libra. So again, it is best if you haven’t yet, go over there to your upper right and click on that purple sign up button so you’ll be ensured to always receive even more specific and important information very personal to your soul shortly.

In the meantime…

5 Things You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

1.    Utilize the Approach to MRx to Prepare for Change & Reflection
While you will not put the brakes on your entire life, look ahead now to be in full awareness of how and where you’ll benefit embracing the mode of reflection. We haven’t had a period like this since 07 June to 01 July, when it was our last Mercury Rx in Cancer/Gemini.  Look as well to 06 to 28 February, Mercury Rx in Pisces/Aquarius. Think back for a moment. Do you remember now what kinds of interruptions, changes and seemingly “interesting” rerouting energies where going on in your life during these times?

Check in now where Scorpio/Libra lives in your natal birthchart.
Here’s where the most current and specific calling for re-examination awaits for your review in the particular area of life it affects, from both your sun sign and natal birth chart perspectives. Remember you are more than deserving of the offering for downtime on the way in these areas of your life.

Were You Born under Mercury Retrograde?
 Many people fair extremely well under any Mercury Rx passage because they were born under a MRx. They innately know how to navigate through the unexpected changes,  rerouting of routines, and equally, may have had their own delays in their early years in properly expressing their communications. However, even if you have a natal MRx, the same rules of MRx still apply across the board by honoring the request to review and redo.

2.    Total Hours Mercury Retrogrades in 1 Year = The Hours We Sleep in 1 Year.
This passage is actually perfectly timed as it occurs throughout the year, to naturally give human beings the necessary opportunity to slow down, take a pause, and rest up. What would happen if you didn’t get your sleep regularly?  This is exactly what “MRx” always requests and allows us to rejoice in for reward and benefit. Our favorite rule of Mercury Retrograde is to take up in action with any word that begins with RE. Such as…

Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Rework, Revise, Revisit, Reset, Reboot, Rewire, Replace, Repair, Relate, Reaffirm, Redo, Retreat, Reassess, Relax, Relocate, Relive, Redirect, Regroup, Remind, Remember, Release….. and our favorite RESPOND.

3.    It’s No Time to Move Forward
While our actions under the Approach are meant to be carefully dealt with, it is the during Retrograde passage itself that advises caution surrounding any beginning you truly wish to have successful long-term results with.

Avoid to the best of your ability during Mercury Rx:
>>>Getting married, starting, or putting an official title on a relationship
>>>Signing important legal documents
>>> Buying a car
>>> Starting a brand new business
>>> Launching a new product
>>> Purchasing any real estate
>>> Initiating anything into the world you want fabulous and fantastic success with for a long time to come.

Mercury Retrograde offers us all the chance to REthink the recent choices of our free wills. Whatever we may have to put into forward motion under Mercury Rx, typically doesn’t have the longevity and genuine sustainability for the future. It is riddled upon its’ birth with a shaky ground of unstable communications and mistakes intertwining it’s being. If we can avoid this outcome by putting matters of critical importance for our future off for a couple weeks, or making sure they are in motion prior to Mercury Retrograde starting, isn’t that just a marvelous time (and more than likely, money!) saver in this day and age?

4.    Human error is highest under this passage.
This is the very key to deeply understand how not to get wrapped up in those “tricks” that do find themselves right at your doorstep. Take extra time to make sure you catch the mistakes you’ll tend to make. The carpenter rule of thumb of “measure twice, and cut once” is a lifesaver under Mercury Retrograde, and you might want to measure three or four times- just to be safe. You’ll want to apply this to all your actions, and especially your communications -i.e. emails, speaking, writing- repairs, cooking, and anything involving movement that you are doing.

5.    Utilize the practice of PATIENCE.
You CAN TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE, and ride through any MRx passage with victory.

>>>Leave another ten to fifteen minutes every day to get where you are going.

>>>Stop the rushing that has become society’s norm. Be mindful: slow down.

>>>When those changes show up in your plans, don’t REact, REspond.

>>>Have back-up plans ready to go you can enjoy the response from. Otherwise the result of reaction will create a domino affect you’d rather avoid under this transit, so be sure your free will chooses cautiously here.

>>>Being flexible and adaptable. 
You can allow yourself to have such REward over the next few weeks as we are asked to pause within our lives. And for heaven’s sake, it is the safest time of the year really to just RElax and REst without guilt! Try on those RE’s and dive in to what you know already needs REviewing and you’ll successfully sail through this passage all the more.

As we all look back now to our lives to what has happened since 01 July, see what progress we’ve made, what needs reworking, and most importantly, REmember to have fun with our RE’s of life. Our soul under Retrograde will be all the happier, and operate from a complete peace of mind as the changing times of MRx will be upon us.

Happy Returning to Transforming Your Understanding Dear Stars! Namaste.

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