LunarOScope, 08 September, Let’s Release


Full Moon in Pisces, 08 September, 9:38pm EDT

Where Will You Feel Release and Conclusions?

Full Moons & Waning Phases Time To Reflect and Relax
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on to where you can expect something to release from this area of your life, by placing proper intention and focus upon it. Remember with all Full Moons as they start another Waning Phase, this two-week time frame until our next New Moon 24 September favors review and redo. As we arrive at a New Moon in Pisces within 6 months, what is concluding now will make the ultimate space for new seeds to be planted here later on.

Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
This typically will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective, which is working directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScope read. Do consult a professional astrologer to determine the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the specific area of life where 16 degrees Pisces is placed in your personal zodiac pie, precisely pointing to where further reflection is favored, as conclusions ask for you to allow them to unfold.

Check in with Your Birthchart.
What natal planets are placed near any 16 degree points?
These areas of the life will equally receive a direct line of communication from our 16 degrees 
Pisces Full Moon, asking to connect more clues as to how your reflections and releases will call loud and clear as we continue along our journey throughout 2014.

Waning Moons and Moon Void of Courses
The number one rule of thumb under a waning moon cycle is to carefully monitor anything beginning in the life -and as the natural Moon Void of Course passages occur- the request to remain in review of our lives is even more heightened, as a “double layer cake” of reflection is favored. Be mindful of when the Moon goes Void of Course every couple days during our business and work week especially- as these times mark the request of taking up in our solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. (Check in with your weekly Empowerscope on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times)

>>>Reminder: Mercury Retrograde Approach Begins 14 September
Our next opportunity for fully refreshing our lives under the request for review occurs from 04 to 25 October, as our Messenger planet (who guides our communications, movement and immediate changes) will then backtrack from 02 degrees Scorpio to 17 degrees Libra. As the Approach begins under this Waning Phase, we are still “safe” to make important decisions, however, these will need to be all the more carefully examined. The Approach to Mercury Retrograde always gives us the clues and preview to what we will be handling under the passage, and it is our preparation time to be ultimately ready for the reflection and reassessment that are naturally the courses of action to be well engaged within during the Retrograde period.

ARIES: Exploration calls to you Dear Ram, to dive as deep as you can where I Process, as time in solitude brings forth powerful release. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life ask for you to lead in reflection. The most hidden places of your soul are ready to recognize the old hurts here that have been holding you back from your truth.

TAURUS: Allow intuition to guide you where I Socialize. Friends, groups and causes ask to be weeded from your garden, offering up the pondering of your place within organizations. Accept the unexpected invitation to socialize, especially if it is to go meditate. Equal conclusions arrive to cleanse your hopes, dreams and wishes- as you mend old wounds here and practice peace.

GEMINI: Release that old energy in your career and public life where I Structure. The weight that holds you back is ready to reassess and seriously review how recognition finds you. Be responsible to reflect well upon your relationship to authority. Remember the farther back in your past you go, the more you’ll understand what to surrender to as you silently listen to the truth.

CANCER: Your feelings now can relinquish tired philosophies from where I Believe. Sensitivity and intuition surround your urges to cleanse the deepest roots of your past beliefs, so tune-in to your instinct and listen carefully to educational pursuits that can refresh your spiritual desires. It’s no time to remain in your comfort zone to truly let go, it’s now time to fully embrace the within.

LEO: Securities, investments and your entire core sense of being- seek to revise your overall state of wealth where I Transform. An intense surge of regeneration unravels, as a powerful process of rebirth within you calls for you to take a deep silent listen. There is no more denying what’s been blocking you, as the time is now to engage in fully healing any old deceptions here.

VIRGO: Toss off the logic Virgin, for it will not serve you now, as it’s time for instinctive release where I Relate. From romantic ties to business contacts, your reflection over this waning period decides who stays or goes. Cast off worrying about pesky details- shift and utilize your deepest concern about those you relate to. This brings forth your true healing of the past that is required.

LIBRA: Embrace the opportunity to balance, bringing improvements to your health and the ways you enjoy your peace where I Serve. Let go of those worn out routines to allow better habits to find you instead. What have you been doing for too long that never brings the results you wish for? It’s time to dive deep into the past here to surrender. Pets may require your service as well.

SCORPIO: Where I Create finds your current projects to now complete their tasks. Playfulness is around, and especially with any children. Your offspring or brainchildren now captivate your attention, as well as what love affairs need reflection. Look closely into the past to cleanse and carry out your creative abilities to their fullest, as this is healing you can find your power within.

SAGITTARIUS: There is immense release in your environments where I Nurture, parting with what is no longer necessary, as reflection completely surrounds your home and family life. Déjà vu and psychic experiences easily channel to you asking to receive their important messages. As you recognize from deeply listening to pure past hurts here, your nurturing will be complete.

CAPRICORN: Conclusions arrive in full to where I Communicate. A short trip alone can truly refresh, even if you only revisit one in your mind. Reflect upon thoughts that have wounded you for far too long, and see how your mentality refreshes. Meditation and keeping a pen and paper handy are also marvelous ways to take your mindset to the healing places it needs to go.

AQUARIUS: Taking stock of your personal possessions and what I Have, now asks to look around to find what should be parted with. Your earning power calls as well for reflection upon ways to improve here. A deeper understanding comes into play about what value truly means to you, when you take a good look at the past and stop resisting that there is intense healing to do.

PISCES: Fully focus on who I Am Dear Fishes, as old approaches and first impressions to life ask for change. The tired mask you’ve been wearing to the world says you can tear it off. Allow your sympathies that run deep for others- to now be intuitive with you, giving yourself gentle care and concern. Know the past is ready to finally close it’s doors, and it no longer needs to hurt you.

Other Need To Knows About What The Full Moon Means For You

Moon enters Pisces How Our Feelings Find Powerful Instinct
07 September, 7:47pm EDT to 09 September, 7:33pm EDT
Engage: inspiration, clairvoyance, mystery, spirituality, sentimentality, sympathy, dream study
Avoid: deceptions, weak-wills, over-indulgences, discouragement, aloofness

Full Moon When Our Feelings Find Release
08 September, 9:38pm EDT, 16 degrees Pisces
Consciously Aim For: Understanding
Waning Phase: 16 degrees Pisces to 01 degrees Libra
Energy releases and is under review within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 24 September.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
09 September, 3:10pm to 7:33pm EDT
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized astrological time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. As we welcome our third waning moon of Summer, when our Waning Pisces Moon trines Mars at 27 degrees Scorpio we will be asked to hold off and remain in pure reflection and review until it enters Aries.

16 The Shattered Citadel A Karmic Mystery to Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our energy properly, this Full Moon request at the 16th degree point indicates an intense healing energy surrounding it that calls us to listen extremely carefully to what must release from Pisces. The 16 is a number the Chaldeans saw as: “16 is pictured by the ancient Chaldeans as a Tower struck by Lightning, from which a man is falling, with a crown on his head. It warns of a strange fatality, also of danger of accidents and the defeat of one’s plans. To avoid the fatalistic tendency of the 16, one must endeavor to make all plans in advance, making certain that any possible of failure is anticipated and circumvented by careful attention to detail. The 16 brings with it the Single 7’s obligation and responsibility to listen to the voice within, which will always warn of danger through dreams or the intuition in time to avoid it. The inner voice must be not be ignored.”  ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Every Full Moon casts the energy off for a completely reflective feel to be fully examined from the specific area of life it peaks within. At this 16 degree point, it is with profound advice from our ancients to make sure we are well prepared to listen to the calling for release. The 16 is associated with strong and heavy advice that forewarns it always brings along intense storms with it to navigate through. This Pisces lunation conjuncts Chiron at 15 degrees Pisces, pointing to equal conclusions that are part of truly clearing up the old wounds that are present within this area of our lives. Seeking to fully understand what we may be holding onto that is only hurting us from this area of our life is how we will begin to heal. These energies will undoubtedly become fully exposed -and as we accept it is the time to finally let them go- we will be allowed to make new room for future growth as we move forward from these powerful reflections.

The real key to navigating this Full Moon is to remain in the eye of any apparent storms around us, which will be more than evident. The eye of the storm is where our intuition can properly guide us, but if we choose to become swept up in the chaos that spins around us -much like a hurricane- we can end up feeling ultimately destroyed. The practice of meditation (choose the method that works best for you) and deeply focusing upon being silent (scheduled time away from the distractions of social media/mainstream news is also highly favored to go within to truly listen) are our trusted practices that will greatly aide in successfully steering our ships to safe shores as this waning phase plays out.

Wishing you aligned emotions & freedom with your feelings, Dear Stars. Namaste.

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