Becoming Friends with Simplification

Depths of Silence
It is only in the stillness of solitude that we can hear the prayers of our heart and thus come to comprehend the needs of the inner self. Alone, your energy can restore itself, rejuvenating your conscious mind as the unconscious landscape is smoothed, and your soul can divest itself of baggage. When you embrace solitude today, you will discover that the unfulfilled needs and desires of your soul are revealed to you. ~Daily OM

I have no doubt you may be just like me right now, a healthy person with a smart phone who is doing their social distancing part to stay out of the public’s way until further notice.

No matter who you personally may be, having to restrict our lives for an extended and equally uncertain amount of time, especially now here in America -or anywhere across the globe at present- is something we are quite unfamiliar and not exactly comfortable with having to do, isn’t it?

At this point in time, “normal life” has now drastically changed only 11 weeks since 2020 began across the globe. Somehow, some way for people across the board, no matter what color your skin is or what language you speak: routines, scheduled plans, events and the very question of life itself have been seriously altered due to what is now known as the Coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19.

More than likely, just like me, you are looking for truthful answers. You too, are totally uncomfortable in the uncertainty, yet you still have the common sense to understand this is not the end of the world. 

Here we are at the point of the latest new trend, social distancing. Yet this is not exactly a stuck in a snow storm with the power out or the kind of staycation experience you exactly had in mind.

Speaking of mind, if you are like me, you have been on your smart phone even more questioning “is this going to become a pandemic?” ever since this global situation began to emerge into our awareness back in late January. You are overwhelmed with all multiple news updates that do not always agree with one another. You want to stay informed, yet you want to remain grounded to not become part of panic either. Especially the moment when you are mindfully leaving toilet paper in the store for the next person.

To negate panic, this is when I am ever grateful and thankful I am an Astrologer and Numerologist. Both astrology and numerology have been my valued tools of insight that I always say, “have yet to tell me no lies,” and help unravel what the truth actually is.

When I posted my usual year ahead outlook for 2020 last December for my audience and client base, the world of numerology and astrology that I deeply understand forewarned the message of “Awakening the Unexpected” during 2020. While unpredictably was the major theme to play out, equally its’ forecasting insight profoundly understood there was a powerful surge of simplification to emerge in the process.

I take a look at that now, upon 19 March 2020, living in New York State upon American soil and I am utterly amazed what astrology and numerology’s insight spoke to me about “Awakening the Unexpected” last year. Not exactly the “unexpected awakening” one would wish nor want to ever forecast.

Yet, here we all are. Like me, you may be wondering in this new and probably first pandemic experience of your lifetime, how to overcome feeling paralyzed and not feed into fear.

One of the major points I made about 2020 was understanding there was indeed this profound simplification process to enter our human experiences. All of our human experiences. 

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2020 is not just about expecting the unexpected.

Are we ready to allow ourselves to awaken to the unexpected? The year ahead guarantees to be a time to witness the uprooting of comfort zones and establishments across the board.

2020 Vision. Yes, this is a powerful year that surprisingly realigns the foundations and structures we have been accustomed to. Hands down, it will not be “easy,” yet it will guide and direct the nature of things exactly as it should.

Deeply engaged in 2020’s timing is everything scope, I have already told many clients and will continue to express how much our collective energy is moving into simplicity. If we address our upcoming changes keeping this concept in the forefront of our solution seeking, it distinctly serves us versus fight and resist what will be happening in our now.

DO Expect this: Everyone is going to do this on some level and specific area in their personal life.~Sharita Star, 04 December, 2019

Once again, the fact that “the unexpected” was the missing link in advanced knowing of the “how” this was all going to play out, a pandemic was not exactly the experience I had in mind as to what humanity was about to go through.

Yet, is it not human nature when natural disasters, devastation, or whatever tragic event enters our now, that we stop to take a deeper look at our lives, especially those that affect the very innocence of people?

The last time and the very first time I abided to any kind of similar experience like this, was when I lived in the East Village in NYC during 9/11. It was surreal beyond belief being that up close and personal to human tragedy in that moment in time. We did not own smart phones, in fact cell phones were just starting to become a part of our lifestyles. Simpler times that no longer exist. 

So here we are now only 11 weeks into 2020. Feeling uncomfortable. Not going about our lives as normal. Adjusting to sudden setbacks, being put on hold, cancellations and delays. As days turning to weeks and the greatest fear of months go on, the sense of feeling paralyzed has naturally entered all of our minds. What can we do to make the most of it?

My motto is “Aligning Peace of Mind in Changing Times.” 2020 promised us changing times with shock factor plot twists like we have never quite experienced before. 

I regularly implement the Law of Attraction teachings into my consultations, and this is a perfect time in our lives to equally utilize them to our advantage. With the basic understandings that like attracts like and where attention goes, energy flows: We must keep our minds far away from the non-serving energy of feeling lack and loss. Finding ways and directing our attention from what got cancelled, whose fault is this virus in the first place to what we may feel is wrongly happening overall. The bottom line at present is, safety and protection are now our highest concerns.

For the majority of people, this reroute of habits, lifestyle and regular routine is going to be a lot different and at times more than challenging for the remainder of March, and possibly much longer being the unexpected channel still is running the outcome of what is going to happen next. As we find ourselves stepping back, slowing down and observing, there are amazing human “ah ha moments” to receive. For most people they probably have not truly, really done this in ages.

Boredom is highly avoided in our modern day world. In as much as this “inconvenience” is indeed actually happening, being bored is equally one of the strongest teachers we have in this unique and yet still connective “we are all in this together” experience of limiting our physical contact with the world.

Use this energy of boredom to our advantage. Appreciate the quiet, the non busy bubble, the stillness, and the beauty that stopping to trust in simplicity can absolutely grant anyone. You may, like me, be very overdue for this sudden downtime experience.

I spoke a lot in my early January interviews about the scope of 2020 and the promise that it was going to deliver about awakening the unexpected. This, right here, right now unexpected experience is all about awakening if we choose to shift our human gaze in a different direction.

I also had mentioned how sped up all of us are in so many ways, with over taxed schedules, social media, cell phone and technology addictions, as well as the “need to be busy to feel important.”

This is part -whether anyone wishes to look at it from this angle or not- is undeniably part of what 2020’s vision and awakening experience is about if we allow ourselves to be reachable and teachable, even in the face of a pandemic. We are upgrading and leveling up in this simplifying time. Allowing love and support to connect us, not divide us is our greatest asset.

For those of us who are not working in the health care industry or whose routines have not shifted drastically, we have been granted this precious time of slow down and stillness to first, better understand simplicity in a world that became too complicated. What comes next is about learning to be of service differently that you may be used to.

How can you shift being of service?

Aside from the year’s first Mercury Retrograde which asked us all to start Learning to Trust Simplification from 16 February to 09 March, our lunar cycles also have provided us with plenty of preparation time to understand what is moving in our now, and is why I compose my bi-monthly column, LunarOScopes. Since the beginning of 2020, and let’s recap the themes starting with 2019’s Solar Eclipse/New Moon that is equally still strongly casting off its’ full affects since 26 December.

Accepting the Unpredictable & Unexpected 26 December 2019 Capricorn Solar Eclipse & New Moon

Awakening to Serious Simplification 10 January 2020 Cancer Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon

Powering Up the Unpredictable & Unexpected 24 January 2020 Aquarius New Moon 

Awakening to Heartfelt Truth 09 February 2020 Leo Full Moon

Grounding the Unpredictable & Unexpected 23 February 2020 Pisces New Moon

Clarifying Material Illusions 09 March 2020 Virgo Full Moon

Healing The Unpredictable & Unexpected 24 March 2020 Aries New Moon

This is our undeniable opportunity now to become friends with simplification. Reflection is another quintessential part of 2020’s energy overall. Shifting to stillness empowers us, negating our limiting feelings of being paralyzed, and allows us to become the observer to watch our unexpected awakenings unfold. It is from this stillness we will be able to take the rightful actions we need to moving forward in the new paradigm we are just beginning to learn how to live within. This rebirthing process is far from over, and will be a very very, long road ahead as this year has much more to reveal in more than stunning ways to shift and ultimately, awaken humanity to the truth.

To Everyone’s continued safety, protection, healing and simplicity as your free will can still pause, step back and clearly see how the glass is still half full in your personal experience.

I am here however you may need to align your peace of mind in these promised 2020 Awakening and changing times. All of my services besides in person and corporate events were already being done virtually. Now that we are communicating solely in a virtual world, even online parties can still be done no matter where you are in the world. Stay tuned for additional online courses, children’s tutoring sessions and virtual workshops and events.

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