5 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Personal Forecast


“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of cycles. You’d better try to understand them, because all of your timing and often your luck is tied up in them.” ~Former Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca

Ah… it’s that merry time of the year again when most people who plan ahead -eagerly amongst their holiday hustle and bustle- are completely curious to know what’s coming up in the approaching New Year. Aside from forming New Year’s Resolutions, many want a bird’s eye view of what they can expect once the clock turns into 2015 at midnight, 31 December 2014.

While some can enjoy hearing their “predictions” from any given psychic,  for those who are open to understanding that the Universe already has a precise forecast for you -that is custom made and extremely personalized due to the very day you were born upon- you’ll want to keep reading.

Astrology and Numerology are two amazing tools we have here on earth for self-knowledge and guidance that can crack your timing codes and align your peace of mind like few others can. There are precise patterns of energy that constantly surround you called cycles. Cycles are depicted from both our astrological and numerological guidance.

Here are 5 reasons to help open your mind as to why astrology and numerology are able to provide you with a more than accurate forecast directly relating to your cycles, which, always still allow your free will the ability to optimally choose your experiences from at any given time.

1. Know Your “GPS” aka, Current Personal Year Cycle
Via numerology, you always are flowing in time in 9 year spans, that naturally circulate from 1 to 9 as you celebrate another birthday each year.  Each cycle provides us with powerful guidance directing us to a precise focus, that when applied, unfolds timely results we want to see verses living by default.

Wherever we may presently be in the 1 to 9 Personal Year Cycles- we are able to tap into our precise timing which will properly indicate our most favored moments of when to begin, when to reflect, when to learn, when to be patient, when to change and why we should expect it, when to seek to understand, when to be alone, when to expect recognition, and when to let go and release. What other joys that numbers can do for us is break down our forecast even deeper, as we equally “spin in time” in 1 to 9 month to month and day to day cycles.

2. Know When You Are Best to Begin or Reflect Every Month
Via astrology, one of the simplest forecasting tools comes from the very Moon we can see each night. From the natural beginnings of a New Moon, initiating a monthly waxing phase, increasing back in the light offering us time to begin- there is equally a right time to release upon a Full Moon as it kicks-off a monthly waning phase, favoring reflection and renewal. Within any natal astrological birthchart, the New and Full Moon every month is another precise timing tool indicating when and what area of life you can expect to be starting or finishing things up within.

3. Know When There Are Regular Workweek “Timeouts”
Via astrology, another complete time and money saver is knowing when a passage called Moon Void of Course occurs. This marvelous astrological timing tool precisely points to favored periodic “timeouts” in life that occur throughout any given workweek. All Moon VOC passages specifically advise against scheduling any initiations, important meetings or even making purchases of any kind for long-term success, for “nothing becomes of it.” Following this critical astrological “rule” as it also directly applies to you, prevents you from wasting valuable time and money!

4. Know When You Are Requested to Sharpen the Inner Saw
Via astrology, another cycle that people aimlessly go through life foolishly struggling through is Mercury Retrograde. When we have the “heads up” in advance about when our Messenger planet Mercury is going to do his “backwards” dance from above, we can also be completely forewarned and prepared to expect and embrace the natural communication and movement changes this reoccurring cycle brings. When Mercury is Retrograde, the passage asks for review and redo in your life, and this will occur in 3 different areas of it over one given year’s time. This is an inner planet cycle that truly is one that irritates most more than it is ever life threatening, so advanced awareness and preparation for it aligns amazing peace of mind.

5. Know How Your Astrology & Numerology Forecasts Relate
Via astrology and numerology, the cross-referencing of what is happening from the numbers side of your life can be examined right alongside the cycles that your natal astrology birthchart clearly sees is currently happening around you, from the Moon all the way out to Pluto. These directly relate due to the simple fact of how both subjects are guided by the same planets. When you know the planet behind your Current Personal Year, and see what area of life this is currently transiting in your astrology chart, you have a very precise and accurate place to understand those whys going on in life, ultimately pointing where it is absolutely best to focus to make more of that of aligning your peace of mind in your now.

There are many, many more than just 5 reasons why you should know your current Personal Forecast. Valuable, reassuring and incredible details unfold from your forecast about properly timing important decisions in your life, and the other whens, wheres, hows and why is life happening as it is around you. These are just the very beginning of the insightful benefits that understanding the cycles of astrology and numerology can provide for anyone.

So, what’s been stopping you? Isn’t it time to align peace of mind in your changing times?

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