Approaching Mercury Retrograde June 2014: 5 Things You Need To Know

MRXlexigramsSStarYou’ll be so happy you have now gotten the heads up into this awareness so that you too can reap the very rewards of it over the next few weeks, so we advise it is best that you keep on reading. If you have already signed up under that purple button to the right of your screen, you already know that the approach to another “infamous” Mercury Retrograde is upon us! Even if you are just joining our keeping our eyes on the stars tribe here, you needn’t worry if you think you don’t know anything about Astrology.

Whether you are a believer or not, your HEART and soul walks, breathes, and lives upon this very EARTH. If you consider yourself a human being, then you will not be excused from the infamous “as above, so below” that will accompany Mercury’s time for review as he naturally brings forward situations asking for us all to change to over the next few weeks. So exactly what does this “Mercury Retrograde” mean?

In a nutshell, he is going to start retracing the measured degrees within his current zodiac transit from above. Think of a person, or in this case a mass of a planet in our Universal energy field, placing a blindfold on. See how things then become ultimately disarrayed as a result down here below?

Mercury Retrograde begins officially at 7:56am EDT/4:56am PDT, Saturday 07 June. This planet also is well known as The Messenger –who guides our communications, thinking, mentality, movement, transportation, electricity, and any transference of information down here below- will be up close and personal creating all sorts of “fun” interruptions and flux for us to handle within our normal routines of everyday life until he stations and goes Direct at 8:50am EDT/5:50am PDT, Tuesday 01 July.

The Approach begins 22 May, as Mercury up there above -still moving forward- crosses over the Zodiac degree point that he will return back to by 01 July at 24 degrees Gemini. He will start his Retrograde at 03 degrees Cancer upon 07 June. While still safe to put some initiations out there, you are going to personally start to see from the Cancer/Gemini areas of the life, things that will ask for your demanding attention for review and redo during the Retrograde passage itself starting 07 June; along with all the normal communication and movement breakdowns per the “MRx norm.”

We cover all the real deal and intimate astrological details on this passage within the very theme of it, Returning to Nurturing Our Perceptions, Mercury’s Reflection in Cancer/Gemini. So again, it is best if you haven’t yet, go over there to your upper right and click on that purple sign up button so you’ll be ensured to always receive even more specific and important information very personal to your soul shortly.

In the meantime…

5 Things You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde

1.    We are being asked now to prepare under the Approach, from above, to take up in reflection mode for a few weeks. We haven’t had a period like this since 06 to 28 February, when it was our last Mercury Rx in Pisces/Aquarius.  Look as well to 21 October to 10 November 2013, Mercury Rx in Scorpio. Think back for a moment. Do you remember now what kinds of interruptions, changes and seemingly “interesting” energies where going on in your life at these times?

2.    Mercury Retrogrades in one years time about as often as we sleep. This passage is here once more to ask us, down here below, to slow down, take a pause, and rest up. Our favorite rule of Mercury Retrograde is to take up in action with any word that begins with RE. Such as…

Reconnect, Review, Reflect, Rework, Revise, Revisit, Reset, Reboot, Rewire, Replace, Repair, Relate, Reaffirm, Redo, Retreat, Reassess, Relax, Relocate, Relive, Redirect, Regroup, Remind, Remember, Release….. and our favorite RESPOND.

Backing up, upgrading and updating what you already have placed in motion previously is completely safe to do under this passage. So, if you need a new computer, phone or haven’t saved your files in a long while, these are perfect activities to take advantage of doing for success.

3.    While our actions under the Approach are meant to be carefully dealt with, it is the during Retrograde passage itself that is not a favored time to move forward in life, surrounding any initiation you truly wish to have successful long-term results with. So, if you are about to get married, sign important legal documents, buy a car, start a business, purchase a house, partner-up, or put anything out there you want fabulous and fantastic success with for a long time to come- you might want to REthink those choices of your free will. Whatever is put into initiation and motion under Mercury Rx, typically doesn’t have the longevity for the future, for it is riddled upon it’s birth with a shaky ground of unstable communications and mistakes intertwining it’s being.

4.    Human error is highest under this passage. Therefore, this is the very key to deeply understand how not to get wrapped up in those “tricks” that do find themselves right at your doorstep. We have to take the extra time to make sure we catch the mistakes we tend to make. The carpenter rule of thumb here will save you every time if you “measure twice, and cut once.” We’ll even add, you might want to measure three or four times- just to be safe. You’ll want to apply this to your communications -i.e. emails, speaking, writing- repairs, cooking, and anything involving movement that you are doing.

5.    The practice of PATIENCE, so you CAN TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE, is how you ride through the MRx passage with victory. Leave another ten to fifteen minutes every day to get where you are going. Stop the normal rushing that’s become society’s norm to get places. When those changes show up in your plans, don’t REact, REspond. Have back-up plans ready to go you can enjoy the response from. Otherwise the result of reaction will create a domino affect you’d rather avoid under this transit, so be sure your free will chooses cautiously here.

Being flexible and adaptable will allow you to have such REward as the next few weeks ask for our pause within our lives. And for heaven’s sake, it is the safest thing really to just RElax and REst without guilt! Try on those RE’s and dive in to what you know already needs REviewing and you’ll sail through this passage all the more.

We’ll begin the second Mercury Retrograde of 2014 under a waxing phase from the New Moon in Gemini on 28 May -which will also be under the Shadow of Mars Retrograde in Libra- asking us to take extreme caution within the normal initiation time of our lunar month until 13 June. This “criss-cross” of inner planet retrograde action, continues the long “retrograde train” of inner planet activity since the beginning of 2014. We’ve said it from the beginning, with 2014=7, numerologically this calendar year asks us to go within like we haven’t in quite sometime due to Neptune’s presence here. Astrology is right alongside this request in full agreement for the entire first half of 2014.

Check in now where Cancer/Gemini lives in your Zodiac Pie. Here’s where the most current and specific calling for re-examination awaits for your review in the particular area of life it affects, from both your collective and natal birth chart perspectives. Remember with all the renewal being requested, you also more than likely are more than deserving of the downtime on the way.

As we all look back now to our lives to what has happened since 28 February, see what progress you’ve made, what needs reworking, and most importantly, REmember to have fun with your RE’s of life. Your soul under Retrograde will be all the happier, and much more at peace for it.

Happy Returning to Nurturing Your Perceptions Dear Stars! Namaste.

Charts for the Approach, Retrograde, Direct and Shadow conclusion of this passage.



21 Days of Journal Exercises | Making the Most of MRx’s Requests

21DaysMRxJournalingMercury Retrograde (MRx) 31 October to 20 November 2019
A planetary cycle from above that asks us to respect the actions of change, rest, reflection and review anywhere you may live on earth.

All matters concerning communications, movement, traveling, mechanics, electronics, and circulation of energy anywhere on the earth are all affected under this “backtracking cycle.”

The key to navigating Mercury Retrograde is allowing all changes to occur and respond to them without resistance nor reacting in frustration. How can we find outlets and tools to help us align our peace of mind in these changing times?

Get Ready. Set. Let’s Journal!

Mercury Retrograde takes us all to the power of the “RE” vocabulary. Engaging in the REconnect, REWork, REvise, REroute, REdo, REnew, REtreat and especially RElax are all great to do whenever it is MRx.

With REflection being our key “RE” action word throughout this cycle, if you do not already journal, now is the perfect time to start receiving your benefits with this mindful grounding tool.

1. Each morning, meditate within your own practice sprinkling in this intention:

“Whatever changes may show up in my day today, I easily embrace and accept them inthando my now.”

2. Take note of what you have planned for the day in your calendar planner.

3. Each evening or following morning, record how your original plans may have changed or altered.

4. As 31 July arrives, you will more than likely have very interesting evidence about the power of unexpected changes that show up under this cycle more so than any other time of the year.

5. The Approach to Mercury REtrograde began 11 October is allowing us to already be receiving the “preview of coming MRx attractions.” Starting to journal NOW is also highly favored!

The Shadow of March’s MRx ends 07 December. Equally connecting the dots the all the Retrograde changes, this time frame is great to profoundly notice the ironing out and rewards that finally being able to move forward will then bring.

GO DEEPER BONUS. Check in with your Sun Sign’s reflection requests, listed below. What specific areas of life are you being ask to “dive deep” and return to the space of silence in retreat and get busy with healing, clearing and cleansing? Do you resonate with any current changes already going on? This Mercury Rx round profoundly probes us to reflect and reveal the truth within our Scorpio slice of life for its’ entire duration wherever 27 to 11 degrees Scorpio channels in your natal chart.

Remember Mercury Retrograde supports returning to what already exists and is established, not making any kind of initiation intended for future success.

Start diving into YOUR reflection rewards….

ARIES: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Wealth, Sexuality, Regenerative Process, Entire Scope of Your Life, Other People’s Money/Resources, Abilities to Transform on a Core Level 

TAURUS:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Relationships, Legal Matters and Agreements, Marriage, Business or Personal Partnerships, Abilities to Relate One on One  

GEMINI: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Lifestyle, Habits, Routines, Small Pets, Co-Workers, Abilities to Serve Self & Others 

CANCER:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Creativity, Ongoing Projects, Life Upon Your Stage, Heart Space, Love Affairs, Children, Brain Children, Abilities to Manifest

LEO:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Home & Family Life, Deja Vu Experiences, Psyche, Environments, Abilities to Nourish & Nurture  

VIRGO:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Mindset, Thinking, Mentality, Siblings, Neighbors, Short Trips, Abilities to Communicate 

LIBRA: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Values, Sense of Security, Possessions, Relationship to the Material, Income, Abilities to Earn Money  

SCORPIO: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Emerging Self, Who You Are, Appearance, Enthusiasm for Life, First Impressions/Responses, Abilities to Self-Change 

SAGITTARIUS:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Solitude, Dream Study, Healing, Inner work, Subconscious, Abilities to Internally Process 

CAPRICORN: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Future Goals, Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, Friends, Groups, Peers, Abilities to Socialize  

AQUARIUS: What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Professional Life, Career, Place in the Public Eye, Work Structure, Authority Figures, Abilities to Be Recognized  

PISCES:  What needs adjustment and realignment concerning your: Beliefs, Philosophies, Spiritual Bank Account, Long Journeys, The Truth, Abilities to Be Teachable  

BE TOTALLY REACHABLE! The benefits of a Personal Forecast translated from your natal chart via your full birth date, place the entire MRx reflective icing on your timing is everything cake.

Enjoy the Healing Magic that Mercury Retrograde can bring you! The more you rush doing ANYTHING over the weeks ahead, the more those “MRx tricks” find you. Mercury has a nickname in Astrology and it’s “The Trickster.” When your free will chooses to work with The Trickster you’ll be able to “play” extremely well during his “RE” game. That is where anyone can find tremendous reward as well as peace of mind in changing times!

Happy Rising UP to embrace reflection, review & retreat! Once again, Remember the wisdom when you Don’t Blame Mercury Retrograde this November!
Namaste Dear Stars.

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