21 Days of Journal Exercises | Making the Most of MRx’s Requests

21DaysMRxJournalingMercury Retrograde (MRx) 
A planetary cycle from above that asks us to respect the actions of change, rest, reflection and review anywhere you may live on earth.

All matters concerning communications, movement, traveling, mechanics, electronics, and circulation of energy anywhere on the earth are all affected under this “backtracking cycle.”

The key to navigating Mercury Retrograde is allowing all changes to occur and respond to them without resistance nor reacting in frustration. How can we find outlets and tools to help us align our peace of mind in these changing times?

Get Ready. Set. Let’s Journal!

Mercury Retrograde takes us all to the power of the “RE” vocabulary. Engaging in the REconnect, REWork, REvise, REroute, REdo, REnew, REtreat and especially RElax are all great to do whenever it is MRx.

With REflection being our key “RE” action word throughout this cycle, if you do not already journal, now is the perfect time to start receiving your benefits with this mindful grounding tool.

1. Each morning, meditate within your own practice sprinkling in this intention:

“Whatever changes may show up in my day today, I easily embrace and accept them inthando my now.”

2. Take note of what you have planned for the day in your calendar planner.

3. Each evening or following morning, record how your original plans may have changed or altered.

4. As the close of Mercury Retrograde arrives, you will more than likely have very interesting evidence about the power of unexpected changes that show up under this cycle more so than any other time of the year.

5. REmember: The Approach (approximate 2 week period preceding MRx) to Mercury Retrograde allows us to receive the “preview of coming MRx attractions.” Starting to journal under The Approach is also highly favored!

The Shadow (approximate 2 week period that follows after MRx) connects the dots the all the recent Retrograde changes. This time frame is great to profoundly notice the ironing out and rewards that finally being able to move forward will then bring as we review our journaling journey.

GO DEEPER BONUS. Always check in with your Sun Sign’s reflection requests for any given MRx. What specific areas of life are you being ask to “dive deep” and return to the space of silence in retreat and get busy with healing, clearing and cleansing? See how you resonate with the reflective changes. Any Mercury Rx round profoundly asks you to reflect and do the necessary soul work from wherever it channels next in your natal chart.

Remember Mercury Retrograde supports returning to what already exists and is established, not making any kind of initiation intended for future success.

Start diving into YOUR reflection rewards in 2021….

30 January to 20 February: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

29 May to 22 June: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (alongside 26 May to 10 June’s Eclipse Season)

27 September to 18 October: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

BE TOTALLY REACHABLE! The benefits of a Personal Forecast translated from your natal chart via your full birth date, place the entire MRx reflective icing on your timing is everything cake.

Enjoy the Healing Magic that Mercury Retrograde can bring you! The more you rush doing ANYTHING, the more those “MRx tricks” find you. Mercury has a nickname in Astrology and it’s “The Trickster.” When your free will chooses to work with The Trickster you’ll be able to “play” extremely well during his “RE” game. That is where anyone can find tremendous reward as well as peace of mind in changing times!

Happy Rising UP to embrace reflection, review & retreat! 
Namaste Dear Stars.

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