A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Mercury enters Scorpio

6:35am EDT

05 October

Our Messenger is right in time with our Karmic Adjustor Saturn as they both enter Scorpio upon 05 October. As our communications Guru spends time with The Eagle, it will be smart to make sure you are not engaging in any kinds of ruthless or skeptical mentalities. This choice of free-will only results in the lower energy of how Scorpio can operate within the deadly sting of The Scorpion.

Check in where Scorpio sits in your Zodiac Pie to know what area of life you can anticipate some movement and resourceful ideas coupled by penetrating and acute perceptions for this pass. The lack of detachment and variety along with a limited adaptability are to be avoided. Bitter, trenchant and intolerant methods of expressions will not bring out the truth. Rather, diplomacy is always The Eagles’ preferred way to soar into the mysteries and catch all the scope that wishes to be captured.

Mercury starts preparations for his upcoming Retrograde as his shadow begins 18 October. Communications and movement will be alive and well in this area of the life, and should unresolved issues be lingering here, probing and secretive mentalities are prominent for this pass. Not much will remain in the darkness that is meant come into awareness. Couple The Messengers’ presence with that of Saturn, and if you restrict your compliance to being responsible to what is being said within this area of the life, be prepared for sharp and piercing reactions to reign. Lessons needing to be learned will not be avoided.

Mercury moves ahead into Sagittarius 29 October before Retrograding upon the USA’s Election day 06 November, and returns to Scorpio once again upon 14 November, where he will remain in review until the 26 November. More to come on Mercury Retrograde, and what this last reflection offering in 2012 from our communications planet will have us wrapped up in redos and all those RE’s a bit later. Our Messenger, once in forward motion, will conclude his journey in Scorpio by 10 December.

Stay tuned Dear Stars. Life as we know it is really about to get extremely interesting….

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