2024 Outlook: The Year of EARTH Healing via The Creative HEART

As we cross into 2024, the collective energies shift in to An 8 Universal Year. 2023 as A 7 Universal Year, most certainly prepared us well as it channeled The Year of STILLNESS in the SILENT LISTEN. What is now vibrationally offered to us in our New Year, puts all of what we were asked to consciously adhere to in 2023 to diligent and accountable soul work practice. This connect the planetary dots from numerology to astrology conversation grants us sound and grounded wisdom to carry through the entire 12 months of 2024 for any conscious being to be well aware of.

Humanity not only needs to continue to stay empowered, but remain ultimately responsible to their soul certainty and what it can distinctly create.

It will be quintessential to keep the HEART frequency well attuned to how our EARTH vibrational connection will be a distinct source of strength and practical guidance for 2024’s 8 Universal Year experience. 

Why will 2024 be an extremely “karmically felt” universal year?

As discussed on the podcast, 2024 equates to an 8 Universal Year. The 8 in numerology, is guided by the planet Saturn. Further connecting the consciousness dots, the current transit of Saturn is in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces, where it will be for the entire 12 month duration of 2024. The image above relates the qualities of Saturn in Pisces.

To say humanity will be “feeling it all” is probably an understatement.

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2024, An 8 Universal Year: What You Need to Know

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