WAKE UP Before It’s Too Late AMERICA

“Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

In the urgency of flattening the curve of COVID19 aka, Coronavirus, AMERICA has some of the deepest lessons to learn in its’ global part in stopping the spread during one of the first promises of 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected human experiences. First and foremost, let us first take the “I” and “ME” out of the equation as far as how our state to state mandating is not unanimously deciding how all this is all going to go proactively.

To continue to witness the incredible evidence in contrast for a country that is supposedly UNITED, (well haven’t we all sadly known for a long time now via politics alone how much indeed it is UNTIED) we are miserably missing the Shelter in Place memo as a nation, as well as the calling of Becoming Friends with Simplification.

True to Numerology’s insight, as further explained in What’s Really in a Name? Shelter In Place, America is allowing itself to attract the energy of playing the role of “The Sacrifice – The Victim” with every move made in capitalistic greed and ignorance of the TRUTH that sure may HURT. 

It is mesmerizing how can a nation can choose to absolutely forget about its’ own people and fail to protect the rights even more of those who are risking their own lives every day in this pandemic which has new found heroes.

We are fighting a war. An invisible one. 

As we look once again to the numerology via Name Expression of Coronavirus, we find it vibrates to the 43. Not a very happy outcome as we can see here…. 

*43* The ancients claim this is an unfortunate number, and if the name equals 43, the spelling should be changed to equal a more fortunate Compound Number. It is symbolized by the tendency towards revolution, upheaval, strife, conflict and war. It carries the vibration of repeated disappointment and failure. ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

We can however navigate the eyes of this invisible storm by tapping further into Understanding Coronavirus as Energy for Protection & Safety.

Beyond that…. The uncanny power and insight of Lexigrams -the ability for us all to be able to spell out the truth- has one more piece of advice to share with anyone who is an American at this time. Lexigrams are the ability to take the anagrams we can derive from any word, name or title, and phrase them like poetry or prose. While every country has seen it’s own fair share of despair and heartache across the globe, the story for America is one that is more harrowing than others, and timing is of the essence, to prevent it from experiencing the longest journey of recovery of any other country in the world.



Could this potential outcome be reversed if America wakes up and decides to follow stay at home and let’s ride this out protocol? The aftermath of not stopping the spread of this virus will unfortunately and sadly answer that question if a national unified decision is not arrived at. 

The United States was absolutely promised a cycle of intense changes especially as 04 July 2019 to 05 July 2020 unfolded as was foreseen via Irreversible America, Understanding a 5 Personal Year Cycle. This end result doesn’t have to be devastation, yet, if certain measures and protocol is not followed, the inevitable is bound to happen, whether anyone wants it to or not.

Bottom line is, It is time to take a SILENT LISTEN. 

Clearly people do not understand the breathing and airborne transmission of this virus enough. Masks or not, hand sanitizer or not, washing yer stinking hands or not.

While of course it is also deeply understand the urge to want to make money, at what cost does that actually need to happen? Spreading this virus is not worth any amount of money one can make to cause more death and despair our hospitals and healthcare workers simply cannot handle.

Common sense needs to be way more common than greed. Think for yourself. What you are being advised or told to do is not always correct.

This is all part of why America is changing the most out of any other country in the world from this experience and it will never be going back to what it once was. The sooner people get that memo, the better off we all will be dealing with this crisis.

Start thinking about being part of the solution in prevention versus making your current money problems even worse when you will absolutely make this months and months of quarantine instead by not choosing to listen right now.

It is ultimately saddening but obviously not surprised to see how certain states in America who foolishly think they are immune to this virus who are in such a rush to get back to work, get back to business, and get back to making their precious money.

Money will not save you when you are dead, or your loved ones. Better yet. America do your digging and real research on this virus and see if you even do recover from it, would you ever want to had have it be in your body in the first place?

Gut feeling is here, as it definitely is for me, the answer to that question is a big fat NO.

Stay Safe. Be Empowered. Remain Aware in the LOVE to EVOLVE Always.

Reinventing America 2018-19, Understanding a 4 Personal Year Cycle

AmericanFlags.SharitaStar04 July 2018 to 2018 & 22/4 Personal Year Cycle: What It Means for America

There probably isn’t a person who could disagree -no matter what it is they choose to politically believe- that The United States of America most certainly tapped into a very strong learning curve over the past year, the very promise of The Learning for America, 2017-18 3 Personal Year Cycle. As this year favored the practice of becoming a student for America, it is now time for the nation to completely expect the unexpected to continue on an even more intense level. Working with thinking outside of the box, discovering the difference between tolerance and allowing, as well as recognizing any resistance is futile as it celebrates 2018’s birthday, now marks the fourth and final year of the foundation laying process within the country’s current 9 year span of time that began in 2015.

Now that the USA’s 3 Personal Year has concluded -which preferred growth to occur concerning the seeds planted for the nation back in 2015-16 in it’s 1 Personal Year- America’s current energetic cycle via numerology shifts to the 4 Personal Year. As Jupiter guided their 2017-2018 3 Personal Year cycle, the energetic pulse of being willing to be educated, seek optimism and honor the truth within any situation was favored- whether these concepts were actually embraced or not. Jupiter finishing up in regenerative Scorpio and soon to move into the aims of Sagittarius before the close of 2018 will absolutely remain an important astrological transit to continue to observe for the nation.

However, the current planetary focus for the year ahead overall for America now shifts to intimately looking at the transit of Uranus between Aries and Taurus via how we can connect the timing of numerology cycles with those of astrology.

Uranus -whether it guides a 4 Personal Year, 4 vibration karmic path (4, 13, 22 or 31st of any given month) or the astrological sun sign of Aquarius- tells us we are meant to be focused upon breaking through the normal, becoming visionary, overcoming obstacles, implementing originality and know that individualism is the key to working with the whole continuity of humanity. Equally in any natal birth chart- the placement of one’s Uranus determines their ability to be unique; where they can naturally expect there is a different way they need to be in the life from everyone else; be prepared for unexpected turns; as well where they will find if they do not allow obstacles to stop them, they will prevail through determination.

In a 4 Personal Year, there is a request to absolutely adhere to a going with the unusual flow in order to allow for the solidarity to be experienced within it naturally unfold. What comes next for America is all about expecting the unexpected in order to break-through and overcome obstacles to properly prepare for 2019’s promised blossoming and permanent changes in a 5 Personal Year that leverages everything.


4 The Innovator | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards


22 Submission – Caution | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

The higher vibration of the country’s “new year’ for 2018-19 is that of the 22. (7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7= 22/4) The Chaldean numerological system views the Master Number 22 as ‘Submission – Caution.’ As much as these ancient meanings via Chaldean Karmic Mysteries were composed so long ago, these interpretations still very much can be translated and related to within our modern day, granting a most uncanny value for us to embrace into our understanding.

22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.” In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger, which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. If 22 is present (even as a personal year cycle), the person or entity it represents should exercise caution and watchfulness in both career and personal matters. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized. Any entity influenced by the 22 of any month needs to carefully understand their natural relationships with the numbers 4 and 8, and all of their vibration combinations.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs
Certainly, the country has all the potential to be seen by the world to reinvent itself this year. The 4 energy favors (and bear in mind the USA is a 4 karmic path nation as well) stepping away from status quo, daring to be different. However with a Master Number 22, as the Chaldean Karmic Mystery advises, caution and the submission to be watchful is necessary to avoid emotional turbulence which has a very high potential to unfold. As many feel America obviously has a lot to change and reinvent, the year ahead assists the country to recognize that the tolerance versus allowing process is an important part of how the nation must now work with originality moving forward to master our current experiences in order to evolve.

Equally, through Uranus’s guidance over this 4 Personal Year cycle, a very masculine and airy intellectual energy is abound. This planetary influence is seemingly wild with erratic energy, frequently misunderstood, and is not willing to follow nor fit into whatever is considered the norm. Once again, the country must align in the willingness to overcome obstacles, think differently in ways that have not been embraced before.

When connecting the forecasting dots from numerology to astrology, we now look at the country’s natal birth chart. Being once again, Uranus is in charge of the 4 Personal Year, this is the planet we closely observe as it equally journeys through the nation’s current transits all year long.

Uranus is a celestial vessel that moves through all 12 of the zodiac signs- spending approximately 7-8 years within each of them, taking approximately 84 years to complete one turn around the entire wheel in each of the 12 signs. Currently on the tipping point of Aries and Taurus, within 2018-19’s 4 Personal Year, the Uranus energy will be ultimately focused upon changing the country’s willingness to step outside of the box. The wavering between rebelliousness and the striving for stability and security is a strong theme as the year ahead will play itself out.

As the 4 Personal Year officially began for the USA upon 04th July, Uranus is in current transit in the nations’ natal 5th house of creativity and children as well as how it is able to find pleasure through entertainment and luxury. Equally it is in a sextile to the nation’s natal Venus at 03 degrees Cancer in the 7th house of legalities and agreements, favoring we do examine harmonious agreements within the country’s relationships to others. Previous relationships that need to be examined for what needs renewal or complete dissolving between them is also is also highly likely. This indicates a specific timing is everything point as to where the USA can expect to end or relationship changes to come to fruition –some that have been brewing to be resolved or concluded for quite some time- and the end result will be that these changes are vital, transforming and they will never return again to what they once were. Ideally, new patterns of relating to others and legal agreements are meant to suit the country, versus choosing to remain stuck in frustrating situations that do not serve anyone’s highest good.

Uranus turned Retrograde upon 07 August 2018, favoring reflection within this 5th house sector of life to be ultimately required, as a pure purging and cleansing of the nation’s ability to heal what is currently going on concerning children, it’s abilities to manifest creation and how it can sustain enjoyment without being materialistic. Upon 11 November 2018, it crosses back into the nation’s 4th house, where reflection shifts at this time to what the country needs to reconsider concerning it’s abilities to nurture the home and family life and what is unfolding within it’s closest environments.

Equally, as Uranus will already have moved back into Aries 07 November, this is a very volatile time as when any outer planet crosses into another sign, we most certainly can see disturbances in the force. Uranus is also the planet that rules over earthquakes and natural disasters, due to the fact we never quite can predict what their outcomes will exactly be before they surprise us.

Uranus is on the tipping point of the nation’s 4th house moving in retrograde motion at this time, expecting the unexpected is more than wise to do, and being prepared to go with the flow is absolutely necessary. Also in transit at this time will be Venus Retrograde, who will directly oppose Uranus Retrograde on 31 October, and continue in a close opposition into the middle of November. Redefining power, money relationships and the USA’s view upon it’s vitality for it’s future will all be swirling in the mix of our upcoming Autumns reflection, which will be nothing short of intense.

Upon 05 January 2019, Uranus turns Direct, still in the nation’s 4th house of home and family life. At this time we also see the station of Uranus to be squaring the nations’ natal Pluto in the 2nd house of possessions, value security, and how the country is able to acquire income. The New Year certainly opens for the country on a very disturbing note once again, as the transformation of power concerning value as well as how this affects the home and family life is seeking for a new structure to be implemented.

Everything surrounding security in the country is going to be seen in such a way that it has never been seen before. Complete transformation and regeneration will be in motion, removing old habitual patterns and entering an energetic new phase of existence. At the very best, there can be a very spiritual insightful way this can manifest, and the will of being powerful wishes to exemplify itself in a way that is different and outlandish at first, but over time it is seen as revolutionary.

Moving forward in 2019, Uranus shifts back into the to the nation’s 5th house again upon 01 March just before it moves completely forward, re-entering Taurus upon 05 March for the next 7 years, and equally remaining in this area of the country for the majority of it.

What does that all mean you might be asking?

As America’s 4 Personal Year carries out, placing proper attention upon expecting the unexpected, remaining open minded, working with originality and casting off judgment is critical to adhere to. This applies all year long to the country’s approach to children, manifestation, nurturing, caring for the home and family, and what we see unraveling within our closest environments. Certainly a time in the country’s history to continue to remain alert, aware and work with accepting changes versus resist them.
Overall, the varying road ahead of contrast will be more than an unusual one to unfold throughout 04 July 2019. The time for The UNITED States of America to come together and listen to wise and just ways to work better with remembering it’s individual place amongst the world –one of the strongest requests of the 4’s guidance- and not remain judgmental to humanity’s differences overall in the UNTIED is here.

May openness, willingness to change, originality, going with the flow and finding the progress within the unexpected side of life guide America in this ‘Submission – Caution’ New Year.

May You Allow Your Freedom to Reign Dear American Stars.


The 1 Personal Year: What It Means for America



The time has come to welcome all Americans to the country’s new 1 Personal Year Cycle. We’ve been asked over the past year within the 9 Personal Year of 2014-15 to honor release, letting go, and by rising up in our courage, ultimately clearing the space as our nation concluded a 9 year span of time which began in 2006.

The Cultivation of Courage during 2014-15
Mars’s calling and guidance over the 9 Personal Year brought the nation to a certain sense of feeling conflict for whatever may have been resisted to about the country’s requirement to release. While many may not feel change is necessary, it became inevitable – and a courageous warrior presence is what truly conquered the battles needing to be fought over the past year. Those who have listened carefully to this call, will find what comes into USA play over 2015-16’s cycle within the next 1 Personal Year, is able to be responded to all the easier on a cleaner slate. There is a specific formula to follow now in the months ahead, which undeniably requires that the USA must apply what it has learned through the experiences that the 9 Personal Year unfolded.

Welcoming A Brand New Era
2015 to 2016’s 1 Personal Year Cycle is a significant part of all the groundwork that will begin to weave into the fabric of life that will become the USA’s 9 year span of time that concludes by its’ next 9 Personal Year Cycle in 2023-2024. For the USA, what’s ahead in this year of progress from 2015 to 2016, has everything to do with the recognition of “if it is NEW it is for the USA,” as the Universe hands over a new package of seeds to be planted for the next twelve months. As it is always said for any human soul in a 1 Personal Year, “Plant well in your now, these new seeds and intentions to reap and own a rich harvest further on down the road so you will see you have won.” ~Sharita Star

As we explore the true request of the entire 19 energy governing over 7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5  = 19/1, we find the Chaldean’s ancient understandings still amazingly apply in this modern day world. If the free will of the USA chooses to adapt to embracing change, stepping into the heart space, exercising benevolence and opening new mindsets to recognize protection is possible, the country will soar through the 19/1 Personal Year’s lessons ahead with flying colors.

19printThe Chaldeans’ perceived the 19 as ‘The Prince of Heaven,’ that brings along with it exceptional numerological advice. “19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and it is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the Compound number 10, without the danger and abuse inherent in the 10.  This number promises happiness and fulfillment- success in all ventures as well as in the personal life. The 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full numerological analysis.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The Plus and Minuses of the 1 Personal Year
As a 1 Personal Year Cycle, the energy of the 19 presents both positive and negative energy to choose from, depending upon what the free will’s actions wish to make. Visualizing the USA with the Sun shining brightly upon it is a marvelous place to start. Proper focus in this numerological cycle promotes enterprising opportunities, innovations, generosity and plenty of self-reliance for making the necessary changes the nation is poised to do. Energetic leadership strengthens the year ahead, to bring genuine inspiration to be able to take up in new directions as these fresh seeds are planted.

The flip side of a 1 Personal Year under the influence of the higher vibration of the 19, forewarns of being fully aware and in true understanding to avoid aggressive, selfish, resentful, over-bearing, dictatorial, fickle and bullish potential outcomes to occur. The Sun, who is The Life Force, is the planet that expresses original and initiating action, and it is he who is in charge during this 1 Personal Year cycle. A planet that certainly does love to shine it’s light, there is a tendency for too much heat through it’s fire element that can scald and burn from the energy that is cast off. So a pace of relaxed intensity about what is new is also extremely required. Having faith is key, but not the foolishness of what blind faith results in.

Connecting the Numerological Forecasting Dots to Astrology’s Timing
The true advice of how a Current Personal Year Cycle via numerology coincides and works with the natal chart via astrology is understood though their connecting force of the planets. It is where the guiding planet of the Current Personal Year currently transits within the natal birth chart that lends more powerful insight as to how to see a bird’s eye view of timing. For the USA, the current transit of The Sun in Cancer begins it’s 1 Personal Year within the natal 7th house where I Relate, which governs legalities, partnerships, one on one relationships of all kinds, including marriage.

As the most recent events upon 26 June already unfolded, one huge step for the nation was the Supreme Court passing of equal rights to gay marriage in all 50 states. Quite the new beginning indeed as the business agreement that is the legality of marriage sees a new light of day.  Simultaneously, the country’s 9 Personal Year was coming to a close as Mars also currently transited the USA’s natal 7th house. There was an equal conclusion here that ended the previous judgment, discrimination and conflict that surrounded gay marriage. What an amazing feat and achievement in a 9 Personal Year to have rose up in courage, where standing up for what was right was absolutely adhered to. So much collective fear was released for our nation, and what a gracious gift that is!
Diving into the Details of A Personal Year Cycle
Within any given Current Personal Year, there is a specific month-to-month breakdown that offers deeper guidance of how the requests of the year ideally will be seen to unravel. Just like our recurring 9 year cycles, the personal months within any given year also follow in the same pattern of 1-9. Cross-referencing back to astrology, as The Sun is the planetary focus via astrology’s current transits, these areas of life will equally be highlighted, working side by side with the personal months as the entire 1 Personal Year plays out. These areas of the life will be the timeline of how this year’s cycle of endings and conclusions will naturally unfold for the nation as a whole through 04 July 2016.

July 2015 | 8 Personal Month
authoritative and financial issues, recognizing achievements, making connections, promotional focus

Sun 7th House I Relate  Partnerships, Legalities, Negotiations to 08 July 2015
Sun 8th House I Transform Wealth, Death/Rebirth, Sexuality, Regeneration/Change to 17 August

August 2015 | 9 Personal Month
conclusions, finalizations/endings, universal/philanthropic concerns, victory, charismatic climaxes

Sun  9th House I Believe Philosophies, Higher Learning, Foreign & World Affairs to 24 September

September 2015 | 1 Personal Month
new beginnings, initiations, seed planting, long term thinking, self-sufficiency, assertions

Sun  9th House I Believe Philosophies, Higher Learning, Foreign & World Affairs to 24 September
Sun 10th House I Structure Career & Public Life to 22 October

October 2015 | 2 Personal Month
nurturing, reflection, cleaning, equalizing emotions, togetherness, family

Sun 10th House I Structure Career & Public Life to 22 October
Sun 11th House I Socialize Groups, Friends, Hopes & Wishes to 14 Nov

November 2015 | 3 Personal Month
creativity, higher education, foreign affairs, joyous communication, attention to health, social activities

Sun 11th House I Socialize Groups, Friends, Hopes & Wishes to 14 Nov
Sun 12th House I Process Inner Work, Subconscious, Solitude to 04 Dec

December 2015 | 4 Personal Month
invention for positive change to create structure, humanitarian concerns, foundations, commitments

Sun 12th House I Process Inner Work, Subconscious, Solitude to 04 Dec
Sun 1st House I Am New Approaches to Life/Mask to the World to 06 Jan 2016

January 2016 | 2 Personal Month  A preview of 2016’s 2 Personal Years “coming attractions”
nurturing, reflection, cleaning, equalizing emotions, togetherness, family

Sun 1st House I Am New Approaches to Life/Mask to the World to 06 Jan 2016
Sun 2nd House I Have Possessions, Values, Earning Power to 13 Feb 2016

February 2016 | 3 Personal Month
creativity, higher education, foreign affairs, joyous communication, attention to health, social activities

Sun 2nd House I Have Possessions, Values, Earning Power to 13 Feb 2016
Sun 3rd House I Communicate Thinking & Mentality to 21 March 2016

March 2016 | 4 Personal Month
invention for positive change to create structure, humanitarian concerns, foundations, commitments

Sun 3rd House I Communicate Thinking & Mentality to 21 March 2016
Sun 4th House I Nurture  Home, Family, Environments to 18 April 2016

April 2016 | 5 Personal Month
permanent change and movement, travel, blossoming, multi-tasking, risk-taking, affecting the masses

Sun 4th House I Nurture  Home, Family, Environments to 18 April 2016
Sun 5th House I Create  Children/Creativity to 12 May 2016

May 2016 | 6 Personal Month
nurturing fortunate legalities, entertaining in the home, creating harmony, loving acts, negotiations

Sun 5th House I Create  Children/Creativity to 12 May 2016
Sun 6th House I Serve Health, Habits, Routines, Service to Self & Others to 02 June 2016

June 2016 | 7 Personal Month
self-renewal, inward focus, meditation, clear-thinking, research, sympathy, spiritual experience

Sun 6th House I Serve Health, Habits, Routines, Service to Self & Others to 02 June 2016
Sun 7th House I Relate  Partnerships, Legalities, Negotiations to 07 July 2016

So Fellow Americans, are you ready for all the “if it is NEW it is for YOU” in the next twelve months? We offer one final piece of star secrets wisdom for our country’s New Year in 2015 as a whole new 9 year span of time has now begun. Via Lexigrams -the poetic phrasing of the anagrams that can be derived from any word, name or title to spell out its’ truth- it will be ever so important to honor the request of the VISUALIZATION as the perfect guide for this 1 Personal Year. May all Americans find the time to anoint their soul to the vision they want to see by planting positive intentions now in order to receive this cycle’s rewards. As Neil Diamond once sang, “Turn on your heart light.” It’s time for America’s Best.

Happy Independence Day Dear American Stars.