Understanding Coronavirus is Energy for Your Protection & Safety

The mental practice of Remaining in the Eye of the Storm

We are all hearing multitudes of surmounting information concerning how the Covid19/Coronavirus is making it’s way across America at seemingly lightening speed. We can no longer question why Shelter in Place requests have been insisted upon, as our entire nation is for the most part aside from those occupations on the front lines. May we all send our continual and deepest thoughts of safety and protection to our new heroes in the workforce.

While this post is not considered technical medical advice, (so please utilize it as guidance as your free will is reachable and teachable to consider) what will be shared here today is going to relate the energetic conversation the mainstream media will never ever provide you with, being their intention is mostly fear based. Most people are now living in fear in across America of not only catching the virus itself, but for what the aftermath and fall out of all of this is going to result in. It is indeed a lot of overwhelm. Yet, let’s work to remain in the eye of the storm.

Now, our greatest concerns moving forward to stay safe & protected is buying food without contracting the virus.

One of Astrology’s greatest timing is everything tips is able to assist us as far as when we choose to shop, called Moon Void of Course (Moon VOC). These are recurring times every couple of days that have always asked us to take pause and not plan nor engage for the future because energetically “nothing becomes of it.” Read all about Timing Your Success & Moon VOC.

In the meantime, observing Moon Void of Course is completely critical during this pandemic time to avoid making our purchases. As you can read more about, these passages are fabulous for inner work, reflection and quiet time, which we are all extremely favored to do sheltered in place in our cocooning phase. 

Let’s talk now about Numerology and how it is also able to help provide us with not only support, but more than valuable insight we can proactively utilize as well. As we understand some basic concepts concerning the usage of colors and while yes this virus doesn’t can what color, race, gender or age you are, your mental and energetic preparedness absolutely does matter for you to always remain in the eye of the storm it has undoubtedly created. 

I have stated on Facebook on a quick post this past week about avoiding waring the color black when you shop. Here is why:

The Name Expression of Coronavirus is 43. As pictured above, we do have “a bit of a war” on our hands and as we are all more than well aware it is mysterious, invisible and not contained. 

It’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery as a 43 Name Expression is riddled with complication as we are undeniably experiencing not only in America, but wherever it is spilling it’s rapid energy across the entire globe. 

As we simply reduce a compound number to find its’ singular guidance: 4 + 3 = 7. 

7 vibrations specifically warn to avoid the color black. Being the color of absorption, it energetically attracts. 7 energy is all too sensitive and equally needs -especially as a 43 vibration- the absolute navigation of a SILENT LISTEN to work with it successfully. 43 is a complete “hurricane winds” kind of energy. Yet, always in a hurricane, there is the eye of the storm. This is where we must all intent on keeping ourselves for safety and protection moving forward.

What is favored to work with the 7 energy is first and foremost the color WHITE. White is the color of natural refection, and it assists energetically to shield, repel and protect.

Now, with this being said you still have to practice ALL essential mindfulness in going out to do your shopping as little as you need to. Disinfect and wash whatever items you bring home from the store as well as yourself fully after any interaction in the public world, washing your door knobs, your car steering wheel, your keys: basically retracing steps of anything you have touched before washing your hands. 

Workin with white and the other colors that help your personal energy vibrate to optimal capacity, will raise your vibration to not allow the Coronavirus energy to consume you in fear, but bring you to a place where you know you are remaining in the eye of the storm.

Below are each of the singular possibilities of how you are guided as far as your favorable colors in Numerology by just looking at the calendar date you are born. And for a total bonus you have loads of other information listed such as gemstones, supportive foods and herbs that equally help your vitality remain uplifted. More than likely, you already like or have an attraction to them and may already be utilizing them in your life. Please continue to do so, especially when you go out to shop moving forward when it is not Moon Void of Course. The listed colors for each number are especially helpful for us to use equally at home. Have fun as well learning a bit more about yourself in the process! 

You are a 1 Vibration If you are born to the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any given month.

You are a 2 Vibration If you are born to the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any given month.

You are a 3 Vibration If you are born to the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any given month.

You are a 4 Vibration If you are born to the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any given month.

You are a 5 Vibration If you are born to the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any given month.

You are a 6 Vibration If you are born to the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any given month.

You are a 7 Vibration If you are born to the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any given month.

You are a 8 Vibration If you are born to the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any given month.

You are a 9 Vibration If you are born to the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any given month.

There are so many things we can energetically do to assist in remaining in the eye of the storm this virus has created for us to now navigate for our our safety and protection. Shielding our energy and raising our vibration to help calm our fears is quintessential. Meditation and visualization are other powerful tools we can utilize as well.

Take excellent care of you and yours Dear Stars.

Much more to come in how astrology and numerology are here to support you during this time. Stay tuned and stay safe. 

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