Reinventing America 2018-19, Understanding a 4 Personal Year Cycle

AmericanFlags.SharitaStar04 July 2018 to 2018 & 22/4 Personal Year Cycle: What It Means for America

There probably isn’t a person who could disagree -no matter what it is they choose to politically believe- that The United States of America most certainly tapped into a very strong learning curve over the past year, the very promise of The Learning for America, 2017-18 3 Personal Year Cycle. As this year favored the practice of becoming a student for America, it is now time for the nation to completely expect the unexpected to continue on an even more intense level. Working with thinking outside of the box, discovering the difference between tolerance and allowing, as well as recognizing any resistance is futile as it celebrates 2018’s birthday, now marks the fourth and final year of the foundation laying process within the country’s current 9 year span of time that began in 2015.

Now that the USA’s 3 Personal Year has concluded -which preferred growth to occur concerning the seeds planted for the nation back in 2015-16 in it’s 1 Personal Year- America’s current energetic cycle via numerology shifts to the 4 Personal Year. As Jupiter guided their 2017-2018 3 Personal Year cycle, the energetic pulse of being willing to be educated, seek optimism and honor the truth within any situation was favored- whether these concepts were actually embraced or not. Jupiter finishing up in regenerative Scorpio and soon to move into the aims of Sagittarius before the close of 2018 will absolutely remain an important astrological transit to continue to observe for the nation.

However, the current planetary focus for the year ahead overall for America now shifts to intimately looking at the transit of Uranus between Aries and Taurus via how we can connect the timing of numerology cycles with those of astrology.

Uranus -whether it guides a 4 Personal Year, 4 vibration karmic path (4, 13, 22 or 31st of any given month) or the astrological sun sign of Aquarius- tells us we are meant to be focused upon breaking through the normal, becoming visionary, overcoming obstacles, implementing originality and know that individualism is the key to working with the whole continuity of humanity. Equally in any natal birth chart- the placement of one’s Uranus determines their ability to be unique; where they can naturally expect there is a different way they need to be in the life from everyone else; be prepared for unexpected turns; as well where they will find if they do not allow obstacles to stop them, they will prevail through determination.

In a 4 Personal Year, there is a request to absolutely adhere to a going with the unusual flow in order to allow for the solidarity to be experienced within it naturally unfold. What comes next for America is all about expecting the unexpected in order to break-through and overcome obstacles to properly prepare for 2019’s promised blossoming and permanent changes in a 5 Personal Year that leverages everything.


4 The Innovator | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards


22 Submission – Caution | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

The higher vibration of the country’s “new year’ for 2018-19 is that of the 22. (7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7= 22/4) The Chaldean numerological system views the Master Number 22 as ‘Submission – Caution.’ As much as these ancient meanings via Chaldean Karmic Mysteries were composed so long ago, these interpretations still very much can be translated and related to within our modern day, granting a most uncanny value for us to embrace into our understanding.

22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.” In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger, which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. If 22 is present (even as a personal year cycle), the person or entity it represents should exercise caution and watchfulness in both career and personal matters. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized. Any entity influenced by the 22 of any month needs to carefully understand their natural relationships with the numbers 4 and 8, and all of their vibration combinations.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs
Certainly, the country has all the potential to be seen by the world to reinvent itself this year. The 4 energy favors (and bear in mind the USA is a 4 karmic path nation as well) stepping away from status quo, daring to be different. However with a Master Number 22, as the Chaldean Karmic Mystery advises, caution and the submission to be watchful is necessary to avoid emotional turbulence which has a very high potential to unfold. As many feel America obviously has a lot to change and reinvent, the year ahead assists the country to recognize that the tolerance versus allowing process is an important part of how the nation must now work with originality moving forward to master our current experiences in order to evolve.

Equally, through Uranus’s guidance over this 4 Personal Year cycle, a very masculine and airy intellectual energy is abound. This planetary influence is seemingly wild with erratic energy, frequently misunderstood, and is not willing to follow nor fit into whatever is considered the norm. Once again, the country must align in the willingness to overcome obstacles, think differently in ways that have not been embraced before.

When connecting the forecasting dots from numerology to astrology, we now look at the country’s natal birth chart. Being once again, Uranus is in charge of the 4 Personal Year, this is the planet we closely observe as it equally journeys through the nation’s current transits all year long.

Uranus is a celestial vessel that moves through all 12 of the zodiac signs- spending approximately 7-8 years within each of them, taking approximately 84 years to complete one turn around the entire wheel in each of the 12 signs. Currently on the tipping point of Aries and Taurus, within 2018-19’s 4 Personal Year, the Uranus energy will be ultimately focused upon changing the country’s willingness to step outside of the box. The wavering between rebelliousness and the striving for stability and security is a strong theme as the year ahead will play itself out.

As the 4 Personal Year officially began for the USA upon 04th July, Uranus is in current transit in the nations’ natal 5th house of creativity and children as well as how it is able to find pleasure through entertainment and luxury. Equally it is in a sextile to the nation’s natal Venus at 03 degrees Cancer in the 7th house of legalities and agreements, favoring we do examine harmonious agreements within the country’s relationships to others. Previous relationships that need to be examined for what needs renewal or complete dissolving between them is also is also highly likely. This indicates a specific timing is everything point as to where the USA can expect to end or relationship changes to come to fruition –some that have been brewing to be resolved or concluded for quite some time- and the end result will be that these changes are vital, transforming and they will never return again to what they once were. Ideally, new patterns of relating to others and legal agreements are meant to suit the country, versus choosing to remain stuck in frustrating situations that do not serve anyone’s highest good.

Uranus turned Retrograde upon 07 August 2018, favoring reflection within this 5th house sector of life to be ultimately required, as a pure purging and cleansing of the nation’s ability to heal what is currently going on concerning children, it’s abilities to manifest creation and how it can sustain enjoyment without being materialistic. Upon 11 November 2018, it crosses back into the nation’s 4th house, where reflection shifts at this time to what the country needs to reconsider concerning it’s abilities to nurture the home and family life and what is unfolding within it’s closest environments.

Equally, as Uranus will already have moved back into Aries 07 November, this is a very volatile time as when any outer planet crosses into another sign, we most certainly can see disturbances in the force. Uranus is also the planet that rules over earthquakes and natural disasters, due to the fact we never quite can predict what their outcomes will exactly be before they surprise us.

Uranus is on the tipping point of the nation’s 4th house moving in retrograde motion at this time, expecting the unexpected is more than wise to do, and being prepared to go with the flow is absolutely necessary. Also in transit at this time will be Venus Retrograde, who will directly oppose Uranus Retrograde on 31 October, and continue in a close opposition into the middle of November. Redefining power, money relationships and the USA’s view upon it’s vitality for it’s future will all be swirling in the mix of our upcoming Autumns reflection, which will be nothing short of intense.

Upon 05 January 2019, Uranus turns Direct, still in the nation’s 4th house of home and family life. At this time we also see the station of Uranus to be squaring the nations’ natal Pluto in the 2nd house of possessions, value security, and how the country is able to acquire income. The New Year certainly opens for the country on a very disturbing note once again, as the transformation of power concerning value as well as how this affects the home and family life is seeking for a new structure to be implemented.

Everything surrounding security in the country is going to be seen in such a way that it has never been seen before. Complete transformation and regeneration will be in motion, removing old habitual patterns and entering an energetic new phase of existence. At the very best, there can be a very spiritual insightful way this can manifest, and the will of being powerful wishes to exemplify itself in a way that is different and outlandish at first, but over time it is seen as revolutionary.

Moving forward in 2019, Uranus shifts back into the to the nation’s 5th house again upon 01 March just before it moves completely forward, re-entering Taurus upon 05 March for the next 7 years, and equally remaining in this area of the country for the majority of it.

What does that all mean you might be asking?

As America’s 4 Personal Year carries out, placing proper attention upon expecting the unexpected, remaining open minded, working with originality and casting off judgment is critical to adhere to. This applies all year long to the country’s approach to children, manifestation, nurturing, caring for the home and family, and what we see unraveling within our closest environments. Certainly a time in the country’s history to continue to remain alert, aware and work with accepting changes versus resist them.
Overall, the varying road ahead of contrast will be more than an unusual one to unfold throughout 04 July 2019. The time for The UNITED States of America to come together and listen to wise and just ways to work better with remembering it’s individual place amongst the world –one of the strongest requests of the 4’s guidance- and not remain judgmental to humanity’s differences overall in the UNTIED is here.

May openness, willingness to change, originality, going with the flow and finding the progress within the unexpected side of life guide America in this ‘Submission – Caution’ New Year.

May You Allow Your Freedom to Reign Dear American Stars.


The Learning for America 2017-18, Understand a 3 Personal Year Cycle


There probably isn’t a person who could disagree -no matter what it is they choose to politically believe- that The United States of America most certainly tapped into extreme emotions that have been undoubtedly expressed as it’s 2016-17 2 Personal Year Cycle completely promised would occur. While the past year favored the practice of nurturing sensitivities for America, it is now time for the nation to prepare for becoming a student in the life. Working with genuine examination of honesty and truth as it celebrates 2017’s birthday, now marks the entry into the third year of the foundation laying process within the country’s current 9 year span of time.

Now that the USA’s 2 Personal Year has concluded -which watered the seeds planted in the nation back in 2015-16 in it’s 1 Personal Year– America’s current energetic cycle via numerology shifts to the 3 Personal Year. As the Moon guided their 2016-2017 2 Personal Year cycle, emotions and feelings needing to be processed where stirred up. While the Moon will still be absolutely important to observe in astrology’s current transits for the nation, the planetary attention for the year ahead now shifts to intimately looking at Jupiter via numerology.

Jupiter -whether it guides a 3 Personal Year, 3 vibration karmic path (3, 12, 21 or 30th of any given month) or the astrological sun sign of Sagittarius- tells us we are meant to be focused upon philosophies, abundance, growth, willingness to be educated, foreign affairs, love of culture, foreign travel and exploration desiring to reveal the genuine truth. Equally in any natal birth chart, the placement of one’s Jupiter determines their ability to attain wisdom, where their natural “strokes of luck” can occur in the life, as well where they will hold strong beliefs to honor their truth.

In a 3 Personal Year, there is a request to adhere to a learning process that allows for growth to be experienced within it. What comes next for America is all about becoming ultimately honest and expansive in order to embrace the willingness to learn and change what has been established through previous belief systems.

The higher vibration of the country’s “new year” is that of the 21. (7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7= 21/3) The Chaldean numerological system views the 21 as ‘The Crown of the Magi.’ As much as these ancient meanings via Chaldean Karmic Mysteries were composed so long ago, their interpretations within our modern day are of absolute value for us to embrace into our understanding.

In addition to being called ‘The Crown of the Magi,’ this Compound number is also pictured by the ancient Chaldeans as The Universe. It promises general success, and guarantees advancement, honors, awards, and general elevation in the life and career. It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the Crown of the Magi is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. However, the person or entity blessed with the number 21 may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition. It is a most fortunate vibration- a number of karmic reward. ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Certainly, the country has all the potential to be seen by the world in a more positive light this year. The 3 energy favors looking to the glass as half full verses being half empty, so it can take current situations and begin to comprehend there are solutions that await through being adaptable to a learning process it is meant to surrender to so it’s rewards can be received. As many feel the soul of America has been and is still being ultimately tested, the year ahead assists the country to recognize this process was and is an important part of how the nation must now learn from these experiences in order to evolve.

Equally, with Jupiter’s guidance over this 3 Personal Year cycle, it is a very masculine and fiery energy that unfolds. This planetary influence is ever expansive, seeking to work with mutability and the ability to communicate through truth. Once again, the country must align in the willingness to be educated in ways that have not been embraced before.

When connecting the forecasting dots from numerology to astrology, we now look at the country’s natal birth chart. Being once again, Jupiter is in charge of the 3 Personal Year, this is the planet we closely observe as it equally journeys through the nation’s current transits all year long.

Jupiter is a celestial vessel that moves through all 12 of the zodiac signs- spending approximately 1 year within each of them, taking 12 years to complete one turn around the entire wheel. Within 2017-18’s 3 Personal Year, this energy will be ultimately focused upon changing the country’s beliefs and philosophies, due to Jupiter now being in charge.

As the 3 Personal Year officially begins for the USA upon 04th July, Jupiter is in current transit in the nations’ natal 10th house of structure and career as well as how it is seen in the public eye. Equally it is conjunct to the nation’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra, promoting enthusiasm within the country to be tempered- revealing profound and severe realizations for the nation to absorb asking to unblock narrow, restricted and indifferent perceptions. This indicates a specific timing is everything point as to where the USA can expect to begin a strong requirement to engage in growth in order for steady success to prevail.

By 09 October, Jupiter shifts in to the nation’s 11th house of socialization, friendships, hopes, dreams, wishes and future goals just before it leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on the 10th. On 16 February 2018, it moves forward into the country’s 12th house of the inner process, subconscious realms and karmic obligations.

Once Jupiter turns Retrograde upon 06 March 2018, reflection within this 12th house sector of life will be ultimately required, as a pure purging and cleansing of the nation’s ability to heal from within will be favored until it crosses back into the 11th house upon 29 March 2018. Reflection shifts at this time to what the country needs to reconsider concerning it’s overall future, it’s genuine friends and proper place amongst its’ peers. Jupiter remains in Retrograde as it’s 3 Personal Year cycle concludes upon 04 July 2018, until 10 July.

What does that all mean you might be asking?

As America’s 3 Personal Year commences, placing proper attention upon what can be learned to improve it’s place in the public’s eye and the willingness to be educated here is critical to adhere to. By mid February 2018, the request to then honor what is necessary to bring growth and genuine honesty to what must change concerning the country’s future will be imminent.

A 3 Personal Year is equally favored to allow us to work with what the nation needs to adapt to concerning it’s foreign affairs overall. Once again, the willingness to learn and be open to shifting to different philosophies for growth allows the country to experience the positive aspects of what should be corrected for it’s future evolution. Especially between 16 February and 29 March 2018, the opportunity for intense healing will be up close and personal as Jupiter promotes a pure karmic cleansing as the nation will find it absolutely needs to take time in a silent listen to be able to learn what it is meant to process internally.

Overall, the educational road ahead is a more than a truthful one to unfold throughout 04 July 2018. The time for The UNITED States of America to come together and listen to wise and just ways to work better within it’s place amongst the world –one of the strongest requests of the 3’s guidance- and not remain UNTIED is here.

May growth, learning, genuine honesty, trust and finding the positive side of life guide America in this ‘The Crown of the Magi’ New Year.

Happy Independence Day Dear American Stars.

Current Transit Charts as America’s 3 Personal Year progresses, focus upon Jupiter’s movement:

04 July 2017: Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn, 10th House


09 October, Jupiter enters 11th House:


16 February 2018, Jupiter enters 12th House:


28 March 2018, Jupiter Retrogrades back to 11th House:


Moving America Forward: The Practice of Patriotism



Now that the decision has been made who America’s 45th President is, the next decision involves understanding the changing times that are upon the nation overall.

It was never my business to toss around my 2016 Election “predictions” to you which I strongly believe affect the right to execute your own free will. I equally am not any kind of political expert. However, in my private consulting practice, my mission is to align peace of mind in changing times.

As a nation, America has a natal birth chart. Right now, one of the most telling current transits surrounding the changes we see arriving as challenges comes from Saturn on the country’s natal Ascendant/Rising Sign. This planet will be in the USA’s 1st House (Emerging Self, Appearance, Persona, First Impressions of Life) -making sure we distinctly alter our approaches to life as a country as well as how we appear overall to the world at large- for the next 3 years into November 2019. What does this exactly mean?

Saturn’s transits are slow and allow anyone to learn from their experiences as they occur. Yet, they bring everything into the spotlight of what is currently not being done responsibly nor with wisdom. Whatever part of life Saturn affects via current transit, he has to be listened to like a father figure. Saturn does make life come to a seemingly dramatic pause. This is because we are meant to be taking a real SILENT LISTEN whenever he is around.

The United States is extremely due for some disciplinary times that now ask for ultimate patience and wisdom to navigate through what is next to come. The instability that has been progressing in this country is now being asked to become stabilized.

Whether you don’t like or are completely thrilled with the outcome of yesterday’s election, the question now to ask is patriotism in your space? Patriotism is what will bring back the UNTIED to the UNITED States of America.

Never forget, the USA is a young, and an extremely young country. This is a powerful time we are now amidst of growing pains much like a teenager experiences from an energetic point of view.

I wrote back in July, The Nurturing of America: Understanding a 2 Personal Year Cycle. This is a Lunar guided year, meaning, it is fueled with emotions, intense feelings surrounding the home and family, as well as digging deep into the roots of the psyche of the nation overall. This year distinctly says to watch the current transits of the Moon, especially Solar and Lunar Eclipses which will be the most indicative as to what is meant to unfold, and where within the country this nurturing needs to be adhered to the most.

I’ll get back to the eclipses in a minute. Interestingly, the USA had a natal lunar return under an equal Moon Void of Course upon Election Day. (See inner slice of the pie in area 3, the moon glyph is our natal one in the Sign of Aquarius) Leading up to yesterday’s historic day of choice which then was revealed under a Pisces Moon, it certainly has been nothing else but stirred in emotion- which is how the USA communicates & thinks normally -all through how it feels. As this day changes everything, people have to remember to respond, not react… the very key to ever dealing with holding an emotional mentality.

It is so easy to see why the country is seen to be incredibly standing in that UNTIED energy in today’s world, even if the intended goal when the nation was born was UNITED. Yet, because the 3rd house for the country is ruled by Aquarius- emotional thinking is the norm- in the potential outcomes of rebellious, detached or confined feelings & expression of them- humanitarian ones are the most important we need to remember that serve the nation the best in what ideas we are able to execute, and should be nurturing as a whole.

Strong Pisces Solar & Lunar Eclipses have also kicked off in this USA 3rd house (guiding thinking, communications, mindsets, short trips, siblings and our neighbors) over the past year starting in March 2016. Due to the math, the nation’s 3rd House starts at 24deg Aquarius (one more hits here 25 feb 2017 from Pisces) so the country’s thinking must realize it needs to change overall.

The pairing eclipses that kicked off in March & September in the opposite sign of Virgo, take the ways the nation needs to change it’s mindset and communications so it can over time, equally instill new beliefs systems that stand in truth. The nations’ philosophies and idealisms have also been coming to boil at a critical moment of collapse so new expressions are able to move in.

There are so many more details within the country’s current transits pointing to these challenging times. To remain focused on the most important ones to understand, it is being in the know of the USA’s Sagittarius ASC and how Saturn’s current presence is now undeniably vying for our attention to listen carefully.

Also forming and in play, is a square to our nations 12 deg Sagittarius Ascendant from the current Neptune at 09 degrees Pisces, who also in a longer term current transit in our 3rd house. These next 3 years via this transit, only become more intense as it points to the revelation of reality & responsibility combating against deception & denial.

The timing is everything for the ways things are unfolding right now. There is a new foundation asking to be built that changes the nation’s approaches to everything and how this world looks at America. In order for us to succeed moving forward, the country’s old mindset in must be thrown away in order to begin.

Many people may choose to believe our country now will back slide. From astrology’s and numerology’s point of view, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is no doubt, America is amidst very intense times of growing pains. Saturn on the nation’s Ascendant is absolutely calling for union that will only unfold through maturity. You are evolving into a young adult past your teenager years America, so it is rising up in maturity that the country needs to adhere to be able to move forward.

Saturn determined the outcome of the 2016 Election and now says, it is time to surrender to what must change. Congratulations, President Elect Donald Trump. May responsibility, dignity, patience, and stability be your guiding lights for America during the next 4 years.

“Listen or your tongue will make you deaf.”

~Native American Cree Proverb


The Nurturing of America, 2016-2017. Understanding a 2 Personal Year Cycle

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR AMERICA! As if The United States of America doesn’t feel emotions swirling as 2016 has unfolded already, it is time to be prepared for even more sensitivities to arrive as the nation celebrates it’s birthday, marking … Continue reading

Why Donald Trump Riles America

ItsAllintheName.TrumpDisclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for Donald Trump, nor being posted to present any kind of political favoring of him one way or another.  This is an analysis of how a name and birthday are able to distinguish why a person has the character and potential influence in life that they do.

Donald Trump has obviously gained significant American citizen support within the United States in the run for The White House to become the country’s 45th President. Yet, there are just as many people in complete shock, dismay and totally disheartened who simply want to know, “WHY Trump?”

Let’s Look Up to Look Down: ‘As Above, So Below’
If you ask the stars above about the energy that everyone is currently witnessing from Donald Trump, they would first and foremost tell you that the man can’t even help himself. Not that we would “blame” astrology, numerology or the planets themselves, but it certainly can be seen from numerous angles why he is expressing the kind of behavior that he does.

Astrology’s Findings
What you have when you examine Donald’s birth chart right away is his Leo Ascendant, or Rising Sign. This represents is his emerging personality and how he takes on the world in his first impressions. Even though he is a Gemini –born 14 June 1946- this is why we see his appearance as the boastful, lion like, “I’m KING of the forest” attitude. Leo influence is well know to be able to walk into any room and capture immediate attention.

He certainly doesn’t mind all eyes being upon him wherever he goes, doesn’t he?

To intensify this natal chart placement, with his 29 degrees Leo Ascendant (a.k.a Rising Sign), he has a natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo. When a planet like Mars is conjunct (an astrological aspect that is close to or at the same mathematical degree point) to the Ascendant, it will simply amplify the natural traits of the sign, typically in a more than motivated, aggressive, conflicting and angry way. Mars “on the ASC” is certainly not an easy card to get handed if you are expected to be a “light and breezy” kind of person. Mars is the Warrior planet, and what we do notice here as well is: Mr. Trump is at intensely work on his approaches to life in sticking up for the underdog and is motivated at every turn to fight for something not being done in sovereignty.

Mars’s energy will channel itself coupled with a Leo Rising as a “loves to tell it like it is” delivery, accompanied by brash, sassy, and impulsive airs. Anyone with a Mars on their Ascendant/Rising is known not to be shy in any kind of way. However, in Leo, to tame its’ negative influences, it truly requires the development and practice of humility, courage and patience in order to combat the tendency to go at things with more than a roar and overly dramatic flare.

Mr. Trump is definitely and simply not designed to beat around the bush, tip toe through the tulips, or back down when confronted. Mars is the very planet, which will always defend.

As a Gemini Sun, one may even wonder, why he has even bothered to attempt a leadership role such as the highest office in the United States- considering this sign is more ideally favored to be more suited as a mover and shaker in life through their innate gifts of communications. Trump has his Gemini Sun placed in the area of his chart that guides leading structure, his work, career and public life.

So from the inside out so to speak, Trump yearns to lead, take charge and strive to be at the top of whatever he attempts to do. His life experience and history has proven he is capable of success in numerous regards. Even if he temporarily loses, his comeback supersedes his last efforts.

Yet, he is always seen to waver, with a many business highs and lows over his career. Why so?

Within this same area of life, Trump has a wider conjunction of Uranus next to his natal Sun. (17 deg & 22 deg of Gemini respectively). Here is another indication of where the abruptness he comes off with carries out within his personality. Uranus is a planet of rebellion, the unexpected, the eccentric and often detachment. Equally, it also expresses how Trump displays his originality, innovations and forward-thinking to bring reform and necessary improvement to any kind of already established structure.

The stars will bet, if you had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Trump in the comfort of his own home, you would see a totally different demeanor reveal itself. Donald’s natal Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius, is in a complete opposition to his natal Sun, as well as his Uranus. Our natal Moon determines our abilities to express our feelings and emotions.

Do your own research however, and you will discover the charitable man he actually is.

It is once again, another hard card to be dealt with in astrology, when your Sun and Moon directly oppose one another. Donald was born on the day of a Full Moon, when emotions are known to be completely exposed, raw and sensitive. Toss in the fire sign of Sagittarius and you have at the very worst: outspoken, roving, and restless energy concerning one’s feelings at your fingertips.

While the potential for achieving balance is available with a Sun Moon opposition, more often than not, one’s feelings are just not easily accessible and easily expressed with poise and grace. With a natal 10th to 4th house opposition of a Sun and Moon, the career and public life will win over any natural nurturing, as the Sun is the Life Force/Identity striving to always prove itself in the public eye. A Moon in the 4th house keeps extremely private within its’ reflection, sensitivity and the ability to show a caring nature. Trump is a total softie when not in his luxury suit, yet this will be exactly where it belongs: behind closed doors, not in the public eye.

This is why you do not always see Donald act like he has a nurturing bone in his body when he is “on.” Especially when he is being confronted by opposition. Yet -for those with discerning eyes- they will notice those who oppose him, simply choose to play on this quality to try to turn it to his disadvantage. And it is then one notices, even with the insults he’ll toss back, at the end of the day he is only honestly and blatantly pointing out the raw truth in the first place.

The stars have endless evidence to back up Trump’s erratic and not so politically polished behavior, but we don’t have all day and neither do you to read through it all. That being said, probably the most important fact we should be looking at here is: he isn’t a career politician. So, we’ll keep focusing upon a few more highlights and let you be on your way.

Numerology’s Findings
Switching gears to numbers, we see Donald is born to the karmic path of the 14 ‘Movement – Challenge.’ This is a 5 vibration when it gets reduced (1 + 4 = 5) which doubles up his profile’s influence of Mercury. Both the 5 and Gemini are guided by logical, linear, non-feeling, state the facts, “I’m not exactly touchy-feely,” “Let’s move!” versatile and quicksilver energy provided by our Messenger planet Mercury.

Mercury intensified in a chart, is not a planet that is going to allow a person to warm up to you in any way. All you will get is straightforward, curt and whatever needs to be said in that moment, as quickly and at times, come across as being said dispassionately. Yet, sometimes, the TRUTH that might HURT is exactly energetically this way.

Trump’s 14 ‘Movement – Challenge’ karmic path is another layer of insight as to why -even before his eye on becoming Number 45- he is quite clever at captivating the masses. As we look to Chaldean Numerology, there is a karmic mystery associated with this number which says:

Magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing and all media-related matters is associated with the 14. Periodic changes in business and partnerships of all kinds are usually beneficial. Dealing with speculative matters brings luck, likewise movement and travel associated with combinations of people and nations can be fortunate. However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever present. There is a risk involved in depending on the word of those who misrepresent a situation. It’s a mistake to rely on others. Rely on the intuition, the self, the voice within. The luck of the 14 includes money dealings and speculative projects, or betting, but there’s always danger of loss due to wrong advice from others, or over confidence.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

We can be sure, the only times Mr. Trump has endured those losses, is when he simply, has some karmic lessons to learn from partnering up with people he placed the wrong loyal and trust with. Oops, well then, “You’re Fired!”

Back to the 1 + 4 = 5 root of Mercury. Remember, this is that very same inner planet that goes retrograde every few months, if you follow along with astrology’s current “timing is everything” rules. Being Trump is a double influence of Mercury through his sun sign and karmic path, he naturally, can’t slow down half the time. Add in that Mars on his Ascendant/Rising, and he has this insane urgency to be ever-active and continuous movement to change energy and situations at all times.

Once again, this is not an ideal planetary combination to be dealt if you are looking for someone to be sugary sweet and act perfectly nice all the time. Sorry America, it’s just not going to happen under Trumps’ birthday clock.

Why has Trump Gained Such Momentum?
USA.Trump This is when our country’s natal birth chart comes in handy. Astrology has a fascinating way that you can see how people are compatible and can influence one another. Or in this particular case, how this works between an individual and a country.

To the left is a comparison chart. The USA’s natal chart is in the middle, and Donald’s planet positions are then placed where they naturally fall mathematically in relationship to the USA within the outside wheel.

Why are the country’s emotions “rattled?”
Donald’s natal Sagittarius Moon sits in America’s first house, just less than 10 degrees away from our 12 deg Sagittarius ASC. (how our nation emerges and appears to the world) The first thing his energy does is rouse up people’s feelings -one way or the other- and exposes them right up to the surface of things. No one cares what they say about Trump, good or bad, they are feeling it and they are eagerly expressing it!

Why are people so angry about Trump?
His natal Uranus conjuncts America’s natal Mars in the country’s ability to relate within one on one partnerships and relations. His erratic, unexpected and rebellious originality stimulates people’s abilities to find motivation, become strong-willed, get mad, and stand up and fight.

Equally, this conjunction is in Gemini -the sign of the Twins- displaying why you are seeing a profoundly “split energy” about people’s opinion of Trump. It certainly is one extreme or the other. Ya either love him or ya hate him.

Why is he so popular?
His natal Saturn conjuncts America’s natal Mercury in Cancer in the country’s ability to witness its’ overall power, renewal, regeneration and change while being patriotic, historic and nostalgic. Saturn being the planet of discipline, restriction and responsibility, he is appealing the most to American’s who want significant change and movement within the country: the very thing Mercury indeed guides.

Notice Trump is choosing the Republican side of the political arena- which is the right-winged, typical type cast of non-liberal and traditional choice. Even if the heart of the Republican Party seemingly does not want him on their ticket; the Democrats -who do not consider themselves stodgy or conservative- most certainly will block any invitations to have him on theirs.

The Forecast From Here
Once Trump celebrates his birthday 14 June, he’ll officially be in his 2 Personal Year via his numerological forecast. This marks the 2nd year of the current 9 year span of time he is in. While he has planted quite a path of new beginnings in his life since 14 June 2015, a 2 Personal Year is a true soul tester. Consider it “odd” or not, but within a month, America herself will also enter this very same 2 personal year cycle upon 04 July 2016.

Being the 2 is guided by the Moon, it is part of the soul’s journey to nurture last year’s seeds that where just planted. A 2 Personal Year in the life requires cooperation, caring, sensitivity and emotional response. Being we have already witnessed Trump having a bit of a hard time naturally accessing these abilities and attributes, June onward may be very telling for him in where he will stand roaring next. Nevertheless, his roar thus far is igniting hearts in America who are tired of disloyalty in politics, which is something that Leo Ascendant is very keen at offering protection over.

Most foretelling is our Solar and Lunar Eclipses that marked 2016 back in March. Eclipses always are on a New (Solar) or a Full (Lunar) Moon, and cast off a long-term channel of energy to be experienced from the area of life they unfold in the chart. Any planet contact is also noted accordingly.

March’s Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces 08 March brought new beginnings to Trump’s partnerships and open enemies. This Solar Eclipse squared (creating stagnant, cornered and tense energy via astrological aspect) his natal 17 deg Uranus and 22 deg Sun in Gemini up in his career and public life. There will be no surprise that plenty of force will unite to be even more against him as the weeks continue. This energy does not “flow” nor indicate any kind of a smoother ride for him moving forward.

In fact, if you have noticed since 08 March, Trump’s events have actually gotten presented on the main stream media as even more ugly, as both the Republicans and Democrats alike are trying to figure out how to eliminate him altogether.

Equally, 08 March’s Solar Eclipse squared his natal 21 deg Sagittarius Moon as well. Once again, more emotions being churned up within his closest environments, equally indicating he is feeding off fears, being a bully, and out of touch with his abilities to stay grounded and centered. For America, this Eclipse is about changing the country’s approaches to life, and how it is seen by the world overall.

23 March’s Lunar Eclipse at 03 deg Libra will offer letting go, conclusions and intense release from his 2nd house of earning power, value, and the ability to have what he wants. This Lunar Eclipse makes a conjunction to his natal Neptune at 05 deg Libra. More inflated feelings, high sensitivity, trickiness, restlessness, anxiety, illogical and idealistic potentials surround the values he will be ultimately asked to reflect upon. What continues to pursue in a reflective manner will energetically seek to realign and bring balance and change: especially in he communicates to the masses, how America’s structure is perceived overall, which is where it triggers reflection in the country’s natal chart.

Trump’s campaign has to navigate through 2016’s 2nd Mercury Retrograde (a cycle of reflection and review concerning movement, communications and change) that will station on his 24 deg Taurus Midheaven (beginning of his 10th house of career) on 28 April to start the retrograde cycle. Once again looking to an opposing force, Mars Retrograde (a cycle of reflection that reconsiders our desires and actions) will station on his 24 deg Scorpio Nadir (beginning of his 4th house of environments/home/family life) by the 29 June when it turns Direct after being retrograde since 17 April.

Fact is, the road is extremely turbulent, and emotionally so for Trump moving forward. The combination of two inner planet retrogrades on his opposing angular houses (where his inner and outer leadership are positioned) is quite a wallop of energy to be processing indeed.

Equally September offers two more Eclipses that will be in his other two angular houses, indicating gains and losses accordingly, especially more conflict rousing from his open enemies. The one thing on his side is: he must utilize his intuition and emotions keenly. Keeping up the aggressive and domineering approach he has displayed within his campaign, will be seen in contrasting ways. There is a narrative some will be happy to hear, and for others, not so much.

Lastly, as any of us spin in time in the 1 to 9 year to year, so too, can we add deeper layers to our forecast via numbers by examining cycles concerning our months and days. Within his 2 Personal Year, Trump is in a 9 Personal Month of endings and conclusions in July. August brings forward new beginnings in a 1 Personal Month. In other words, very pivotal energy is seen once again unrolling between these two months. America will have also entered its’ 2 Personal Year, so the very same rhythm and patterns of energy via numbers here unfold in union.

It is a 9 Personal Day as well for Trump and America upon the start of the Republican National Convention 18 July. Typically, it is custom for the nominee to be announced by the third or fourth day. 20 July is a 2 Personal Day of high emotions, nurturing and cooperation. 21 July is a 3 day of learning, growth and truth in the deepest connection to what is concluding within his and the country’s 9 Personal Month. While it can be a conclusive energy favoring endings, it also can allow anyone affected by it, to rise up in triumph and victory.

Equally in affect over these days will be the current transit of Venus in Leo, who will be on an exact conjunction to Donald’s natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo in his 12th house of karmic retribution, secrets, and confinement. Within America’s chart, while no exact planet is positioned here, this energy from Mr. Trumps’ channels into the country’s house of wealth, core transformation, and understanding of how regenerations and change occurs. He certainly is seeking to turn the nation around as his campaign trail thus far, has carried on.

This Venus and Pluto alignment can bring forward plenty of self-transformation and regeneration through conflict and drastic changes that may show up. Relationships concerning power and authority all around are intense and seemingly “come to a head” concerning the larger picture -drawing upon endings and certainly layer in to further intensify those conclusions his 9 Personal Month will already have in store for him as well as how willing America is to accept rebirth is in her midst.

Our free will is always in the best control when our ego is not behind the wheel. Whilst our main stream media is purely boasting Mr. Trump is only operating from his, it will be best we all get in an extremely good standing within our own. After all, a person who is reachable and teachable is the only kind that is genuinely able to properly discern who he really is and not believe everything they simply hear or are told.

Time will only tell how all the more interesting and more than forecasted emotional road to winning and becoming America’s 45th President will continue to unfold, as the country collectively works through its’ own emotions raised and completely concerned, 2 Personal Year.

The Grand Cardinal Cross & The USA


Times are a changing all across the world right now due to the upcoming official alignment of The Grand Cardinal Cross, which kicks off it’s 6 hits of 4 planets (Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto) mathematical meeting at the 13 degree of our Cardinal Leadership signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) 20 April and completing upon 23 April. For The United States of America, as a Cancer Sun sign nation, this astrological event is profoundly affecting our natal birth chart that was born 04 July 1776.

What is most captivating to observe first and foremost, is that our nation has a 13-degree Cancer Sun, and a 14-degree Saturn in Libra. With the physical pyramid that is forming from this alignment as we previously discussed in Realigning Your Leadership: The Calling for Regeneration – Change, when The Grand Cardinal Cross completely aligns, looking to how this current transit is moving through our country’s chart, it makes what we would say in astrology is some pretty “heavy hits.”

Looking at the current transit chart for the USA, we have multiple aspects (mathematical conversations) that are already ongoing and will be intensely occurring surrounding the 19 to 23 April.

19 April: Mars Retrograde 14 degrees Libra conjuncts the USA’s natal Saturn in the Career & Public Life. This conjunction directly affects the energy connecting to our responsibility within the public eye and how we choose to structure how we work as an entire nation. Quick, conflicting, explosive, and aggressive outcomes have the potential to unfold- marking a dynamic shift in how the USA views authority and the country’s entire sense of stability, equally stimulating circumstances that will require patience, diligence, and learning from the experiences to unfold. One might say the USA has “lessons to learn” in reflection of the previous efforts and intentions that have already been placed in motion. This conjunction point at the 14th degree is the Chaldean’s understanding of Movement – Challenge, which clearly indicates permanent and irreversible changes are more than likely to unfold here. Note as well, as The Grand Cardinal Cross makes all the conjunctions, oppositions & squares to our nations’ 13 degree Cancer Sun, these aspects are profoundly “talking” with our natal 14 degree Saturn in Libra. Now, you might really grasp a deeper picture of why the energies around the USA are nothing short of intense.

This precise “squaring off” and opposing energies continue on as follows:
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries 3:29am EDT/12:29am PDT
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 7:26pm EDT/4:26pm PDT
21 April: Uranus in Aries squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 3:21pm EDT/12:21pm PDT
22 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer 3:28pm EDT/12:28pm PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries 3:08am EDT/12:08am PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 9:38am EDT/6:38am PDT

For the USA: The 13th degree’s calling for Regeneration – Change
Jupiter in Cancer conjuncts the USA’s natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer
Abundantly changing the ways our country relates within our partnerships

Pluto Rx in Capricorn opposes the USA’s natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer
Intense transformations in our country’s approaches to life & how we are seen by the world

Uranus in Aries squares the USA’s natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer
Expect the unexpected in our home, family & environments where we nurture as a country

Mars Retrograde in Libra squares USA’s natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer
Dynamic changes & action moving within our country’s public life where we structure

Jupiter in Cancer squares the USA’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra
Educating our country to learn from experience in our career & public life where we structure

Pluto Rx in Capricorn squares the USA’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra
Rebirthing our country’s view upon authority, power, & recognition within the world

Uranus in Aries opposes the USA’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra
Reinventing how we nurture at home to balance where we work & structure in life

Mars Retrograde in Libra conjuncts USA’s natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra
Motivation to redefine our country’s sense of stability, responsibility & achievements

Historical Events Previously Occurring upon the 19th or 20th April:
(or number combinations of 20)
BP Oil Spill                             20 April
Columbine Shooting             20 April
Batman shooting                    on the 20th
Virginia tech shooting           16 April (4 + 16 = 20)
Twin Towers fall                     11 September (9 + 11 = 20)
World War II                           20 April
Waco Massacre                       19 April
Oklahoma City Bombing      19 April
Boston Bombing                     15 April (4 +15 = 19)
1st Boston Marathon             19 April
Adolf Hilter’s Birthday:         20 April

What can we possibly expect as a nation upon these dates in 2014?

Listen Back to Sharita talk about The Grand Cardinal Cross on Contact Talk Radio 03 April & 10 April

Lexigrams and The Grand Cardinal Cross
As always, the way that the letters composing a title are able to provide further wisdom and insight into what we can all expect -beyond the USA’s implications, within the world at large- when we anagram them and then poetically phrase them to spell out the truth, we have the final clues as to what this rare period in history ultimately requests of us all, whether one is an American or not. While this planetary alignment strongly affects the USA, the rest of the world is not excused from adhering to what it wishes for anyone to pay closer attention to.




















The USA and it’s approaching 9 Personal Year

Our country at present is wrapping up a Current 8 Personal Year Cycle, which began 04 July 2013. While April marks a 3 Personal Month of learning, growth, finding optimism and seemingly a stroke of “good luck,” it’s higher vibration comes from the 12, indicating the Chaldean’s deeper insight of Sacrifice – The Victim. What is going to be asked of the nation is to allow circumstances and events to become our teacher however they unfold- as the USA is called to become “the kneeling submissive student.” Within this entire year’s cycle that requests patience across the board and a sense of responsibility to mark every move our country makes, April overall surrounds us within the learning process, and one that will demonstrate -if we have not allowed our actions to be within honesty and integrity- the force of the 12 and the association with sacrifice and the potential to become the victim is likely our outcome. Whatever may be unfolding within the nation that falls under the repetition of action that keeps striving for a different result, but no alternative approach has been taken, we find we may be accused of operating within the definition of insanity.

Looking further into the Personal Day Cycles, we also gain perspective with 19 April falling to 4 Personal Day, there is a calling for a new structure and foundation to occur – happening completely unexpectedly- throwing an obstacle our way to learn to overcome as a great level of tolerance will be associated with it. On 20 April, as we turn into a 5 Personal Day, this marks a date that will bring forward a permanent change that will move us into events and occurrences that present us with historic moments of never going back again.

As we look to the nations’ upcoming “new year” that officially starts upon 04 July 2014, we enter a 9 Personal Year, marking the end of a 9 year cycle that began in 2006. A 9 Personal Year always brings along with it a period of release, conclusions, endings, and pure cleansing so that by 2015, another 1 Personal Year can begin for the USA. The motto, “if it is new it is for you” will become the theme of 2015 to 2016’s cycle, as a brand new 9 year span of time in our evolution starts. 2014 to 2016 is extremely pivotal energy that surrounds our country and the natural occurrences one will see unfold. What is also of high alert in a 9 Personal Year Cycle is the leaning towards aggression, conflict, anger, and penetrating energies that will not be afraid of a fight to stand up for change. As always with any association of the 9, it is rising up in courage, and taking a stance as a warrior that will bring forward the proper grace, so that it does not gravitate to being out of control. 9 energy in its’ negative form, is nothing short of disastrous and painful on extreme levels.

Will The United States of America become the warrior in its’ own right? More than likely, the answer to this question is no, but if we have captured your attention to reading through to the end of this entry, only you -if you are a fellow American- can truly answer that for yourself. No matter what mass media, propaganda, or circumstance beyond your personal control happens within the USA in the next three years- you have a personal responsibility to allow your free will to reflect the outcome of change you wish to see within this country, no matter what apparent chaos is surrounding you from anywhere within the world. Whenever we follow the eye of the storm, we always have the wisdom to navigate clearly in HEART upon our EARTH in the LOVE to EVOLVE.

Remain vigilant, alert and in your peace of mind Dear Stars.


Realigning Your Leadership: The Calling for Regeneration – Change


The Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014

Is life feeling especially restricted for you these days between certain areas of your life? And if your free-will is totally in-tune and the answer to that question is no, then we invite you to take another look around. Can you observe this theme of tension occurring for people you know in your life? What about the world at large?

Most people would agree right now the world collectively is going through some pretty interesting changes, some appearing good- while others lean towards the negative and seemingly naturally disastrous.  Personally, many are experiencing a sense of crisis some where within their current state of circumstances in life: albeit within their relationships, money, career, health, family, or personal fulfillment.

We’ve never been closer to a point upon this planetary existence called Earth in a long while that will cause such a transformative affect to every living being some how, some way. Upon the days leading up to and surrounding 23 April 2014, there will be a surge of events, powerful circumstances and rather intense formation of situations within our world at large and our individual lives that will have the opportunity to be cleansed, released, and regenerated. It is time to say adios to the old ways we have become accustomed to, as we are all beckoned to surrender to change.

Say Hello to The Grand Cardinal Cross The Leadership Signs Change Directions
There is a pattern of energy working hard between 4 different areas of our lives wishing to remove an existing structure that is worn out. What is already in motion, is a request to shift to a different space, in turn allowing us to never look back. This reflection is a result of 4 planets in their current transits above us within the Cardinal signs of leadership: those of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People on earth who are born to these signs all tend to excel when they are in a position that allows them to be in charge of something. Each of these signs listed, have a planet journeying through them at present.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is special because it is one of the more rare occurrences in astrology. While significant cycles in life are always happening all around us that we can witness within our outer world and our personal experiences- this alignment truly asks us to take notice of it. Each of the planets currently within the leaderships signs indicate particular areas of our life that are seeing the current courses of action significantly changing directions right now. What happens precisely from 20 April to the 23, is that these 4 particular planets all line up above to create 90-degree angles to one another, while equally the pairing of their 4 corners create 2 powerful oppositions.

If you remember your geometry, four 90-degree angles equal and compose a 360-degree square. Giving a little 3D dimension to our picture, the corners of opposition create the alignment that looks just like a pyramid, with the 4 corners as its’ base.

This precise “squaring off” and opposing energies unfold as follows:
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries 3:29am EDT/12:29am PDT
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 7:26pm EDT/4:26pm PDT
21 April: Uranus in Aries squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 3:21pm EDT/12:21pm PDT
22 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer 3:28pm EDT/12:28pm PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries 3:08am EDT/12:08am PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 9:38am EDT/6:38am PDT

Say Goodbye to Your Old Life It’s Time For A New Foundation
Now when you have 4 separate areas of life pushing and pulling against one another, this naturally can create a cornered and boxed in affect that certainly allows for extreme tensions to rise up from them. So high in fact that life can be found to be full of painful results and unhappy circumstances because resistance to the undeniable force of change is the typical reaction.

However, if the planned response of surrendering to the old life that no longer works is adhered and committed to, those former painful results become successful future outcomes. The experiences we witness thereafter are yes, absolutely simpler, becoming ones that put a wonderful smile for the miles upon our faces. As we embrace a new foundation of cooperation that is ready for us to utilize as we recognize it fully- our success moving forward is completely unstoppable.


Say Hello to Uranus, Jupiter, Mars & Pluto Our Four Planets Taking the Lead
Take a look at the chart above where it’s all spelled out for you. See how these planets are all “squared up” and precisely opposing one another at the 13th degree of the sign they are in? Here’s the very areas of our lives, where we can all take a look at our present circumstances and notice that we are seeing distinct patterns through our experiences here.

Notice as well how these 13-degree points are equally creating a pyramid, as you view how the two oppositions occur simultaneously along with the 4 direct squares. Collectively, these planets ask us to see how their overall presence within the signs they are journeying in, wish to change the world in a positive way, rather than be fooled into believing everything is meant to be only tense and negative.

Uranus in Aries:  Breaking Through the Mold of the Old
Engage: Reinvention, Independence, Break-Throughs, Originality, Pioneering Pursuits
Beware of: Rebellion, The Unexpected, Detachment, Destroying of Caution

Jupiter in Cancer: Ringing in Abundance & Growth
Engage: Growth, Learning, Foreign Travel, Luck, Optimism, Beliefs, Nurturing
Beware of: Over-cautiousness, Emotional reactions, Smothering, Worrying

Mars in Libra: Motivating Courage & Being The Warrior
Retrograde: Currently Under Reflection/Review
Engage: Motivation, Dynamic Action, Drives, Conclusions, Courage, Compromise
Beware of: Careless movement, Conflict, Indecisiveness, Aggressive Behavior

Pluto in Capricorn: Letting Go of the Past & Allowing Rebirth
Retrograde: Currently Under Reflection/Review
Engage: Transformation, Death/Rebirth, Power, Ambition, Self-discipline, Efficiency
Beware of: Obsession, Materialism, Dominance, Resistance, Restriction, Perfection

Where is Your Grand Cardinal Cross Forming?
Remember the Zodiac is sub divided into three different categories by task, or purpose (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and identified further through an elemental guidance (fire, earth, air, water). These pairings for any given sign brings forth a responsibility that they are pretty much innate at.  The Cardinal Signs (Leaders), naturally, are intensely being affected by the Grand Cardinal Cross, while the Fixed (Organizers) and Mutable (Communicators) will still experience immense change, but in different areas of their life.

Below you’ll find your Sun Sign’s personal formula for the Grand Cardinal Cross as it will precisely fall over the dates leading up to and surrounding the most precise alignment upon 20 to 23 April 2014.

Aries: Cardinal Fire
Uranus in Aries I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Jupiter in Cancer  I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Relate to Partnerships
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Structure the Career/Public Life

Taurus: Fixed Earth
Jupiter in Cancer I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Uranus in Aries I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Gemini: Mutable Air
Jupiter in Cancer  I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Transform through Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Uranus in Aries I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Cancer: Cardinal Water
Jupiter in Cancer  I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Relate to Partnerships
Uranus in Aries I Structure the Career/Public Life

Leo: Fixed Fire
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Uranus in Aries I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Jupiter in Cancer I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Virgo: Mutable Earth
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Uranus in Aries I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Jupiter in Cancer  I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Libra: Cardinal Air
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Uranus in Aries I Relate to Partnerships
Jupiter in Cancer I Structure the Career/Public Life

Scorpio: Fixed Water
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Uranus in Aries I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Jupiter in Cancer I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Sagittarius: Mutable Fire
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Uranus in Aries I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Jupiter in Cancer I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Capricorn: Cardinal Earth
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Uranus in Aries I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Jupiter in Cancer I Relate to Partnerships
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Structure the Career/Public Life

Aquarius: Fixed Air
Uranus in Aries I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Jupiter in Cancer I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Pisces: Mutable Water
Uranus in Aries I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Jupiter in Cancer I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

The Calling For Regeneration – Change at the 13 degree
Chaldean Numerology understands every compound (double digit) number has a significant association with it, known as a Chaldean Karmic Mystery.

Part of the many leading changes we must surrender to, is to stop being so distracted by the technology our very world co-exists within. The 13 is all about innovations, but also the delicacy of power we must have with any of them.  Humans by design, can simply not handle it and function optimally like they are innately supposed to. A lot of what the Mayans talked about with the coming of 21 December 2012, distinctly foretold there would be “too much energy” going on, and a shift back to simplicity is what will be necessary to prevail. Few really understand this, and they will continue to pay that price moving forward by remaining on overload within their lives. The key to our future is being responsible to simplicity- and not that we will live without our modern conveniences, but we must redefine our relationship to them.

The capture of energy upon 20 to 23 April 2014, from the “as above” clearly asks for a new foundation to be formed between the leadership area within any of our lives “down here below.” See how the square also indicates the pyramid above it rising up when you see it in 3D. These 13 degree points of opposing and squaring off energies is the Chaldean’s numerological understanding of Regeneration – Change and within the Cardinal Leadership signs, it is the letting go of the old up till now to begin to build again a better understanding of how to lead with new life across the board for our future moving forward.

Said the Chaldeans of the 13’s Regeneration – Change: “13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion. The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for he negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Your Final Peace of Mind Get Out Your Natal Birth Chart
Aside from the collective understanding of knowing your Sun Sign, you have one more layer of profound insight to deepen your self-knowledge by the critical view of how the Grand Cardinal Cross sits where all the 13 degree cardinal natal points align in your personal birth chart. When any astrologer asks for your full date of birth, time and place- this simple data casts your natal birth chart. Here in lies the much more intimate map we also wish to observe to really gain the specific ways that any current transit via astrology affects your life aside from just knowing your sun sign. Don’t have a natal birthchart? Check out Sharita Star Services because there is no time like the present to know what your birth chart can do to help you have more ease, feel empowered and reduce stress during the cycle of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

To all the incredible discoveries that await you as an amazing new foundation is yours for the simple taking where you lead within your life Dear Stars.

The USA & Venus Going Direct 31 Jan


Venus Goes Direct in Capricorn 31 Jan 2014

This is the “preview show” of what the USA can expect moving forward as the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment with our Leadership signs occurs over the dates surrounding 22 April 2014.

Center Wheel is the Natal Chart for the USA. Outer is the here and now upon 31 January as Venus is about to go Direct.

Note Jupiter, conjunct now on the USA’s natal Sun at 13 deg Cancer, of which the current transit of Venus and Pluto are in direct opposition of in Capricorn.

Venus has tried her best to bring in the understanding necessary over her review and redo period from 21 December 2013 to 31 January under Returning to Responsibility, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn to what value the USA has to recognize in order to change it’s approaches to life across the board. In the amazingly close quarters to Pluto right now, the death and birthing process is beginning to show itself stronger than ever before.

Venus directly opposes our country’s natal Sun, asking for these new approaches to balance what our relationship is to our partnerships and legalities within what we face as a nation. This 13 degree Capricorn turn around point is the precise one of ‘Regeneration – Change’ that the Grand Cardinal Cross coming over 22 April will also align at within all of our Cardinal Leadership Signs. Said the Chaldeans of the 13:

“13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion. The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for he negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds.”

As with all vibrations of the 4, what you resist, will persist. Those who rise up and start digging the new earth up for humanities needs will prevail soundly through this upheaval to come. It is profound the calling for selfish behavior to cease, for those who remain within it will see the most intense destruction in history.

Applying this to the political landscape, and it is more than evident why the times ahead in this country will not be the easiest to witness. Remembering to remain centered in your personal space, mission and truly coming from a place of power that is birthed within the state of grace: this is how dominion will be granted to anyone as we move forward within 2014.
Never before in history has there been such a calling to let go of what no longer works, allowing the TRUTH to HURT, and witnessing how much it will set you free.

The USA faces an intense few years ahead, and if we thought the fire was already hot, the blaze is about to burn. However, if I can ever get one point cross that anyone might decide to take into consideration moving forward as a nation it is this: Consider the energy that Lexigrams -the way our words can spell out the truth- is contained within REVOLUTION…


When anyone in the world chooses to stop fighting, complaining, and blaming- and stand up in their human experience as a spiritual being of accountability to truly find the concern to be in solution seeking mode, they will have such a powerful NOW on their hands that they OWN and that my friends, is a victory we all will be guaranteed to have WON.

Brightest Blessings in Abundance. Namaste.

Remembering Nelson Mandela


Godspeed in Love and Light
18 July 1918 – 05 December 2013


The 8 Personal Year: What It Means For America



The time has come to welcome all Americans to the country’s new 8 Personal Year Cycle. We’ve been asked over the past year within the 7 Personal Year of 2012, to take some necessary time to sharpen the inner saw as a nation, with the grand final of the ongoing Mercury Retrograde in Cancer to send this reflective call home loud and clear. Since 04 July 2012, a routine of sharpening the inner saw and healing was required by the USA to listen to that silent voice within for the answers. As a nation, this time in quiet and retreat wished to prepare us to be ready for the upcoming required work of responsibility. Now entering the 8 Personal Year promises to present the opportunity to Americans to take up within the true act of learning from the experience, adhering to stability, practicing patience and using our recently acquired wisdom to now reap the rewards and the harvest of our previous seven years of effort as 2013’s cycle initiates.

There is a specific formula to follow in a 8 Personal Year which requires that the inner work of the preceding 7 Personal Year has been done. 2012 to 2013’s call to reflective action is part of all the groundwork planted and woven into the fabric that has been in the making since 04 July 2006, when we were back in a 1 Personal Year, the beginning mark of this current 9 year span of time.  For the USA, what’s ahead in this year of progress from 2013 to 2014, has everything to do with the deepest sense of getting into an ambitious, and yes, we’ll keep repeating this over and over again: a patient mind set. In fact, as we explore the true request of the entire 17 The Star of the Magi’s energy governing over 7 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3  = 17/8, we’ll find the Chaldeans will lend us some fairly accurate advice in their ancient understandings to our entire nation if the free will only chooses to adapt to the practice of Love and Peace.

As the Chaldeans saw the 17 to numerically advise: “This is a highly spiritual number, and was expressed in symbolism by the ancient Chaldeans as the 8 pointed Star of Venus. The Star of the Magi is the image of Love and Peace, and promises that the person or entity. It represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and the career. 17 is “the number of Immortality,” and indicates that the person’s (or entity’s) name will live after him. This is an extremely fortunate Compound number, with one warning. It reduces to the Single number 8, so it’s important for anyone with 17 as a Compound Key Number to understand the advice for the 4 and 8 vibrations.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

As a Personal Year Cycle, the 17 will do one or two things depending upon what the free will’s actions of the previous seven have already allowed to fall into place. While, yes the promise of a harvest, recognition, and reward are the natural positive results that prefer to unfold in an 8 Personal Year cycle, if you look at the events that the nation saw unfold with the 16’s The Shattered Citadel, there was a tremendous calling for the USA to wake up and smell the coffee. From what was witnessed between nature’s destruction to human unkindness that asked for anyone to take up in that SILENT LISTEN, the question now is proposed: is the nation ready to tackle all it has to in 2013 to 2014 with the intention and practice of Love and Peace?

Undoubtedly, the months to follow will bring in quite the lessons still needing to be learned, as always is the case in an 8 year, because of Karmic Saturn’s influence over it. Personal Years in the life guided by Saturn are much like having to listen to a father figure. Go against what he says and watch the acts of fate plummet to keep learning from the experience until that wisdom is acquired. What will be fascinating to observe is those who think that nothing has to change as they blindly follow the course of doing things the same way, but still believe they can change the end result they reap. This will be a year that those subscribing to this definition of insanity will come to their knees.

When engaged in a 17 Personal Year, the practice of patience will aide every step of the way. While it may be easier said than done, there is no other choice but to tap into the knowing that Love and Peace can be attained, amongst any hardship Saturn may wish to bring. Remember Saturn is only a hard-core planet when we ignore his requests, and have not done the necessary work in order to receive his stability. Pay attention to his wisdom, and the harvest and reward is more than happy to be reaped.

The singular energy of the 8 equally asks within the 17’s energy to take a good look at the self, and continue to remember to take time in reflection often so that the connections, rewards and legacy are rightfully able to enter the picture. Because of the strong spiritual presence backing up the 17, those based in sole material intentions will not find it to be so gratifying. Through the course of any 8 personal year, recognizing the slow and timely process, makes it worth whatever wait it entails. One way or the other, Saturn’s rewards will be through wisdom, knowing, and remembering how wonderfully slow and steady wins the race. Those who remain in resistance, will attract the lessons then needing to be learned, and soon will discover these are ones they could have otherwise avoided.

Another call to listen up to that recognizes the value of a patience pace to allow proper changes unfold comes into this USA forecast via astrology, as the ‘Uranus – Pluto Square Dance’ continues on for a couple more years. As we have already bared witness to the beginnings of an entire new global foundation in the midst of formulating- this entrance of the USA into the 17/8 Personal Year asks for anyone to recognize their responsibility to truly adapt to those unexpected ways transformation is affecting us. While reform and regeneration continue their call for years, this current Personal Year Cycle of the 8 will not be kind to Americans who refuse to work through what can be a rich harvest when that patience is practiced. Comfort zones will see their fair share of CHALLENGES. It’s up to the free-will whether resistance will be a part of that ALL CHANGES SEE ANGEL ANGLES HEAL, LEAN AS A  SAGE CLEANSE.

Specifically for the USA, the Uranus – Pluto Square Dance affects our 1st and 4th houses on our natal chart- that of our I Am of approaches, first impressions, including the way the world perceives us and within our I Nurture of home, family, and immediate environments that filter through our lives. We aren’t kidding when we have been saying the approach to the comfort zones of American life are in a very heavy place of transformation, and these have been occurring rather unexpectedly. This is the most intense concept to grasp between these two areas, as when squares occur from above they do mean responsibility to soul business to them down here below.

It won’t be until February 2015, when the USA will then be in the 9’s Personal Year request of ultimate finalizations and endings on the home front of this Current 9 Year Cycle which began in 2006, that the truest test of our on going Uranus – Pluto Square Dance will bellow its call. By this time, at the 14 degree of Aries and Capricorn, directly opposing and squaring our nations Saturn at 14 degrees Libra in our house of I Structure, that of the career and public life. Undoubtedly, the face of how we work, are viewed by the world, live in our habitats, feel secure, nurture our environments and take it all in will have seen altercations like never before in history, and very permanent ones.

So, back to that soul business we mentioned. In order to be ultimately prepared throughout the remainder of the Uranus – Pluto Square Dance, we as a nation can successfully prevail. It will be the attainment of the very inherent reminder of our now 17 Personal Year promises the result of Love and Peace, but this comes by slowing things down, taking pause, and being ever vigilant to not looking at the call for change as punishment, but a necessary part of how we are all here to embrace what it really means to EVOLVE through the habit of LOVE. Those who especially abuse authority, positions of power, and engage in greed- will find these to be the hardest lessons to survive.

One more point to note when understanding the true advice of how a Current Personal Year Cycle coincides with that of the natal chart. Where the guiding planet of the numerological year is currently transiting within the birth chart leans more advice to how to make the most of it. For the USA, the 8’s Saturn is presently within the natal 11th house of I Socialize that which governs friendships, groups, organizations, hopes, dreams and wishes. Our recognition here within what we are associated with will be thoroughly examined for its’ authenticity under the 17 Personal Year in order to receive any rewards. Even via the collective take for the USA, it is the 5th house of what I Create that seeks more attention that wishes to be accountable for when it comes to the country’s creative abilities, especially those relating to our very own children.  With the critical detachment from inspiration within our country’s public education system, it is our children who are suffering, as the illiteracy rate is the highest it’s been in years. This call to responsibility screams for a stable solution to be implemented.

So Fellow Americans, are you ready? We offer one final piece of star secrets wisdom for our country’s New Year in 2013. Via Lexigrams -the poetic phrasing of the anagrams that can be derived from any word, name or title to spell out its’ truth- aside from that ever so important request of the SILENT LISTEN, let us all find the time for our soul in some scheduled Saturn proven practices to receive our rewards.





Happy Independence Day, and Much LOVE to EVOLVE Dear American Stars.