Why Donald Trump Riles America

ItsAllintheName.TrumpDisclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for Donald Trump, nor being posted to present any kind of political favoring of him one way or another.  This is an analysis of how a name and birthday are able to distinguish why a person has the character and potential influence in life that they do.

Donald Trump has obviously gained significant American citizen support within the United States in the run for The White House to become the country’s 45th President. Yet, there are just as many people in complete shock, dismay and totally disheartened who simply want to know, “WHY Trump?”

Let’s Look Up to Look Down: ‘As Above, So Below’
If you ask the stars above about the energy that everyone is currently witnessing from Donald Trump, they would first and foremost tell you that the man can’t even help himself. Not that we would “blame” astrology, numerology or the planets themselves, but it certainly can be seen from numerous angles why he is expressing the kind of behavior that he does.

Astrology’s Findings
What you have when you examine Donald’s birth chart right away is his Leo Ascendant, or Rising Sign. This represents is his emerging personality and how he takes on the world in his first impressions. Even though he is a Gemini –born 14 June 1946- this is why we see his appearance as the boastful, lion like, “I’m KING of the forest” attitude. Leo influence is well know to be able to walk into any room and capture immediate attention.

He certainly doesn’t mind all eyes being upon him wherever he goes, doesn’t he?

To intensify this natal chart placement, with his 29 degrees Leo Ascendant (a.k.a Rising Sign), he has a natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo. When a planet like Mars is conjunct (an astrological aspect that is close to or at the same mathematical degree point) to the Ascendant, it will simply amplify the natural traits of the sign, typically in a more than motivated, aggressive, conflicting and angry way. Mars “on the ASC” is certainly not an easy card to get handed if you are expected to be a “light and breezy” kind of person. Mars is the Warrior planet, and what we do notice here as well is: Mr. Trump is at intensely work on his approaches to life in sticking up for the underdog and is motivated at every turn to fight for something not being done in sovereignty.

Mars’s energy will channel itself coupled with a Leo Rising as a “loves to tell it like it is” delivery, accompanied by brash, sassy, and impulsive airs. Anyone with a Mars on their Ascendant/Rising is known not to be shy in any kind of way. However, in Leo, to tame its’ negative influences, it truly requires the development and practice of humility, courage and patience in order to combat the tendency to go at things with more than a roar and overly dramatic flare.

Mr. Trump is definitely and simply not designed to beat around the bush, tip toe through the tulips, or back down when confronted. Mars is the very planet, which will always defend.

As a Gemini Sun, one may even wonder, why he has even bothered to attempt a leadership role such as the highest office in the United States- considering this sign is more ideally favored to be more suited as a mover and shaker in life through their innate gifts of communications. Trump has his Gemini Sun placed in the area of his chart that guides leading structure, his work, career and public life.

So from the inside out so to speak, Trump yearns to lead, take charge and strive to be at the top of whatever he attempts to do. His life experience and history has proven he is capable of success in numerous regards. Even if he temporarily loses, his comeback supersedes his last efforts.

Yet, he is always seen to waver, with a many business highs and lows over his career. Why so?

Within this same area of life, Trump has a wider conjunction of Uranus next to his natal Sun. (17 deg & 22 deg of Gemini respectively). Here is another indication of where the abruptness he comes off with carries out within his personality. Uranus is a planet of rebellion, the unexpected, the eccentric and often detachment. Equally, it also expresses how Trump displays his originality, innovations and forward-thinking to bring reform and necessary improvement to any kind of already established structure.

The stars will bet, if you had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Trump in the comfort of his own home, you would see a totally different demeanor reveal itself. Donald’s natal Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius, is in a complete opposition to his natal Sun, as well as his Uranus. Our natal Moon determines our abilities to express our feelings and emotions.

Do your own research however, and you will discover the charitable man he actually is.

It is once again, another hard card to be dealt with in astrology, when your Sun and Moon directly oppose one another. Donald was born on the day of a Full Moon, when emotions are known to be completely exposed, raw and sensitive. Toss in the fire sign of Sagittarius and you have at the very worst: outspoken, roving, and restless energy concerning one’s feelings at your fingertips.

While the potential for achieving balance is available with a Sun Moon opposition, more often than not, one’s feelings are just not easily accessible and easily expressed with poise and grace. With a natal 10th to 4th house opposition of a Sun and Moon, the career and public life will win over any natural nurturing, as the Sun is the Life Force/Identity striving to always prove itself in the public eye. A Moon in the 4th house keeps extremely private within its’ reflection, sensitivity and the ability to show a caring nature. Trump is a total softie when not in his luxury suit, yet this will be exactly where it belongs: behind closed doors, not in the public eye.

This is why you do not always see Donald act like he has a nurturing bone in his body when he is “on.” Especially when he is being confronted by opposition. Yet -for those with discerning eyes- they will notice those who oppose him, simply choose to play on this quality to try to turn it to his disadvantage. And it is then one notices, even with the insults he’ll toss back, at the end of the day he is only honestly and blatantly pointing out the raw truth in the first place.

The stars have endless evidence to back up Trump’s erratic and not so politically polished behavior, but we don’t have all day and neither do you to read through it all. That being said, probably the most important fact we should be looking at here is: he isn’t a career politician. So, we’ll keep focusing upon a few more highlights and let you be on your way.

Numerology’s Findings
Switching gears to numbers, we see Donald is born to the karmic path of the 14 ‘Movement – Challenge.’ This is a 5 vibration when it gets reduced (1 + 4 = 5) which doubles up his profile’s influence of Mercury. Both the 5 and Gemini are guided by logical, linear, non-feeling, state the facts, “I’m not exactly touchy-feely,” “Let’s move!” versatile and quicksilver energy provided by our Messenger planet Mercury.

Mercury intensified in a chart, is not a planet that is going to allow a person to warm up to you in any way. All you will get is straightforward, curt and whatever needs to be said in that moment, as quickly and at times, come across as being said dispassionately. Yet, sometimes, the TRUTH that might HURT is exactly energetically this way.

Trump’s 14 ‘Movement – Challenge’ karmic path is another layer of insight as to why -even before his eye on becoming Number 45- he is quite clever at captivating the masses. As we look to Chaldean Numerology, there is a karmic mystery associated with this number which says:

Magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing and all media-related matters is associated with the 14. Periodic changes in business and partnerships of all kinds are usually beneficial. Dealing with speculative matters brings luck, likewise movement and travel associated with combinations of people and nations can be fortunate. However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever present. There is a risk involved in depending on the word of those who misrepresent a situation. It’s a mistake to rely on others. Rely on the intuition, the self, the voice within. The luck of the 14 includes money dealings and speculative projects, or betting, but there’s always danger of loss due to wrong advice from others, or over confidence.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

We can be sure, the only times Mr. Trump has endured those losses, is when he simply, has some karmic lessons to learn from partnering up with people he placed the wrong loyal and trust with. Oops, well then, “You’re Fired!”

Back to the 1 + 4 = 5 root of Mercury. Remember, this is that very same inner planet that goes retrograde every few months, if you follow along with astrology’s current “timing is everything” rules. Being Trump is a double influence of Mercury through his sun sign and karmic path, he naturally, can’t slow down half the time. Add in that Mars on his Ascendant/Rising, and he has this insane urgency to be ever-active and continuous movement to change energy and situations at all times.

Once again, this is not an ideal planetary combination to be dealt if you are looking for someone to be sugary sweet and act perfectly nice all the time. Sorry America, it’s just not going to happen under Trumps’ birthday clock.

Why has Trump Gained Such Momentum?
USA.Trump This is when our country’s natal birth chart comes in handy. Astrology has a fascinating way that you can see how people are compatible and can influence one another. Or in this particular case, how this works between an individual and a country.

To the left is a comparison chart. The USA’s natal chart is in the middle, and Donald’s planet positions are then placed where they naturally fall mathematically in relationship to the USA within the outside wheel.

Why are the country’s emotions “rattled?”
Donald’s natal Sagittarius Moon sits in America’s first house, just less than 10 degrees away from our 12 deg Sagittarius ASC. (how our nation emerges and appears to the world) The first thing his energy does is rouse up people’s feelings -one way or the other- and exposes them right up to the surface of things. No one cares what they say about Trump, good or bad, they are feeling it and they are eagerly expressing it!

Why are people so angry about Trump?
His natal Uranus conjuncts America’s natal Mars in the country’s ability to relate within one on one partnerships and relations. His erratic, unexpected and rebellious originality stimulates people’s abilities to find motivation, become strong-willed, get mad, and stand up and fight.

Equally, this conjunction is in Gemini -the sign of the Twins- displaying why you are seeing a profoundly “split energy” about people’s opinion of Trump. It certainly is one extreme or the other. Ya either love him or ya hate him.

Why is he so popular?
His natal Saturn conjuncts America’s natal Mercury in Cancer in the country’s ability to witness its’ overall power, renewal, regeneration and change while being patriotic, historic and nostalgic. Saturn being the planet of discipline, restriction and responsibility, he is appealing the most to American’s who want significant change and movement within the country: the very thing Mercury indeed guides.

Notice Trump is choosing the Republican side of the political arena- which is the right-winged, typical type cast of non-liberal and traditional choice. Even if the heart of the Republican Party seemingly does not want him on their ticket; the Democrats -who do not consider themselves stodgy or conservative- most certainly will block any invitations to have him on theirs.

The Forecast From Here
Once Trump celebrates his birthday 14 June, he’ll officially be in his 2 Personal Year via his numerological forecast. This marks the 2nd year of the current 9 year span of time he is in. While he has planted quite a path of new beginnings in his life since 14 June 2015, a 2 Personal Year is a true soul tester. Consider it “odd” or not, but within a month, America herself will also enter this very same 2 personal year cycle upon 04 July 2016.

Being the 2 is guided by the Moon, it is part of the soul’s journey to nurture last year’s seeds that where just planted. A 2 Personal Year in the life requires cooperation, caring, sensitivity and emotional response. Being we have already witnessed Trump having a bit of a hard time naturally accessing these abilities and attributes, June onward may be very telling for him in where he will stand roaring next. Nevertheless, his roar thus far is igniting hearts in America who are tired of disloyalty in politics, which is something that Leo Ascendant is very keen at offering protection over.

Most foretelling is our Solar and Lunar Eclipses that marked 2016 back in March. Eclipses always are on a New (Solar) or a Full (Lunar) Moon, and cast off a long-term channel of energy to be experienced from the area of life they unfold in the chart. Any planet contact is also noted accordingly.

March’s Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces 08 March brought new beginnings to Trump’s partnerships and open enemies. This Solar Eclipse squared (creating stagnant, cornered and tense energy via astrological aspect) his natal 17 deg Uranus and 22 deg Sun in Gemini up in his career and public life. There will be no surprise that plenty of force will unite to be even more against him as the weeks continue. This energy does not “flow” nor indicate any kind of a smoother ride for him moving forward.

In fact, if you have noticed since 08 March, Trump’s events have actually gotten presented on the main stream media as even more ugly, as both the Republicans and Democrats alike are trying to figure out how to eliminate him altogether.

Equally, 08 March’s Solar Eclipse squared his natal 21 deg Sagittarius Moon as well. Once again, more emotions being churned up within his closest environments, equally indicating he is feeding off fears, being a bully, and out of touch with his abilities to stay grounded and centered. For America, this Eclipse is about changing the country’s approaches to life, and how it is seen by the world overall.

23 March’s Lunar Eclipse at 03 deg Libra will offer letting go, conclusions and intense release from his 2nd house of earning power, value, and the ability to have what he wants. This Lunar Eclipse makes a conjunction to his natal Neptune at 05 deg Libra. More inflated feelings, high sensitivity, trickiness, restlessness, anxiety, illogical and idealistic potentials surround the values he will be ultimately asked to reflect upon. What continues to pursue in a reflective manner will energetically seek to realign and bring balance and change: especially in he communicates to the masses, how America’s structure is perceived overall, which is where it triggers reflection in the country’s natal chart.

Trump’s campaign has to navigate through 2016’s 2nd Mercury Retrograde (a cycle of reflection and review concerning movement, communications and change) that will station on his 24 deg Taurus Midheaven (beginning of his 10th house of career) on 28 April to start the retrograde cycle. Once again looking to an opposing force, Mars Retrograde (a cycle of reflection that reconsiders our desires and actions) will station on his 24 deg Scorpio Nadir (beginning of his 4th house of environments/home/family life) by the 29 June when it turns Direct after being retrograde since 17 April.

Fact is, the road is extremely turbulent, and emotionally so for Trump moving forward. The combination of two inner planet retrogrades on his opposing angular houses (where his inner and outer leadership are positioned) is quite a wallop of energy to be processing indeed.

Equally September offers two more Eclipses that will be in his other two angular houses, indicating gains and losses accordingly, especially more conflict rousing from his open enemies. The one thing on his side is: he must utilize his intuition and emotions keenly. Keeping up the aggressive and domineering approach he has displayed within his campaign, will be seen in contrasting ways. There is a narrative some will be happy to hear, and for others, not so much.

Lastly, as any of us spin in time in the 1 to 9 year to year, so too, can we add deeper layers to our forecast via numbers by examining cycles concerning our months and days. Within his 2 Personal Year, Trump is in a 9 Personal Month of endings and conclusions in July. August brings forward new beginnings in a 1 Personal Month. In other words, very pivotal energy is seen once again unrolling between these two months. America will have also entered its’ 2 Personal Year, so the very same rhythm and patterns of energy via numbers here unfold in union.

It is a 9 Personal Day as well for Trump and America upon the start of the Republican National Convention 18 July. Typically, it is custom for the nominee to be announced by the third or fourth day. 20 July is a 2 Personal Day of high emotions, nurturing and cooperation. 21 July is a 3 day of learning, growth and truth in the deepest connection to what is concluding within his and the country’s 9 Personal Month. While it can be a conclusive energy favoring endings, it also can allow anyone affected by it, to rise up in triumph and victory.

Equally in affect over these days will be the current transit of Venus in Leo, who will be on an exact conjunction to Donald’s natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo in his 12th house of karmic retribution, secrets, and confinement. Within America’s chart, while no exact planet is positioned here, this energy from Mr. Trumps’ channels into the country’s house of wealth, core transformation, and understanding of how regenerations and change occurs. He certainly is seeking to turn the nation around as his campaign trail thus far, has carried on.

This Venus and Pluto alignment can bring forward plenty of self-transformation and regeneration through conflict and drastic changes that may show up. Relationships concerning power and authority all around are intense and seemingly “come to a head” concerning the larger picture -drawing upon endings and certainly layer in to further intensify those conclusions his 9 Personal Month will already have in store for him as well as how willing America is to accept rebirth is in her midst.

Our free will is always in the best control when our ego is not behind the wheel. Whilst our main stream media is purely boasting Mr. Trump is only operating from his, it will be best we all get in an extremely good standing within our own. After all, a person who is reachable and teachable is the only kind that is genuinely able to properly discern who he really is and not believe everything they simply hear or are told.

Time will only tell how all the more interesting and more than forecasted emotional road to winning and becoming America’s 45th President will continue to unfold, as the country collectively works through its’ own emotions raised and completely concerned, 2 Personal Year.