A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Sagittarius

15 December
11:38pm EST

As we move forward each and every day within our lives, there’s always one planet from above that -no matter what challenges may be within the present moment- is able to help us assimilate value into what the experience is showing us. Harmony is always possible down here below because of her never-ending idealism and innate gift of seeking balance. Do you know about Venus and her amazing abilities?

Venus was transiting at ‘The Trusting Lambs’ 28 degree Scorpio towards the “tipping point” before changing signs as the world became aware of the aggressive actions that occurred in the USA in Newton, CT and in Beijing, China upon 14 December 2012. Finishing up her transit within the sign of death and rebirth since 21 November, these last degree points are often times when planets offer up the most critical advice to keep in mind. As the world mourned upon 15 December -at the 29 degree of Scorpio- she asked us to remain in ‘Grace Under Pressure.’

Now in Sagittarius until 08 January 2013, our Idealist asks for the collective to take up in full aims of seeking the truth; targeting honesty; recognizing generosity and practicing it; cherishing what value still remains half full and continue to build from there. Try to refrain from tactless and blunt methods of affection which this sign is always receiving the bad rap for. Instead, be open to claiming you are a kneeling submissive student where The Archer always wishes for you to grow some new beliefs with the roots of culture within them from this part of the life. You’ll find the free-will attracts equal channels for some marvelous learning you’ll be urged to philosophize more about later.

As our world continues to grieve, we all are able to embrace the healing necessary at this time to know life continues to move forward no matter what. Seek out Venus’s help within your life to tap into her abilities to assist you in seeing both sides of the issue, leaving your judgment at the door, and cast her essence of faith where you have the room for it to blossom the most.

Namaste Dear Stars.

A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Virgo 03 October  2:59AM EDT
While Venus is the natural ruler of our current Libra Sun, she is still a sign behind and letting her idealism bring it’s logic to where The Virgin purifies and is of service to it all within the life. Collective affections find themselves looking to be controlled and discriminating- so it is important to not let the journey of perfection here become stagnate in any doubt destination that you’ve unrealistically arrived at.  While a slight nit-picky energy may emerge, try shifting into looking at the moral beauty of the situation at hand and recognize that a detached disposition truly will not attract anything else but a habit of avoiding intimacy. Embrace the purity of life where The Virgin lives within your Zodiac Pie, and see what gorgeous and healthier routines can harmonize into the life. 

A Quick Word on The Idealist….

Venus enters Leo

06 September
10:48am EDT

The Idealist is happily moving right along again as she now generously moves in with The Lion to whole-heartedly smooth out the Summer’s review here via our Messenger Mercury and bring further harmony to the new beginnings that nobly kicked off in this piece of the Zodiac Pie upon 17 August’s New Moon.

Through 03 October, Venus casts off a faithful affection that can be felt here, ultimately assuring that the heart indeed does rule the head and this will inspire quite the attentive response. Taking up with a creative task in this area of the life will allow a dramatic self-expression to unfold, as tender, playful and pleasurable acts are able to shine wherever Leo is loyal to you.

Looking to matters of the heart indeed are preferred, as long as a warmth of approach is the way harmony is sought. Knowing Leo is one of the most dramatic forces within the Zodiac, gravitating to self-centered reactions upon the stage of life here will not unfold the most desires results.  When generous and dignified dispositions are adhered to, it can be certain sincere and stimulated outcomes will be the end result. 

Venus is never the argumentative planet by far, but while in Leo, if her territory feels threatened, beware of a roar where The Lion reigns. The only other planet she will make a square to (aside from our Lunar Lady when she passes through any other fixed sign) under her transit in Leo is upon 27 September, when a direct square forms to our pioneering planet Mars at the 23 degree of Scorpio.  Take note at this time how these two areas of the life are able to communicate with understanding at this time, and a fresh foundation will easily be found.

Venus transits love to iron out any kinks that may be lingering wherever she journeys, so be sure to take up with this time within The Lion to bring balance back and enjoy the opportunity to have some pleasures creatively display themselves to you!

A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Gemini 

03 April 

11:18am EDT
Our planet of harmony, ease, balance and pleasantries joins up with The Twins for quite a longer visit that usual. Due to the upcoming Venus Retrograde that starts 15 May, Venus is going to sharpen up her intellect and get clever in the sign that loves ideas until 07 August.
This journey for Venus in Gemini brings a bit of a preview of all the goodness coming into this sign for the entire year ahead. Jupiter enters The Twins on 11 June and will be also staying on bringing it’s typical fortune here until the following June of 2013. 
What will Venus prepare us for? Well, she is the lover of peace, luxury, money, art, relationships and truly where an easy feeling can be felt within the life. Taking up this extra special time in Gemini will pave the way for what Jupiter will bring in further abundance later. Under her Retrograde passage 15 May to 27 June, she’ll simply ask we take a little cleaning up where The Twins reside and be truly ready for Jupiter to sweep in his enthusiasm as summer really heats up!
Venus in Gemini will grant a collective tendency for affections to be flirtatious and spontaneous; and if the disconnect is around, perhaps a bit dispassionate and superficial. You may notice a distracted and dual energy around, especially under the Retrograde passage. More to come on the full expectation of all the do’s and don’ts under her reflective offering.
The entire passage of Venus with The Twins will have many diving into intellectual pursuits, and loving what learning, information and travel can do to bring calm to the mind. Always the benevolent planet, this will be a time when good humor, youthful, communicative, and refined dispositions will be bouncing all around as Spring keeps on growing. 
Check in with your Gemini piece of the Zodiac Pie to see where some wonderful energy is about to explode, as well as an offering to clear the slate here in true balance as Jupiter’s blessings are soon to arrive here and begin to flourish as well.

A Quick Word on The Idealist….

   Venus enters Taurus

05 March 

5:25am EST

Our planet that enjoys balancing it all out within your life takes up journeying with The Bull through 03 April. Knowing Taurus is the sign that consciously aims for security, as Venus visits this piece of the Zodiac Pie, values come into the collective focus to be established and grounded.

This Venus passage prefers to seek harmony through art, music, obedience and contact with what material pleasures can bring to us. Time spent absorbing the sensual can ideally be reached through things like nature, foods and our possessions.

Venus loves her affections, which will find themselves to be strong and steadfast within the slow and patient process Taurus innately knows. Dispositions find sociable, generous, conservative, and placid means to be expressed. Taking note of physical beauty lets in the natural channel she wishes to bestow upon us with plenty of magnetism and charm to back it up.

Just as Mercury begins to offer us reflection as it Retrogrades in Aries upon 12 March, by 13 March, Venus is cozied up next to Jupiter at 09 degrees Taurus. As enthusiasm and optimism intensifies here, a devotion to contemplate deeply surfaces for us to firmly expand what values are wishing to educate to us here. Solid roots are more than ready to be placed within this area of the life, but don’t get too carried away with extravagance as Jupiter will bring plenty of excitability to Venus’s pleasures.

Taurus appreciates stability and endurance, which will the highlight of this transit when determination is recognized. So, in the midst of how Mercury will be creating his tricks for you to honor reassessments within Aries and Pisces, look to The Bull for a gentle place to find some kindly energies to be still emerging within the life.

A Quick Word on The Idealist….

Venus enters Aries

08 February
1:05am EST

The planet of compassion and sensuality is way ahead of everyone and not holding back as she excitedly begins anew upon the Zodiac Wheel. Get ready for some pleasures to give you a preview of the Spring to come where The Ram energizes your life, and be sure to take up with some romantic adventure to bring forth enthusiasm here.

Collectively, affections are urged to the impetuous, non-restraint and easy arousals as a smooth harmony can be found through mental activities, devotion to ideals, and concentrating upon the essentials. A straight forward motion happily wishes to display itself as we all can find the means to be just a little more playful within our Winter’s retreat.

While the ongoing Mars Retrograde in Virgo asks for you to stand in your courage, look to Venus in Aries for the outlets to see both sides of the issues at hand. Even though Virgo and Aries are not ideal Zodiac pals, she’ll not wish to argue as these meet up on 22 February in an quincunx (a 150-degree aspect that can cause tensions to arise). When independence is granted, she will do her best to gracefully bring forth some peace that can aide in remembering to back away from any conflict, as it is much more fun to find herself flirting with The Ram than confronting Mars as he toys with logic at present.

True to remaining in her ideal world, Venus does wish to bring forth ease and good times where The Ram takes charge in your Zodiac Pie as she’ll transit here until 05 March. She faces Saturn in Retrograde head on 04 March at 28 degrees, close to the tipping point of Aries and Libra. What you are presently being patient about where The Scales seek to be responsibly balanced as they ponder in review, will have a definite opportunity to find a steady channel for some realizations here to unfold.

A Quick Word on The Idealist….

Venus enters Pisces

14 January
12:47am EST

Can you feel them? All the sympathetic swirls as our most romantic planet now takes us to swimming within The Fishes?

Our planet of balance and harmony looks to share some true tender, devoted, and yielding affections where Pisces loves to exercise some compassion and self-sacrifice within our lives throughout 08 February.

For the collective, this is an especially favored time for expressing emotions, as these are equally easily swayed in the gentle tones that Pisces brings. Be keen to noting how peace can find it’s path, for Venus is not a fan of arguments nor conflict to bring forth her calm blessings.

Looking to where The Fishes engage in all things empathic, psychic and receptive within your personal Zodiac Pie, you’ll definitely find Venus’s visit here to cast a quiet and smooth air to this area of the life. Taking up with poetry, music, and simply appreciating what already is of beauty here is time well spent while The Idealist is submerged in the mutable water that Pisces expresses itself through.

Relating with an open heart is especially one of Venus’s greatest gifts wherever we see her journeying within the Zodiac, so be sure to embrace this time with The Fishes to innately get in touch with how you are meant to see both side of the issues at hand from this slice of life. You’ll find the means for understanding here at present to be more than easy-going, and as long as concentration is cultivated, you’ll be able to believe all the impressions that can be received with a healthy imagination behind them. Remember, sometimes it simply is all about taking pause in a SILENT LISTEN.

Things get truly sensitive here when our next Waxing Moon visits with Pisces 25 to 27 January. With the conjunction happening at 14 degrees Pisces at 8:12am 26 January, if you are looking for change and movement with your gathering emotions, Venus will be happily making sure your wishes here can come true. A slight bit of logic will try to question feelings at this time, but honing in on the natural intuition Pisces presents to honor, lets your heart be at peace with the right choices to make.

Keep on making friends with Winter. Know, you are with every patient step, gathering more clues for your keys to Spring.