Jupiter Retrogrades in Gemini: 04 oct to 03 jan 13

04 October 2012 


03 January 2013
16 to 06 degrees Gemini 

After all of 2012’s excitement where The Twins unite it all in your Zodiac Pie, it’s time for a bit of a needed break! Since May a Solar Eclipse, two New Moons, and the rare Venus-Sun alignment have all transpired here: this area of your life is primed now for some reflective energies to realign within. Look to where 16 deg to 06 deg Gemini lives on your Zodiac Wheel.

From now until 30 January 2013, it’s totally time to reassess and regroup here. While our Philosopher planet will not cause too much chaos while reviewing, he is asking for your ability to take up with a SILENT LISTEN and utilize the ever-clever mind to calm all the activity here and filter out what cannot unite together when forward motion returns in 2013. Let gossip and superficiality stay in the gutter where it belongs. Rise up to respond in an alert mind that thinks well because you recognize the changes in feelings are for the better good.

Jupiter will return back over the 05 June’s Venus-Sun alignment at 15 degrees Gemini from 19 October to 02 November.  This is a prominent time to take up in remembering all of the intentions placed (if you did your soul’s homework back in June) and see what needs a bit of a redo, reassess and realign. Knowing Gemini’s energy is ever on the go, versatile, at times distracted and even in the split: this passage offers up the perfect opportunity to take a look at how you can bring improvements to how the course of action has flowed, and make necessary corrections accordingly.

Aside from how Jupiter will personally ask for your philosophical mind to ponder in review here, expect a few things to occur on a global level as well. The collective can expect to self-educate a plenty as change and pressure of ideas expand. Bringing further understanding to the power of expression in this place within life keeps restless sensations at bay. With Jupiter being a planet of honesty, should any kind of truths not be out in the open, you can anticipate any truth of the matter to come out into the world of information to be seen and exposed. That “bluntness” of speech that is Jupiter’s signature style, will prevail strongly under this Retrograde passage. If it’s gotta be said, remember sometimes even though the truth can actually hurt, the enthusiasm for what it is meant to change will become wisdom to cherish in the long term.

Much continued reform will be seen in the publishing world, and kinks in the present landscape will be ironed out. Any form of broadcasting, higher learning, or communications exchange will be under the redo, review and renew microscope. Religious causes as well, may see some extra attention and focus in the media headlines, wherein the typical arguments of who is right and who may be wrong are more heated than normal. Logically, under retrograde in Gemini -that split and UNTIE may remain for any situation- but ultimately, in the revisiting, the UNITE is wishing to be discovered and embraced.

Along with beginning to reverse under a Gemini Waning Moon, we’ll have the next two Gemini Lunar passes under their waning offering up further reflection as they team up with Jupiter Retrograde, completing with the Lunar Eclipse at 06 degrees Gemini coming 28 November. In the weeks unfolding until this time, you’ll find this slice of the life to be completely filled with review, redo and revelations of truth. Whatever needs to be cleared out, will go, and even though Jupiter will still be traveling backwards, a sense of forward motion returns once we have a waxing (gathering) energy here again after the New Moon in Sagittarius 13 December pulls through to the Full Moon in Cancer upon 28 December. Right around Christmas time is when you’ll find ideal energies to pick up a little pace with Waxing Moons returning in Gemini. By February 2013, as Jupiter moves forward from the 06 degree Lunar Eclipse point, you’ll see the wonders of forward motion here in full play again.

In the meantime, Happy Reflecting in the MINI GEM energy of GEMINI!

A little quick and easy “Jupiter in Gemini Rx Scope”
From the collective standpoint, if you know your Sun Sign, then read below the area of life you can enjoy some reflective time within throughout 30 January 2013. If you know your Rising Sign -and it falls in the very early degrees of it- you can equally anticipate review and redo in the slice of life as well. Always consult a professional astrologer to accurately know the mathematical details of your natal birth chart.

Aries: “I COMMUNICATE” Thinking/Mentality/Communications

Taurus: “I HAVE” Values/Earning Power/Possessions

Gemini: “I AM” Approaches/Mask to the World/Motivations

Cancer: “I PROCESS” Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past

Leo: “I SOCIALIZE” Innovations/Friendships/Organizations

“I STRUCTURE” Career/Public Life/Opportunities

Libra: “I BELIEVE” Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education

Scorpio: “I TRANSFORM” Transformations/Sexuality/Wealth

“I RELATE” Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others

“I SERVE” Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets

“I CREATE” Creativity/Children/Love Affairs

Pisces: “I NURTURE” Home/Family/Emotions/Environments

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 2nd NEW Moon in Gemini, 19 June

Image: www.mysticmedusa.com
19 June
2nd NEW Moon 
in Gemini 
11:02am EDT

Initiating IDEAS as AIDES, 

Take Two!

It’s a once in a “blue moon” opportunity as the Gemini piece of your Zodiac Pie gets one more chance to bring forth initiation. While Venus Retrograde still asks for value to be reviewed within The Twins, our collective emotions get stimulated again in the sign that is nothing short but currently on fire within your life.

Moon enters Gemini
Sunday, 17 June at 1:24am EDT to Tuesday, 19 June 1:34pm EDT
A Moon in Gemini brings forth adaptable and inquisitive feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Twins.  As the Zodiac Month of Gemini opens up our awareness to concentrate on ideas, be on the alert to really sharpen up within this area of the life. There is a fitful instinct to imagine within, which is eager to observe, self-express, and get talkative about what is on our minds.

New Moon, 19 June, 11:02am EDT, 28 degrees Gemini
We kick off this 2nd New Moon in The Twins of 2012 in the very last degrees of the sign, just one day away from our Sun entering Cancer and Summer beginning. The 28 asks for the collective to note to cross our t’s and dot our i’s under it’s innate understanding of The Trusting Lamb. The gathering that comes from this initiation offers a second opportunity to plant seeds in Gemini- but as Venus Retrograde here still persists through 27 June, a pause in their growth is part of the collective picture. Patience and calculated thoughts that don’t jump to conclusions before examining the details of what is felt here are required.

For the Collective
We find this New Moon lunation to make two weaker trine energies both to Saturn Retrograde at 22 degrees Libra and Neptune Retrograde at 03 degrees Pisces. As the 28 degree point of Gemini speaks to where 22 degrees Libra sits within your Zodiac Pie, you’ll find an opportunity for feelings to become deepened and serious between these two areas of the life as practicality and patience are required in the ideas that can flow. Looking to how our New Moon will talk with Neptune, see what kinds of imaginative and intuitive channels can come through. However, these will require the SILENT LISTEN as always to receive them properly, for emotions equally can stir to become inflated and moody if restlessness is not kept at bay.

As we begin this Waxing Phase, our Moon also becomes Void-Of-Course at 11:02am EDT. Whatever you may have been waiting to move forward with, hold off until after our Lunar Lady moves forward into Cancer at 1:34pm EDT. Moon Void-Of-Course passages are in essence like a “mini-Mercury Retrograde” in where the collective is advised to hold off on any kind of important signings, meetings and beginnings, for they tend to not move forward in a true positive fashion.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 2nd New Moon in Gemini 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. 

Aries: All is buoyant and getting ready for further growth where “I Communicate.” This second turn of initiating energies to further your mental capacity brings on even more clever ideas. Did you take that short trip yet? Siblings and neighbors once again catch your notice, as you are still in review of how much you value them. Patience is required as always with your relationships. This lunar pass may stir up some true night-time dreams you wish to write down and examine.

Taurus: Once again, your focus takes on deeper roots in the value-related areas of what “I Have.” Your earning dollars branch out and have more blossoming to do, but carefully make decisions for the long-term as the Venus Rx here asks for. Your solidarity and security persist, but it is still wise to put off those impulsive purchases until after the end of June. Scoop up a bargain already! How you serve others and where you socialize equally can find new ideas now.

Gemini: MINI GEM, you remain in the spotlight of the new, hand in hand where you still review the value of all that “I Am.” Those witty, liberal, and self-oriented feelings come again to accompany your improvisational approaches. With your mind still on high alert, the commitment to taking time for concentration beckons once more. See what new creative adventures you can be responsible to, as you also channel these imaginatively into your public life and career.

Cancer: The Crab dives deep again into those inner places within life, as spirit has more to show you where “I Process,” as the value of this continues to be shown to you. Those night-time dreams are electric in revealing truths for your waking world. The subconscious realms and inner work still intensely call. You may find a break-through within your family and environments, which equally allows a change in belief to emerge when you are still enough to receive it.

Leo: More friendships will find you in your royal court where “I Socialize.” Energies cast off once again within the current review of what matters most here, as attraction reigns with the King of the Forest. Have you joined that new cause or group that holds importance for your future? Accept another unexpected invitation to socialize. Expect more high hopes, big dreams, and wishing well. You can transform from the core when you are responsible to what you truly think.

Virgo: You aren’t still shy where “I Structure” are you Dear Virgin? This time is now to expect more harvest, stability, recognition and reward awaiting you in the career and public life. Promote or start more ideas for new business. Success is around the corner once Venus’s present review here ends 27 June. How you view authority takes on another new direction. Be open to new relationships that don’t deceive you as you have more power to reap from what you have.

Libra: Inspiration once more ignites a new path your philosophies soar to, where “I Believe.” Did you take that long trip to balance those Scales? If you haven’t planned one, it’s time to find a way to broaden your view of the world. Somehow, it still may come at an amazing bargain price. The urge remains strong to expand and re-examine your spiritual and educational pursuits. Be responsible to your sense of “I Am” lets in an imaginative new way you can serve others.

Scorpio: Your securities and investments still ask for your attention, but now is still not the opportune time to make long term decisions where “I Transform” until after 27 June. Other people’s money is about to flow easily to you. As an awakening is in process, your passion becomes ever-stronger. Sexy and intense excitement is regenerating for you, spicing up a love affair or your creative juices, which some time in solitude innately tells you what to do here.

Sagittarius: Your partnerships still hold the focus of review for what they are worth, from romantic ties to business contacts where “I Relate.” More new people you connect with now are of special importance to future endeavors. Stimulation still finds you within one-on-one conversations that captivate your intellect. Remember legal agreements move forward with ease after 27 June. Friends may offer you wisdom that assists you with sorting out a family matter.

Capricorn: In your practically perfect world Old Goat, you still have improvements coming to your health and the places where “I Serve.” New routines ambitiously wish to be implemented now. Let go of those worn out and tired old habits. More shifts are seen with those you work close to. Did you stop working and have some fun with the pets yet or go adopt someone new? It’s time to imagine the possibilities your mind can take on when you ponder in your career.

Aquarius: New life illuminates further where “I Create.” This inventive and stimulating energy asks again for you to revisit old unfinished projects, which become reinvented into something completely innovative. Those playful feelings still flourish, as do your contacts with children or “brain children” attach these to your attention. Your originality is soaring to the center stage. As you imagine more of what you can have, you are able to be responsible to a brand new belief.

Pisces: Did you get the chance to clean your house yet Dear Fishes? Where “I Nurture,” your home environment once more sees more of the new. The current realignment of value here and in your family life has psychic desires appreciating that you stay tuned to more déjà vu experiences still speaking strongly to you. Your sense of self should be able to be receptive to what messages come, which brings in a regenerative force you are meant to be responsible to.

Jovial Jupiter Jumps into GEMINI

Jupiter enters Gemini

11 June

1:22pm EDT

Just when you thought the current party in Gemini could not get any hotter, get ready for the level to be raised a many more bars where The Twins ideally wish to unite it all within your Zodiac Pie until 25 June 2013.

Since 15 May, we’ve been in the ongoing request of Venus Retrograde review here until 27 June, asking us all to get this area of our lives in harmonious order. The value of what action flourishes here is truly worth is under current examination of what should stay and what should go. Furthering the excitement was also seen with the Solar Eclipse 20 May and Venus/Sun in Gemini alignment 05 June, granting us trigger points to take note of as Jupiter now happily moves in with The Twins for the next year.

Undoubtedly, Jupiter crossing into Gemini at the 0 degree will bring out abundant feelings that relate to this recent Solar Eclipse degree point kick-off –but as all astrological laws go- as the gathering of the information will present itself to ponder, the actual forward motion is completely favored once 27 June comes to pass when Venus turns Direct. Solar Eclipses always offer a trail of energy that can last for up to an entire years’ time, so as our planet of expansion now joins in the Gemini surge, you can be sure the new beginnings streaming from here will be more than satisfying in multitudes of ways.

You’ll find this piece of your Zodiac Pie to be totally “cranking” as we come to the close of July, when the shadow of the Venus Retrograde passage concludes as Venus crosses back over the 23 degree of Gemini moving forward. Looking to early September, Jupiter reaches the 15 degree Gemini mark that the Sun and Venus got historically aligned upon 05 June. More clues to your “if it is new it is for you” will come into their glory within this forthcoming area of your life.

Now, aside from all of the obvious joys that Jupiter wishes to bless The Twins with in your life for the next year, just how does this energy ideally unfold? Gemini is one of our mutable communicator signs, so what you can expect is loads of information to decipher and assimilate. Known as the sign of awareness, adaptability, cleverness, and experimentation -as our Philosopher planet Jupiter brings forth his idealism to the Gemini stage- the ability to reach these concepts will be seemingly easy to reach, as the sense of being lucky with them also will reign.

With Jupiter being a benevolent planet, wherever he is transiting typically brings abundance, joy, education, travel, and newly found beliefs to take flight within that area of the life. In Gemini he will favor much enthusiasm for self-education, change, and innovation. Get ready for those IDEAS as AIDES to flow from every direction- and because Jupiter has no limits, you at worst, may feel overwhelmed with the opportunities to choose from. Another word of caution advises to not take for granted what will come to you, be over indulgent, nor take up with any kind of laziness or restless activities as this transit rides out.  Enjoying and giving that GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE for the prosperity and fortune that is about to display itself will come back in more rewards to you ten-fold.

With the amazing surge of power of expression Jupiter promises to bring to your Gemini slice of life, you will find this is accompanied by a clever, witty, and fertile mind-set. Take note of planets that are placed in the natal birth chart within The Twins, for these, will be activated and brought to center stage as this transit prevails. You’ll also find, any natal planets you may have in Libra or Aquarius will see a nice channel to flow from as their angles make the trine to Jupiter as he journeys along here. Look to the spirited areas of your chart within Aries and Leo for equal harmony as sextile aspects will be inspired as well.

Even as Jupiter will make his squares to Virgo and Pisces, and oppositions to Sagittarius, these won’t cause the typical rubs like other planets in harder aspects. It will be wise to watch the weeks through early July how he will square off to Neptune Retrograding in Pisces, as one may wish to heed not allowing these two areas of the life to get blocked with too much dreaminess, suspicion, or hysteria. 25 June -two days before Venus goes Direct- Jupiter directly squares Neptune and we may see some disturbances on the collective involving more financial loses through fraud come out of the woodwork. Refining one’s enthusiasm and becoming a bit more contemplative until July moves forward will not be star wisdom to ignore.

So, the question remains are you just about ready Dear Stars?!? If you haven’t done so, see the request for review the Value of Venus Retrograde has been asking of you to be truly prepared for all that is about to get even more activated where Gemini lives in your life. Couple this with the recent Solar Eclipse Lunar-O-Scope from 20 May, and be sure to check in later when we post the Lunar-O-Scope 2nd New Moon in Gemini of 2012 on 19 June. Being ultimately tapped into how The Twins do unite it all in the life, your thinking cap will be flushed, oiled and revved up and ready to go for all the adventures that Jupiter is about to bestow upon you.

A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Gemini 

03 April 

11:18am EDT
Our planet of harmony, ease, balance and pleasantries joins up with The Twins for quite a longer visit that usual. Due to the upcoming Venus Retrograde that starts 15 May, Venus is going to sharpen up her intellect and get clever in the sign that loves ideas until 07 August.
This journey for Venus in Gemini brings a bit of a preview of all the goodness coming into this sign for the entire year ahead. Jupiter enters The Twins on 11 June and will be also staying on bringing it’s typical fortune here until the following June of 2013. 
What will Venus prepare us for? Well, she is the lover of peace, luxury, money, art, relationships and truly where an easy feeling can be felt within the life. Taking up this extra special time in Gemini will pave the way for what Jupiter will bring in further abundance later. Under her Retrograde passage 15 May to 27 June, she’ll simply ask we take a little cleaning up where The Twins reside and be truly ready for Jupiter to sweep in his enthusiasm as summer really heats up!
Venus in Gemini will grant a collective tendency for affections to be flirtatious and spontaneous; and if the disconnect is around, perhaps a bit dispassionate and superficial. You may notice a distracted and dual energy around, especially under the Retrograde passage. More to come on the full expectation of all the do’s and don’ts under her reflective offering.
The entire passage of Venus with The Twins will have many diving into intellectual pursuits, and loving what learning, information and travel can do to bring calm to the mind. Always the benevolent planet, this will be a time when good humor, youthful, communicative, and refined dispositions will be bouncing all around as Spring keeps on growing. 
Check in with your Gemini piece of the Zodiac Pie to see where some wonderful energy is about to explode, as well as an offering to clear the slate here in true balance as Jupiter’s blessings are soon to arrive here and begin to flourish as well.