Jupiter Retrogrades in Gemini: 04 oct to 03 jan 13

04 October 2012 


03 January 2013
16 to 06 degrees Gemini 

After all of 2012’s excitement where The Twins unite it all in your Zodiac Pie, it’s time for a bit of a needed break! Since May a Solar Eclipse, two New Moons, and the rare Venus-Sun alignment have all transpired here: this area of your life is primed now for some reflective energies to realign within. Look to where 16 deg to 06 deg Gemini lives on your Zodiac Wheel.

From now until 30 January 2013, it’s totally time to reassess and regroup here. While our Philosopher planet will not cause too much chaos while reviewing, he is asking for your ability to take up with a SILENT LISTEN and utilize the ever-clever mind to calm all the activity here and filter out what cannot unite together when forward motion returns in 2013. Let gossip and superficiality stay in the gutter where it belongs. Rise up to respond in an alert mind that thinks well because you recognize the changes in feelings are for the better good.

Jupiter will return back over the 05 June’s Venus-Sun alignment at 15 degrees Gemini from 19 October to 02 November.  This is a prominent time to take up in remembering all of the intentions placed (if you did your soul’s homework back in June) and see what needs a bit of a redo, reassess and realign. Knowing Gemini’s energy is ever on the go, versatile, at times distracted and even in the split: this passage offers up the perfect opportunity to take a look at how you can bring improvements to how the course of action has flowed, and make necessary corrections accordingly.

Aside from how Jupiter will personally ask for your philosophical mind to ponder in review here, expect a few things to occur on a global level as well. The collective can expect to self-educate a plenty as change and pressure of ideas expand. Bringing further understanding to the power of expression in this place within life keeps restless sensations at bay. With Jupiter being a planet of honesty, should any kind of truths not be out in the open, you can anticipate any truth of the matter to come out into the world of information to be seen and exposed. That “bluntness” of speech that is Jupiter’s signature style, will prevail strongly under this Retrograde passage. If it’s gotta be said, remember sometimes even though the truth can actually hurt, the enthusiasm for what it is meant to change will become wisdom to cherish in the long term.

Much continued reform will be seen in the publishing world, and kinks in the present landscape will be ironed out. Any form of broadcasting, higher learning, or communications exchange will be under the redo, review and renew microscope. Religious causes as well, may see some extra attention and focus in the media headlines, wherein the typical arguments of who is right and who may be wrong are more heated than normal. Logically, under retrograde in Gemini -that split and UNTIE may remain for any situation- but ultimately, in the revisiting, the UNITE is wishing to be discovered and embraced.

Along with beginning to reverse under a Gemini Waning Moon, we’ll have the next two Gemini Lunar passes under their waning offering up further reflection as they team up with Jupiter Retrograde, completing with the Lunar Eclipse at 06 degrees Gemini coming 28 November. In the weeks unfolding until this time, you’ll find this slice of the life to be completely filled with review, redo and revelations of truth. Whatever needs to be cleared out, will go, and even though Jupiter will still be traveling backwards, a sense of forward motion returns once we have a waxing (gathering) energy here again after the New Moon in Sagittarius 13 December pulls through to the Full Moon in Cancer upon 28 December. Right around Christmas time is when you’ll find ideal energies to pick up a little pace with Waxing Moons returning in Gemini. By February 2013, as Jupiter moves forward from the 06 degree Lunar Eclipse point, you’ll see the wonders of forward motion here in full play again.

In the meantime, Happy Reflecting in the MINI GEM energy of GEMINI!

A little quick and easy “Jupiter in Gemini Rx Scope”
From the collective standpoint, if you know your Sun Sign, then read below the area of life you can enjoy some reflective time within throughout 30 January 2013. If you know your Rising Sign -and it falls in the very early degrees of it- you can equally anticipate review and redo in the slice of life as well. Always consult a professional astrologer to accurately know the mathematical details of your natal birth chart.

Aries: “I COMMUNICATE” Thinking/Mentality/Communications

Taurus: “I HAVE” Values/Earning Power/Possessions

Gemini: “I AM” Approaches/Mask to the World/Motivations

Cancer: “I PROCESS” Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past

Leo: “I SOCIALIZE” Innovations/Friendships/Organizations

“I STRUCTURE” Career/Public Life/Opportunities

Libra: “I BELIEVE” Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education

Scorpio: “I TRANSFORM” Transformations/Sexuality/Wealth

“I RELATE” Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others

“I SERVE” Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets

“I CREATE” Creativity/Children/Love Affairs

Pisces: “I NURTURE” Home/Family/Emotions/Environments