A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Gemini 

03 April 

11:18am EDT
Our planet of harmony, ease, balance and pleasantries joins up with The Twins for quite a longer visit that usual. Due to the upcoming Venus Retrograde that starts 15 May, Venus is going to sharpen up her intellect and get clever in the sign that loves ideas until 07 August.
This journey for Venus in Gemini brings a bit of a preview of all the goodness coming into this sign for the entire year ahead. Jupiter enters The Twins on 11 June and will be also staying on bringing it’s typical fortune here until the following June of 2013. 
What will Venus prepare us for? Well, she is the lover of peace, luxury, money, art, relationships and truly where an easy feeling can be felt within the life. Taking up this extra special time in Gemini will pave the way for what Jupiter will bring in further abundance later. Under her Retrograde passage 15 May to 27 June, she’ll simply ask we take a little cleaning up where The Twins reside and be truly ready for Jupiter to sweep in his enthusiasm as summer really heats up!
Venus in Gemini will grant a collective tendency for affections to be flirtatious and spontaneous; and if the disconnect is around, perhaps a bit dispassionate and superficial. You may notice a distracted and dual energy around, especially under the Retrograde passage. More to come on the full expectation of all the do’s and don’ts under her reflective offering.
The entire passage of Venus with The Twins will have many diving into intellectual pursuits, and loving what learning, information and travel can do to bring calm to the mind. Always the benevolent planet, this will be a time when good humor, youthful, communicative, and refined dispositions will be bouncing all around as Spring keeps on growing. 
Check in with your Gemini piece of the Zodiac Pie to see where some wonderful energy is about to explode, as well as an offering to clear the slate here in true balance as Jupiter’s blessings are soon to arrive here and begin to flourish as well.

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