A Quick Word on The Idealist….

   Venus enters Taurus

05 March 

5:25am EST

Our planet that enjoys balancing it all out within your life takes up journeying with The Bull through 03 April. Knowing Taurus is the sign that consciously aims for security, as Venus visits this piece of the Zodiac Pie, values come into the collective focus to be established and grounded.

This Venus passage prefers to seek harmony through art, music, obedience and contact with what material pleasures can bring to us. Time spent absorbing the sensual can ideally be reached through things like nature, foods and our possessions.

Venus loves her affections, which will find themselves to be strong and steadfast within the slow and patient process Taurus innately knows. Dispositions find sociable, generous, conservative, and placid means to be expressed. Taking note of physical beauty lets in the natural channel she wishes to bestow upon us with plenty of magnetism and charm to back it up.

Just as Mercury begins to offer us reflection as it Retrogrades in Aries upon 12 March, by 13 March, Venus is cozied up next to Jupiter at 09 degrees Taurus. As enthusiasm and optimism intensifies here, a devotion to contemplate deeply surfaces for us to firmly expand what values are wishing to educate to us here. Solid roots are more than ready to be placed within this area of the life, but don’t get too carried away with extravagance as Jupiter will bring plenty of excitability to Venus’s pleasures.

Taurus appreciates stability and endurance, which will the highlight of this transit when determination is recognized. So, in the midst of how Mercury will be creating his tricks for you to honor reassessments within Aries and Pisces, look to The Bull for a gentle place to find some kindly energies to be still emerging within the life.