A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Virgo 03 October  2:59AM EDT
While Venus is the natural ruler of our current Libra Sun, she is still a sign behind and letting her idealism bring it’s logic to where The Virgin purifies and is of service to it all within the life. Collective affections find themselves looking to be controlled and discriminating- so it is important to not let the journey of perfection here become stagnate in any doubt destination that you’ve unrealistically arrived at.  While a slight nit-picky energy may emerge, try shifting into looking at the moral beauty of the situation at hand and recognize that a detached disposition truly will not attract anything else but a habit of avoiding intimacy. Embrace the purity of life where The Virgin lives within your Zodiac Pie, and see what gorgeous and healthier routines can harmonize into the life. 

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 15 September

                                NEW Moon in Virgo
                         15 September, 10:11pm EDT

                                Fresh Atmospheres

This New Moon in Virgo brings forth a ever-changing energy to unfold as Mercury is close by to make sure our initiations are communicated properly. However the Virgin’s purity affects you, find out how this Lunar trigger can benefit you to logically find what is meant change up in your soul’s atmospheres within this next Waxing Phase.

Moon enters Virgo
5:30am EDT 14 September to 8:55am EDT 16 September

Lunar energy in Virgo calls for us to look to matters concerning health, order, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. Being The Virgin excels at discrimination, as focus is applied to discerning the purity of our atmospheres, this is time spent doing great soul homework. Inasmuch as Virgo is not considered the “psychic sign” when this channel of energy is felt in an ultimate state of cleanliness and health, the messages it will relate will not be shy to educate anyone to know the truth between right and wrong. In this natural state of feeling, that tendency for DOUBT does not have to be told to please DO BUT OUT BUD, for it will simply not attract into the wholesome mind.

New Moon, 15 September, 10:11pm EDT, 23 degrees Virgo
As our New Moon embarks in the detailed-oriented energies of Virgo -the sign that consciously aims for perfection- the collective is ready to get it all in fine working order within the Virgo piece of the Zodiac Pie.  Our life force and communications already have been playing together in an informative channel for us to tune into. Now as the Moon aligns, it’s time for new feelings to be explored here- removing any sense of doubt. Whilst it is not wise to get hung up in The Virgin’s tendency to fuss over everything, remember the virtue of routine to aide in not letting logic overwhelm what is ideally meant to be felt.
For the Collective
This Lunar offering is jammed packed with presenting us with the divine opportunities for change, and welcomes a protective force as we experience them through the promise of the 23’s The Royal Star of the Lion. The Chaldeans valued this number to grant powerful influence from those in high places as the movement it creates brings forth intense communication with the masses. There is great strength to be found within the 23, that also allows a superior assistance because it’s versatile energies are guided by Mercury’s urge to alter and shift.

Aside from our Messengers’ guidance of the 23 through the singular 5, he also is in a close conjunction via his own current transit at 28 degrees Virgo. The new energies forming from this lunation are really going to not waste any time in displaying themselves. Equally, we see that a sextile and trine is being made to the North and South Nodes, at 28 degrees Scorpio and 28 degrees Taurus respectively. As the North Node requests your long-term emotional healing focus, by adhering to this, will the South Node offer up ease and flow from the opposite end of the life. Look for plenty of movement to emerge in how feelings are able to find their new sensations.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE  New Moon in Virgo, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. 

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Virgo House, in particular where the 23-degree Virgo spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation within the next two weeks to follow. Properly planting in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 29 September will put in place the necessary seeds to see growth to follow from later on.

Aries: That hasn’t been your imagination running wild hinting at you to improve your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Rams where “I Serve.” Go and take charge! There are new ways to be of assistance to others- strike up the matches here, and get ready to keep the flames going with some fresh servitude. The pets love your attention. Thinking well here brings forth plenty of transformation as you begin to find your sense of value is more balanced than ever.

Taurus: The Bull takes center stage and proclaims “I Create!” A new artistic adventure you’ve been waiting to dive into will now begin to take root. Communications run peacefully and harmoniously to achieve these goals. See how children can become a focus as well as exploring love affairs and entertaining. That new one on one relationship wishes to go to the next level as you see an effortless way to discover that your approaches have seamlessly changed.

Gemini: There are a many new beginnings you are about to pleasantly embark upon within your home and family life where “I Nurture.” Don’t logically think the déjà vu happening is just the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive message being channeled. You get inspired to get your environments clean, neat and tidy. While you have the yearning to be of service, it rather magical how it makes that inner world and dream state talk to you even more.

Cancer: A whole new thought process Dear Crabs readily enters your vivid minds where ‘I Communicate.” You are prone to worry, but it’s not too logical to pray for something that you don’t wish to really happen. Harmonious thoughts ask for you to soak them up. Plan or go on a short trip. Write things down.  Feed your creative nature with some quality time, and watch how these then find stability within groups and organizations; allowing them to take a friendly stance.

Leo: The earning power is primed for some real happiness and all that “I Have.” Your entire value system is ready to claim some fresh securities, and fast changes. A new way for you to earn your dollars unfolds. Take a hearty look at your possessions, summon up that pride, and allow these new values have the proper room to grow. Attention at home and to nurturing reflects back to effortless action attract to let your public life and career work for itself.

Virgo: It’s always fun to be the one in the lunar spotlight, so this is no time to be nit-picking or too shy to have to courage to say “I Am!” Your humility dare not raise the ego bar too high. Approaches and first impressions to life take on new forms and routines. As the world equally begins to see a new side of you- you are thinking more intuitively over your typical logic; and the deeper you probe, you’ll learn you’re growing in ways like never before that you can believe in.

Libra: Time for your Scales to become balanced as you apply focus to the inner layers of your psyche where “I Process.” Peace is found by going within, as matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved. A whole fresh energy is speaking strongly to your inner world, and do pay close attention to your dreams during this waxing moon. You are not to worry about material worth, but get intimate with what really matters and things coming in a rebirth allow wealth to follow.

Scorpio: It’s time to look for some fresh feelings to emerge within your friendships and organizations where “I Socialize.” Some new faces are looking to engage in harmonious activities with you. Write down your hopes, dreams and wishes and focus. Say yes when that spontaneous invitation arrives, a fantastic new opportunity awaits for you here. There are major ways you are meant to start approaching life differently, and these allow some solid partnerships to take root.

Sagittarius: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions await to be made on where it is all going in how “I Structure.” The direction your public life takes clearly communicates itself under this passage. Your purpose, mission, and reputation find rewards. Authority appears different to you. Yet, you can’t forget about the time you have to take in solitude as well, and dreams speak profoundly. All lets you serve the world with a healthy smile.

Capricorn: Purifying activity stirs within your idealisms and philosophies, some of which even the long-term thinker like you couldn’t foresee where “I Believe.” You’re on an important a trip or making plans for one. The urge to travel leads you to learn through the experiences, Spirit inspires you the more you speak of it. New groups and causes call you to nurture them, which allows you to feel undeniably creative in ways that have you feeling downright playful and free.

Aquarius: Communications speak practically about financial revisions, and how to bring some new life where “I Transform.” Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, any of these are well deserving of your attention as new ways to wealth seek to find you. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? It’s time for some breakthroughs here- be innovative, not shy! The career will need some TLC but if you don’t resist, the home and family life is your source of comfort.

Pisces: Those closest to you, personal or business related, are the focus of this time of gathering in your life where “I Relate.” New partnerships formulate and find fine ways to communicate diplomatically. It’s a perfect time to move forward with contracts and legalities. Make sure you adhere to the educational process going on, for you have some new beliefs to get wise with, and these welcome just how much when you think well, you can’t help but feel good.

A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Virgo
31 August
10:32pm EDT
Our Messenger finally moves forward from his recent realignment of energy within Leo, where he has been visiting all summer since the 25 June. As he joins up with our Sun in The Virgin, the collective mentality is sped up to receive the correct messages all the more clearly as to the proper path to purify the atmospheres around us. While Mercurial energy in Virgo can diligently bask in the realms of logic, scientific and critical means to find the systematic answers it seeks, it is by tapping into the confidence of knowing and eliminating DOUBT -which we always say please politely tell it DO BUT OUT BUD- that accurate perceptions are achieved.
Until 16 September, take advantage of our Messenger’s presence where The Virgin aligns a many details within your Zodiac Pie. This area of the life will be sure to see it’s fair share of communicative energies to display themselves, and quite eloquently as they do so. Remember Virgo is the sign that appreciates more than most, impeccable manners as it is more than happy to be of service to you.
Back to that DOUBT, which, if you lean towards any lack of breadth or confidence over this passage- you will have to repeat the mantra of politely reminding it to please DO BUT OUT BUD. As adaptability is always part of how The Virgin functions best, as Mercury journeys here, you’ll find, the SILENT LISTEN assists wonderfully with all the mutability at hand. There are quite subtle and easily educated mental capacities that are able to aide with a healthy discrimination to decipher the well-regulated thinking which will wish to speak once it has precisely has analyzed it all.

Regeneration & Change: Mars goes Direct 13 April

Mars goes Direct

03 Degrees Virgo
13 April
11:53pm EDT
You probably are reading this, planetary follower and letting out a BIG YAHOO!!!! Most people in awareness of our Pioneer planet being Retrograde since 23 January -requesting us to Stand in Our Courage– are more than ready to see Direct Motion return to the celestial body from above that motivates and shakes our worlds up with direct action down here below.

Aside from the promise that action will be able to move forward ultimately from where 03 degrees Virgo rests in your Zodiac Pie, the recent requests of Mars for review equally hope you have now arrived at definite conclusions about the necessary changes that are meant to unfold after this seemingly ridiculously long passage of reflection.  Albeit, wouldn’t you know, our calendar date that just catches our Pioneer returning Direct Motion is in full and equal agreement to let it all go.

13 April 2012, numerically, by both the Karmic Path date (13) and Universal date energy (4 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 13), both grant us the understanding of the 13’s ‘Regeneration and Change.’ A sort of cosmic “double whammy” of really noting what the Chaldeans saw this more often than not “feared” number, and please do cast off yours about it falling on a Friday this year, btw. (simply a silly superstition) If one is to truly embrace the magnificence of the 13, there is such profound insight to behold:

“13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that “he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion.” The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds.”

Now, with any 4 vibration, (1 + 3 = 4) we also know that Uranus is involved in the planetary mix. Hence the warning about the unknown and the unexpected, something this planet is all too famous for bringing to us to experience down here below. So, whatever unfolds upon 13 April 2012, you can be sure there are some surprises not even the best psychic could predict. Uranus just ain’t a fan of pre-telling how it will all fall out. Prophetic about the energy yes, details no.

So, as Mars will go Direct quite late in the day 13 April, take up with that same old courage you’ve been relying on since the end of January within this area of your Zodiac Pie. Remember too, Mars, like Mercury when coming off Retrograde, is going slllloooow,  otherwise known as the station. Mars doesn’t reach 04 degrees Virgo until 21 April. Once he gets going, he’ll be back to his usual 2-3 day passes through one degree, not to finish up the shadow of this recent Retrograde until 19 June- finally moving into Libra 03 July, concluding his extra long stay Virgo since 10 November 2011.

Happy Regenerating, Change and Motivations to You Dear Stars.