A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Virgo
31 August
10:32pm EDT
Our Messenger finally moves forward from his recent realignment of energy within Leo, where he has been visiting all summer since the 25 June. As he joins up with our Sun in The Virgin, the collective mentality is sped up to receive the correct messages all the more clearly as to the proper path to purify the atmospheres around us. While Mercurial energy in Virgo can diligently bask in the realms of logic, scientific and critical means to find the systematic answers it seeks, it is by tapping into the confidence of knowing and eliminating DOUBT -which we always say please politely tell it DO BUT OUT BUD- that accurate perceptions are achieved.
Until 16 September, take advantage of our Messenger’s presence where The Virgin aligns a many details within your Zodiac Pie. This area of the life will be sure to see it’s fair share of communicative energies to display themselves, and quite eloquently as they do so. Remember Virgo is the sign that appreciates more than most, impeccable manners as it is more than happy to be of service to you.
Back to that DOUBT, which, if you lean towards any lack of breadth or confidence over this passage- you will have to repeat the mantra of politely reminding it to please DO BUT OUT BUD. As adaptability is always part of how The Virgin functions best, as Mercury journeys here, you’ll find, the SILENT LISTEN assists wonderfully with all the mutability at hand. There are quite subtle and easily educated mental capacities that are able to aide with a healthy discrimination to decipher the well-regulated thinking which will wish to speak once it has precisely has analyzed it all.

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