A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Virgo 03 October  2:59AM EDT
While Venus is the natural ruler of our current Libra Sun, she is still a sign behind and letting her idealism bring it’s logic to where The Virgin purifies and is of service to it all within the life. Collective affections find themselves looking to be controlled and discriminating- so it is important to not let the journey of perfection here become stagnate in any doubt destination that you’ve unrealistically arrived at.  While a slight nit-picky energy may emerge, try shifting into looking at the moral beauty of the situation at hand and recognize that a detached disposition truly will not attract anything else but a habit of avoiding intimacy. Embrace the purity of life where The Virgin lives within your Zodiac Pie, and see what gorgeous and healthier routines can harmonize into the life. 

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