A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Sagittarius

15 December
11:38pm EST

As we move forward each and every day within our lives, there’s always one planet from above that -no matter what challenges may be within the present moment- is able to help us assimilate value into what the experience is showing us. Harmony is always possible down here below because of her never-ending idealism and innate gift of seeking balance. Do you know about Venus and her amazing abilities?

Venus was transiting at ‘The Trusting Lambs’ 28 degree Scorpio towards the “tipping point” before changing signs as the world became aware of the aggressive actions that occurred in the USA in Newton, CT and in Beijing, China upon 14 December 2012. Finishing up her transit within the sign of death and rebirth since 21 November, these last degree points are often times when planets offer up the most critical advice to keep in mind. As the world mourned upon 15 December -at the 29 degree of Scorpio- she asked us to remain in ‘Grace Under Pressure.’

Now in Sagittarius until 08 January 2013, our Idealist asks for the collective to take up in full aims of seeking the truth; targeting honesty; recognizing generosity and practicing it; cherishing what value still remains half full and continue to build from there. Try to refrain from tactless and blunt methods of affection which this sign is always receiving the bad rap for. Instead, be open to claiming you are a kneeling submissive student where The Archer always wishes for you to grow some new beliefs with the roots of culture within them from this part of the life. You’ll find the free-will attracts equal channels for some marvelous learning you’ll be urged to philosophize more about later.

As our world continues to grieve, we all are able to embrace the healing necessary at this time to know life continues to move forward no matter what. Seek out Venus’s help within your life to tap into her abilities to assist you in seeing both sides of the issue, leaving your judgment at the door, and cast her essence of faith where you have the room for it to blossom the most.

Namaste Dear Stars.