LUNAR-O-SCOPE, LUNAR Eclipse in Sagittarius

04 June

LUNAR Eclipse:
7:03am EDT
FULL Moon:
7:12am EDT

Completion of IDEAS as AIDES

We’ve gathered through the last New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini upon the 20 May to now take aim for release in the enthusiastic energies of The Archer. While any given Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions, watch out for some real serious stirring to emerge on the collective. Coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, the request for letting go and seeing defining conclusions to where Sagittarius seeks expansion and optimism in your Zodiac Pie is all the more profound.

Moon enters Sagittarius
Sunday, 03 June 8:32am EDT to Tuesday, 05 June 8:31am EDT  
The stimulation of exploration, education, philosophy, and inquiry are the natural gifts of a Moon in Sagittarius. Instincts are easily inspired- as warm and intuitive feelings accompany honorable, highly independent, and spontaneous energies. The collective is urged to embrace these favorable choices. As the Archer ideally appreciates the realms of higher learning, taking on the student role can bring fantastic rewards.

Lunar Eclipse, 04 June, 7:03am EDT 14 degrees Sagittarius     
Remember all that sprung up and started anew from 02 degree in The Archer late last November upon the Solar Eclipse? Now the affects of this lunation wish to offer completion, finalizations, and surrender where this 14 degrees Sagittarius point exists within one of the twelve houses composing the natal birth chart. You’ll find as well, with this 14 energy, that the changes and movement you’ll see unfold are quite permanent.  Eclipses always trigger a longer passing of energy that can cast its’ affect for up to a year. Far beyond the normal two-week time frame, more reflection and cleansing will find itself unfolding from this part of the life.

Full Moon, 04 June, 7:12am EDT, 14 degrees Sagittarius
Once our Lunar Lady at 14 degrees Sagittarius opposes our Sun at 14 degrees Gemini, this ultimately presents the platform for completion. Yet, it is far too often that these energies are met with the opposite force of resistance. Monday’s Lunar light show may bring up restless, superficial, diffusive, and argumentative behaviors to those unaware on the collective. Unrestricted desires and rebellious reactions have a strong potential to erupt. Whenever lunations occur within any of the mutable signs, proceeding with caution is the key while being on the lookout for intolerant and tactless attitudes that have the potential to fly around.

For the Collective
Looking to Mars -who is now in complete motivation and forward motion where The Virgin purifies and gets those details in order- we find that The Pioneer at 16 degrees Virgo will present a “squaring” off angle to our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Gemini. More mutable energy to consider that may not have a boundary to contain its’ intensity in, this definitely may be a lunation one should not reckon with. Expect emotions to be extremely energized. Choosing courageous and constructive responses to handle what can surface as a blocked or cornered in feeling. These choices will brilliantly shine in optimal results verses allowing selfish, rebellious, or aggressive reactions to unfold. Mars ultimately, at the 16 degree Virgo point, asks for another true SILENT LISTEN as we celebrate completion within our lives in Sagittarius, while we ultimately are still in review of genuine value in Gemini.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice if it is placed in the earlier degree points of the sign. The professional astrological analysis of the natal birth chart points to even more personal advice for how the present planetary landscape from above grants sound wisdom to listen to down here below.

Aries: A worn-out philosophy awaits your release Dear Ram, for it doesn’t fit into the belief system that is meant to be a part of your future where “I Believe.” Think about taking a long trip, or reflect upon ones past. However you find the way to travel, make sure you pursue something that puts your pioneering spirit heading towards higher education, this can serve you greatly as you equally are reassessing the workings of your mind, and discovering the real value of your pioneering spirit.

Taurus: Been thinking about how to revitalize your securities and financial situations Dear Bull? It’s review time here: other people’s money, investments, and resources, all where “I Transform.” Aiming your roots deeper into intimacy, let’s in complete illumination to be at your fingertips for regeneration and focus. Rebirth is indeed occurring from the core of your being. This unraveling is meant to bring structure to your creativity and love affairs as you equally realize the worth of what you already have.

Gemini: People in general, Mini Gem, make your heart sing, and you become even intensely drawn to how “I Relate.” If any of your partnerships need repair, this is a fabulous time to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. Legal agreements waiting to be resolved find conclusions. Seek to bring fairness to whatever decisions are to be made- it’s no time to remain split. You’ll find you truly can nurture your home environments when you unite within and be at one with the pure value of you. 

Cancer: Is there something that’s been intuitively telling you to improve your routine, personal habits, or health where “I Serve?” But of course your psychic powers are working wonderfully Crab. Changes can be seen that alter how you are of service to the world, offering renewal in your routine, health and habits. Shifts here really have your communications inspired to make positive change, as your state of solitude and inner world share the messages you are meant to truly find worth within.

Leo: Nothing stops you Royal Lions from gravitating to where “I Create.” It’s time to complete the latest creative adventure. Release what no longer inspires your stage. Children or “brain-children” may require your attention. Have a love affair you’d rather not be flirting with? This easily relinquishes itself, or goes on to a higher level, allowing motivation to appreciate what you have. Especially if you are already good friends, where you are equally figuring out who stays and who is meant to go.

Virgo: Don’t be shy about a conclusion that pertains to your home and family life, where “I Nurture.” Should drama find you, especially now don’t react to it- respond! When that déjà vu occurs, listen to that instinct you hear: don’t doubt it for a second, as its’ message is of karmic importance. Powerful changes are on the surface for you, and while you do love variety- these are forming the foundation to the career that is under review at present, and soon, your public life will be booming beyond belief.

Libra: What’s the worn out way of thinking that doesn’t make sense for you to keep relating to where “I Communicate?” The intellect desires release, as you refresh your mentality and ideas. Should you have siblings, they may call your attention now, as well as your neighbors. You have been driven to spent time alone- so if that seems odd to you, it is truly letting in the review of how the real value of all that you believe in your life is living up to the philosophies and learning experiences you prefer.

Scorpio: There is release to be had and necessary changes to be made within your values and understanding of what “I Have.” This will further result in a readjustment of your earning power. Take a deep look at your possessions, as these also request a transformation- now is the perfect time to let things go that you truly no longer need. As review equally is underway with your wealth and sexuality, this is urging a structure to be formed from where you socialize, hope, wish and dream.

Sagittarius: The lunar spotlight this month shines upon you Dear Archer, so slow down just a little bit to catch the reflective energies that are of great benefit to you now. There is an old approach you can let go of, allowing the world to view you in a renewed way- and this is fueled from the sparks flying in your career. As you retire old impressions and think about how your “I AM” is received by others, this lets in further understanding about how you truly relate to what you partner up with.

Capricorn: Strong emotions stir within the inner layers of your psyche and the unknown, where “I Process.” Your subconscious urges a shift of focus from perfection- to toil with the most hidden parts of yourself. When you work with your innate patience, you can really listen. This allows for a wonderful opportunity to find more motivation to adapt to new philosophies. All connects to let in further reassessment of how you serve the world, and where you are improving habits and routines.

Aquarius: Energy now releases in your friendships and organizations, where “I Socialize.” Aiming high in your groups right now allows all of your wishes in these areas to come true later on, as the drive to transform is strong from your core- so steer clear of resistance here. Accept that spontaneous invitation- it reveals an adventure that connects the past to the future. Creatively, you are processing some true revelations that should be stimulating a renewed spotlight to shine upon your stage.

Pisces: The Fishes swim closely to career matters right now, and reflection is necessary where “I Structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation ask for some soul-searching, so take up in stillness to hear your intuitive gifts. You’ll find, aligning with the action at present from your relationships holds the keys to knowing the direction these are ultimately going to continue in. The ongoing review in your family, home and environments equally wishes to aide in keeping the waters clear and calm.

Lexigrams and a LUNAR ECLIPSE
Lexigrams, the intuitive form of phrasing the anagrams that can be derived from a word, name or title to speak its’ truth- casts the last full light upon what we are best to do under one. This insightful star secrets lends us further guidance on how to best approach this Universal request for release.



LUNAR-O-SCOPE, SOLAR Eclipse in Gemini

Lexigrams on a SOLAR ECLIPSE
20 May
SOLAR Eclipse: 
7:23pm EDT
NEW Moon: 
7:47pm EDT

Initiating IDEAS as AIDES

Even as Venus Retrograde asks for value to be reviewed within The Twins, there is still an opportunity to welcome a NEW energy in the Gemini area of your life. Our collective emotions get stimulated in the sign that strives for concentration within our communications. Coupled by the first Solar Eclipse of 2012, where will you take in some transformation where ideas wish to unite in your Zodiac Pie?

Moon enters Gemini
Sunday, 20 May at 7:05pm EDT to Wednesday, 23 May 7:31am EDT

A Moon in Gemini brings forth adaptable and inquisitive feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Twins.  As the Zodiac Month of Gemini opens up our awareness to concentrate on ideas, be on the alert to really sharpen up within this area of the life. There is a fitful instinct to imagine within, which is eager to observe, self-express, and get talkative about what is on our minds.

Solar Eclipse 20 May, 7:23pm EDT, 0 degrees Gemini
The blessings of any Solar Eclipse bring forth a trigger energy whose affects can be seen up through a year’s time. Looking to the 0-degree Gemini point within the natal birth chart is the area of the life that you can expect a fresh and friendly energy to unfold- attracting new life to this part of your Zodiac Pie for up to a years’ time. However -with any important financial and value related decisions for the long-term due to the on-going Venus Retrograde- make sure that you carefully plan to ponder the review until 27 June.

New Moon, 20 May, 7:47pm EDT, 0 degrees Gemini
As another waxing phase begins, time to get those new ideas and initiations out there to gather in the light. Air is Gemini’s elemental influence, so be alert to intellectual gifts that are meant to unfold- as this New Moon kicks off an inventive force that the Twins wish to share with you. Remember the true genius gift of Gemini comes with cultivating concentration to bring out the ideas that are truly meant to serve you best.

For the Collective
What may propose a bit of a rub to handle, is the squaring-off energies from Neptune, who is swimming at the 03 degree of Pisces at present. While any square has the tendency to cause some tension, look to this ANGLE to ANGEL in an actual structure within your life that courageously connects the energies of Gemini and Pisces. With Neptune bringing in the potential of evasive, deceptive and distortion to the ideas that are wishing to emerge from The Twins, that concentration we keep speaking of under this Solar Eclipse and New Moon will be all the more required. Be sure as you take on what is urging to form anew from Gemini with a good SILENT LISTEN, for then the intuition that naturally can team up here from our Mystic planet has a much clearer and stronger pathway to properly reach you upon.

This is the first of 2 New Moon passes in Gemini -one of those Zodiac “once in a blue moon” occurrences- where in we see our Lunar Lady consecutively grant initiation to the same sign. The first will be at the very beginning of the sign and the second at the very close, 0 and 28 degrees respectively. Collectively, we can expect a true new and enlivened energy all around from The Twins. Via your natal birth chart, it is important to note the precise places 0 deg and 28 deg Gemini are, which denote where some fresh starts are awaiting to find you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Gemini 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. 

Aries: Things are truly emerging alive and well where “I Communicate.” Embrace this time to initiate energies that further your mental capacity to explode with some truly clever ideas. Plan a short trip now, or are you already pioneering upon one? Siblings and neighbors take on new meanings, as review also asks how much you value them. Think your spirited mind already asks too many questions? Think again, for there are plenty more answers you are meant to receive.

Taurus: This Eclipse’s focus brings forth a fresh passion that takes root in value-related areas, and all that “I Have.” Your earning dollars branch out into a new blossom to flow from, but carefully make these decisions for the long-term. While you cherish that true sense of solidarity and security, do avoid making that impulsive purchase until after the end of June. Scoop up a bargain instead for now. Important changes surround your perspective on your possessions.

Gemini: MINI GEM, you are in the spotlight of all that is eclipsing anew and then some, where you are in present review of the value of all that “I Am.” Be ready for witty, liberal, and self-oriented feelings to accompany your improvisational approaches. Your mind is on the highest alert, and should be fully committed to taking this time to allow concentration to be your friend as you transform. The world is innately curious for you to unveil the new you, totally unified.

Cancer: It’s time to take the Crab on a deep dive to those inner places in your life, for spirit has something new to show you where “I Process,” as there is so much value being reassessed from this part of your life. Your night-time dreams are extra attuned to revealing truths for your waking world. The subconscious realms and your understanding of inner work intensely call. Unhook your claws from any weight from the past- this grants the space to truly adore your soul.

Leo: Feel you already have enough friendships in your royal court where “I Socialize?” As new energies and current review of what matters here will go, there are more people you are meant to discover a connection with King of the Forest. What group or cause have you been thinking about joining? Consider what importance these hold for your future. Accept that unexpected invitation to socialize, which mentally satisfies. Go for high hopes, big dreams, and wish well.

Virgo: This is no time to be shy where “I Structure!” There is definitely some harvest, stability, recognition and reward awaiting you in the career and public life. Promoting or starting a new business? You are headed for success, but certainly consider Venus’s present review here through June before real legal initiations. Your relationship to authority takes on a new direction you’ve not been responsible to up till now, as you restructure the value of what it means to you.

Libra: Inspiration fuels a new path your philosophies fly to, and what ideally “I Believe.” Need to take a long trip to balance those Scales? You are especially urged to plan one, take one, or find a way to broaden your view of the world at large. Somehow, it may come at a true bargain price. There is a strong urge to expand your optimism, as you find some new educational and learning pursuits that bring you clarity and peace, which you’ll be eager to soon relate to others.

Scorpio: While you are urged to look at your securities and investments, now is not the opportune time to make decisions about changes where “I Transform” until after 27 June. Other people’s money can flow easily to you now. No stranger to death and rebirth, you’ll find there is an awakening in process, strengthening your passion like never before. It’s no secret you always feel sexy, an intense excitement unfolds that initiates some powerful feelings in the bedroom.

Sagittarius: The strength of your partnerships already is in review of what they are worth, from romantic ties to business contacts where “I Relate.” Some new people you connect with are of special importance to future endeavors. Aim your arrow to stimulating one on one conversations that captivate your intellect. A friendly spark ignites as you encounter new ways to find optimism with those you are closest to. Legal agreements move forward with ease after the close of June.

Capricorn: While your world is practically perfect Old Goat, you can always still bring improvement to your health and the places where “I Serve.” There’s a new routine you should strive to implement now. Fresh habits wish to initiate and ones you no longer value simply say adios. A sincere difference shifts with those you work close to. Stop working and have some fun with the pets, or if you don’t have any, it definitely is time to contemplate finding an ideal match.

Aquarius: There’s new life to be illuminated where “I Create.” Take advantage of this inventive and stimulating energy that is asking for you to revisit old unfinished projects, which end up being involved in future projects still gestating. With these playful feelings around, your contacts with children or “brain children” are ignited and captivate your attention now. Enjoy this time for originating, as you take a creative adventure or any love affair to heart and loyal new life.

Pisces: Stop swimming for just a little bit and tread the water so you can get to cleaning your house Dear Fishes! Where “I Nurture” -your home environment desires your imagination and full focus. You innately are realigning value here, as well as within your family life. Psychic desires will appreciate and be tune-in to the extra déjà vu experiences that especially surround you now. All channels are open within the nest egg and ready for you to receive their important messages. 

Lexigrams and a SOLAR ECLIPSE

Lexigrams, the poetic phrasing of the anagrams that can be derived from a word, name or title- casts the last new light upon what we are best to do under such an occasion as a SOLAR ECLIPSE. This insightful way of seeing the truth of any matter, lends us further guidance on how to best approach this Universal request for initiation.





Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Taurus

21 April 
3:18am EDT

Rooting in Security

Oh are we really able to truly welcome in the NEW as this 2nd Lunar Renewal of Spring in Taurus brings forth deep, intuitive, and sensuous feelings that are truly free to be now that Mars Retrograde is over and Mercury’s Shadow becomes complete.

Moon enters Taurus
Saturday 21 April, 12:05am EDT til Monday, 23 April at 1:05am EDT

Taurus energy must beware of dogged, materialistic, lethargic, and obstinate behaviors that may arise. When any possessive energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to unimaginative and reactionary tendencies. While a strong sense of values and patience mark any Taurus passage, the cultivation of enterprise, adaptability, and vision are equally wise to adhere to.

New Moon, 21 April, 3:18am EDT, 01 degrees Taurus
When our New Moon embarks in the practical and preserving energies of Taurus -the sign that consciously aims for security- we are now ready to really take on an enduring and resourceful spirit. Earth is Taurus’s elemental influence, so look to this passage to allow feelings to take root, and “fix” into a grounding force.

Be sure to check your 01 degree Taurus spot in thee natal birth chart as well to see how this point is ready with some fresh energy. Coupled with the collective perspective, this is the area of life that requests initiation over the next two weeks. Seeds planted in this section of your Zodiac pie until the Full Moon 05 May are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

For the Collective
All is finally able to move forward in the world for dramatic change as our two inner planets that make things move and motivate are finally aligning with the blessings from our Lunar Lady. By the time our next Full Moon in Scorpio comes to pass, you’ll certainly notice that some transformations are intensely unfolding from the Taurus to Scorpio piece of the personal and collective viewpoints of your Zodiac Pie.

Mars at 03 degrees Virgo makes a fine trine to our New Moon, and his recent return to action in The Virgin equally is eager to make some flowing connections with The Bull. As Mars now works to align those details of how The Virgin provides us with impeccable service and the ability to purify within our lives; taking note of how this can find a body, mind, and spirit connection to what new roots Taurus is wishing to plant with patient yet passionate emotions behind them is soul time well-spent.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Taurus 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice.  Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. 

Aries: You’ll be in the mood to lead yourself in the direction to a renewed sense of values while taking stock of your personal possessions, all of what “I Have.” How you earn your dollars seeks to find a new source to flow from, backed by the motivation that relates to how “I Serve,” both the world and your state of health. Be cautious about impulsive purchases- best to choose ones that serve a practical purpose to ground your fire a bit- making sure you save for rainy days.

Taurus: Dear Bull it is time to write a new list of all that “I Am.” Be ready for exciting and stirring feelings that secure new roots in your approaches and first impressions. The focus is now upon you, and the re-activation of self. You’ll find you are equally seeing plenty of action to aide in harmonizing it all from where “I Create” as these two areas of the life now learn from one another. The world is anxious to see the new masks you are now ready to wear with optimism.

Gemini: Time to spend some time in solitude, that place of how “I Process.” The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you to really get away from your chatty self, so don’t be in a disconnect. The value in the inner security you’ll discover carries on in your communications for the long term. Dreams cast light into the future, while your waking deja-vus bring comfort to how “I Nurture” as home life is now making you happy again.

Cancer: Fresh friendships are able to fly Dear Crab, as the “I Socialize” area of your life is ready for new seeds. A group or cause awaits for you to join it, so don’t remain in your shell, it’s time to allow an original energy to flow. Accept that forthcoming invitation get out of the house. You’ll gain a renewed sense of patience, contentment, and familiarity from attending- which motivates how “I Communicate” to innovative, generous and humane forms of expressions.

Leo: There is a definite harvest, stability, and reward bestowing itself upon the career and public life, all of how “I Structure.” Equally, this is a fantastic time to promote or start a new business, or, expect a nice recognition if you’ve done your homework already to receive it. Consider a new view on authority that you haven’t been responsible to up till now. All connects fantastically to the return of action within all that “I Have” and what is of real value to you, not just money itself.

Virgo: Inspiration is fueling where you express your philosophies, all of how “I Believe.” Thinking about a trip Virgin? Go ahead: plan one, take one, or find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. Opportunities ignite your urge to grow, as exciting educational pursuits emerge. Eliminate any doubt with these birthing beliefs, as they are happily learning from your entire new action in the way “I Am.” Don’t be shy to take on the new roles that you’ll soon be teaching.

Libra: Let go of wishy-washy feelings concerning your securities and investments, and do take the lead to arrive at decisions about any changes where “I Transform.” Other people’s money is of assistance to you now. The doors to ultimate regeneration unravel and are intensely talking with what is purging where “I Process.”  Be friendly to those sexy feelings that seduce and stir in the air- just be patient when taking action, as all undoes the past and lets in a balanced new you.

Scorpio: Your partnerships: romantic, business, or otherwise are where you feel passionate right now, wherever “I Relate.” Fresh people you connect with over this waxing period are of special importance to future endeavors. Wise, diplomatic choices here engages true forward motion- so no rush is necessary. Lingering legalities should tie up peacefully and be prosperous ones. There is fast action in motion from where “I Socialize” so dream, hope, and wish well as you join in.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows towards your health and all sense of how “I Serve” Dear Archer, for this Lunar light has you feeling the time is now to bring on improvements! What you do for others and for your physical self look for new routines and habits in detail. A new pet can be promising. Now that you feel motivation is moving where “I Structure,” let these two areas of the life align in the understanding that your limitless energy truly has generously returned in full.

Capricorn: While you always enjoy the ambitious pursuit, it is how “I Create” that desires your full attention Old Goat. Enthusiasm watches over your current project. Playful feelings surround love affairs and contacts with children. “Brain children” or your offspring captivate, offering inspiration. Take note of how all this fresh fun relates to the surge of activity where “I Believe” and see what all is able to teach you, as you are ideally ready to be in joyous growth again.

Aquarius: Invention wishes to find you in the home life Water Bearer, where “I Nurture.” Improvement to family relations run smooth and welcome your innovative ideas for change. Your prophetic nature should be on the look-out for those déjà vu experiences. Their messages hold importance to you now- ideally these are in deep conversation with the way “I Transform” and the energy that is turning you anew from the core here presently- all teaching you to feel more.

Pisces: Find fresh waters for your mentality and thinking to swim in Dear Fishes, your entire sense of how “I Communicate.” Your intellect absorbs the anew like a sponge, and your ideas are aides. Plan that short trip or take one. The new direction your intuitive mind takes root with reveals in joyous conversation with how “I Relate,” where a plenty of new one-on-one activity is in your ocean at present. Look for peace with siblings and friendly fun with your neighbors.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Libra

06 April
3:19pm EDT

Relating With the Warrior

Our first Full Moon of Spring offers the opportunity for balancing out further relationship responsibility with The Scales as completion now occurs within the Libra piece of the Zodiac Pie. This Lunar fruition grants the path to let go of undiplomatic, intolerant, and insincere feelings throughout another Waning Phase until 21 April.

Moon enters Libra
Thursday 05 April at 11:32am EDT until Friday, 07 April at 11:18am EDT
This lunar request seeks to grant understanding to what we partner up with in our lives. A collective calling is here to look to engage peaceful, tolerant, charming, and friendly energies of response in our one-on-one matters. Refined feelings and the capacity for comparison and co-operation are strong. Be aware however of lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

Full Moon, 06 April, 3:19pm EDT, 17 degrees Libra
It’s that time of the month when our feelings and emotions have the tendency to become intense. When you have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Aries -you can expect one of two things: resistance or co-operation. A Full Moon in Libra brings forth a sensitive instinct and imagination -urging our courage and independence to emerge- equally asking that we take time to filter through our emotional take on relationships and harmony.

For the Collective
As Saturn presently retrogrades, our planet of karma and our Lunar Lady conjunct at 26 degrees Libra, 07 April close to 6am EDT. As this Full Libra Moon begins to wane, the collective’s feelings will be quite deepened, serious; ideally offering patience and practical energies. Anyone in denial of tuning into the experiences Saturn is asking us to be responsible to, may feel the necessary lessons in return.

Previous to our Lunar Light show, our Moon will grant equal pull against Saturn’s counter-mate Uranus, who journeys in Aries at 05 degrees. The Innovator planet opposes our Lunar Lady early evening close to 7pm EDT 05 April. As Aries wishes to plummet through with originality, the Moon on the other side of this may just resist against it if it weighs the pros and cons too much. Remembering whatever maybe communicated here now, will see complete forward motion return by the next new moon 21 April.

Lunar-O-Scope, FULL Moon in Libra, 06 April 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: You’ve been feeling that pure responsibility to those partnerships for quite sometime now, personal or business. As Saturn requests ultimate listening up here at present, this is an opportune time to take a good look around and continue to let go of what no longer works where “I relate.” This is a time to equally get out of your head and reflect upon the unexpected ideas coming to your first impressions and instincts- these days, they really do inspire to reinvent you.

Taurus: Take a stance Dear Bull and bring on intelligent improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health. Being you innately enjoy acts of patience, recognize what is being let go of is all part of the long-term process happening in where “I serve.” Look at the way you are being of service to others, something is necessary to re-examine here. Resist being stubborn to change, for your surrender allows a secure inner and unexpected peace to reflect back to you in return.

Gemini: The Twins have been in a diligent task of letting that cleverness out to play! Whether united or divided, that artistic or creative adventure has your full attention. You are far from being done with this task, so remain thrilled about learning from these experiences with what “I create.” Children may require your focus now. The love affairs are flirting upon the stage of your life are anxious to figure out whether they’ll become part of the set, or see curtains down.

Cancer: Not that home and family aren’t always on the Crab’s radar, but there are issues concerning them that will find further release where “I nurture.” The Career is sparkling with innovation at present, but remember there is equal balance you must achieve patiently where you refuel. You love a good déjà vu –ones you’ll receive now have an extra special instinctive message to share with you, is packed full of wisdom to aid in learning from the experience.

Leo: Time to dive further into arriving at conclusions where “I communicate.” That responsibility your thinking and mentality has been requesting of you, knows it’s best to be loyal to positive thoughts. Siblings and neighbors may help you learn from an experience. A fine time to partake in reflection to write, learn, or educate; continuing the patient redefining of the stable head necessary to rule your forest as your beliefs become more and more excited to be expressed.

Virgo: If you’ve been in a fuss or worried about the earning power- just let go of it now, for it is not the time to attract more anxiety. Find reward as you refine the area of what “I have,” and place those detailed oriented skills to how you politely serve others. Your value system has seen the beginnings of the redecorating process that is presently unfolding at a poised pace. Now is the time to reclaim your securities, and noticing the innovative ways they can widen their wealth.

Libra: Your Scales have more weigh to carefully take away from them. Toss out the worn-out approaches and let go of what doesn’t fit into your beautiful and friendly world is the mission at hand. With the new and even unusual relationships springing up, you are only the best for them as you continue on in total awareness of the stable process that is changing the way the world sees you, as your perceptions wisely improve for the better in the entire sense of your “I am.”

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy desires to take you to regal Eagle. You feel strongly about gravitating to inner work, and it’s time to go even further within, where “I process.” Your dream state is a marvelous source of self-knowledge that is able to bring forth balance where you serve and your health. Enjoy the mysteries here to solve, for the passion they stir not only fulfills, these equally will fascinate your soul.

Sagittarius: You’ve been learning a lot from experience within your friendships and organizations. Further reflection upon the recent roles you play in your groups right now allows your wishes the room to blossom slowly and surely where “I socialize.” Responsibility calls to you to review what requires release here, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task Dear Archer. Remember all the original energies aiming in compliment from your creative labors!

Capricorn: As usual, over-working really doesn’t serve you Old Goat. Career matters are on the surface right now, and while the pace here has been rather patient, you become further engaged as a time for intense reflection unfolds where “I structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes. The time is now for reassessments with those ultimate long-term goals which also in pull from the re-inventive motions going on at home right now.

Aquarius: Responsibility has been stirring within your philosophical outlooks, some of which even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. Your urges to travel may not be going exactly as planned -but be patient- these will align as a little extra work involved. Even if you cannot take physical flight, take a spirited mental journey that reassesses your higher education and how “I believe.” Your original thoughts are soaring, so don’t let them fly away.

Pisces: Careful planning has been wise for you to be schooling in the area of investments, taxes, shared/joint resources. Review what may not be stable choices. A dynamic force stirs within your earning power: take advantage of it. Been a lack of intimacy swimming around you? This leisurely ripple from the roots of your soul as you continue on diving into this ultimate passage of reflecting upon how “I transform,” lets you equally be grateful for what you already have.