LunarOScopes, 14 Dec Sagittarius Solar Eclipse & New Moon, Let’s Really Begin

“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

Awakening to Motivating Protection Over The Truth

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Sagittarius

11:17amEST, 14 December, Let’s REALLY Begin & Initiate

Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie from 23 degrees Sagittarius, and waxes through Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini until the next Full Moon at 08 degrees Cancer arrives 29 December 2020. This last New Moon of Autumn, 12th of our decade, and final for 2020 falls within the sign that consciously aims for wisdom, with this years’ lunation calling for it with the absolute continuing responsibility to now honor motivating changes favoring protection as more of the year’s awakening doors to the unexpected truth of what we have believed, are all the more intensely revealed. 

As Mars Retrograde in Aries (09 September to 13 November), continues working through it’s Shadow phase until 02 January, we are still in the strength of this correction period from a more than riveting cycle of reflection that distinctly called for humanity to take a very long and good look in the mirror. As 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected experience is now the final 17 days of the year, the iceberg that was tipping completely falls over, as this year promised humanity was never, ever going back to life as it once knew it to be, ever again. A new day has dawned for mankind, to take it’s power of individuality and freedom back.

Our New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius is the final awakening moment of the entire year that completes the emotional activation of 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected human experience. The third now of a continuing series that will last until spring 2021, all New Moons will align at this same 23 degree point that began upon 16 October’s 23 degrees Libra New Moon, that continue to carry us through all initiating energies and waxing phases until 13 March’s 23 degrees Pisces New Moon in 2021. No matter what we may think is being spread in fear, the permanent changes unfolding within this 6 month space of 23 degrees aligning New Moons, are ones that are extremely protected, if one knows precisely what to do with the energy itself, and remains partial and indifferent to surrender to the truth. 

23’s vibration and frequency is a more than positive as a karmic reward number that the ancients deeply understood it to be. In its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery of ‘The Royal Star of the Lion’ we are hereby completely blessed whenever this number is present. As it clearly states: “23 bestows, not only a promise of success in personal and career endeavors, it guarantees help from superiors and protection from those in high places. It’s a most fortunate number, and greatly blesses with abundant grace the person or entity represented by it. other numbers don’t have much of a chance to bring about serious trouble when the Royal Star of the Lion is present during difficult times. No number can challenge the Lion’s strength and win.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Whilst the world becomes more and more stirred in the collective energy of uncertainty by the passing day, what is powerfully changing is all part of the energetic promise 2020 has not failed to deliver in the dynamic pulses of an EARTH HEART Shift, unpredictable and extremely erratic energy, transformation, and xenophile. What unfortunately befalls those not willing to detach, remain adaptable and willing to surrender to change: is more incomprehensible and avoidable suffering. 2020 did not deny we must completely pull up our boot straps and simplify to moderation, become determined, and make sure our personal resilience is absolutely in check.

This month’s protective 23 degrees Sagittarius New Moon is paired up with a potent Solar Eclipse, whose affects will pull in initiating energies within The Archer, far beyond the normal month’s waxing phase until late Spring 2021. The collective focus is strongly asked in our now: to be motivated to awaken to the truth of all worldly matters, and accept that there is a protective energy it is seeking to relate. 

For those willing to lay down former beliefs systems, it wishes for us as well to own our soul certainty of answering yes to the following questions as we all experience the first half of our upcoming New Year of Changing the Global Truth overall. 

Will the road be turbulent in this healing of humanity’s continuing process? Yes.

Will resistance be witnessed and observed in regards to the truth? Yes.

Will being reachable and teachable serve our highest good to see it clearly? Yes.

Will honoring our self-care and self knowledge allow us to be resilient? Yes.

Will trusting that remaining neutral and sovereign then allows us to ascend? Yes.

Awakening to Motivating Protection Over The Truth

Soul Homework for 14 December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse & New Moon 

This waxing phase through 29 December 2020 and extending until late Spring 2021 asks us to absolutely pause to once again take in a genuine SILENT LISTEN to be accountable to tune in to our personal transformation wherever The Archer consciously aims for wisdom within our lives. Taking time to write down our intentions especially in the tense of “I BELIEVE” allows us to properly ground our energy and proclaim it accordingly. 

With this Solar Eclipse and New Moon starting the Moon Void of Course in Sagittarius, which will last until 10:35pmEST 14 December, we are wisest to spend our time in mindfulness, intention setting, and meditation. Signing agreements, and taking distinct action for initiation is advised to avoid until the Void lifts.

Many new moon rituals -and especially so for a Solar Eclipse- favor taking a red pen to write things down, roll up the paper, tie it up with a red string, and place it in a metal box. You can place appropriate gemstones that will assist your intentions in the box. Working with turquoise resonates and opens the doors for our intuitive and feeling abilities to serve our need for continued observation to be embraced, for this waxing phase in 2020’s calling to simplify, and further modify across the board- is going to grant us extended soul homework until late Spring 2021. Equally working with rustic autumn tones in the array of browns, yellows, and oranges; sky blue and turquoises hues as well as purple are other vital colors that allows Sagittarius’s optimism to grace us with our personal abilities to ground and center our energies. 

New Moons are our favored time each month to call in fresh energy into our lives, and gather up as we “wax on” to properly initiate and place our intentions in the appropriate place in our lives where they distinctly belong. And this is truly the second opportunity since August, that we have the green light to place our foot back on the gas with confidence once again within our personal lives. This month, the gift of a Solar Eclipse will accelerate and level up our promised new beginnings in truth to shine on in rightful protection for an additional extended period of time.

Autumn’s 3rd & last; 2020’s 12th & final New Moon, Solar Eclipsing within The Archer. How will you honor Awakening to Motivating Protection Over The Truth in your experience?

ARIES: It is time to really embrace the new concerning what I Believe, relating to your willingness to be educated, abilities to grow, stand in your truth and express your philosophies. There is a drive you have not experienced in quite some time that puts a true spark under you to not only have some genuine “aha ha moments” for you to absorb in remaining reachable and teachable. You are awakening to the depths of the new you that has been incubating and is ready to be seen by the world. 

TAURUS: It is time to really embrace the new concerning where I Transform, relating to your wealth, sexuality, experiencing rebirth, regeneration and surrendering to change. This lunation is one of the more altering ones you will find the ultimate need to honor never looking back again for in 2020. Your abilities to work through what is in connective regenerative energies concerning your abilities to process the pains of your past are absolutely energized and alive with plenty of messages for you to receive when you retreat to solitude to hear them. 

GEMINI: It is time to really embrace the new concerning where I Relate, connecting to your partnerships, legal agreements, business and personal relationships. Much will ask you to genuinely seek to understand before being understood as you are willing to see both side of any issues needing your ultimate discernment. Connect the dots to the directions that your future and its’ goals have recently pondered, and take action with trusted friends, peers, groups and your aspirations that unite in stronger social ties. 

CANCER: It is time to really embrace the new concerning where I Serve, relating to your habits, routines, service to self and others, and your physical health. Whatever your former ways of living have been, trust that these will never go back again to what they once were, as you are in an extremely intense cycle that now allows your career to take the lead and grant you the rightful recognition that you have been patiently waiting for. As long as you are honoring the truth, protection surrounds your professional rewards.

LEO: It is time to really embrace the new concerning what I Create, relating to your brain children, manifestations, physical children, love affairs and pleasures. Not only to your children themselves, but your heart space is deeply connected to the energetic pulse of potent changes that you must loyal to now as you work with an entirely shifted belief system that only seeks for you to thrive in it as long as you remain reachable and teachable ever single step of the way. You are awakening a fire within your heart that wishes to burn brightly.

VIRGO: It is time to really embrace the new concerning how I Nurture, relating to your home, family, closest environments, psyche and paternal energies. Your former life at home no longer exists as it once has, so detach from the past in any kind of way in order to now serve it for the better. As you surrender to this rebirth process for the entire scope and wealth of your life that may overwhelm, your nourishing task is to not question nor doubt why is it happening, but ask what it is allowing you to learn as your teacher?

LIBRA: It is time to only really embrace the new concerning how I Communicate, relating to your thinking, mentality, mindset, short trips, siblings and neighbors. This will not be a time to waver about the many changes that are in potent play for your relationships and legal agreements you are contending with. As you trust what you are learning about owning a different frame of mind than what you have been used to, using it to be more truthful with your partnerships overall, is where that balance you always seek, absolutely aligns.

SCORPIO: It is time to really embrace the new concerning what I Have, relating to your income, values, possessions and overall sense of security. What you are now meant to sort out concerning  how your lifestyle is distinctly teaching you an awakening new way of serving your habits and routines, you are given the keys to unlock the greatest sense of new security you have ever had. In this powerful time to remember to give gratitude for the simpler things, these are the best gifts you own in certainty when they are aligned in the truth.

SAGITTARIUS: It is time to really embrace the new concerning who I Am, relating to your appearance, emerging self, and the mask you wear to the world. As so much is channeling within your creative abilities these days, being more truthful of how you manifest and navigate with your children or brain children, a new you stands who owns their personal resilience. Trust you are changing the face of who you are to the world, how you genuinely approach it, and be certain this must involve your creativity and children.

CAPRICORN: It is time to really embrace the new concerning where I Process, relating to your solitude, retreat, inner work, your subconscious and dream state. This is a tremendous calling now to connect this soul work to what has recently changed about your nurturing and nourishing abilities right at home. As you realize from the deepest space of taking a SILENT LISTEN, you clearly see the means of simplifying your means of working from within, is care that your family is the benefactor of in the most truthful of ways.

AQUARIUS: It is time to really embrace the new concerning where I Socialize, relating to your future goals, aspirations, friends, groups, peers and ultimate hopes and wishes. As you have altered your entire mindset and communication skillset across the board, now you distinctly find there is another level of learning for you to rise up in to the truth that distinctly connects to changes concerning your friendships, peers, groups and social scenes. What awakens shifts the entire direction of the faith your future holds to aspire and wish within.

PISCES: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Structure, relating to your career, public and professional life and views upon authority. Equally as recent reflection was cast for your entire earning power and value system to discern, now you fully redefine your vocational life and how you are meant to be recognized within it. There is nothing that really can stop you now from receiving your rewards unless you are not doing what you genuinely need to feel secure in your truth, and deny what it is you are actually worth.

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Let’s Spell Out the Truth from SOLAR ECLIPSE via Lexigrams!
It’s All in the Name

LunarOScope, 22 November, Let’s Begin


New Moon in Sagittarius, 22 November, 7:32am EST
Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?

What You Are Feeling? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises if you are not feeling good, you won’t think all too well either to be able to manifest the life you wish to see through belief. As we look to our Lunar Lady -who is astrologically in charge from up above of the possibilities our human emotions and feelings will channel down here below- she provides us with the perfect advice. Our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, and so too do our changing feelings match these precise patterns. Lunar energy peaks through what begins or releases every New and Full Moon, and as we focus upon where these cycles unfold in our individual lives, a natural rhythm is ours to align in.

New Moons & Waxing Phases Time To Plant and Begin
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you can expect something to initiate from this area of your life, by placing proper intention and focus upon it. Remember with all New Moons as they start another Waxing Phase, this two-week time frame until our next Full Moon 06 December favors actions involving anything new. As we arrive at a Full Moon in Sagittarius within 6 months, what starts now will have grown, developed and manifested accordingly in direct result to our call to actions and efforts behind it.

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
Always consult a professional astrologer to determine the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart, determined from your time and place of birth. Knowing the specific area of life where 00 degrees Sagittarius is placed in your personal zodiac pie, precisely points to a deeper view of where further reflection and conclusions are calling to you. Do you have any natal planets placed near 0 degree points, that are activated by this lunation? Your natal charts’ advice provides the intimate perspective, which works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScope read.

Waxing Moons and Moon Void of Courses
Remember the only times during the next two weeks under this Waxing Phase that you will not wish to plan, plant or initiate anything of importance is when the Moon is Void of Course. Check in with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times.

ARIES: It’s time for the new where I Believe.
Philosophies take you on a long trip stirring you to travel, or simply expand your mind by allowing your pioneering spirit to head towards higher education. Heal old wounds from your subconscious with this lunation when you dive deep into solitude and listen silently. Your night time dreams may have plenty to contribute and reveal about what new things you can believe in.

TAURUS: It’s time for the new where I Transform.
Time to improve securities and finances, take a look at your wealth, and how other people’s money may be able to help you. Regenerative energy is at your fingertips. Matters of intimacy may ask for your focus. Resolutions speak of structure from your core to where you socialize- friends and groups can lend support. Remember to listen carefully to your hopes and wishes.

GEMINI: It’s time for the new where I Relate.
Relationships across the board are alive and well with excitement. Business partners may cause a bit of tension, but ultimately offer a new way to handle authority within your career and public life. Seek solid agreements in the next two weeks, but once again examine closely the affects of how these honestly structure your professional world. Listen closely when in the public eye.

CANCER: It’s time for the new where I Serve.
Embark on new routines, personal habits, and improvements to your health, letting light shine as you ignite new means of being of service to others. While you may find a bit of resistance releasing an old belief to move forward, if you recognize the intuitive ways your learning has allowed your recent growth, it’s a new philosophy you can believe and rely for serving the future.

LEO: It’s time for the new where I Create.
You have nothing stopping you from imagining whatever it is you desire to bring to life upon your stage, but make sure your intentions are crystal clear. Your true creative spirit can make you wealthier, so see what the possibilities are here for planting the seeds of solidarity. There is a spiritual blessing opening from your core, and it will want to take a bow and present itself to you.

VIRGO: It’s time for the new where I Nurture.
New energy flows within your home and family, where domesticated life feels reborn in all that can be inspired through learning and optimism. Déjà vu says listen closely and not to doubt the instinct you hear- as its’ message tells you more about looking to your partnerships to structure a new responsibility. Somehow, the right relationships ask to stay close and cozy up at home.

LIBRA: It’s time for the new where I Communicate.
New ways of thinking and opportunities that initiate an active mindset are ready to flourish. Neighbors or siblings may ask for your help. As you equally tap into old habits that no longer serve you, your mind becomes an even more powerful tool to bring in the accountability you need to finally let them go. If you are feeling like you are physically healing, you’re right on track.

SCORPIO: It’s time for the new with what I Have.
Energy now flows to boost your value system, resulting further in a possible adjustment of your earning power. Look at your possessions and acquire something new that feels absolutely worth it. As you recognize the significance of a creative adventure, solidarity aligns to help you rely on it for future income.  All in all, there is a spirit around you that is looking forward with gratitude.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time for the new with who I Am.
Emerging light shines on your immediate perceptions to life and new ways the world will look at you. What fresh approaches to life feel good and truly engage your sense knowing your truth? These beginnings will speak with solidarity to your home and family life, showing you as well maybe even with flashes of déjà vu, what ways are equally meant to nurture for the future.

CAPRICORN: It’s time for the new with how I Process.
Your psyche and the unknown await your toil as subconscious urges shift your focus from perfection to the hidden parts of yourself. Best you refrain from overtime, and simply be silent and listen. Equally pay attention to any nighttime dreams. Then be sure to write it all down, for you’ll heal old patterns of thinking, allowing you to communicate your mindset all the better.

AQUARIUS: It’s time for the new where I Socialize.
Blessed and buoyant energy surrounds your friendships and organizations, where I Socialize. Set new goals in your groups, as well within your hopes, dreams and wishes. Accept the spontaneous invitation to socialize- it’s a fantastic door to an aspiring adventure of future importance.  See what kind of strength can be added to what you value and possibly reveal a new way to earn.

PISCES: It’s time for the new where I Structure.
Career matters and views upon authority ignites a moving forward process with your purpose, mission, and reputation. New responsibilities come into your public life to consider. You feel totally charged as you connect this to forming the structure to change your entire approach to life. The answers arrive you have been waiting upon, now allowing your life to appear differently.

Other Need To Knows About What The New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Sagittarius How Our Feelings Become Enthusiastic
22 November, 7:19am EST to 24 November, 11:31am EST
Engage: exploration, education, philosophy, inquiry, honesty, independence, joy
Avoid: restlessness, outspokenness, argumentativeness, superficiality, tactlessness

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
22 November, 7:32am EST, 0 degrees Sagittarius
Consciously Aim For: Wisdom
Waxing Phase: 0 degrees Sagittarius to 14 degrees Gemini
Energy initiates and gathers within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 06 December.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
10:16pm EST 23 November to 11:31am EST 24 November
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. As we welcome our final and third waxing moon of autumn, as our New Sagittarius Moon trines Jupiter at 22 degrees Leo, we will be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Capricorn 24 November.

0 The Adjustor Surrender the Past, Bring in Rebirth
This Waxing Moon genuinely requests -as our New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio did in October- we all embrace rebirth from Sagittarius. The Chaldeans did not attach karmic mysteries to unravel with our singular digits. However, strong karmic associations accompany this New Moon as the Pluto ruled 0 relates our understanding of infinity, wealth and transformation. We are wise to reference from the past what can positively assist us in our now. In the case of this lunation from 0 degrees Sagittarius, our focused feelings within this spontaneous sign can create the new origin for what can potentially progress and grow within The Archer over the months ahead.

Be Ready to Allow Spiritual Structure to Strengthen You
The stirs of the new within our regenerative emotions from Sagittarius, speak with an urgency to create structure with the spiritual channel from Neptune at 04 degrees Pisces.  Our Pisces area of life presently holds the power to understand and be responsive to humanity as well as where our desires to expand consciousness is inflated. This particular lunation asks that we not resist the strength from we can learn when we intuitively listen to what we feel from where Sagittarius and Pisces affect our lives, rather than be deceived or blocked by the courses of action unfolding.

Wishing you aligned emotions & freedom with your feelings, Dear Stars. Namaste.

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