Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Aquarius, 01 Aug

FULL Moon in Aquarius

01 August, 

11:27pm EDT

Noble Conclusions

Whilst our Sun still takes to the center stage in Leo alongside Retrograding Mercury, our Lunar Lady now engages in the opposing focus of finding nobility in humanity’s feelings. This month’s peak of her luminous light brings reflection to the sign that loves to improve upon all it can, while Mercury Retrograde continues to request further pondering where the Lion shines in your life as well. This first of 2 Full Moons in one calendar month now encourages upon the inventive and innovative energies within our Aquarius piece of the Zodiac Pie for the next two weeks.

Moon enters Aquarius
5:56am EDT 01 August to 9:58am EDT 03 August
Detached feelings may swirl around in the air, but don’t take too much offense. When progressive forces are around, there logically needs to be some time off from intimacy. The capacity to engage in those ingenious thoughts is high. Instincts are typically quite well-developed under an Aquarian Moon. So if some unconventional and independent personalities display themselves to you over this lunar passage that will ask you for release, you’ll know why. They should, however, be friendly to you!

Full Moon, 01 August 11:27pmEDT, 10 degrees Aquarius
As our Lunar Lady peaks within The Water Bearer, it is the perfect time within our summer’s sizzle to truly take further pause within our vacation modes and think about what is worn out within the ways we bring our originality to the world. When our Full Moon shows itself in the inventive energies of Aquarius -the sign that brings new life to everything- it is a great time to bask in our prophecies. As we revisit ideas we have recently been implementing, we are wise to find the time to sit in stillness so we can then ideally listen to our inner voice, rather than get caught up in the “lunacy” that stereotypes a typical Full Moon.

For the Collective
We have an interesting dynamic of planetary power as we see our Full Moon in Aquarius 2012. Not only is the norm of the Sun in opposition to our Lunar Light show, we find Jupiter makes a wonderful sextile to our Sun and trine to our Moon exactly at 10 degrees Gemini, allowing an ease to come in what feelings will be around to ponder and reflect upon. In as much as a true time of ultimately diving into review is being asked as Mercury Retrogrades through 08 August, as this waning phase begins, there is a pleasant assistance that Jupiter will provide. Old worn-out patterns of emotional beliefs have a complete flow to break away with, which makes this a time when philosophical feelings come into play and will aide in what needs to be let go of.

The 10 degree point of this Full Moon offers us further insight into how the Chaldeans viewed it to be ‘The Wheel of Fortune,’ which denotes cycles concluding to make room for new beginnings. This transformational energy packs a powerful punch: “Every event is self-determined. 10 is the symbol of LOve and LIght, which create all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Image 10  Ordain. Image it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize. The power for manifesting creative concepts into reality is inherent, but must be used with wisdom, since the power for absolute creation contains the polarity power for absolute destruction. Self-discipline and infinite compassion must accompany the gift of the former to avoid the tragedy of the latter. Discipline must proceed Dominion.”

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. 

Be sure to check the Aquarian House, in particular where the 10-degree Aquarius spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth improvement within the next two weeks to follow. Properly cleansing in these areas until the next New Moon upon 17 August will make the necessary space for future new beginnings to brilliantly initiate later on.

Aries: Friendships take your attention where “I Socialize,” of who is staying and who should go! You’re pondering over the changes that wish to occur within your organizations, as well as old dreams and hopes. Allow the brilliance of the ideas coming into your thoughts assist here. Keep up all that great creative work you are revisiting and redoing. Be sure to accept that unexpected invitation to get out in the world for it is sure to show you a reconnection you’ll enjoy.

Taurus: Re-workings are bound to emerge in the career where “I Structure,” so if you’ve been patiently waiting for a change, you’ll be sending your branches higher and your roots deeper in your public life. There is a conclusion that deals with a current project, or, expect to make a turn onto a different route of responsibility relating to authority. Keep giving that gratitude for what you have. Remember, all of those changes going on in the home are happening for a real reason.

Gemini: Not that your mind doesn’t have enough to think about, a reflective state surrounds your philosophies where “I Believe.” Release now stirs within to embark on a spiritual journey within your idealisms, higher education and how you choose to travel, be that physically or in your mind’s eye. A long voyage calls for you to make plans or remember one. Your new approaches continue to be exciting, as you carry on your mental refresh and reassessments.

Cancer: If you’ve been worried about your securities, finances, and investments, now is an ideal time to take stock of your entire core sense of where “I Transform.” Just make the real moves after Mercury is done reflecting please! Your earning power still ponders in review. As a regeneration fully illuminates you at present, know time spend alone will allow the rebirth to restart you like never before, and makes room for total spark in how you sexuality perceive it all.

Leo: Mercury’s already got you in his redoing spotlight Lion, and now, you’re equally receiving a pleasant gift from the Moon for further release where “I Relate.” Those intimate partnerships -from the romantic ties to business contacts- ask what purpose do they all hold in your life. Your heart may be heavy if you choose to make ultimatums, so it is best to remain quiet upon your stage and see how your friends, hopes, dreams and wishes are able to offer a helping hand here.

Virgo: You are thrilled with this opportunity to bring improvements to your health and the ways “I Serve” in life Dear Virgins, which is the perfect compliment to what’s reworking within your inner world under Mercury’s reflection. If you’ve been looking to let go of a bad habit, you’ll have no fuss in releasing it now. Pets seek your attention. With all the action coming from your career and public life, letting go of the worn-out service routines make the space for more magic ahead.

Libra: All the world’s a stage Libra, but it’s you who shines upon it now where “I Create!” Greet the excitement and confidence behind your inspirations, as fruition arrives. You are extra playful, especially loving any contacts with children. Watch emotional intensities with your own if you have them. Even if friends are acting strange, it’s Mercury’s clean-up time here, while you are dared to believe in fresh philosophies like you never have before and learn something new.

Scorpio: Feeling that it’s time to clean up the house Scorpio where “I Nurture?” Rearrangements within your home environment desire to transform you now, as rejuvenation equally stirs your family ties. Be on the look out for those déjà vu experiences, their messages are important. While the career is definitely a little zany, just let Mercury do his revisions. Once this waning phase completes, you can go back to seeing how much core regeneration and change is blessing you.

Sagittarius:  Aiming those thoughts to send off your arrow to innovate where “I Communicate” Archer, is the right target. Further higher education and idealism revisions carry on. Try out a long lost communication for a friendly reconnect- it’s the perfect time to be back in touch. Your siblings or neighbors call upon you, or an unexpected short trip. Somehow, these bring into play something relating to the allure of the new partnerships that are magnetically flowing to you.

Capricorn: You are the one who innately knows about worth old Goat, and you are in the mood now to take stock of what “I Have” and what is truly of value. Take this time to reflect upon your sense of security, and try something original to improve it. There are also possessions you may part with. Be grateful for what is newly streaming from where you are of service to the world. Don’t forget review is still on within your wealth and core regeneration and change experiences.

Aquarius: Cast off an old approach Water Bearer, as that old mask you’ve been wearing is out of date. Your original and innovative energies anxiously await to reinvent a few things involving how the world sees how “I Am.” Engage in self-focus and attention to your image, even if you feel you don’t want to get too intimate with the reflection going on in your partnerships. By keeping the pace up where you create like you never have before, you’ll find how you can shine.

Pisces: Dear Fishes, the inner places where “I Process” call for exploration. A break-through awaits as the spiritual and subconscious realms whisper for you to swim in the deep cleansing light of your psychic soul. It’s doubtful you’ll want any company on this solitary trip. While the family life should be feeling good, you may ask everyone to leave the house for a bit. Meanwhile, all that happens here compliments the currents of renewed habits and routines where you serve.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, New Moon in Cancer, 19 July


NEW Moon in Cancer
19 July
12:24am EDT

Emotional Sensation

We’ve let it all go from the last Full Moon in Capricorn upon the 03 July to now move forward in our emotions that wish to sensationally leap within the delicate energies of The Crab. While any given New Moon typically brings a fresh start to our feelings, bear in mind we are within the second request from our Messenger Mercury, who is not looking where he is going right now while retrograding in Leo. Be cautious of signing important legal documents with any new beginning under this Waxing Phase. However, this lunation will still request the initiation and seed planting where Cancer domesticates and sympathizes within your Zodiac Pie.

Moon enters Cancer, 16 July 8:31pm EDT to 19 July 6:13am EDT  
The virtues of imagination, parenthood, and sensitivity are natural gifts of a Moon in Cancer. Instincts are well developed and active- as strong influences from our environments shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a nurturing quality -urged to take care of whatever home and family needs are about- as time in the kitchen is equally favored. Romantic idealizations, reliving experiences and cherishing moments can all cozy up together as our Lunar Lady feels absolutely protected when visiting with the familiarity of The Crab.

New Moon, 19 July, 12:24am EDT, 26 degrees Cancer
As souls we can take this opportunity to bring forth what needs to now initiate in our lives- with emotion and spirit marking our moves. Take the next 2 weeks to plant those seeds that will, with proper intention, reap a fantastic harvest in the life further down the road. Visualize a gathering force as the Moon will travel from 26 degrees Cancer to where 10 degrees Aquarius’s energy falls within the birth chart. Even as Mercury is offering up review in Leo, this half of your Zodiac Pie is ready for a fresh emotional feel to come into play throughout 01 August.

For the Collective
While the new ideally wants to pour out from the Cancer area of our lives, we are also seeing an interesting request for structure from Saturn who, is currently finishing up his journey at 23 degrees Libra which presents a “squaring off” energy of our lives. As Saturn has brought forth his karmic changes in his slow moving process here since the fall of 2010, the dynamic of this close square between our New Moon/Sun and Saturn grants an important request. Rather than choosing to feel cornered as a square can create, these initiating energies here are able to work to bring a new foundation to all our Karmic Adjustor has asked for you to be ultimately responsible to in the last two years.

One more point of Saturn’s influence to note is the 26 degree point upon which this months’ New Moon falls, which is also guided by this planet through its’ singular 8 energy. The 26 represents the Chaldean’s understanding via numerology of Partnerships which powerfully requests to adhere to compassion and unselfishness when dealing with any one-on-one relationship. As this New Moon begins in the sign of emotion and pure sensation, the 26 also requires the presence of patience in dealing with them, and the others we are learning through our experiences from. We can find the wisdom that wishes to be shown to us here when we take a little pause in solitude under this lunation, opening up the channel of stability to unfold.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Aries: Time for the new within the home, where “I Nurture.” While it may be where “I Relate” is trying to cause a rub- there is a new understanding that you can gain from the relationships within your family life. Once you allow this energy to emerge, solidarity between these two areas magically unfolds. Devote your curiosities to the family life and nest egg in the next two weeks, and watch doors open wide. Those flashes of déjà vu experiences speak wisdom to you now.

Taurus: Bring on those new ideas and ways of how “I Communicate.” Your energies from where “I Serve” have been in a slow process of change, and this now offers the opportunity to improve upon healthy channels of routine for the mental state to flow from. Siblings and neighbors may request your attention. Get those feelers out there if you haven’t sought to publish what is churning from your mind, for it’s time to teach everyone now what you know about patience.

Gemini: This lunation will bring some new possessions into your sense of what “I Have.” Time to change up the values to ones you will cherish, allowing a fresh sense of security to find you. Your earning power sees some stimulation, which is urging to be formed from where “I Create.” Don’t fret nor worry in your logical mind about why it seemingly has taken so long- go with the gut here. Remember who won the race, it was the tortoise in gratitude not the unaware hare.

Cancer: The spotlight of the new shines on you this month Dear Crab! It’s time for those approaches and the mask you wear to the world to look very different, all of your sense of “I Am.” Place plenty of focus on you before you naturally go out to where “I Nurture.” Should any distractions surface from the home and family life, keep in mind that all of the adaptation you’ve been through here since 2010, now formulates a true foundation that you can cozy up to.

Leo: Examining the deepest layers within your subconscious as these reveal new mysteries to you now where “I Process.” The truest sense of your soul is ready to bloom. Dreams will have a plenty to say, so be sure to write them down. A lovely change is initiating within your inner world, which takes you off the stage for a pass. Yet, this is merely looking to see how very much the ways where “I Communicate” have grown into a real stability upon which you now can rely.

Virgo: New friends and groups are to be of service to where “I Socialize.” Accept that invitation you will receive, as this is meant to start a very beneficial initiation. Hopes, wishes and dreams flourish now -keep these in the best intentions- as the Universe is completely ready to aid you in manifesting your requests. The new here is ready to work with all the learning from experience in the past two years with the entire value of what “I Have” and how you now intelligently earn it.

Libra: The career and public life sees a new path where “I Structure.” If your Scales have seemed tipped too much in your soul’s sense of “I Am,” you will be feeling your balance back. It’s been some hard work since 2010, but the world now sees you take in greater understanding in your first impressions that you ever did before. As you have more care and concern about what you do- go now and promote your work, as you equally note a fresh attitude towards authority.

Scorpio: New philosophies and spiritual quests are now here where “I Believe.” You’re no stranger to surrendering to regeneration, so rest assured this exciting energy will serve you in mysterious ways if you let in the solitude request from where “I Process.” Educational pursuits are favored to find new ways to learn. Embark upon those foreign travel adventures as well. Even if you cannot get the stamp on your passport, where you can travel to telepathically is fun.

Sagittarius: Investments aim to a more open place, but watch Mercury’s request to not sign important documents. Word about other people’s money benefits and flows towards you easily, which looks to communicate to you from where “I Socialize” creating structure where “I Transform.” Gain scope of everything surrounding you as a regenerative force intensely unfolds. A friend may wish to get intimate, but listen to the sensible one who speaks from experience.

Capricorn: It’s a journey not a destination in how your partnerships exist in your life where “I Relate.” Whatever communications misunderstandings our Messenger may be throwing your way, there is a new sense now that asks to feel good about them. You are in such a wonderful place of regeneration in your life, and while you have had to be patient in your career where “I Structure” for what seems like forever, recognize how much knowledge you’ve still gained.

Aquarius: You surely love to bring new life to things, so freshen up your health, personal habits, and routines where “I Serve.” Adaptation is in order within your working environment so don’t remain in resistance. Been thinking about a new pet? Someone at the shelter may be waiting for you. A lot has felt restricted since 2010 where “I Believe” if you weren’t responsible to it, but now, it is time to let in a fixed feel that your more patience philosophies really do serve you best.

Pisces: Your intuition senses it: unleash that vivid imagination upon a project that will keep you swimming in ultimately expressing yourself where “I Create.” Initiations flow from your lovely sensitivity, and your children may also require your immediate focus. A love affair may get spicy. Taking your own or other people’s wealth to invest in what is streaming creatively, for this can enable a true bond to where “I Transform.” Just don’t sign the papers under Mercury’s review.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 03 July

03 July
FULL Moon 
in Capricorn

2:52pm EDT
Feeling GOOD 

About Letting GO

As we are about to take on a Full Moon in Capricorn, it is occurring at a time when so much planetary calling for change is already in full swing. Now, as our Lunar Lady takes up in her monthly wane until the next New Moon in Cancer, being adaptable and recognizing the healthy ways release can work from the wisdom of The Goat will be impertinent to remembering to feel good about the space we are ultimately making for something new to come into our lives.

Moon enters Capricorn, 6:51pm EDT 02 July to 8:26pm EDT 04 July
The virtues of reliability, ambition and prudence are natural gifts of a Moon in Capricorn. While instincts may be sluggish, the capacity to apply diligence is more favored to shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a practical and methodical quality -urged to focus on serious matters and be oriented towards the self- as time feeling one is “busy at work” brings forth comfort. Steadfast, sobering and fatherly energies tend to demand more from our sensitive, cherishing and motherly Lunar Lady- who ideally is fed what she naturally lacks whenever she journeys with The Goat.

FULL Moon, 03 July, 2:52pm EDT, 12 degrees Capricorn
As souls we can take this opportunity to dutifully recognize what needs to now complete and reflect within our lives- with patience and learning from experience marking our every move. Visualize this releasing force in play as the Moon will travel from 12 degrees Capricorn to where 26 degrees Cancer energy imagines within the birth chart. This half of your Zodiac Pie is now ready for a look-see and review through 19 July. Where the shoes no longer fit, they’ll be no need to keep on wearing them.

For the Collective
While we can now see the achievement of energy arrive to the 12-degree Capricorn area of our lives, this comes within 4 degrees of the current Uranus – Pluto square “dance” at 08 degrees Aries and Capricorn. This lunation is in a mighty close quarters to our transformational planet. As this near conjunction between Pluto and the Full Moon unfolds, deep emotional changes within this area of the life will undoubtedly unravel. Get ready to purge what is no longer necessary, for the time has come to be responsible to it. Keep in mind Uranus just may try to block things, but be sure to check into the recent blog post on the ‘Uranus – Pluto Square “Dance’ for more details on how to optimistically find the structure wishing to be formed from this more than intense aspect.

At the 12 degree, we have another numerological request to pay close attention to as the Chaldeans understanding of this cipher relates ‘The Sacrifice –The Victim.’ The collective is meant to take a pause, and take up with the ancient understanding about how to work optimally with this number. By seeing how we can be “the kneeling submissive student” within this area of our life and listen carefully to the educational process that wishes to unfold, we will undoubtedly tap into what is meant to be let go of. Should anyone choose the path of resistance here, the ever painful remaining in the definition of insanity will ring loud and clear when one keeps on doing the same action, expecting a different result. This Full Moon clearly states, “Wise UP!” within this area of our Zodiac Pie.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. As this lunation purely packs an extra punch… Happy, Happy Reflecting…

ARIES: As your original energy is inventing more than most in the Zodiac Dear Ram, now your pioneering pursuits lead to where “I Structure.” You certainly know the transformations that are in present pondering here. Conclusions within your career require your silent listen to let them go. The public life is meant to get the review session after all the recent hard work here. See what else can alter in how you view authority, and review your place as a leader in this life.

TAURUS: It’s time for the Bull to unlock it’s stance and find time to be a true student. Now is the time to go forth and release what is no longer practical where “I Believe.” Equally, the draw to higher education and renewed philosophies calls strongly, as well as any urge to broaden your perceptions. Travel is equally on your mind as you remember a recent trip or ponder where to go next. However higher education finds you, you will feel good about tending to the garden here.

GEMINI: This is an intense time that encourages your innate adaptability to be utilized as now they’ll be no stopping the responsible energies that are unfolding where “I Transform.” If there is a personal relationship that needs a physical spark, you’ll not resist the temptation now- unite and conquer! This lunation truly draws forth a release that brings deep messages from your core. Financial investments find this to be a perfect time to investigate how to best revise them.

CANCER: Time for some decisions to arrive to how “I Relate” within your life Dear Crab. Business and personal partnerships are your area to clean up and clear out. This is no time to hide in your shell, for the review you bask in has a romantic feel all around it. As you sensitively imagine how you are taking on new and balanced approaches to life, you notice how these ultimately reflect right back to you within the ways your relationships are transforming.

LEO: You thought about the whole new health kick back in January didn’t you? It may have taken this long to manifest what worn out habits and routines no longer provide benefit to the King of the Forest, as well as how “I Serve.”  Cast off any further procrastination and release the old and tired patterns in what you do for others; a complete rebirth is magically unfolding in this area of the life. Spend some time with the pets, which allows you to become a better student.

VIRGO: Dear Virgin: Stop fussing over those details with your current love affair and imaginative adventure. Please don’t worry, because you are now in those conclusive energies where “I Create.” Lingering issues or matters with children come to a resolution. When you think well here, such power is at your fingertips.  Love affairs move to a deeper level, or exit your stage. You feel your vigor when you entertain and take the time to learn with friends and groups.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon where “I Nurture.” The home finds your heart feeling complete, as you seek to bring your Scales into further balance by finishing a long-term task here. Transformation fills your family life, and more release is ready. Don’t ignore the déjà vu experiences, they speak about what you still have to learn. Letting go of what you do not truly need in your environment allows you to feel a peace that you haven’t known in quite some time.

SCORPIO: What mental pursuit have you been awaiting to end the investigation of? Now is the time where you will see much energy shifting where “I Communicate.” You are drawn to the mind and what thinking processes you have that no longer make much sense for the future. Be cautious of anything dealing with transportation, for there may be those annoying delays or total re-workings of your plans. Siblings and neighbors equally may wish to call upon you for help.

SAGITTARIUS: Right now you are wise to keep those arrows of yours on the target of how you are managing your money and all those possessions relating to what “I Have.” It’s time to part with something, which continues the regenerative process already in motion here. Ambition finds you becoming more aware of living in your means, and if you are anxious to release any debt, you’ll learn there is a way to complete the mission. True value speaks in powerful ways to you.

CAPRICORN: The Lunar Light show shines upon you Old Goat and all that “I Am!” Worn out approaches now wish to release, even if, you may not think they are too tired and must go. Realize what needs to come to a completion within your first impressions about life. An old mask to the world you have been wearing also looks to be pulled off. You know you cannot deny the powerful regenerative force that has been asking for the student to wisely appear in patience.

AQUARIUS: You feel like detaching yourself from everything to retreat to where “I Process.” Time spent here is best for you to weed-out the old life within your deepest inner world, as the subconscious realms speak loud and clear for change. Dreams are an intense self-help guide to help you release any fears or what you may be hiding from. Any solitary time benefits you to bring on the intensities that will wish for you to absorb the education process of them.

PISCES: Take a swim in the sea of friendships and organizations Dear Fishes where “I Socialize.” These waters now arrive to a place for you to tread in awhile. Let go of a worn-out hope or wish. Is there more responsibility being asked of you from a group you belong to? Take it on, or leave it if the waters are here too stagnate. Oh and definitely don’t swim away from that unexpected invitation to socialize, it continues the regenerative process here in a friendly way.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 2nd NEW Moon in Gemini, 19 June

19 June
2nd NEW Moon 
in Gemini 
11:02am EDT

Initiating IDEAS as AIDES, 

Take Two!

It’s a once in a “blue moon” opportunity as the Gemini piece of your Zodiac Pie gets one more chance to bring forth initiation. While Venus Retrograde still asks for value to be reviewed within The Twins, our collective emotions get stimulated again in the sign that is nothing short but currently on fire within your life.

Moon enters Gemini
Sunday, 17 June at 1:24am EDT to Tuesday, 19 June 1:34pm EDT
A Moon in Gemini brings forth adaptable and inquisitive feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Twins.  As the Zodiac Month of Gemini opens up our awareness to concentrate on ideas, be on the alert to really sharpen up within this area of the life. There is a fitful instinct to imagine within, which is eager to observe, self-express, and get talkative about what is on our minds.

New Moon, 19 June, 11:02am EDT, 28 degrees Gemini
We kick off this 2nd New Moon in The Twins of 2012 in the very last degrees of the sign, just one day away from our Sun entering Cancer and Summer beginning. The 28 asks for the collective to note to cross our t’s and dot our i’s under it’s innate understanding of The Trusting Lamb. The gathering that comes from this initiation offers a second opportunity to plant seeds in Gemini- but as Venus Retrograde here still persists through 27 June, a pause in their growth is part of the collective picture. Patience and calculated thoughts that don’t jump to conclusions before examining the details of what is felt here are required.

For the Collective
We find this New Moon lunation to make two weaker trine energies both to Saturn Retrograde at 22 degrees Libra and Neptune Retrograde at 03 degrees Pisces. As the 28 degree point of Gemini speaks to where 22 degrees Libra sits within your Zodiac Pie, you’ll find an opportunity for feelings to become deepened and serious between these two areas of the life as practicality and patience are required in the ideas that can flow. Looking to how our New Moon will talk with Neptune, see what kinds of imaginative and intuitive channels can come through. However, these will require the SILENT LISTEN as always to receive them properly, for emotions equally can stir to become inflated and moody if restlessness is not kept at bay.

As we begin this Waxing Phase, our Moon also becomes Void-Of-Course at 11:02am EDT. Whatever you may have been waiting to move forward with, hold off until after our Lunar Lady moves forward into Cancer at 1:34pm EDT. Moon Void-Of-Course passages are in essence like a “mini-Mercury Retrograde” in where the collective is advised to hold off on any kind of important signings, meetings and beginnings, for they tend to not move forward in a true positive fashion.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 2nd New Moon in Gemini 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. 

Aries: All is buoyant and getting ready for further growth where “I Communicate.” This second turn of initiating energies to further your mental capacity brings on even more clever ideas. Did you take that short trip yet? Siblings and neighbors once again catch your notice, as you are still in review of how much you value them. Patience is required as always with your relationships. This lunar pass may stir up some true night-time dreams you wish to write down and examine.

Taurus: Once again, your focus takes on deeper roots in the value-related areas of what “I Have.” Your earning dollars branch out and have more blossoming to do, but carefully make decisions for the long-term as the Venus Rx here asks for. Your solidarity and security persist, but it is still wise to put off those impulsive purchases until after the end of June. Scoop up a bargain already! How you serve others and where you socialize equally can find new ideas now.

Gemini: MINI GEM, you remain in the spotlight of the new, hand in hand where you still review the value of all that “I Am.” Those witty, liberal, and self-oriented feelings come again to accompany your improvisational approaches. With your mind still on high alert, the commitment to taking time for concentration beckons once more. See what new creative adventures you can be responsible to, as you also channel these imaginatively into your public life and career.

Cancer: The Crab dives deep again into those inner places within life, as spirit has more to show you where “I Process,” as the value of this continues to be shown to you. Those night-time dreams are electric in revealing truths for your waking world. The subconscious realms and inner work still intensely call. You may find a break-through within your family and environments, which equally allows a change in belief to emerge when you are still enough to receive it.

Leo: More friendships will find you in your royal court where “I Socialize.” Energies cast off once again within the current review of what matters most here, as attraction reigns with the King of the Forest. Have you joined that new cause or group that holds importance for your future? Accept another unexpected invitation to socialize. Expect more high hopes, big dreams, and wishing well. You can transform from the core when you are responsible to what you truly think.

Virgo: You aren’t still shy where “I Structure” are you Dear Virgin? This time is now to expect more harvest, stability, recognition and reward awaiting you in the career and public life. Promote or start more ideas for new business. Success is around the corner once Venus’s present review here ends 27 June. How you view authority takes on another new direction. Be open to new relationships that don’t deceive you as you have more power to reap from what you have.

Libra: Inspiration once more ignites a new path your philosophies soar to, where “I Believe.” Did you take that long trip to balance those Scales? If you haven’t planned one, it’s time to find a way to broaden your view of the world. Somehow, it still may come at an amazing bargain price. The urge remains strong to expand and re-examine your spiritual and educational pursuits. Be responsible to your sense of “I Am” lets in an imaginative new way you can serve others.

Scorpio: Your securities and investments still ask for your attention, but now is still not the opportune time to make long term decisions where “I Transform” until after 27 June. Other people’s money is about to flow easily to you. As an awakening is in process, your passion becomes ever-stronger. Sexy and intense excitement is regenerating for you, spicing up a love affair or your creative juices, which some time in solitude innately tells you what to do here.

Sagittarius: Your partnerships still hold the focus of review for what they are worth, from romantic ties to business contacts where “I Relate.” More new people you connect with now are of special importance to future endeavors. Stimulation still finds you within one-on-one conversations that captivate your intellect. Remember legal agreements move forward with ease after 27 June. Friends may offer you wisdom that assists you with sorting out a family matter.

Capricorn: In your practically perfect world Old Goat, you still have improvements coming to your health and the places where “I Serve.” New routines ambitiously wish to be implemented now. Let go of those worn out and tired old habits. More shifts are seen with those you work close to. Did you stop working and have some fun with the pets yet or go adopt someone new? It’s time to imagine the possibilities your mind can take on when you ponder in your career.

Aquarius: New life illuminates further where “I Create.” This inventive and stimulating energy asks again for you to revisit old unfinished projects, which become reinvented into something completely innovative. Those playful feelings still flourish, as do your contacts with children or “brain children” attach these to your attention. Your originality is soaring to the center stage. As you imagine more of what you can have, you are able to be responsible to a brand new belief.

Pisces: Did you get the chance to clean your house yet Dear Fishes? Where “I Nurture,” your home environment once more sees more of the new. The current realignment of value here and in your family life has psychic desires appreciating that you stay tuned to more déjà vu experiences still speaking strongly to you. Your sense of self should be able to be receptive to what messages come, which brings in a regenerative force you are meant to be responsible to.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, LUNAR Eclipse in Sagittarius

04 June

LUNAR Eclipse:
7:03am EDT
FULL Moon:
7:12am EDT

Completion of IDEAS as AIDES

We’ve gathered through the last New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini upon the 20 May to now take aim for release in the enthusiastic energies of The Archer. While any given Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions, watch out for some real serious stirring to emerge on the collective. Coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, the request for letting go and seeing defining conclusions to where Sagittarius seeks expansion and optimism in your Zodiac Pie is all the more profound.

Moon enters Sagittarius
Sunday, 03 June 8:32am EDT to Tuesday, 05 June 8:31am EDT  
The stimulation of exploration, education, philosophy, and inquiry are the natural gifts of a Moon in Sagittarius. Instincts are easily inspired- as warm and intuitive feelings accompany honorable, highly independent, and spontaneous energies. The collective is urged to embrace these favorable choices. As the Archer ideally appreciates the realms of higher learning, taking on the student role can bring fantastic rewards.

Lunar Eclipse, 04 June, 7:03am EDT 14 degrees Sagittarius     
Remember all that sprung up and started anew from 02 degree in The Archer late last November upon the Solar Eclipse? Now the affects of this lunation wish to offer completion, finalizations, and surrender where this 14 degrees Sagittarius point exists within one of the twelve houses composing the natal birth chart. You’ll find as well, with this 14 energy, that the changes and movement you’ll see unfold are quite permanent.  Eclipses always trigger a longer passing of energy that can cast its’ affect for up to a year. Far beyond the normal two-week time frame, more reflection and cleansing will find itself unfolding from this part of the life.

Full Moon, 04 June, 7:12am EDT, 14 degrees Sagittarius
Once our Lunar Lady at 14 degrees Sagittarius opposes our Sun at 14 degrees Gemini, this ultimately presents the platform for completion. Yet, it is far too often that these energies are met with the opposite force of resistance. Monday’s Lunar light show may bring up restless, superficial, diffusive, and argumentative behaviors to those unaware on the collective. Unrestricted desires and rebellious reactions have a strong potential to erupt. Whenever lunations occur within any of the mutable signs, proceeding with caution is the key while being on the lookout for intolerant and tactless attitudes that have the potential to fly around.

For the Collective
Looking to Mars -who is now in complete motivation and forward motion where The Virgin purifies and gets those details in order- we find that The Pioneer at 16 degrees Virgo will present a “squaring” off angle to our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Gemini. More mutable energy to consider that may not have a boundary to contain its’ intensity in, this definitely may be a lunation one should not reckon with. Expect emotions to be extremely energized. Choosing courageous and constructive responses to handle what can surface as a blocked or cornered in feeling. These choices will brilliantly shine in optimal results verses allowing selfish, rebellious, or aggressive reactions to unfold. Mars ultimately, at the 16 degree Virgo point, asks for another true SILENT LISTEN as we celebrate completion within our lives in Sagittarius, while we ultimately are still in review of genuine value in Gemini.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice if it is placed in the earlier degree points of the sign. The professional astrological analysis of the natal birth chart points to even more personal advice for how the present planetary landscape from above grants sound wisdom to listen to down here below.

Aries: A worn-out philosophy awaits your release Dear Ram, for it doesn’t fit into the belief system that is meant to be a part of your future where “I Believe.” Think about taking a long trip, or reflect upon ones past. However you find the way to travel, make sure you pursue something that puts your pioneering spirit heading towards higher education, this can serve you greatly as you equally are reassessing the workings of your mind, and discovering the real value of your pioneering spirit.

Taurus: Been thinking about how to revitalize your securities and financial situations Dear Bull? It’s review time here: other people’s money, investments, and resources, all where “I Transform.” Aiming your roots deeper into intimacy, let’s in complete illumination to be at your fingertips for regeneration and focus. Rebirth is indeed occurring from the core of your being. This unraveling is meant to bring structure to your creativity and love affairs as you equally realize the worth of what you already have.

Gemini: People in general, Mini Gem, make your heart sing, and you become even intensely drawn to how “I Relate.” If any of your partnerships need repair, this is a fabulous time to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. Legal agreements waiting to be resolved find conclusions. Seek to bring fairness to whatever decisions are to be made- it’s no time to remain split. You’ll find you truly can nurture your home environments when you unite within and be at one with the pure value of you. 

Cancer: Is there something that’s been intuitively telling you to improve your routine, personal habits, or health where “I Serve?” But of course your psychic powers are working wonderfully Crab. Changes can be seen that alter how you are of service to the world, offering renewal in your routine, health and habits. Shifts here really have your communications inspired to make positive change, as your state of solitude and inner world share the messages you are meant to truly find worth within.

Leo: Nothing stops you Royal Lions from gravitating to where “I Create.” It’s time to complete the latest creative adventure. Release what no longer inspires your stage. Children or “brain-children” may require your attention. Have a love affair you’d rather not be flirting with? This easily relinquishes itself, or goes on to a higher level, allowing motivation to appreciate what you have. Especially if you are already good friends, where you are equally figuring out who stays and who is meant to go.

Virgo: Don’t be shy about a conclusion that pertains to your home and family life, where “I Nurture.” Should drama find you, especially now don’t react to it- respond! When that déjà vu occurs, listen to that instinct you hear: don’t doubt it for a second, as its’ message is of karmic importance. Powerful changes are on the surface for you, and while you do love variety- these are forming the foundation to the career that is under review at present, and soon, your public life will be booming beyond belief.

Libra: What’s the worn out way of thinking that doesn’t make sense for you to keep relating to where “I Communicate?” The intellect desires release, as you refresh your mentality and ideas. Should you have siblings, they may call your attention now, as well as your neighbors. You have been driven to spent time alone- so if that seems odd to you, it is truly letting in the review of how the real value of all that you believe in your life is living up to the philosophies and learning experiences you prefer.

Scorpio: There is release to be had and necessary changes to be made within your values and understanding of what “I Have.” This will further result in a readjustment of your earning power. Take a deep look at your possessions, as these also request a transformation- now is the perfect time to let things go that you truly no longer need. As review equally is underway with your wealth and sexuality, this is urging a structure to be formed from where you socialize, hope, wish and dream.

Sagittarius: The lunar spotlight this month shines upon you Dear Archer, so slow down just a little bit to catch the reflective energies that are of great benefit to you now. There is an old approach you can let go of, allowing the world to view you in a renewed way- and this is fueled from the sparks flying in your career. As you retire old impressions and think about how your “I AM” is received by others, this lets in further understanding about how you truly relate to what you partner up with.

Capricorn: Strong emotions stir within the inner layers of your psyche and the unknown, where “I Process.” Your subconscious urges a shift of focus from perfection- to toil with the most hidden parts of yourself. When you work with your innate patience, you can really listen. This allows for a wonderful opportunity to find more motivation to adapt to new philosophies. All connects to let in further reassessment of how you serve the world, and where you are improving habits and routines.

Aquarius: Energy now releases in your friendships and organizations, where “I Socialize.” Aiming high in your groups right now allows all of your wishes in these areas to come true later on, as the drive to transform is strong from your core- so steer clear of resistance here. Accept that spontaneous invitation- it reveals an adventure that connects the past to the future. Creatively, you are processing some true revelations that should be stimulating a renewed spotlight to shine upon your stage.

Pisces: The Fishes swim closely to career matters right now, and reflection is necessary where “I Structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation ask for some soul-searching, so take up in stillness to hear your intuitive gifts. You’ll find, aligning with the action at present from your relationships holds the keys to knowing the direction these are ultimately going to continue in. The ongoing review in your family, home and environments equally wishes to aide in keeping the waters clear and calm.

Lexigrams and a LUNAR ECLIPSE
Lexigrams, the intuitive form of phrasing the anagrams that can be derived from a word, name or title to speak its’ truth- casts the last full light upon what we are best to do under one. This insightful star secrets lends us further guidance on how to best approach this Universal request for release.



Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Libra

06 April
3:19pm EDT

Relating With the Warrior

Our first Full Moon of Spring offers the opportunity for balancing out further relationship responsibility with The Scales as completion now occurs within the Libra piece of the Zodiac Pie. This Lunar fruition grants the path to let go of undiplomatic, intolerant, and insincere feelings throughout another Waning Phase until 21 April.

Moon enters Libra
Thursday 05 April at 11:32am EDT until Friday, 07 April at 11:18am EDT
This lunar request seeks to grant understanding to what we partner up with in our lives. A collective calling is here to look to engage peaceful, tolerant, charming, and friendly energies of response in our one-on-one matters. Refined feelings and the capacity for comparison and co-operation are strong. Be aware however of lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

Full Moon, 06 April, 3:19pm EDT, 17 degrees Libra
It’s that time of the month when our feelings and emotions have the tendency to become intense. When you have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Aries -you can expect one of two things: resistance or co-operation. A Full Moon in Libra brings forth a sensitive instinct and imagination -urging our courage and independence to emerge- equally asking that we take time to filter through our emotional take on relationships and harmony.

For the Collective
As Saturn presently retrogrades, our planet of karma and our Lunar Lady conjunct at 26 degrees Libra, 07 April close to 6am EDT. As this Full Libra Moon begins to wane, the collective’s feelings will be quite deepened, serious; ideally offering patience and practical energies. Anyone in denial of tuning into the experiences Saturn is asking us to be responsible to, may feel the necessary lessons in return.

Previous to our Lunar Light show, our Moon will grant equal pull against Saturn’s counter-mate Uranus, who journeys in Aries at 05 degrees. The Innovator planet opposes our Lunar Lady early evening close to 7pm EDT 05 April. As Aries wishes to plummet through with originality, the Moon on the other side of this may just resist against it if it weighs the pros and cons too much. Remembering whatever maybe communicated here now, will see complete forward motion return by the next new moon 21 April.

Lunar-O-Scope, FULL Moon in Libra, 06 April 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: You’ve been feeling that pure responsibility to those partnerships for quite sometime now, personal or business. As Saturn requests ultimate listening up here at present, this is an opportune time to take a good look around and continue to let go of what no longer works where “I relate.” This is a time to equally get out of your head and reflect upon the unexpected ideas coming to your first impressions and instincts- these days, they really do inspire to reinvent you.

Taurus: Take a stance Dear Bull and bring on intelligent improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health. Being you innately enjoy acts of patience, recognize what is being let go of is all part of the long-term process happening in where “I serve.” Look at the way you are being of service to others, something is necessary to re-examine here. Resist being stubborn to change, for your surrender allows a secure inner and unexpected peace to reflect back to you in return.

Gemini: The Twins have been in a diligent task of letting that cleverness out to play! Whether united or divided, that artistic or creative adventure has your full attention. You are far from being done with this task, so remain thrilled about learning from these experiences with what “I create.” Children may require your focus now. The love affairs are flirting upon the stage of your life are anxious to figure out whether they’ll become part of the set, or see curtains down.

Cancer: Not that home and family aren’t always on the Crab’s radar, but there are issues concerning them that will find further release where “I nurture.” The Career is sparkling with innovation at present, but remember there is equal balance you must achieve patiently where you refuel. You love a good déjà vu –ones you’ll receive now have an extra special instinctive message to share with you, is packed full of wisdom to aid in learning from the experience.

Leo: Time to dive further into arriving at conclusions where “I communicate.” That responsibility your thinking and mentality has been requesting of you, knows it’s best to be loyal to positive thoughts. Siblings and neighbors may help you learn from an experience. A fine time to partake in reflection to write, learn, or educate; continuing the patient redefining of the stable head necessary to rule your forest as your beliefs become more and more excited to be expressed.

Virgo: If you’ve been in a fuss or worried about the earning power- just let go of it now, for it is not the time to attract more anxiety. Find reward as you refine the area of what “I have,” and place those detailed oriented skills to how you politely serve others. Your value system has seen the beginnings of the redecorating process that is presently unfolding at a poised pace. Now is the time to reclaim your securities, and noticing the innovative ways they can widen their wealth.

Libra: Your Scales have more weigh to carefully take away from them. Toss out the worn-out approaches and let go of what doesn’t fit into your beautiful and friendly world is the mission at hand. With the new and even unusual relationships springing up, you are only the best for them as you continue on in total awareness of the stable process that is changing the way the world sees you, as your perceptions wisely improve for the better in the entire sense of your “I am.”

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy desires to take you to regal Eagle. You feel strongly about gravitating to inner work, and it’s time to go even further within, where “I process.” Your dream state is a marvelous source of self-knowledge that is able to bring forth balance where you serve and your health. Enjoy the mysteries here to solve, for the passion they stir not only fulfills, these equally will fascinate your soul.

Sagittarius: You’ve been learning a lot from experience within your friendships and organizations. Further reflection upon the recent roles you play in your groups right now allows your wishes the room to blossom slowly and surely where “I socialize.” Responsibility calls to you to review what requires release here, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task Dear Archer. Remember all the original energies aiming in compliment from your creative labors!

Capricorn: As usual, over-working really doesn’t serve you Old Goat. Career matters are on the surface right now, and while the pace here has been rather patient, you become further engaged as a time for intense reflection unfolds where “I structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes. The time is now for reassessments with those ultimate long-term goals which also in pull from the re-inventive motions going on at home right now.

Aquarius: Responsibility has been stirring within your philosophical outlooks, some of which even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. Your urges to travel may not be going exactly as planned -but be patient- these will align as a little extra work involved. Even if you cannot take physical flight, take a spirited mental journey that reassesses your higher education and how “I believe.” Your original thoughts are soaring, so don’t let them fly away.

Pisces: Careful planning has been wise for you to be schooling in the area of investments, taxes, shared/joint resources. Review what may not be stable choices. A dynamic force stirs within your earning power: take advantage of it. Been a lack of intimacy swimming around you? This leisurely ripple from the roots of your soul as you continue on diving into this ultimate passage of reflecting upon how “I transform,” lets you equally be grateful for what you already have. 


Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Virgo

08 March 
4:39AM EST

Peace in Release

We’ve gathered from Pisces to now find completion and release where The Virgin brings a natural and pure feel to your Zodiac Pie.  As this 6th Full Moon peaks at the 18th degree of the sign, we also conclude the Universe’s offering to tap into the understanding of Spiritual Material Conflict in our lives from Aries to Virgo. As we enter this lunation’s waning phase, some early spring-cleaning that lets in releasing the material to welcome the spiritual awaits to find us.
Moon enters Virgo,
Tuesday 06 March at 10:27pm EST until Thursday, 08 March at 11:50pm EST
Logically, Virgo is not always the easiest place for our planet of emotion to be visiting. With the tendency for analysis to increase, this may bring forth the end result of instinct and imagination to feel quite limited under this passage. One may always find, engaging in service to others and dealing with details are stellar ways to channel success. It seems practical to gravitate to cleaning-up, effectiveness and study as our Moon finds its’ energies engaged in more reserved feelings, and just may exhibit a little shyness.
Full Moon, 08 March, 4:39am EST, 18 degrees Virgo
The Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie points to where you will feel quite an intensity this Thursday, as well as the area of life to focus upon for release and reflection for the next two weeks until our next New Moon upon 03 April. The final lunation in a 6-month series since last fall in Aries at the 18th degree, we conclude as well a deep acceptance of letting go of the material satisfaction within our lives. As Virgo appreciates above all else purity and innocence, there is no time like the present to absorb and recognize all that the spiritual side of life has to offer us. Once more through logic, Virgo is telling us here, solidarity in our future completely depends upon this.
For the Collective
This Full Moon in Virgo requests that we look to matters concerning health, purity, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. Our present Sun in Pisces brings on the enthusiasm for the unknown, sympathy and understanding -now being complimented by the Moon- engages in balance with the Moon’s reasonable choices of health and serving others in Virgo. As our entire Solar Month evolves, making peace ones practice attracts the gentle energy necessary to allow the proper letting go to occur now.
Warrior Mars presently guards over The Virgin, and he isn’t quite looking where he is going right now. Retrograding at a mere 7 degrees away at 11 degrees Virgo, we’ll certainly see the potential for this lunation to be more intense than normal. We truly have a dynamic energy adding to what is meant to end here as review time in Virgo really picks up the pace. Mars has been motivating what should already be in the process of courageously exiting from this area of the life since 23 January. Ultimately, when Mars goes Direct 13 April, we find the finishing touches will fall into place from this Full Moon’s request for review. By 08 June, Mars will be over the 18th degree of Virgo moving forward, so take note of how these dates relate as time brings us through progress.
Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Virgo 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.
Aries: Motivation fuels you improve your personal habits and health Dear Rams. If you’ve been headstrong and chose not to focus on this important task, it’s imperative you listen up. There is a worn-out way you are being of service to others, so take this time to further upon letting go, as a new routine awaits in the wings about how “I serve.” You may find unrest with your co-workers at present, but let courage take the lead. Pets may require your attention, or a choice is to made about them in your life.
Taurus: The Bull is thrilled to see an artistic or creative adventure come to a conclusion. Children or brain-children captivate your attention now.  You’ve been feeling open to love affairs, yet it is best to take a stance and ponder where they fit upon your stage of life. Choose the courageous response with any apparent conflicts here as well. You will know how to move forward with how “I create” after Mars offering for reflection is over as you reach your birthday, so as always: yes, patience is required here.
Gemini: Emotions swirl as you arrive at conclusions that pertain to your home and family. Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu is the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive messages being channeled to you, as these have been strongly motivated to reach you for quite some time. For certain, your normal routine about how “I nurture” is about to change course, and the urge to truly clean up and clear out here wishes for The Twins to unite in full force and iron out all these details.
Cancer: An out-dated mental process Dear Crab must be released, and you already know what’s been the focus of your thoughts on this. You instinctively realize it’s best not to worry, so take this planetary gift and find better ways to think. As you continue to reflect on how “I communicate” and not be so nit-picky and discriminating, you may also find there is peace to be made with a neighbor or sibling that may have recently raised a conflict or two. Think pure and polite, and let your thoughts serve you.
Leo: Focus intensifies further upon your values, earning power, and what is it all worth to you. Now is the time to reclaim and review your “I have” securities. Take a hearty look at possessions, swallow up the pride, and let go of some things so new values will be granted the proper room to grow later. While you may have waited until now to take action, you’ve known this early spring-cleaning was definitely coming. Rest assured, by the time we reach late Spring, you are going to be thrilled space was made here now.
Virgo: Don’t shy away from this magical spotlight! You have already been trying on some new approaches and letting go of “I am” habits that don’t truly serve you. Your innate humility takes this more sensitive time for self without raising the ego bar too high. Your shouldn’t doubt the emotions you feel here now, but you can let the world see those first impressions of yours morph into more practical ones you are meant to share. Be courageous if conflict finds you, for causing a fuss won’t serve you now.
Libra: Those inner layers of your Scales look for more solitary time to even it all out. Your psyche has already been vibrant with internal messages in the midst of how “I process.” Matters of the subconscious are able to be further resolved. If you aren’t already recording your dreams, balance is brought to your waking world when you document and decode them. This release time really helps to clarify the loose ends that are concerning the hidden parts of yourself: so be sure to be friendly to them.
Scorpio: There is an on-going request motivating you take a look at routines within your friendships and organizations. What doesn’t serve you where “I socialize,” now is the perfect opportunity for letting go. Reflect upon the recent roles you’ve played in your groups, and your wishes here will be sure to blossom later on. Ponder deep within your hopes for the future, and wish well, the pure ones will find their light to shine later. Accept that unexpected invitation to go out to play- it’s part of the larger picture to flourish.
Sagittarius: Career matters are driving you to look to decisions that will be made on where it is all going. There is a lot of transition in your sense of “I structure” as reflection is currently unfolding. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all await significant changes, which you -above all signs- are always eager for. Make logical reassessments here now. You also have been toying with authority, and if you’ve been seeing some conflicts here, it’s best to be generous and make sure your optimism serves you best.
Capricorn: Your philosophical outlooks are in review and which ones serve you best for the long-term. There’s an important trip that’s either finishing now, talk of one you will take, or one past you reflect upon. There is an urge to expand somehow, and idealism is surely by your side to make sure you are optimistically climbing the mountain that leads you to higher education. It is a great time to study or re-examine something you’ve already learned, as your entire sense of “I believe” lets go of what is old.
Aquarius: Your wealth and financial revisions have been looking for new life to be brought to them. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? This passage reflects upon bringing in a true transformation here, for this is no time to remain fixed in resistance. Feel inventive in how you can find other people’s money to help you, or let them go help someone else. If you are looking to totally break on through to the other side, your entire core is up for peeling away the layers, as you truly tap into how “I transform.”
Pisces: Those closest to you, personal or business related, have already been captivating your attention. Now your feelings really join in for this lunation, as you’ll innately sense the request for release and conclusion here. As people come and go, and you’ll have to tap into your intuition, which, logically shows you the answers you seek here in how “I relate.” Your partners may waver in swimming in the school of courage, not ego, and be a little off course from being polite. Peacefully walk away from any argument.

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21 February

5:35pm EST

NEW Moon in Pisces

Practicing Peace

A new energy is birthing where The Fishes swim in your Zodiac Pie. As the collective’s emotional focus shifts to a sympathetic nature, we take up initiation in the gentle sign that brings us imagination and sentimentality. How will you embrace the powerful instinct that prefers peace to find you as another Waxing Phase begins?

Moon enters Pisces,
Tuesday, 21 February, 12:31pm EST until Thursday, 23 February at 9:48pm EST

Deep and ever-active feelings love to find us as our Lunar Lady takes a swim with The Fishes. It is a great time to ponder in mystery, but be sure not to venture too far in the unknown. Emotions in mutable water lean to a susceptible energy that can easy to gravitate to indecisive, weak-willed, and lazy tendencies. There is great power in cultivating clarity and concentrating on instinct during this passage. Be cautious however of deceptive, self-indulgent, and chaotic feelings.

New Moon, 21 February, 5:35pm EST, 02 degrees Pisces

When our New Moon shows itself in the dreamy energies of Pisces -the sign that consciously aims for understanding- there couldn’t be a more auspicious time to receive impressions that open up our intuitive natures. Be sure to check the Piscean House, in particular the 02-degree Pisces spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a new energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that heavily favors initiation in the next two weeks to follow. Seeds that you plant in this half of your Zodiac pie as the light gathers until the next Full Moon upon 08 March, are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

For the Collective

The possibility of restless feelings may create some waves, so make sure you stay swimming in safe waters as this New Moon kicks off. Mercury has been journeying with The Fishes, and placing clues as to how we should best communicate our feelings at this time since 13 February. Neptune and Chiron on either side of our Sun and Moon -at 0 degrees and 04 degrees Pisces respectively- both indicate being within stillness will be the best way to receive the intuitive channel of this passage. Childhood memories may surface, which now wish to change your beliefs upon these first impressions. Wounds from the past can be gently healed at this time.

Since our last Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, this is the 4th New Moon that initiates at the 2nd degree of the sign, furthering our understanding about nurturing the spiritual awakening that is already in forward motion on this planet. These next two weeks are dynamic in the possibilities to practice peace within our lives. By 08 March, the very last Full Moon releasing at the 18th degree of Virgo, will conclude an intense period of letting go so we can make room for ultimate new beginnings as we celebrate the New Moon in Aries.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Pisces, 2012

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: No stranger to exploration Dear Ram, so are you ready to really dive into those inner places in your life? The self-discovery you are about to unfold will have you looking forward to all kinds of self-undoing. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life have already been chatting to you to journey within your own head. You love to take the lead, so keep on striking up new ideas about how you spend intimate time with your spirit and soul.

Taurus: Your friendships have been conversing about change, and now it really takes place. New groups or causes you’ve been thinking about don’t require your patience any longer. Something you’ve wished for since a child can truly come into manifestation- so listen carefully to your dreams. Organizations are quite influential at this time. Accept that invitation to socialize -aside from emotional comfort- there is equal mental satisfaction you’ll gain from attending.

Gemini: A buzz of energy surrounds you now in the career and public life, and continue to be on the look-out for those changes. This is a fantastic time to promote or start a new business. A nice recognition may just come your way, and one you may have visualized since being quite young. Your relationship to authority can see improved communications- allowing you to arrive at an understanding you’ve not been responsible to before as old worn out impressions here disappear.

Cancer: You’ve been stimulated as of late to feel quite imaginative about a new direction you’ll take your philosophies now. Plan a trip, take one, or find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. Remember your vision of the world as a child- this still wishes to speak with you now. With sensitivity and intuition surrounding you, expand your beliefs. Tune-in to your instinct, and let in some exploration within new educational pursuits that equally serve your spiritual desires.

Leo: Your securities and investments have already been communicating how to make decisions about changes here. You can find smart ways to make not only yours, but other people’s money to create wealth for you at present. Somehow, your childhood plays a role in this current process as a surge of regeneration and change within your soul’s core eagerly awaits completion. Go ahead and feel sexy Lion, as you also tap into sensual desires to feel new in mysterious ways.

Virgo: Toss off the logic Virgin, now is not the time to be shy within your partnerships, from your romantic ties to business contacts. Present connections are of special importance to the future, so feel no doubt with any decisions moving forward. Don’t fuss or worry about the details, as the realms of communications have been speaking intuitively to you about the direction to take, which has something to do with remembering impressions you received at a young age.

Libra: Ready to embrace the opportunity with both arms to bring improvements to your health? There are new beginnings in how to find your peace when being of service to the world. Helping others at present really feels perfect. Thinking about taking on a new routine that you may have wanted to do since you were a kid? Implement it now- it has the means to stick around and continue to work. Starting a new relationship with a pet, is also a balance for your Scales.

Scorpio: Admire what power brings you, and combine that with your impressions from childhood, and you’ll have plenty of it at your creative fingertips. Excitement and confidence are now behind whatever your current projects involve. Trust that feeling to be much more playful, especially enjoying any contacts with children. Offspring or a “brain child” wish to captivate your attention now. Take a deserved bow on a center stage, but don’t let your ego take the lead.

Sagittarius: One of your multi-tasks has seen you doing some pre-Spring cleaning Archer, which has brought upon a fresh sparkle to change-up your environment. While you are no stranger to loving it different, you are all ready for them within the home. Your arrows set their aims to focus upon your family life. Aside from your impressions here from youth, déjà vu and psychic experiences, have very important messages at present for you to receive.

Capricorn: Is it possible to make you any wiser old Goat? Well, you know better than most we never stop learning, and you have been stimulated to improve your mental capacity. Go back to your hard-working childhood and see how this connects with the present ideas. Plan a short trip now if you aren’t already on one. A spiritual journey for your mind is a path that will bring you plenty of reward and that will serve in healing, as fresh way of thinking works hard to reach you.

Aquarius: There are some new values originating that get you in the mood now to take stock of your personal possessions. New ways to earn your dollars are finding their individual means to invent themselves at present. Look to your values as a child and what these mean to you now. New life seeks to enter your entire sense of security. You may find yourself making a purchase that grants a deeper understanding about what truly matters to you most, which can heal you.

Pisces: The light is on you Dear Fishes, to put on a fresh new face. Exciting new feelings of self-sufficiency take the lead in the waters you choose to swim in. While your sympathetic concern is always intense for others, be intuitive first and foremost with yourself. What has always motivated you since you were young? As the world awaits to see you differently- you have prepared to reveal the inspiring ways you’ll now receive your first impressions and approaches.


07 February

4:54pm EST

Full Moon in Leo

Creative Intelligence

Looking to what has gathered since our New Moon in Aquarius 23 January, it’s time to bring all into fruition within the spotlight of Leo. As this 5th waning phase in a row now begins at the 18th degree of the sign, be ready to continue in the Universe’s request for material release and further spiritual alignment where the Lion reigns within your Zodiac forest.

Moon enters Leo,
Monday, 06 February at 8:24am EST to Wednesday, 08 February at 12:32pm EST
For those who are checking their ego at the door: fertile instincts, passionate feelings- generous, confident, and loyal energies can indeed emerge. The capacity for leadership, receiving admiration, radiating warmth and a creative flare are the natural gifts of Moon in Leo. When dignified responses verses pompous reactions are the practice, the outcome of truly sensing what is heartfelt becomes the victor as this lunar transit passes.

Full Moon, 07 February, 4:54pm EST, 18 degrees Leo
We all know the Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions. The days leading up to and following The Lion’s luminous showcase may bring up drama, opinionated feelings, self-indulgence, and conceited attitudes to those unaware. Steer clear of unbridled desires and inflammatory reactions; be on the lookout for brash, rude, and militant attitudes to be flying around.

Be sure to check the Leo House, in particular the 18-degree piece, in your natal birth chart to see where a release is ideally meant to unfold in your life. As this intriguing degree point asks us to pay close attention to any Spiritual Material Conflict within our lives as the 18 requests, see how the next two weeks through 21 February points you to reflection here and do a little mid-winter cleaning.

For the Collective
What you also find toying with the Full Moon’s natural opposition of our Sun and Moon is the mix of Mercury, as he conjuncts our Sun and will too, oppose the Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius. As the Sun and Mercury bring forth intense clear thinking which may produce some ingenious intelligence, our opposing Leo Moon may try to pull against these ideas. Honing in on the burst of creativity that this lunation can emerge, it is best to honor benevolent feelings. Lively imaginations will be present, as the collective can notice a lot of change wishing to speak with us all. We are best to let any restless, worrisome, and wavering emotions go- instead absorbing the perceptive ways that a SILENT LISTEN allows this lunation to bring forth it’s clever messages to us.

A Full Moon that directly opposes Mercury has some heavy potentials to release slanderous energies with the excitability it can create, so be sure to be aware of sharp tongues spewing off ego related statements. It may be interesting to note -in such a place as the USA with its’ current political campaign heat- what may surface here with those in power. Egos not left at the door will be drawn to drama like never before, so do expect some queens to be on their stage for this pass.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Leo, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: It’s a true time for you Rams to finish up something upon the stage of your life! Planning to focus upon completing that creative adventure you’ve been diligently working on holds your attention. Should you have children, they may require your attention now, or one of your “brain children.” Whatever love affair flirts with you, this can easily move on to a higher level. Reflection mode will be required to decide whether things should move forward or be dissolved, and keep communication here as your friend.

Taurus: There are a many conclusions you will be arriving at that pertain to your home and family life. Watch out for any domesticated drama, and especially now don’t react to it- respond! Should a sense of stagnation be present- you may not feel the room to move. Look to the existing structure that may no longer be working. That sense of déjà vu has a high potential to occur, so listen to that instinct you hear from within, as its’ message is of karmic importance. Avoid being sharp of the tongue in public or work.

Gemini: What is the thought process longer serving you Dear MINI GEM? There is a worn out pattern desiring release here. You’ll find comfort by reviewing something you have recently learned. This waning passage is ideal for completing a needed educational pursuit that enlivens that need to know intellect of yours. Siblings and neighbors are around, but should they bother you, it’s time that you start thinking about another journey you are about to take if you aren’t already one that can teach you plenty.

Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about how you are taking in your daily bread. Spending time re-evaluating your value system, allows you to re-anchor your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, and what those claws no longer need to hold onto, let them wash away with the tide. Making room here now will open the door for something new to bless you later on, which is equally being talked about where you make things worth even more. Transformation is talking, so listen up.

Leo: The Lunar spotlight shines upon the King of the Forest! Be careful not to take everything around you completely to heart. In fact, it is favored right now, that you reflect upon what approaches no longer work for you and those tiresome first impressions. Sharpening the saw here is a marvelous antidote for this transit- that allows plenty of conversation to then emerge with those you partner with. Humility is real insight you need, as the world awaits for you to shed the worn out mask that you’ve now outgrown.

Virgo: Those logical feelings may not find you now. Whether it makes sense or not, it is best to take a look at the inner layers of your psyche- and not always the most comfortable place for your Virgins, the unknown. However, your subconscious is quite primed for you to pay attention to the most hidden parts of yourself. Don’t be afraid to be of service to what you see, for healing old wounds here makes room for brilliant self-realizations that will naturally bring better communications with your health and co-workers.

Libra: All will be a buzz of energy in your friendships and organizations. While you are the Zodiac Star of the never-ending balancing act of life, if there is a friend right now who is not peaceful to you, it’s time to let them go, or work it out. Prioritize and goal set in your groups right now so all of your wishes come true later on. Accept that unexpected invitation to get out and socialize: it holds some keys to the future- and you’ll find more than likely, you find your-self on stage which becomes the talk of the party.

Scorpio: Career matters are on the surface right now, and you are urged to reflect upon them. Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes, as your public image takes center stage. Your views upon authority may also find you probing over this waning phase. Family and home life is feeling something fresh, but should misunderstandings emerge, don’t take revenge. Remember to soar above it all, as you find your preferred outcomes utilizing the scope that your Eagle eye is so innate at gathering.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows in the direction of gaining more of that philosophy you love so much Archer. Reflecting upon your beliefs also captivates you. If you aren’t on a trip, you’ll be feeling like making plans for one- but it must stimulate your ever-expanding intellect and be somewhere you’ve never been before. However you can find the way to travel, make sure you are in pursuit of something that puts your spirit in higher education. Your mind has great thoughts to share, so write them down.

Capricorn: Looking to make some financial revisions old Goat? It’s a prominent time to reassess investments, get to those taxes, or review your shared/joint resources. While you are sometime unsure of deep changes, rest assured these are ready to be embraced now. Is there a need for more intimacy in a personal relationship? Now is a fantastic time to focus upon things on a physical level, as your drive right now is completely illuminated! This core transformation, makes you value what you have all the more.

Aquarius: Those closest to you, personal or business related, now take your center emotional stage. You feel less detached within these than normal, as you yearn for human contact. If a decision needs to be made here, its’ answer will completely unfold by the next New Moon. However, now is not the time to withdraw, but to look to the self to see how to bring new life to the situation at hand. Loads of new approaches are trying to reinvent you, so let them show you a unique way to be seen in the world.

Pisces: Feeling the urge to improve your routine, personal habits, or health? Don’t doubt your psychic powers now Dear Fishes, because your intuition is spot on! Let go of a habit that makes you feel too confined. There are definite changes evolving with your service to the world, so hone in on daily patterns and make sure the waters you are swimming in are healthy and safe ones. Look to your dreams right now to especially communicate the answers you seek to complete the puzzles of your waking world.