07 February

4:54pm EST

Full Moon in Leo

Creative Intelligence

Looking to what has gathered since our New Moon in Aquarius 23 January, it’s time to bring all into fruition within the spotlight of Leo. As this 5th waning phase in a row now begins at the 18th degree of the sign, be ready to continue in the Universe’s request for material release and further spiritual alignment where the Lion reigns within your Zodiac forest.

Moon enters Leo,
Monday, 06 February at 8:24am EST to Wednesday, 08 February at 12:32pm EST
For those who are checking their ego at the door: fertile instincts, passionate feelings- generous, confident, and loyal energies can indeed emerge. The capacity for leadership, receiving admiration, radiating warmth and a creative flare are the natural gifts of Moon in Leo. When dignified responses verses pompous reactions are the practice, the outcome of truly sensing what is heartfelt becomes the victor as this lunar transit passes.

Full Moon, 07 February, 4:54pm EST, 18 degrees Leo
We all know the Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions. The days leading up to and following The Lion’s luminous showcase may bring up drama, opinionated feelings, self-indulgence, and conceited attitudes to those unaware. Steer clear of unbridled desires and inflammatory reactions; be on the lookout for brash, rude, and militant attitudes to be flying around.

Be sure to check the Leo House, in particular the 18-degree piece, in your natal birth chart to see where a release is ideally meant to unfold in your life. As this intriguing degree point asks us to pay close attention to any Spiritual Material Conflict within our lives as the 18 requests, see how the next two weeks through 21 February points you to reflection here and do a little mid-winter cleaning.

For the Collective
What you also find toying with the Full Moon’s natural opposition of our Sun and Moon is the mix of Mercury, as he conjuncts our Sun and will too, oppose the Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius. As the Sun and Mercury bring forth intense clear thinking which may produce some ingenious intelligence, our opposing Leo Moon may try to pull against these ideas. Honing in on the burst of creativity that this lunation can emerge, it is best to honor benevolent feelings. Lively imaginations will be present, as the collective can notice a lot of change wishing to speak with us all. We are best to let any restless, worrisome, and wavering emotions go- instead absorbing the perceptive ways that a SILENT LISTEN allows this lunation to bring forth it’s clever messages to us.

A Full Moon that directly opposes Mercury has some heavy potentials to release slanderous energies with the excitability it can create, so be sure to be aware of sharp tongues spewing off ego related statements. It may be interesting to note -in such a place as the USA with its’ current political campaign heat- what may surface here with those in power. Egos not left at the door will be drawn to drama like never before, so do expect some queens to be on their stage for this pass.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Leo, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: It’s a true time for you Rams to finish up something upon the stage of your life! Planning to focus upon completing that creative adventure you’ve been diligently working on holds your attention. Should you have children, they may require your attention now, or one of your “brain children.” Whatever love affair flirts with you, this can easily move on to a higher level. Reflection mode will be required to decide whether things should move forward or be dissolved, and keep communication here as your friend.

Taurus: There are a many conclusions you will be arriving at that pertain to your home and family life. Watch out for any domesticated drama, and especially now don’t react to it- respond! Should a sense of stagnation be present- you may not feel the room to move. Look to the existing structure that may no longer be working. That sense of déjà vu has a high potential to occur, so listen to that instinct you hear from within, as its’ message is of karmic importance. Avoid being sharp of the tongue in public or work.

Gemini: What is the thought process longer serving you Dear MINI GEM? There is a worn out pattern desiring release here. You’ll find comfort by reviewing something you have recently learned. This waning passage is ideal for completing a needed educational pursuit that enlivens that need to know intellect of yours. Siblings and neighbors are around, but should they bother you, it’s time that you start thinking about another journey you are about to take if you aren’t already one that can teach you plenty.

Cancer: Financially, you should be feeling better about how you are taking in your daily bread. Spending time re-evaluating your value system, allows you to re-anchor your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, and what those claws no longer need to hold onto, let them wash away with the tide. Making room here now will open the door for something new to bless you later on, which is equally being talked about where you make things worth even more. Transformation is talking, so listen up.

Leo: The Lunar spotlight shines upon the King of the Forest! Be careful not to take everything around you completely to heart. In fact, it is favored right now, that you reflect upon what approaches no longer work for you and those tiresome first impressions. Sharpening the saw here is a marvelous antidote for this transit- that allows plenty of conversation to then emerge with those you partner with. Humility is real insight you need, as the world awaits for you to shed the worn out mask that you’ve now outgrown.

Virgo: Those logical feelings may not find you now. Whether it makes sense or not, it is best to take a look at the inner layers of your psyche- and not always the most comfortable place for your Virgins, the unknown. However, your subconscious is quite primed for you to pay attention to the most hidden parts of yourself. Don’t be afraid to be of service to what you see, for healing old wounds here makes room for brilliant self-realizations that will naturally bring better communications with your health and co-workers.

Libra: All will be a buzz of energy in your friendships and organizations. While you are the Zodiac Star of the never-ending balancing act of life, if there is a friend right now who is not peaceful to you, it’s time to let them go, or work it out. Prioritize and goal set in your groups right now so all of your wishes come true later on. Accept that unexpected invitation to get out and socialize: it holds some keys to the future- and you’ll find more than likely, you find your-self on stage which becomes the talk of the party.

Scorpio: Career matters are on the surface right now, and you are urged to reflect upon them. Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes, as your public image takes center stage. Your views upon authority may also find you probing over this waning phase. Family and home life is feeling something fresh, but should misunderstandings emerge, don’t take revenge. Remember to soar above it all, as you find your preferred outcomes utilizing the scope that your Eagle eye is so innate at gathering.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows in the direction of gaining more of that philosophy you love so much Archer. Reflecting upon your beliefs also captivates you. If you aren’t on a trip, you’ll be feeling like making plans for one- but it must stimulate your ever-expanding intellect and be somewhere you’ve never been before. However you can find the way to travel, make sure you are in pursuit of something that puts your spirit in higher education. Your mind has great thoughts to share, so write them down.

Capricorn: Looking to make some financial revisions old Goat? It’s a prominent time to reassess investments, get to those taxes, or review your shared/joint resources. While you are sometime unsure of deep changes, rest assured these are ready to be embraced now. Is there a need for more intimacy in a personal relationship? Now is a fantastic time to focus upon things on a physical level, as your drive right now is completely illuminated! This core transformation, makes you value what you have all the more.

Aquarius: Those closest to you, personal or business related, now take your center emotional stage. You feel less detached within these than normal, as you yearn for human contact. If a decision needs to be made here, its’ answer will completely unfold by the next New Moon. However, now is not the time to withdraw, but to look to the self to see how to bring new life to the situation at hand. Loads of new approaches are trying to reinvent you, so let them show you a unique way to be seen in the world.

Pisces: Feeling the urge to improve your routine, personal habits, or health? Don’t doubt your psychic powers now Dear Fishes, because your intuition is spot on! Let go of a habit that makes you feel too confined. There are definite changes evolving with your service to the world, so hone in on daily patterns and make sure the waters you are swimming in are healthy and safe ones. Look to your dreams right now to especially communicate the answers you seek to complete the puzzles of your waking world.

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